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Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C), and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage: It was once believed that being overweight was healthy, but nowadays few people subscribe to this viewpoint. While many people are fighting the battle to reduce weight, studies are being conducted concerning the appetite and how it is controlled by both emotional and biochemical factors. Some of the conclusions of these studies may give insights into how to deal with weight problems. For example, when several hundred people were asked about their eating habits in times of stress, 44 percent said they reacted to stressful situations by eating. Further investigations with both humans and animals indicated that it is not food which relieves tension but rather the act of chewing. A test in which subjects were blindfolded showed that obese(肥胖)people have a keener sense of taste and crave(渴望) more flavorful food than non-obese people. When deprived of the variety and intensity of tastes, obese people are not satisfied and consequently eat more to fulfill this need. Blood samples taken from people after they were shown a picture of food revealed that overweight people reacted with an increase in blood insulin(胰岛素), a chemical associated with appetite. This did not happen to average-weight people. In another experiment, results showed that certain people have a specific, biologically induced hunger for carbohydrate(糖类). Eating carbohydrates raises the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Enough serotonin produces a sense of satiation(满足),and hunger for carbohydrates subsides. Exercise has been recommended as an important part of a weigh-loss program. However, It has been found that mild exercise, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, is better in the long run than taking on a strenuous program, such as jogging, which many people find difficult to continue over long periods of time and which also increase appetite.
1. It can be inferred from the passage that _______. 

 A) overweight people are tense    

 B) thin people don't eat when under stress    

 C) weight watchers should chew on something inedible when tense    

 D) 56 percent of the population isn't overweight.    
2. According to the passage, insulin _______. 

 A) increases in the bloodstream when people eat large amounts of food    

 B) can be used to lessen the appetite    

 C) causes a chemical reaction when food is seen    

 D) levels don't change in average-weight people who see food    
3. In order to lose weight, it would be a good idea for heavy people to _______. 

 A) jog 3 miles daily and chew on carrot sticks    

 B) avoid stressful situations and have control over their eating habits    

 C) eat plenty of chewy carbohydrates    

 D) walk up stairs and look at pictures of food    
4. Which of the following exercises might be best for an overweight person to engage in daily? 

 A) An evening walk    

 B) A long swim    

 C) Cross-country skiing    

 D) 10-mile bicycle rides    
5. What can be said about serotonin? 

 A) It is a chemical that increases the appetite.    

 B) Only certain people produce it in their brains.    

 C) It tells the brain when a person is full.    

 D) It neurotransmits carbohydrates to the brain.     

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage: Washington Irving was Americas first man of letters to be known internationally. His works were received enthusiastically both in England and in the United States. He was, in fact, one of the most successful writers of his time in either country, delighting a large general public and at the same time winning the admiration of fellow writers like Scott in Britain and Poe and Hawthorne in the United States. The respect in which he was held was partly owing to the man himself, with his warm friendliness, his good sense, his urbanity, his gay spirits, has artistic integrity, his love of both the Old World and the new. Thackeray described Irving as "a gentleman, who, though himself born in no very high sphere, was most finished, polished, witty; socially the equal of the most refined Europeans." In England he was granted an honorary degree from Oxford-- an unusual honor for a citizen of a young, uncultured nation--- and he received the medal of the Royal Society of Literature; America made him ambassador to Spain. Irvings background provides little to explain his literary achievements. A gift but deliberate child, he had little schooling, He studied law, but without zeal, and never did practise seriously. He was immune to his strict Prebyterian home environment, frequenting both social gatherings and the theatre. 
6. The main point of the first paragraph is that Washington Irving was ______. 

 A) America's first man of letters    

 B) a great writer who was successful in his own country and other parts of the world as well    

 C) a man who won the respect of other writers because of his high social status    

 D) a man who was able to move from literature to politics    
7. What is implied by the comment about Scott, Poe and Hawthorne? 

 A) Irving's great popularity resulted in the admiration of Scott, Poe and Hawthorne.    

 B) More Americans than Britains admired Irving.    

 C) Irving's work was not only popular, but also of high literary quality.    

 D) Irving's success was attributed to his family background.   

8. What can be said about Irving's law career? 

 A) He only began to practice law late in life.    

 B) He spent very little time working as a lawyer.    

 C) He never practiced law although he studied it .    

 D) He worked as a lawyer with great enthusiasm.    
9. Why did Thackeray think that Irving's social grace was unusual? 

 A) Because Irning's degree was honorable and unusual.    

 B) Because his parents were not aristocratic.    

 C) Because he had good sense and gay spirits.    

 D) Because he often exhibited warm friendiness.    
10. Which of the following best describes the effect of Irving's Presbyterian background on his life? 

 A) It had almost no effect on his life.    

 B) It promoted his interest in law.    

 C) It fostered his love for literature.    

 D) It enabled him to become a successful writer.     


Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage: Time spent in bookshop can be most enjoyable, whether you are a book lover or merely there to buy a book as a present. Whatever the person , you can soon become totally in aware of your surroundings. You soon become engrossed(全神贯注) in some books, and usually it is only much later that you realize you have spent far too much time there and must dash off to keep some forgotten appointment --- without buying a book, of course. This opportunity to escape the realities of everyday life is, I think,the main attraction of a bookshop. A music shop is very like a bookshop. You can wander round such places to your hearts content. If it is a good shop, no assistant will approach you with the inevitable greeting:" Can I help you, sir?" You Neednt buy anything you dont want. In a bookshop, an assistant should remain in the background until you have finished browsing(游览).Then, and only then, are his services necessary. You have to be careful not to be attracted by the variety of books in a bookshop. It is very easy to enter the shop looking for a book on ancient coins and to come out carrying a copy of the latest best-selling novel and perhaps a book about brass-rubbing -- something which had only vaguely interested you up until then. This volume on the subject, however, happened to be so well illustrated and the part of the text you read proved so interesting that you just had to buy it. This sort of thing can be very dangerous. Apart from running up a huge account, you can waste a great deal of time wandering from section to section. Booksellers must be both long-suffering and indulgent(宽容).
11. You may be unaware of the time passing by in a bookshop because ______. 

 A) you want to escape the reality of everyday life    

 B) you have to finish browsing one of the books    

 C) you don't want to waste your money    

 D) you have to make sure you don't buy a dull book as a present    
12. In a good bookshop _______. 

 A) the shop assistant greets you in a friendly way    

 B) you feel obliged to buy one of the books    

 C) your heart is contented    

 D) no shop assistant will approach you unless his service is called    
13. It is very unwise to enter a bookshop and buy ______. 

 A) a best-selling novel on brass-rubbing    

 B) a book on ancient coins    

 C) a book on the subject that vaguely interests you    

 D) a book well illustrated and expensive    
14. According to the writer, the best way to escape the realities of routine life is _____. 

 A) to have a long chat with assistant in a bookshop    

 B) to stay in a bookshop, being absorbed in reading books of various kinds    

 C) to buy a best-selling novel to read    

 D) to wander about in the streets    
15. The best title of this selection would be632 

 A) On buying books    

 B) Bookshops and Assistants    

 C) Booklovers and Bookshops    

 D) How to Escape the Realities of Everyday Life in a Bookshop     

Questions 16 to 20 are on the following passage: Social change is more likely to occur in societies where there is a mixture of different kinds of people than in societies where people are similar in many ways. The simple reason for this is that there are more different ways of looking at things present in the first kind of society, There are more ideas, more disagreements in interest, and more groups and organizations with different beliefs. In addition, there is usually a greater worldly interest and greater tolerance in mixed societies. All these factors tend to promote social change by opening more areas of life to decision. In a society where people are quite similar in many ways, there are fewer occasions for people to see the need or the opportunity for change because everything seems to be the same. And although conditions may not be satisfactory, they are at least customary and undisputed. Within a society, social change is also likely to occur more frequently and more readily in the material aspects of the culture than in the non-material, for example, in technology rather than in values; in what has been learned later in life rather than what was learned early; in the less basic and less emotional aspects of society than in their opposites; in the simple elements rather than in the complex ones; in form rather than in substance; and in elements that are acceptable to the culture rather than in strange elements. Furthermore, social change is easier if it is gradual. For example, it comes readily on human relations on a continuous scale rather than one with sharp dichotomies. This is one reason why change has not come more quickly to black Americans as compared to other American minorities, because of the sharp difference in appearance between them and their white counterparts.
16. According to the passage, one of the factors that tend
to promote social change is _____. 

 A) mutual interest    

 B) different points of view    

 C) more worldly people    

 D) advanced technology    
17. Social change is less likely to occur in a society where people are quite similar in many ways because______. 

 A) people there are always satisfied with their living conditions    

 B) people there have identical needs that can be met without much disputes    

 C) people there have got accustomed to their conditions that they seldom think it necessary to change    

 D) people there are less emotional and easy to please    
18. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true? 

 A) Social values play an important role in social change.    

 B) Social change is more likely to occur in the material aspects of society.    

 C) Social change is more likely to occur if it comes gradually    

 D) Social change tends to meet with more difficulty in basic and emotional aspects of society.    
19. The expression "greater tolerance" in Paragraph 1 refers to ______. 

 A) greater willingness to accept social change    

 B) quicker adoption to changing circumstances    

 C) more respect for different beliefs and behavior    

 D) greater readiness to agree to different opinions and ideas    
20. The passage mainly discusses______. 

 A) two different societies    

 B) the necessary of social change    

 C) different social changes    

 D) certain factors that determine the ease with which social changes occur    
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part, For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C), and D) . Choose the ONE answer that best competes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the canter.
21. The presence of armed guards ______ us from doing anything disruptive.

 A) excited    

 B) irritated    

 C) prevented    

 D) encourage     
22. -- Do you know the girl with long hair? -- I don't think so, although she ______ me of someone I know.

 A) remembers    

 B) reminds    

 C) recalls    

 D) recollects     
23. When you read his books, you have to read between the lines; there's so much _____ in his writing.

 A) irony    

 B) vocabulary    

 C) grammar    

 D) idiom     
24. If the pressure is not _______ immediately, there may be an explosion.

