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Part I

Global Warming

In these times, people all over the world are starting to learn the influence that global warming has on people everywhere. it is a sad truth that this issue is affecting not only merely the weather, but not everyday lives as well.

These are numerous reasons to explain this; here I would like to explore some of the most important ones. The development of modern industry must be the biggest reason. Carbon dioxide exerted from some factories is believed to be contributing to the accelerated warming our atmosphere. In addition, the way that we are consuming a greater and greater amount of energy in the process of our day-to-day lives is only exacerbating this problem.

Talking into consideration those factors discussed above, I believe there are at least two measures we can take: on one hand, the government should come up with more effective and stricter laws for the regulation of industrial emissions and byproducts. On the other hand, as individuals, we need to get into the habit of saving energy. With joint effort from every one of us, we can certainly hope for a lasting solution to this problem one day.

Part II

1.F.当出现all这种过于绝对的词语时,考生应该引起注意。一般这样的命题多数是不正确的。首段中有句话:“All spiders produce silk, but only some construct webs to catch their food”命题中all的说法过于绝对。


3.F.原文中第二段首句中写到,“of the 600+ spiders in Britain only 12 are strong enough to pierce the human skin”,因此并不是命题中说的当它们刺进人的皮肤会经常杀死人。

4.F.原文中说,“Arachne became depressed after this and in the end she hung herself.”注意代词this指代上面的句子,结合上一句一起理解,命题显然是错误的。

5. NG.文章中只出现过一次Tim Tegenaria,所以该题很好定位,即最后一段的第二句。可是文章中并没有出现tarantula spiders。


7.NG.首先定位Money spiders出现的位置是文章的最后的两句,可是并没有提到它是最小的。


该题由关键词species of spider定位在第二段倒数第二句。

9.looking at their pales


10.the Goliath spider


Part III

Section A

11. B 12.D 13.B 14.A 15.C 16.B 17.D 18.B

11. M: I forgot to bring my pencil and paper to take notes with in class.

W: That’s all right. I have enough for both of us.

Q: What will the woman most probably do next?

12. W: When is Jason coming?

M: Well, he said he’d be here at seven-thirty, but if you know him, it will be at least eight o’clock.

Q: What do we know about Jason?

13. M: Are you ready to check out?

W: Yes. I’ll pay the bill and you’ll call the desk and have our baggage taken out to the taxi.

Q: Where does this conversation most probably take place?

14. M: Remember, you promised to help me with my homework for English class.

W: But I want to watch this program first. It is almost over. Wait a moment, please.

Q: What does the woman mean?

15. M: I was terribly embarrassed when some of the audience got up and left in the middle of the performance.

W: Well, some people just can’t seem to appreciate real-life drama.

Q: What are they talking about?

16. W: Professor Hook was so strange today.

M: I noticed that too. He was talking so quietly and then not giving us any homework at all. Can you believe that?

Q: What can be inferred about Professor Hook?

17. M: This room is so crowded. I can hardly breathe and I can’t see anything.

W: I don’t understand why they didn’t have this show in a bigger place. Do you?

Q: What is the woman complaining about?

18. M: The newspaper says that it’ll be raining today. What do you think?

W: I don’t believe it. Look, the sun’s shining.

Q: What does the woman mean?

19.C 20.A 21.B 22.C 23.B 24.D 25.B

Passage one

W: Sit down please, Mr. Johnson.

M: Introduce you, ma’am

W: I have read your letter here. You seem to have done very well in school. Can you tell me something about your schoolwork?

M: As you can see, my strongest subjects were art subjects. My best subject was history, and my second best was geography. However, my favorite subject was math, and the results I got in the math paper were quite reasonable..

W: That’ s true. Now, can you tell me why you think these subjects will help you in this job?

M: Well, ms’ am, I understand that you manufacture computers, prepare software, and advise diets on how to use them. Is that right?

W: What’s right.

M: And I’ve been told that working with computers needs a logical mind rather than great skills in mathematics. That’ s especially true, I believe, when it comes to writing programs. So I think my results show that I have some ability in logic and in mathematics, as well.

W: So, you would like to write material for computers, would you?

M: Yes, ma’am. That’s what interests me most about computers, writing programs. But I think the computer industry itself is still expanding enormously. I’ m sure that career prospects in the industry would be very good.

W: I see. Well, thank you. I’ve enjoyed our talk. We’ll be writing to you.

M: 1lmdc you, ms’ am. Good-bye.

Q1: According to the conversation, Mr. Johnson is NOT very strong in which subject?

Q2: Mr. Johnson thinks what can help him a lot in the job?

Q3: What would Mr. Johnson like to work as?

