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  assemble vt.收集,调集 (eg.assemble forces调集兵力;assemble evidence收集证据) vi.聚集(人或事为某种共同目的聚集在一起,为特定计划而统一行动等)

  accumulate 指知识财富的"累积,积聚"

  collect vi.聚集,在集中以某一点或组成一组的意义上可与gather互换; vt.收集,仔细地/有选择的收集(集邮,搜集银币等都是一种有选择的收集)

  gather vt.指把分布广泛零散的东西聚集在一起或人们走到一起汇集成一群 ________________________________________1.People sometimes __C__ one particular type of object,for example stamps or coins,as a hobby..人们有时收集一些特殊的物品,如邮票或硬币,作为一种业余爱好.

  A.gather B.assemble C.collect D.accumulate

  2.The kindergartener __C__ the children round her..幼儿园阿姨把孩子们聚集在她周围.

  A.assembled B.collected C.gathered D.accumulated

  3.Everybody __B__ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary.大家都聚集在大厅,在那里受到书记的接见.

  A.accumulate B.assembled(vi.) C.piled堆积 D.joined(接连)

  4.If you don't sort out the papers on your desk on a regular basis they just keep on__A__ .如果你不定时整理桌上的文件,那它们只能堆得越来越多.(sort out"整理")

  A.accumulating(keep on doing...) B.accountant C.accumulation D.accommodation

  5.I went to several libraries to __D__ information about the scheme.我去了几家图书馆搜集了有关这个计划的信息.

  A. gain B.assemble C.accumulate D.gather"指把分布广泛分散的东西聚集在一起" ________________________________________



  assess 指对财产,收入,损失等做出评估(make an assessment)

  estimate 对某物的性质,数量最大概的推断,指无法清算或数清时做出估计

  value→evaluate 指对物的价值给与评定 ________________________________________1.Examinations are not the only means of ____ someone's ability.

  A.estimating B.assessing C.valuing D.justifying

  2.He ____ that the hall would hold one thousand people.

  A.estimated B.calculated C.valuing D.evaluated

  3.I ____ the house at $200,000.

  A.calculate B.estimate C.value D.evaluate

  4.Before he started work,I asked the builder to give me an ____ of the cost of repairing the roof.

  A.estimate B.assessment C.announcement D.evaluation


  assure 表示向某人保证某事一定会发生(内含有让某人放心之意) assure sb. of sth /assure sb. that...

  ensure "确定,保证"确保某种行为一定会发生 ensure sth. /ensure that...

  guarantee 对某事物的品质或人的行为"提出担保",对事物、商品等无质量,性能等方面的欺诈行为做出保证

  insure "保险..."(纯粹经济意义)

  warrant "担保,保证"



  ________________________________________ 1.The director gave me his __D__ that he would double my pay if I did my job well.上司向我保证,只要我工作出色,他将加倍付给我工资.

  A.warrant B.certainly C.obligation D.assurance

  2.The patient has been __A__ of the safety of the operation.病人已确信手术是安全的.(sb. be assured of sth.)

  A.assured B.guaranteed C.insured D.ensured

  3.We must __C__ that the telegram arrives in time.我们必须保证这份电报及时到达.(ensure that...)

  A.secure(secure sth. from/against "使...安全,可靠") B.assure C.ensure D.insure

  4.We'd like to __A__ our customers of the best possible service.我们愿向我们的顾客保证尽可能提供最好的服务.

  A.assure B.ensure C.guarantee D.insure

  5.Tom has __B__ his house against fire.Tom为他的房屋保了火险.

  A.assured B.insured C.ensured D.guaranteed

  6.Every camera we sell comes with a two-year __A__. 我们出售的照相机,每台都有一张为期两年的保修单.

  A.guarantee B.safety C.confimation(证实) D.conservation(保存,保护)

  7.The manufacturers __C__ that all the washing machines they supply are properly tested.生产商保证他们提供的所有洗衣机都经过了检验.

  A.testify B.convince C.warrant D.manifest

  8.My watch is __C__ for one year.我的表保用一年.

  A.assured B.insured C.guaranteed D.ensured

  9.I __C__ (you).我敢保证./我向你保证.

  A.guarantee B.ensure C.warrant D.insure

  10.His ability will __B__ success to/for him.他的能力会保证他成功.(ensure sth.)

  A.insure B.ensure C.guarantee D.assure________________________________________


  arouse vt.引起,唤起,激起;唤醒=awaken

  awake adj.[用作表语]醒着的 vt.唤醒,觉醒 vi.醒,觉醒,意识到

  evoke vt.唤起,引起,使人想到

  wake vi.醒来 vt.唤醒,唤起,激起,使认识到 wake (up) to 认识到,意识到

  waken vi.醒来,睡醒(up);觉醒,振奋 vt.唤醒,弄醒;使觉醒;使振奋,激发;激起 ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 1.I wish I could __C__ some interest in English grammar in my students.要是我能够激发起学生学习英语语法的兴趣该多好.(在表示"激发,引起"之意讲时,多用awaken,有时也可用awake,awake sb.'s interest激发某人的兴趣)

  A.wake up B.wake C.awaken D.waken

  2.When people are asked what kind of housing they need or want,the question__A__ a variety of answer.当问及人们需要什么样的住房时,得到的答案有各种各样.

  A.evokes(引起) B.mediates(调停) C.defies(蔑视) D.magnifies(放大)

  3.You must __C__ the fact that you have failed in business.你必须清楚你的事业已经失败了.

  A.awake B.be awake C.awake to (觉悟,领悟,认识到) D.waken

  4.During the night a person's temperature may drop one or two degrees,and it can be difficult to __B__ him in the morning if his body hasn't become hot yet.夜间人的体温会降低一至二度,如果早晨温度还不升高的话,就很难叫醒他.

  A.arise B.arouse C.raise D.rise

  5.He __D__ to find himself in the hospital.他醒来发现自己在医院里.

  A.arouse B.awoke C.awaken D.woke(vi.)

  6.What time do you usually __D__ (up)?你平时在什么时候醒来?(wake up"醒醒,醒来")

  A.evoke B.arouse C.awake D.wake________________________________________


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