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  11. W: Just imagine! We have to finish reading 300 pages before Monday! How can the professor expect us to do it in such a short time?

  M: Yeah, but what troubles me is that I can’t find the book in the library or in the university bookstore.

  Q: What does the man mean?


  12. M: Do you think I could borrow your car to go grocery shopping? The supermarkets outside the city are so much cheaper. I’d also be happy to pick up anything you need.

  W: Well, I don’t like to let anyone else drive my car. Tell you what, why don’t we go together?

  Q: What does the woman mean?

  此题明显考察了反问和建议考点,对女人回答中部分why don’t we go together?针对提问。

  15. W: I was so angry yesterday! My biology teacher did not even let me explain why I missed the field trip. He just wouldn’t let me pass!

  M: That doesn’t seem fair. I’d feel that way too if I were you.

  Q: What does the man imply?

  本题考察建议句型考点,以if I were you的方式表达了男人对该观点的认可。


  14. W: What time would suit you for the first round talks with John Smith?

  M: Well, you know my schedule. Other than this Friday, one day is as good as the next.

  Q: What does the man mean?


  13. M: Forgive the mess in here, we had a party last night. There were a lot of people and they all brought food.

  W: Yeah, I can tell. Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious what you’ll be doing most of today.

  Q: What does the woman think the man will do?

  本题属于06年6月24日第一次新题型第12题的内容更新。当时原题也是提到了make a mess,并且clean it up yourself的表达。

  16. M: I really can’t stand the way David controls the conversation all the time. If he is going to be at your Christmas party, I just won’t come.

  W: I’m sorry you feel that way, but my mother insists that he come.

  Q: What does the woman imply?






  长对话第一篇的19题B It requires him to work long hours.是对文章开头回合W: What sort of hours do you work, Steve? M: Well I have to work very long hours, about eleven hours a day. 的考察。

  长对话第二篇的23题A The pocket money British children get.也是对文章开头的考察,以名词方式考察了对话主题。W: Now you’ve seen this table of figures about the pocket money children in Britain get? M: Yes. I thought it was quite interesting, but I don’t quite understand the column entitled change. Can you explain what it means?

  段子题的第一篇26题A District managers,同样出现在文章首句As the new sales director for a national computer firm, Alex Gordon was looking forward to his first meeting with the company’s district managers.中。

  段子题第二篇30题C Ask to see the manager politely but firmly.也同样在文首The way to complain is to act business-like and important. If your complaint is immediate, suppose you got the wrong order at a restaurant, make a polite but firm request to see the manager.出现

  段子题第三篇33题B Architect.虽然略靠后,但也在文首三句中出现Barbara Sanders is a wife and the mother of two children, ages 2 and 4. Her husband, Tom, is an engineer and makes an excellent salary. Before Barbara had children, she worked as an architect for the government, designing government housing.



  第20题D It demands physical endurance and patience.的问题为Q 20. What does the man think is the hardest part of his job?和第21题D In a hotel.的问题为Q 21. Where did the man get his first job after graduation? 看看这两个问题,是否可以发现其中的hardest和first的存在,标志了考察重点所在。同样观察下31题Q31 Why does the speaker say the worst way to complain is over the telephone?,恐怕大家都能发现关键信息的标志了。

  类似Q34 What does Barbara's husband suggest she do if she wants to work?的建议考点也同样表现明显。


  从体裁上讲,本次考试并未出现以往较难的说明文(例如09年12月“介绍木星的卫星”,09年6月“喂鸟知识”),而是代以一篇小故事和两篇议论文。事实上,从教学和测试的角度讲,任何事物都是平衡的。故事类的考题内容较简单,但考题可以设计的较难,因为题目可以建立在必须听懂的基础之上,如本次考试passage 1的最后一题及其正确答案(gender sensitive)。本次议论文的设计中规中矩,没有较难的考题。


  1. 听到什么选什么。我们建议考生在解四级听力文章题时尽量选择和听到的内容基本一致的答案,尽管一般情况下只有第一题的正确率较高,但本次考试的此种题目占到总题量的80%(除了passage 1的最后两题)。例如passage 2的开头“…… If your complaint is immediate, suppose you got the wrong order at a restaurant, make a polite but firm request to see the manager.”,最后的正确答案“Ask to see the manager politely but firmly.”及passage 3的中段“…… He also thinks that a woman should stay home with her children. If Barbara feels the need to do socially important work, he thinks that she should do volunteer work one or two days a week.”,而正确答案是“Do some volunteer work. ”

  2. 绝对化听力考点。“文章题到底该听什么?”一直是困惑考生的基本问题,本次出现了一贯的绝对化考点词如我们上课所说的main, chief, major, most(最高级)等等,这些词之后出现考点,例如passage 1中的“……, Alex Gordon was looking forward to his first meeting with the company's district managers. ……”,passage 2种的“The worst way to complain is over the telephone. …… So you can't tell how the person on the line is reacting.”

  3. 议论文的考题重点在情绪化考点词。正如四级考试是“淘劣不选优”的测试方法,建议考生在听文章时尽量选择简单词,而议论文重点在于作者的论点,往往“是非,褒贬”的概念更为重要,例如passage 3最后一题“.….. Tom does not think a babysitter can replace a mother and thinks it's a bad idea for the children to spend so much time with someone who's not part of the family.”,其中的划线词是必须听到的内容,表达了情绪化观点,而且也是最容易的听力内容。



  单词而言,36. Curious 37. Figuring 38. Independent 39. Interacting 40. Formal 41. Abstract 42. Mystery依然是对名、动、形、副词的考察。其中真正算得上比较难的词汇的也就是interact一词,何况mystery也曾经出现在03年的听写中。


  43. he has found out how it works and learnt to use it appropriately.

  44. by trying it out and seeing whether it works, by gradually changing it and refining it

  45. including many of the concepts that the schools think only they can teach him,



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