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Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)
Section  A
Directions:In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the question will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
Example:You will hear: 
M: When shall we start our work, Jane?
W: Tomorrow at 9 o’clock. But we must work quickly, for we have to finish everything before 2 in the afternoon.
Q: For how long can they work?
You will read:
A) 2 hours.
B) 3 hours.
C) 4 hours.
D) 5 hours.
From the conversation we know that the two are talking about some work they will start at 9 o’clock in the morning and have to finish at 2 in the afternoon. Therefore, D)“5 hours” is the correct answer. You should choose [D] on the Answer Sheet and mark it with a single line through the center.
Sample Answer [A] [B][C] [D]

1.A) The man should try to be more understanding.
B) The man’s wife should be more understanding.
C) The man’s negative attitude may be derived from his childhood.
D) The pessimism of man’s wife may be the result of her past experiences.

2.A) A snowstorm.  B) An earthquake.
C) A traffic accident.  D) A hurricane.

3.A) The two speakers are classmates.
B) The man is majoring in elementary education.
C) The woman is majoring in elementary education.
D) The two speakers got to know each other in a class.

4.A) She’s got a stomachache.B) She feels perfectly fine.
C) She’s going to get married.D) She’s going to have a baby.

5.A) It is the best city he’s ever visited.
B) It was worse than he had expected.
C) It is difficult to get around in the city.
D) The hotel service is terrible in the city.

6.A) To encourage them.
B) To stop them immediately.
C) To give some explanation.
D) To leave them alone.

7.A) Unemployment.  B) Family breakup.
C) Mental problems.  D) Drinking.

8.A) The woman is the man’s boss.
B) The man is the woman’s husband.
C) The woman is the headmaster of a school.
D) The woman wants to know something about a student.

9.A) They are attending a concert.
B) They are negotiating about a price.
C) They are planning to go for a date.
D) They are buying something for their firm.

10.A) The man is a football fan.
B) The man needs the woman’s help.
C) The man didn’t watch TV last night.
D) The man often has power failure at home.

Section  B
Directions:In this section, you will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from S1 to S7 with the exact words you have just heard. For blanks numbered from S8 to S10 you are required to fill in the missing information. You can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.\;

  Shyness is the cause of much unhappiness for a great many people. Shy people are anxious and (11)____; that is, they are excessively concerned with their own appearance and actions. (12)____ thoughts are constantly occurring in their minds: What kind of impression am I making? Do they like me? Do I sound stupid? Am I wearing (13)____ clothes?\;
It is obvious that such uncomfortable feelings must affect people (14)____. A person’s selfconcept is (15)____ in the way he or she behaves, and the way a person behaves affects other people’s (16)____. In general, the way people think about themselves has a (17)____ effect on all areas of their lives.\;
Shy people are very sensitive to criticism; they feel it confirms their inferiority. (18)____. A shy person may respond to a compliment with a statement like this one:“you’re just saying that to make me feel good. I know it’s not true.”(19)____.\;
Can shyness be completely eliminated, or at least reduced? (20)____. People’s expectations of themselves must be realistic. Living on the impossible leads to a sense of inadequacy.

Part Ⅱ
Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)
Directions:There are 4 reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
Passage One
Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage:

When Kathie Gifford’s face was splashed across the newspapers in 1996 after her lucrative line of Walmart clothing was exposed as the work of underpaid laborers in New York City’s Chinatown, the Department of Labor and the White House teamed up to condemn such practices. With much fanfare, President Clinton’s administration launched the “No Sweat” campaign, which pressured retailers and manufacturers to submit to periodic independent inspection of their workplace conditions.\;
This campaign urged manufacturers to sign the Workplace Code of Conduct, a promise to selfregulate that has since been adopted by a handful of retailers and many of the nation’s largest manufacturers, including Nike and L.L. Bean. However, the Department of Defense, which has a $ 1 billion garment business that would make it the country’s 14th largest retail apparel outlet, has not signed the Code of Conduct. In addition, it has not agreed to demand that its contractors submit to periodic inspections.\;
Because the Department of Defense has not agreed to adhere to the code, the job of stopping publicsector sweatshops falls to the Department of Labor. Federal contractors that persist in violating wage laws or safety and health codes can lose their lucrative taxpayerfinanced contracts. But Suzanne Seiden, a deputy administrator at the Department of Labor, says that to her knowledge, the department has never applied that rule to government apparel manufacturers. “I just assume that they are adhering to safety and health requirements,” she says. According to records obtained by Mother Jones, through a Freedom of Information Act request, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Lion 32 times for safety and health violations in the past 12 years.
21.What is this passgage mainly concerned with?
A)The functions of the Department of Labor in America.
B)A serious problem threatening American economy.
C)The successful attempt of regulating sweatshops in America.
D)The seriousness of the problem of sweatshops in America.