Passage two

M: Well, Cynthia, our first semester at university is almost over. I can’t wait for the holidays.

W: Me, too, Edward! Why don’ t we go somewhere far away and forget about lectures and essays and all that hard work.

M: Sounds good to me. Now, how long will we have before we have to be back here on campus for the next semester?

W: We’ve got about six weeks, I think.

M: How about if we go to the coast? It would be great to do some swimming and surfing.

W: The coast would be good, but let’s look at our other options. There are the mountains. They’re nice and cool at this time of year. And we can do some bush-walking. There’s also the desert, which I really enjoyed last year.

M: What about going to Sydney? I’ve never been there and they say it’s a great city to visit. Lots of things to do there, I’ve heard.

W: I agree Sydney would be good but there are too many tourists there at this time of year. And I’d rather get away from buildings and cars. There are enough of those around here. I vote for mountains.

M: All right, then, let’s do that. Now we have to decide where we’re going to stay and how we’re going to get there.

Q1: Where did the woman go for holiday last year?

Q2: Who are the two speakers?

Q3: Why does the man vote for Sydney?

Q4: What will the two speakers probably do next?

Section B

36-35 D D B C A A B D D C

Passage One

An elderly woman yesterday made a legal claim against a department store because it had wrongly accused her of stealing a Christmas card. Ms. Doss white, 72 years old, is claiming $3,000 damages from the store for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. Ms. White visited the store while doing Christmas shopping, but did not buy anything. She was followed though the town by a store manager. He had been told that a customer saw her take a card and put it in her shopping bag. He stopped her at a bookstore as she was reading a book. Ms. White said, “This man, a total stranger, suddenly grasped my bag and asked if he could look in it.” She was taken back to the store and shut in a small room in full view of shopper for 20 minutes until the police arrived. At the police station she was body-searched and nothing was found. Her lawyer said the department store sent an insincere apology and they insisted that she may have been stealing. The hearing continues today.

Q1. What does the story tell us about the old woman?

Q2. What was said to have been stolen?

Q3. What happened to Ms. White after she was taken back to the store?

Q4. What was now the attitude of the department store in this legal case?

Passage Two

My friend, Vemon Davies kept birds. One day he phoned and told me he was going away for a week. He asked me to feed the birds for him and said that he would leave the key to his front door in my mailbox.

Unfortunately, I forgot all about the birds until the night before Vemon was going to return. What was worse, it was already dark when I arrived at his house. I soon found the key Vernon gave me could not unlock either the front door or the back door. I was getting desperate. I kept thinking of what Vemon would say when he came back.

I was just going to give up when I noticed that one bedroom window was slightly open. I found a barrel and pushed it under the window. As the barrel was very heavy, I made a lot of noise. But in the end, I managed to climb up and open the window.

I actually had one leg inside the bedroom when I suddenly realized that someone was shining a torch up at me. I looked down and saw a policeman and an old lady, one of Vemon’s neighbours. “What are you doing up there?” said the policeman. Feeling like a complete fool, I replied, “I was just going to feed Mr. Davies’s birds.”

Q1. Why couldn’t the man open the door?

Q2. Why did the man feel desperate?

Q3. Why did the man feel like a fool?

Passage Three

When Iraq troops blew up hundreds of Kuwaiti oil wells at the end of the Gulf War, Scientists feared environmental disaster. Would black powder in the smoke from the fires circle the globe and block out the sun?

Many said, “No way; rain would wash the black power from the atmosphere. But in America, air sampling balloons have detected high concentrations of particles similar to those collected in Kuwait that didn’t catch fire. It has formed huge lakes in the Kuwaiti desert. They trap insects and birds, and poison a variety of other desert animals and plants.

The only good news is that the oil lakes have not affected the underground water resources. So far, the oil has not been absorbed because of the hard sand just below the surface.

Nothing, however, stops the oil from evaporating. The resulting poisonous gases are choking nearby residents.

Officials are trying to organize a quick cleanup, but they are not sure how to do it. One possibility is to burn the oil. Get those black-powder detectors ready.

Q1. What were the scientists worried about soon after the Gulf War?

Q2. What was the good news for scientists?

Q3. What are the officials trying to do at the moment?

Section C

These days people who do manual work often far more money than people who work in offices. People who work in offices are referred to as “white-collar workers” for the simple reason that they usually wear a collar and tie to go to work. Such is human , that a great many people are often willing to higher pay for the of becoming white-collar workers. This can give rise to situations, as it did in the case of Alfred Bloggs who worked as a dustman for the Ellesmere Corporation.