 A) relieved    

 B) retreated    

 C) revealed    

 D) released     

25. She had been kind to me, so I felt ______ to help her when she was in trouble.

 A) detached    

 B) obliged    

 C) generous    

 D) virtuous     
26. The music would stop at intervals, then ______ after a while.

 A) restore    

 B) recover    

 C) resume    

 D) assume     
27. The new laws threaten to ______ many people of the most elementary freedoms.

 A) deprive    

 B) deceive    

 C) snatch    

 D) depress     
28. Machinery ______ rapidly if it is not taken care of .

 A) devastates    

 B) destroys    

 C) dedicates    

 D) deteriorates     
29. Knowledge then is the _____ condition of expansion of mind.

 A) indigestible    

 B) indispensable    

 C) indissoluble    

 D) indisputable     
30. We must try to ______ the best of our moral values for our children and grandchildren.

 A) predict    

 B) prescribe    

 C) purchase    

 D) preserve   

31. Some very important issues were ______ all his attention.

 A) taking up    

 B) taking off    

 C) taking out    

 D) taking in    
32. She has bought a pair of glasses, which she can never ______when reading books.

 A) do with    

 B) do without    

 C) do up    

 D) do away     
33. Now the problem of energy is becoming critical. It _____ an immediate solution.

 A) calls on    

 B) calls up    

 C) calls at    

 D) calls for     
34. What happened in that class probably reflects what is happening in society _______.

 A) at first    

 B) at random    

 C) at large    

 D) at length     
35. _______ the gas shortage, I'm going to buy a compact car this year.

 A) In front of    

 B) In place of    

 C) In terms of    

 D) In view of     
36. His mother always keeps a candle in the house ______ there is a power cut.

 A) in case    

 B) in the case    

 C) in the event    

 D) in event of     
37. Not only ______ resulted in vast expenses, but they have endangered human existence as well.

 A) nuclear weapons have    

 B) have nuclear weapons    

 C) will nuclear weapons    

 D) nuclear weapons that     
38. Air ______ of a combination of nitrogen and oxygen.

 A) composes    

 B) comprises    

 C) forms    

 D) consists    
39. _______ composers such as Mozart, who was treated as an employee by those who commissioned him, Beethoven enjoyed equal social status with his employers.

 A) because    

 B) There were    

 C) Unlike    

 D) Having been    

40. The strong beam of light from a light house is used by sailors _______.

 A) to determining their location    

 B) in determining their location    

 C) with determining their location    

 D) while determining their location     
41. _______ travels 5.8 trillion miles in one year has been scientifically proven.

 A) That light    

 B) Light    

 C) For light to    

 D) When light     
42. Even though African game preserves have saved many animals,there are ______ that will not be saved.

 A) some other    

 B) all others    

 C) many more    

 D) much more     
43. After writing poetry unsuccessfully for several years, he was not certain whether to quit or ______ with his art.

 A) if he should continue    

 B) to be continued    

 C) to continue    

 D) he should continue    
44. John offered us a lift when he was leaving the office, but our work _______, we declined the offer.

 A) not being finished    

 B) not having finished    

 C) had not been finished    

 D) was not finished     
45. That town was no longer the sleepy little village ________.

 A) it were    

 B) it was    

 C) it has been    

 D) it had been     
46. -- I saw Sam in the library yesterday morning. -- You ______ him; he is still abroad.

 A) might not see    

 B) could not see    

 C) can't have seen    

 D) mustn't have seen     
47. It is absolutely essential that all the applicants ______ one by one.

 A) interviewed    

 B) to interview    

 C) be interviewed    

 D) to be interviewing    
48. I think I should prefer to go on Thursday, _______ it's all the same to you.

 A) as if    

 B) if    

 C) unless    

 D) as soon as     
49. My approach is not to learn everything about something,but _____ something about everything.

 A) rather to learn    

 B) rather learning    

 C) to rather learn    

 D) rather than learn     
50. Advice should be provided free to_______ needs it.

 A) whom    

 B) whoever    

 C) who    

 D) no matter who     

Directions: In this part, there are five items which you should translate into Chinese, each item consisting of one or two sentences. There sentences are all taken from the Reading Passages you have just read in Part 1 of this paper. You are allowed 15 minutes to do the translation. You should refer back to the passages so as to identify their meanings in the context.
51.  ( Passage 1, Para.1) Further investigations with both humans and animals indicated that it is not food which relieves tension but rather the act of chewing. 
52.  (Passage 1, Para.2) When deprived of the variety and intensity of tastes, obese people are not satisfied and consequently eat more to fulfill this need.
53.  53. (Passage 2,Para. 2) Irvings background provides little to explain his literary achievements. A gifted but deliberate child, he had little schooling.  
54.  (Passage 3, Para. 3) Apart from running up a huge account, you can waste a great deal of time wandering from section to section.
55.  ( Passage 4, Para. 1) In addition, there is usually a greater worldly interest and greater tolerance in mixed societies.

Directions: for this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic The Quality of Products. You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition the outline on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
1. 产品质量差的原因 2. 产品质量差的后果 3. 怎样提高产品质量 The Quality of Products 

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