22.According to the passage, Kathie Gifford ____.
A) was one of the underpaid laborers in New York City’s Chinatown
B) was one of the wellpaid laborers in New York City’s Chinatown
C) made much money from cheap laborers in New York City’s Chinatown
D) wrote a newspaper article exposing the practice of employing cheap laborers

23.The underlined phrase “to submit to” is closest in meaning to ____.
A) to accept unwillingly
B) to refuse coldly
C) to welcome warmheartedly
D) to blame strongly

24.Which of the following statements about the Department of Defense is true?
A) It will become the country’s 14th largest retail apparel manufacturer.
B) It hasn’t acted according to the Workplace Code of Conduct.
C) It has demanded its contractors to sign the Workplace Code of Conduct.
D) It has teamed up with the Department of Labor to launch a campaign.

25.What was the purpose of President Clinton’s administration launching the “No Sweat” campaign?
A) To urge manufacturers to obey the Workplace Code of Conduct.
B) To remind the manufacturers of the Workplace Code of Conduct.
C) To urge the Department of Labor to take its responsibility.
D) To urge the Department of Defense to inspect manufacturers.

Passage Two
Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage:

The term investment portfolio conjures up visions of the truly rich-the Rockefellers, the WalMart Waltons, Bill Gates. But today, everyone-from the Philadelphia firefighter, his parttime receptionist wife and their three children, to the single Los Angeles lawyer starting out on his own-needs a portfolio.\;
A portfolio is simply a collection of financial assets. It may include real estate, rare stamps and coins, precious metals and even artworks. But those are for people with expertise. What most of us need to know about are stocks, bonds and cash (including such cash equivalents as moneymarket funds).\;
How do you decide what part of your portfolio should go to each of the big three? Begin by understanding that stocks pay higher returns but are more risky; bonds and cash pay lower returns but are less risky.\;
Research by Ibbotson Associates, for example, shows that largecompany stocks, on average, have returned 11.2 percent annually since 1926. Over the same period, by comparison, bonds have returned an annual average of 5.3 percent and cash, 3.8 percent.\;
But shortterm risk is another matter. In 1974, a oneyear $1000 investment in the stock market would have declined to $735.\;
With bonds, there are two kinds of risk: that the borrower won’t pay you back and that the money you’ll get won’t be worth very much. The U.S. government stands behind treasury bonds, so the credit risk is almost nil. But the inflation risk remains. Say you buy a $1000 bond maturing in ten years. If inflation averages about seven percent over that time, then the $1000 you receive at maturity can only buy $500 worth of today’s goods.\;
With cash, the inflation risk is lower, since over a long period you can keep rolling over your CDs every year (or more often). If inflation rises, interest rates rise to compensate.\;
As a result, the single most imortant rule in building a portfolio is this: If you don’t need the money for a long time, then put it into stocks. If you need it soon, put it into bonds and cash.

26.This passage is intended to give advice on ____.
A) how to avoid inflation risks
B) what kinds of bonds to buy
C) how to get rich by investing in stock market
D) how to become richer by spreading the risk

27.The author mentions such millionaires as the Rockefellers and Bill Gates to show that ____.
A) they are examples for us on our road to wealth
B) a portfolio is essential to financial success
C) they are really rich people
D) they started out on their own

28.Which of the following statements will the author support?
A) Everybody can get rich with some financial assets.
B) The credit risk for treasury bonds is extremely high.
C) It’s no use trying to know the advantages of stocks, bonds and cash.
D) Everybody should realize the importance of distribution of their financial assets.
29.The word “returns” in paragraph three can be best replaced by “____.”
A) returning journeys
B) profits
C) savings
D) investments

30.The author of the passage points out that ____.
A) keeping cash is the only way to avoid risks
B) the longer you own a stock, the more you lost
C) the high rate of profit and high rate of risk coexist in stocks
D) the best way to accumulate wealth is by investing in stocks

Passage Three
Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage:

There were two widely divergent influences on the early development of statistical methods. Statistics had a mother who was dedicated to keeping orderly records of governmental units (state and statistics come from the same Latin root, status) and a gentlemanly gambling father who relied on mathematics to increase his skill at playing the odds in games of chance. The influence of the mother on the offspring, statistics, is represented by counting, measuring, describing, tabulating, ordering, and the taking of censuses—all of which led to modern descriptive statistics. From the influence of the father came modern inferential statistics, which is based squarely on theories of probability.\;
Descriptive statistics involves tabulating, depicting, and describing collections of data. These data may be either quantitative, such as measures of height, intelligence, or grade level—variables that are characterized by an underlying continuum—or the data many represent qualitative variables, such as sex, college major, or personality type. Large masses of data must generally undergo a process of summarization or reducing to comprehensibly form the properties of an otherwise unwieldy mass of data.\;
Inferential statistics is a formalized body of methods for solving another class of problems that present great difficulties for the unaided human mind. This general class of problems characteristically involves attempts to make predictions using a sample of observations. For example, a school superintendent wishes to determine the proportion of children in a large school system who come to school without breakfast, have been vaccinated for flu, or whatever. Having a little knowledge of statistics, the superintendent would know that it is unnecessary and inefficiency to question each child; the proportion for the entire district could be estimated fairly accurately from a sample of as few as 100 children. Thus, the purpose of inferential statistics is to predict or estimate characteristics of a population from a knowledge of the characteristics of only a sample of the population.