When he got , Alf was too embarrassed to say anything to his wife about his job. He simply told her that he worked for the Corporation. Every morning, he left home in a smart black suit. . Before returning home at night, he took a shower and changed back into his suit. Alf’s wife has never discovered that she married a dustman and she never will for Alf has just found another job. He will soon be working in an office. He will be earning only half as much as he used to, . From now on, he will wear a suit all day and others will call him “Mr. Bloggs”, not “Alf”.

Part IV

Section A














【解析】;at least至少;at length详细地。at least最符合句意。







Section B

Passage 1


57. B 从第二段我们可以看出,作者认为,穷国的人民关心更加现实的东西,比如食物、医疗和安全保障。即使提供给他们许多先进的数字设备,他们也会因为缺乏知识或没有电力而不能用。所以与其提供这些,不如提供更加基础的援助,所以选B。第一段最后一句话说,作者认为只是数字技术使穷国变富是一个神话,所以A错误。作者只是从数字设备和基础设备两个方面比较,而不是笼统的说富国应该帮助穷国变富,所以C错,从第二段可以看出,作者说即使提供给世界上每个家庭一台计算机,也不会有太多作用,显然问题不在于能不能负担起计算机,所以D错。

58. A divide的意思是分离,隔开。digital divide 可译成“数字鸿沟”,即数字化使世界的贫富差距越来越大。所以A正确。在没有数字化之前,世界上就存在贫富分化。数字化的出现只是 使其差距更大,而不是产生的原因,所以B,C,D错误。

59. D 文章的大意是穷国更需要基础设施和帮助,而第二段作者通过举例和论证说明了论点,所以本题选D。第二段虽然说了,穷国的人民因为没有文化而不能使用计算机,但这不是全部的原因,所以A错。答案B过于笼统,只说穷人无法使用电脑,而文章说明了穷人不能使用电脑是有具体原因的,所以B错。让每个家庭都有一台电脑是作者的一个假设,用于说明穷人无法使用电脑的原因,而不是讨论这个假设可不可能实现,所以C错。

60. C 文章的第二段第二句说明了穷国更多关注的是"food, health care and security." 所以选C。作者分析了数字化在现阶段大多数穷国没有太多好处,但是并没有否定数字技术的作用,所以A错误。在第一段的最后一句,作者说在给他们电脑和网络等高级设备之前,应该先晋级基础设备。在这里移动电话只是基础设施的一个例子,并不是说一定要先拥有移动电话才能用电脑,所以答案D错。

61. B 本题用排除法:移动电话只是一个例子来说明更加基础的设备,所以答案A错误。建造乡村电脑中心的好处与文章说明的问题无关,所以答案C错误。解决粮食、健康、安全保障的问题范围过于宽广与本文主旨无关,所以答案D错,最后得出答案为B。

Passage 2


62. A 问题问的是为什么大气层对人类是至关重要的。文章的第四句说到了大气层屏蔽了大量的外来射线。

63. B A,C,D选项内容在文章中均没有明确肯定,只有B对应了原文的第二段的第四句话---问题在于很难发现辐射对人的损伤,当事人当时可能感觉良好,但是他的遗传细胞可能受到损伤,将会影响到他的孩子,甚至后代。

64. D 从文章中我们得知,到现在为止还没有报告显示阿波罗号受到辐射损害,所以A,B,C选项均与文章意思相悖,只有D相对正确。

65. D 该题对应了原文的最后一段。文章说虽然到现在为止还没有报告显示阿波罗号受到辐射损害,但毕竟它登月的时间短。人类能否长时间接受辐射照射还是个未知数。防辐射的药虽然已经研制出来,但只能削减辐射对人类的损害,还谈不上根治。所以说防太空辐射不是容易的事情。

66. D 此文主要是谈辐射的危害大以及防辐射的一些措施。D最准确。

Part V

67. A


68. A

【解析】to give和giving都合乎语法,但giving强调的是正在发生的动作,而此处重点表达的是“反应快”,不是正在做什么。

69. A


70. D


71. C


72. B


73. A


74. D


75. C


76. D

【解析】keep sb.+过去分词是一种复合结构,sb.与过去分词为被动关系,意为保持这种关系的继续。此句的意思是:报纸不断地为读者提供新闻信息。

77. C


78. B


79. B


80. C


81. A


82. D

【解析】succeed in为固定短语。此句意为:广告业务的成功,取决于报纸在客户(要打广告的人)心中的价值。

83. C


84. C


85. B


86. D


Part VI

87.It is not until they lose it. 强调句的基本结构是: It is/ was ... that /who

88.with dirty clothes with (without) 引起的状语结构 + 买

89.with so many friends being absent

90. what impressed us most

91.not as powerful as those we have made as+adj.+as

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