31.What is the passage mainly concerned with?
A) Development and application of statistics.
B) Origin of descriptive statistics.
C) Limitations of inferential statistics.
D) Importance of statistics.

32.Describing and tabulating are associated with ____.
A) inferential statistics
B) descriptive statistics
C) theories of probability
D) inefficiency of counting

33.Which of the following statements is true about descriptive statistics?
A) It combines quantitative variables and qualitative variables.
B) It can be used to deal with only quantitative variables.
C) It helps to summarize properties of a group of data.
D) It helps to make predictions using a sample of observations.

34.The word “unwieldy” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to ____.
A) difficult to collect   B) difficult to tackle
C) incomprehensive  D) uncontrollable

35.A sample of a population is often examined for the following purposes except ____.
A) to make a more accurate prediction of trend
B) to improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary work
C) to save the trouble of approaching every members
D) to predict characteristics of the entire population

Passage Four
Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage:

The Japanese are fascinated by automata and new inventions. Japanese children are used to friendly robots in their comics, in toys, and in TV animated cartoons. When as adults they join the workforce,robots mean that there is no need to import cheap foreign labor, as happens in many other parts of the world. There is no need for humans to put up with dirty, minddeadening mechanical work the robot does it all without complaint, around the clock. Robots don’t go on strike over tea breaks they don’t have tea, or any other kind of breaks:they work, day and night, without having to be paid overtime, without making mistakes. Human tasks are subject to human error: robot error seldom or never occurs except as a result of human error!\;
In Japan, robots are almost respected for their virtues. When a new robot is introduced to a small suburban factory, a Shinto priest is invited to inaugurate it. He inaugurates the robot with words along the lines of “Welcome to our coworker, we hope you’ll help him settle in.” No one laughs.\;
FANUC demonstrates the Japanese tendency to conform particularly strikingly. The founder of FANUC, Dr. Inaba, has created an army that makes no distinction between bluecollar, whitecollar and steelcollar worker: everyone, including the warlord himself, is dressed in yellow clothing issued free by the company. Perh
aps to make up for the boring nature of the work, there are a number of other company perks. Company benefits, including pay, are much higher than in similar companies in Japan. Travel to and from work is provided free in the company’s yellow buses. However, workers are expected to put in demanding unpaid “overtime.” There is a clock in the product development laboratory set to run at ten times the normal speed, the remind everyone that the company is on a war footing.\;
As we watched Dr. Inaba’s yellow helicopter soar away to Narita airport, we couldn’t help thinking that his dream of world domination in robotics and allied applications might be more elegantly achieved if he had also thought to program his robots to whistle while they work.

36.According to the author, which of the following is not true to the Japanese?
A) Robots mean there is no need to import cheap foreign labor.
B) Robots mean that humans needn’t do dirty and noisy work.
C) Robots mean there are no strikes nor overtimes.
D) Robots mean there is no mistake in any form.

37.What can be inferred form the words “He inaugurates the robot with words along the lines of ‘Welcome to our coworker, we hope you’ll help him settle in.’No one laughs.”?
A) The Japanese has no sense of humor while at work.
B) The Japanese does not understand the words of the Shinto priest.
C) The Japanese shows a true respect for robots.
D) The Japanese goes too far in their respect for robots.

38.Which of the following is not true about FANUC?
A) Workers receive higher pay for working overtime.
B) Workers enjoy free travel to and from work.
C) Workers are doing boring, sometimes demanding work.
D) Workers are reminded of being on a war footing.

39.What is not implied in the following works “we couldn’t help thinking that his dream of world domination in robotics and allied applications might be more elegantly achieved if he had also thought to program his robots to whistle while they work.”?
A) Our technology is not yet up to the needs of Dr. Inaba’s dream.
B) Dr. Inaba’s dream of world domination in robotics lacks humanity.
C) Dr. Inaba’s dream of allied applications is too practical.
D) The author is in favor of Dr. Inaba’s dream.

40.What does “our coworker” refer to in the sentence “Welcome to our coworker, we hope you’ll help him settle in?”
A) Japanese workers who attend the inauguration.
B) The introduced robot.
C) The people who have invented the robot.
D) Japanese workers in general.

Part Ⅲ
Vocabulary (20 minutes)
Directions:There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked. A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

41.Since the most commonly accepted test is the TOEFL exam, most institutions will expect a ____ TOEFL score for admission.
A) minimal B) maximal
C) mimimum  D) maximum

42.It was believed that his death ____ with the robbery of the bank downtown.
A) accompanied  B) coincided
C) correlated  D) conformed

43.Does Emerson find his career full and ____ as a basketball player?
A) conflicting  B) charming C) rewarding  D) awarding

44.The local government gave the first ____ to education after the war.
A) projection  B) protection C) profession  D) priority

45.The professor ____ his habit of getting up early in the morning to do writing all his life.
A) projection  B) retained C) retailed  D) revitalized

46.The news of our team winning the match was really ____, and millions
of people came out to celebrate the victory.
A) overwhelming  B) accelerating C) prompting  D) preceding

47.What the government should do urgently is to take actions to ____ the economy.
A) brook  B) blush C) boost  D) brood

48.The explosion in the mine was ____ by a careless miner who lit a match.
A) triggered  B) claimed C) hampered  D) protested

49.The mass newspaper depended significantly more on advertising ____ than did their predecessors.
A) revenues  B) incomes C) avenues  D) outcomes

50.Some minerals are quite common, others are regionally ____, and still others are rare on the earth.
A) attributed  B) distributed C) contributed  D) scattered

51.The most successful way to solve the language problem while a foreign
play is being performed is ____ translation.
A) instantaneous  B) spontaneous C) simultaneous  D) homogeneous

52.The hostess ____ in the contract that the rent should be paid in cash at the beginning of each month.
A) assumed  B) submitted C) exposed  D) specified

53.This year, the number of accidents has ____ that of last year.
A) overtaken  B) overweighed C) overcome  D) overshadowed

54.You must ____ yourself or they will continue to bully you, so you will go on living in disgrace.
A) assess  B) assert C) maintain  D) promote

55.While both plans were perfectly sensible, only one seemed ____ in China’s particular situation.
A) available  B) feasible C)resolvable  D) presumable

56.A good teacher must know how to ____ his ideas to the students, as generally agreed by educational experts.
A) transmit  B) transfer C) convey  D) communicate

57.If you keep on taking on more work than you can do, your health will ____.
A) decline  B) degrade C) degenerate  D) deteriorate

58.The director tried to wave aside these issues as ____ details that would be settled later.
A) preliminary  B) primary C) trivial  D) alternative

59.As one of the youngest professors in the university, Miss King is certainly on the ____ of a brilliant career.
A) end  B) edge C) threshold  D) course

60.During the famine of 1943, millions of peasants ____ to the cities because they could not make a living in the countryside.
A) immigrated  B) emigrated C) migrated  D) generated

61.I’m sorry to inform you that you application has been declined. Our manager thought you were not ____ for the post.
A) legible  B) eligible C) valid  D) literate

62.Visitors to Britain are sometimes surprised to learn that newspapers there have such a large ____.
A) issue  B) distribution C) coverage  D) circulation

63.This line was carrying equal number of eastbound and westbound trains, and they ____ regularly.
A) altered  B) alternated C) switched  D) exchanged

64.The three astronauts have splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, only six
miles from the aircraft carrier that was ____ for the recovery mission.
A) dispatched  B) deposited C) deployed  D) delivered

65.Pubs have fanciful names like “The Red Lion” or “The Pig and Whistle” and they often have picutre on a signboard outside to ____ the name.
A) justify  B) illustrate C) modify  D) clarify

66.There are two main requirements before the fifthgeneration computer can become a reality and it is these that scientists are ____.
A) anticipating  B) tackling C) manipulating  D) speculating

67.College students in this city have set up “the Cleaner Air Society”
to help urban citizens become aware of the ____ to our environment.
A) conditions  B) situations  C) dangers  D) threats

68.When you get a minor burn, pour some cold water on it, which will help
____ the pain of the burn.
A) relieve  B) relax C) reveal  D) release

69.The library published a colletion of books recently made ____ to the public.
A) acceptable  B) accessible C) accommodable  D) accountable

70.For 14 years after her spouse’s death, she saw the ____ meaning of her life as nourishing her son and safeguarding her husband’s works.
A) due  B) lone C) sole  D) keen

Part Ⅳ
Error Correction (15 minutes)
Directions:This part consists of a short passage. In this passage, there are altogether 10 mistakes, one in each numbered line. You may have to change a word, add a word or delete a word. Mark out the mistakes and put the corrections in the blanks provided. If you change a word, cross it out and write the correct word in the corresponding blank. If you add a word, put an insertion mark (∧) in the right place and write the missing word in the blank. If you delete a word, cross it out and put a slash (/) in the blank.
Television is rapidly becoming the literatures of our periods.Many of
the arguments having used for the study of literature as a school subject
are valid for ∧ study of television. 3.the

Poverty exists because our society is an unequal one, and there are powerful
political pressures to keep it that way. Any attempt to redistributing wealth and in 71.____
come in the United States will inevitably be opposed by powerful middle and upper
class interests. People can be relatively rich only if you are relatively poor, and as 72.____
power is mainly in the hands of the rich, public policies reflect their interests than 73.____
those of the poor.
As Mr. Herbert Gans has pointed out, poverty is actually functional from the
point of view of the nonpoor. Poverty ensures that dirty work gets doing. If there 74.____
were no poor poeple to scrub floors and empty bedpans, there jobs will have to be 75.____
rewarded with high incomes before anyone would touch them. Poverty creates jobs
for many of the nonpoor, such as police officers, welfare workers, and government
bureaucrats. Poverty makes life easier for the rich by providing them with cookers, 76.____
gardeners, and other workers to perform basic chores when their employers enjoy 77.____
more pleasurable activities. Poverty provides a market for more inferior goods and 78.____
service, such as dayold bread, rundown automobiles, or the advice of competent 79.____
physicians and lawyers. Poverty also provides a group that can be made to absorb
the costs of change. It is just that poverty is an inevitable outcome of the American
economic system, in which the poor are politically powerless to influence or change. 80.____

Part Ⅴ
Writing (30 minutes)
Directions:For this part you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic: How to Cope with Personal Crisis.
You should write at least 150 words and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:
How to Deal with Personal Crisis


Section A
1.M:I couldn’t put up with my wife any longer. I don’t know why she usually wants to look at everything in such a negative way.
W:Maybe you should try to get to know something about her childhood.
Q:What does the woman mean?

2.M:Lucy, could you describe what you were doing at the moment?
W:Well, I was still sleeping at 6 o’clock. Then there was this horrible sound and the floor was just bouncing and rolling like waves, all at the same time.
Q:What are the speakers talking about?

3.W:Hi, Peter. I was surprised to see you in the class in children’s  literature yesterday. Are you also majoring in elementary education?
M:No, I’m not. But as a psychology major I can use this to fulfill the requirement in developmental psychology.
Q:What do you learn from the conversation?

4.W:Dr. Cassidy. I’m actually fine. It’s just that I’ve been a little tired the last few days, and my stomach is kind of upset.
M:Well, that doesn’t surprise me. I have some news that you might find exciting.
You’re pregnant.
Q:What do you know about the woman?

5.W:Mike, how did you enjoy your trip? What did you think of Los Angeles?
M:It was all right. I liked it better than I thought I would. The problem is transportation. The bus service is terrible, and they don’t have a subway.
Q:What does the man think of Los Angeles?

6.W:Dr. Weinstein, should parents let their children watch television or read about the war?
M:If parents are going to let their kids read or watch television coverage of the war, it’s important for them to read along and help their kids interpret what they’re reading or seeing.
Q:What should parents do if their children watch television or read about the war?
7.W:Tony, who are the street people? How did they get to be living in the street?
M:Well, some of them lost their jobs, some of them have mental problems, and some of them drink.
Q:Which of the following factors is not mentioned as a cause of becoming street people?

8.M:Miss Hanson, thank you for sending me this note. I’m sorry to hear Mario is being a problem.
W:I’m not sure what’s happening to Mario. He’s usually an excellent student. He completes all his work and he’s quiet in class. Then, last month, he just changed.
Q:What can you infer from the conversation?
9.W:This is our rockbottom price, Mr. Li. We can’t make any further concessions.
M:If that’s the case, there’s not much point in further discussion. We might as well can the whole deal off.
Q:What are the man and the woman doing?

10.W:You don’t look smart this morning. I can see you’re not happy. Come on, what happened?
M:I had never expected this would have happened to me. We had a power failure at home last night and I missed most of football match.
Q:What can we infer from the conversation?

Section B
Shyness is the cause of much unhappiness for a great many people. Shy people are anxious and (11) selfconscious; that is, they are excessively concerned with their own appearance and actions. (12)Worrisome thoughts are constantly occurring in their minds: What kind of impression am I making? Do they like me? Do I sound stupid? Am I wearing (13)unattractive clothes?
It is obvious that such uncomfortable feelings must affect people (14)adversely. A person’s selfconcept is (15)reflected in the way he or she behaves, and the way a person behaves affects other people’s (16)reactions. In general, the way people think about themselves has a (17)profound effect on all areas of their lives.\;Shy people are very sensitive to criticism; they feel it confirms their inferiority. (18)They also find it difficult to be pleased by compliments because they believe they are unworthy of praise. A shy person may respond to a compliment with a statement like this one:“You’re just saying that to make me feel good. I know it’s not true.” (19)It is clear that, while selfawareness is a healthy quality, overdoing it is harmful.
Can shyness be completely eliminated, or at least reduced? (20)Since shyness goes hand in hand with lack of selfesteem, it is important for people to accept their weaknesses as well as their strengths. People’s expectations of themselves must be realistic. Living on the impossible leads to a sense of inadequacy.

Part Ⅰ
Section A
【详细解答】男士让女士描述一下当时的情形,女士说当时她正在睡觉,突然听到一阵可怕的声音,地板掀了起来,并像波浪一样摇晃,而这一切都是同时发生的。这显然不会是发生了暴风雪(snowstorm)和交通事故(traffic accident),飓风(hurricane)也不会掀起室内地板。所以四个选项中,地震(earthquake)是最符合这一情形的。
【详细解答】女士问父母应不应该让孩子观看战争题材的电视或书籍,医生说如果让他们看的话,父母应该陪在旁边,并帮助他们理解所看或所读内容。关键词是along(而不是alone)和help sb. interpret(帮助某人理解,即“解释”)。
【详细解答】女士说出她的最低价,并表示不能再让步;男士说如果是这样,就无需再讨论了,他们将取消整笔交易。关键词是rock-bottom price(最低价),can the whole deal off(取消整笔交易,can在此为动词,表示解雇,取消)。

Section B
【详细解答】本空所在的这一句中,前面有anxious和and,可以肯定11是一个与anxious(忧虑的)相近的形容词。再看前面的主语是shy people,那么羞怯的人一般是忧虑和忸怩。结合音,可知此空应填self-conscious(不自然的;忸怩的)。
【详细解答】从本句结构来看,空处应填一个形容词,而且修饰thoughts(想法)。羞怯的人心中常常会有什么样的想法呢?从录音中很容易听出worry这个词的音,但该词不能作形容词用。那么以worry的音开头的形容词有哪些呢?有worried, worrying, worrisome, worriless。从意思上看,worriless应该去掉。再结合该单词的后半部分发音,可知应该填worrisome(使人烦恼的)。
【详细解答】从本句意思来看,说的是上述提及的一些不舒服的感觉会影响人们,所以这种影响肯定是负面的或不利的;再从句子结构来看,前半部分是完整的句子,所以空处应该是一个状语,只填一个词的话,那么应是一个副词。表示“负面的,不利的”含义的一个副词,再结合发音,可以得知是adversely,本词是典型的adj. + ly构成的副词。
18.【答案】They also find it difficult to be pleased by compliments because they believe they are unworthy of praise.
【详细解答】本空要求填一个句子。填句子的基本要求是与前后句在意思上要连贯,没有语法和拼写错误。本空前面是讲羞怯的人对于批评很敏感,后面是说他们通常会说一些消极的话来回应别人的称赞,那么空处的意思应该是讲他们对待称赞的态度,而且这种态度肯定是不高兴的。其中有一个关键词compliment,后面已经出现了。再结合发音,可以得知该句是带有原因状语从句的一个复合句,从句中难点是unworthy of praise,也可以写成they don’t deserve praise。
19.【答案】It is clear that, while self-awareness is a healthy quality, overdoing it is harmful.
【详细解答】从前后文来看,本句话应是作者对前面羞怯的人所说的一句话的评论。前面一句话为“你们这样说是为了让我感觉良好,但我知道这是不真实的”,那么作者对这句话的评价肯定是否定的,因为这些人的自知之明太过了。再听音,self-awareness是一个关键词,但前面出现过类似的词,如:self-conscious, self-concept;难点是overdoing,可以根据句子意思再结合音来猜测,而且要注意变为动名词形式。同时要注意本句中间插有一个比较状语从句,要注意断句。
20. 【答案】Since shyness goes hand in hand with lack of self-esteem, it is important for people to accept their weakness as well as their strengths.
【详细解答】本句话是回答前面的问句。前面问:羞怯感能否完全消除,或者减弱?作者紧接着侧面回答了如何来减弱。当听到since这个词引导从句时,应该想到本句又是一个带状语从句的复合句。有几个短语:hand in hand with(手拉手,紧紧相连),as well as(也……,和……一起),关键词有self-esteem(该词的形近词前面已经出现了几次),weakness和strength一对反义词。在听第二遍和第三遍时应重点抓住这些短语和关键词,整个句子便可轻松写出来。

Part Ⅱ
Passage One
【试题分析】归纳概括题(Summing up and summarizing),这种试题要求学生能把握文章的总体,并真正理解主题和中心大意。
【详细解答】文章从开始就讲述众多的低收入工人集体抗议工作条件,导致Kathie Gifford的服装厂被曝光;于是克林顿政府发起“无血汗”运动,可是国防部拒绝签署《工作场所操作规范》,劳工部却称该部门主要要求制造商们遵守安全和卫生规定。可见美国政府部门对于血汗工厂的问题存有分歧,也难以解决。所以文章的中心大意是美国血汗工厂的问题目前最严重的地方是美国政府对此的态度不够统一和坚决。A)太偏,不是讲美国劳工部的职能;B)太泛,没有指明哪个问题,也不一定威胁到美国的经济;C)与文章意思相反,美国规范血汗工厂的努力并没有成功。D)最符合文章主题。
【译文】根据本文,Kathie Gifford____ ?
【试题分析】细节理解题(Understanding details)。这类题一般只针对文章中某一个特定的细节,也可以涉及若干个细节,或者针对文章的主要事实而设问。
【详细解答】见文章第一句话“When Kathie Gifford...condemn such practices.”,Kathie Gifford的高利润的服装厂曝光了,之后她于1996年在报纸上被广泛报道。所以C)为正确答案。A)和B)与本句意思不符,她不是一名工人;D)说她写文章报道此事,也不对。
【译文】与划线短语“to submit to” 意思最接近的是下列哪一项?
【试题分析】猜测词义题(Guessing at word meaning)。即运用一些猜测生词词义的方法,猜测生词的含义,以提高阅读速度和理解能力。
【试题分析】分析判断题(Making an analysis and a judgment)。即根据文章中提供的事实,经过分析、思考做出这样或那样的判断选择。
【详细解答】这类题需要事先通读全文,理解全文主旨,尤其是关于国防部的内容;然后再将四个选项进行比较,用排除法。A)国防部是美国第14大零售服装制造商,这与文章中retail apparel outlet(零售服装批发商店)不符;B)它没有按照《工作场所操作规范》行事,这与文章中has not signed the code of conduct正好相符;C)它要求承包商签署《工作场所操作规范》, 这与文章中it has not agreed to demand that its contractors submit to periodic inspections.相反;D)它要求劳工部发起一场运动,文章中没有提及。所以,对比分析可得知B为正确答案。
【详细解答】文章第一段最后一句话“with much fanfare, ..., their workplace conditions.”是说,克林顿政府借此小题大做,以勒令制造商们对车间环境进行定期检查。关键词有pressure(强制,压迫,勒令),to submit to(屈服,服从)。第二段第一句话“this campaign urged manufacturers to sign the Conduct.”更加直接说明了这场运动的目的,即让他们签署并执行这一规范。故A)为正确答案。
Passage Two
【试题分析】归纳概括题。需要考生总结归纳短文(段落)的主题(subject),中心思想(main idea),标题(title)或作者的写作目的(purpose)。
【详细解答】第一段最后一句话,“But today, ..., starting out on his own needs a portfolio.”这是讲的今天每个人都可以根据自己的需要进行证券投资;推到前面一句,那么前面提及的百万富翁也都是根据自己的需要开始证券投资而致富的。A)“他们是我们迈向致富之路的榜样”,不具体,没有说明如何致富;B)“证券投资对于经济成功很关键”,这句话本身是正确的,但与第一段表达的意思不一致;C)“他们确实很富裕”,也不是第一段所想要表达的意思。D)“他们是从自己开始做起的”,这正是第一段所要表达的意思,即这些百万富翁是从自己做起开始致富的,而现在每个人都可以这样做,紧接着引入下面的投资指南。
【详细解答】这类题应在理解文章的基础上,着重比较四个选项,采取排除法。A)“只要有一些财产,每个人都可以致富”,凭常识判断这句话本身就不对,更与作者想要介绍投资渠道的必要性和方法相悖;B)“购买国债的信誉风险极高”,这句话与“The U.S. government stands behind Treasury bonds, so the credit risk is almost nil.”意思完全相反;C)“了解股票、债券和现金的优势并无用处”,这与作者的观点相反;D)“每个人都应该意识到金融财产重新分配的重要性。”这正是第一段作者所说的“每个人都可以根据自己的需要采用不同的投资方式致富”的前提。故选D)。
【详细解答】该词本身的意思是“回来,回报”,再看句子“stocks pay higher returns but are more risky.”是说股票有更高的回报,但风险更大;我们凭常识判断,股票的回报就是“赚钱,利润”。比较四个选项,B)profits(利润)正确。
【详细解答】“作者指出”可以是文章中直接提到的,也可以是作者的言外之意,要结合文章判断四个选项本身是否正确。A)“保留现金是避免风险的唯一方式”,作者鼓励合理投资,显然这不是作者意思;B)“你持有股票越久,你损失越大。”这句话本身有误,文章中也没有提及;C)“高利润和高风险在股票市场中同时存在”,这正是第三段中“stocks pay higher returns but are more risky.”意思,所以正确;D)“积累财富最好的方式是投资股票”,作者在文章最后明确指出“如果你长期不需要用钱,就投资股票;如果你短期要用,就投资债券和现金。”所以该项也不正确。
Passage Three
【详细解答】仔细比较四个选项。A)“它将数量变量和质量变量结合起来了”,这误解了第二段中第二句话“either...or...”句型,要么是数量变量,要么是质量变量;B)“它只能用来处理数量变量”,也与上面句型含义相悖;C)“它有助于总结一组数据的特征”,这正是第二段最后一句话“Large masses of data... the properties of an otherwise unwieldy mass of data.”的含义;D)“它有助于使用观察抽样进行预测”,这是推理性统计。所以选C)。
【译文】与第二段中“unwieldy” 单词意思最接近的是____
【详细解答】第二段最后一句话“Large masses of data... the properties of an otherwise unwieldy mass of data.”的意思是说,大量的数据群必须要有一个总结或减收的过程,以从可能是乱七八糟的数据群中找出其特征,关键词是otherwise,表示前后有个对比。可见后面提及的unwieldy mass of data是难以处理的数据。再看四个选项:A)“难以收集”,文章没有提收集;B)“难以处理”,与上下文正好相符;C)“不可理解的”,前面说将它们整理成容易理解的形式,可见它们还是“可以理解的”;D)“不可控制的”,与句意不符。故选B)。
Passage Four
【详细解答】在理解全文的基础上,比较四个选项。A)是第一段第三句话的原话,所以正确;B)“机器人意味着人们不必从事肮脏和吵闹的工作”,与第一段第四句话含义有所区别,原文是说,有了机器人人们就没有必要“忍受(put up with)肮脏、吵闹的工作,所以B与原文意思不完全一致;C)和D)也是文章中所提及的。相比较,A)、C)和D)都是文章中的原话,只有B)不符原意。故选B。
【详细解答】文章倒数第二段中提到FANUC,这是日本一家专门研制机器人的公司。A)“工人们在加班时会有更高的回报”,可是文章中有一句话:“However, workers are expected to put in demanding unpaid overtime.”这种overtime是unpaid(没有报酬的),所A不正确。B)、C)、D)选项均为文章中的原话。故选A)。
Part Ⅲ
【试题分析】词语辨析题。检查考生对几个形式和意思容易混淆的词组be accompanied with、be coincided with、be correlated with与be conformed with的区别。
【详细解答】be accompanied with (a thing)“伴随着……”,be coincided with “恰巧相合,与……同时发生”,be correlated with “与…发生关系,与…有关系”,be conformed with “使一致,使遵守, 适应环境”。通过对比可得知,B最符合题意。
【详细解答】conflicting的意思是“相冲突的, 不一致的, 相矛盾的”;charming“迷人的, 娇媚的, 可爱的; 有趣的”;rewarding “有价值的;有益的”,如a rewarding job 有价值的工作;awarding“授奖的、判定的”。从意思上看,宜为C。
【详细解答】projection“发射,预测,预示,计划 ”;protection“保护,警戒(from, against)”;profession“职业(尤指从事脑力劳动或受过专门训练的),声明,宣言, 表白”;priority“把…(计划或目标)列入优先地位”,固定搭配有give (first) priority to 给……以(最)优先权。从句子意思判断,应该选D。
【详细解答】projection的意思见上题; retain“保持,保留”;retail“零售, 转述”;revitalize“使恢复元气;使有新的活力; 使新生”。从词意上来看,此处只能选B。
【详细解答】overwhelming“压倒性的,无法抵抗的”;accelerating“加速(的), 促进的,催化(的)”;prompting“促进的,激励的”;preceding“在前的,前述的”。根据词意可知,答案应为A。
【详细解答】 brook“ \[用于否定结构\]忍耐, 容忍, 忍受”;blush “脸红, 羞愧, 呈现红色, 使成红色”;boost“推进; 升,加强, 增加;促进; 提高; 支援”;brood“沉思;郁闷地想”。根据词意,此处应选C。
【详细解答】trigger“引发, 引起, 触发”;claim“(根据权利)要求, 认领, 声称, 主张, 断言”;hamper“妨碍, 牵制”;protest“主张,断言抗议, 拒付”。从词意上讲,答案A最合题意,故应选A。
【详细解答】revenue“国家的收入,税收,(土地、财产等的)收入,收益;\[pl. \]总收入; 收入项目, 财源”;income“ (定期)收入,所得(报酬),收益”;avenue“林荫道,大街, 方法, 途径, 路”;outcome“结果, 成果”。从词意和用法上看,此题正确答案应为A。
【详细解答】 attribute“(与to连用) 归因于,被认为是…写的”;distribute“散布, 分布,分配”; contribute“捐助,捐献, 贡献,投稿”;scatter“散布,散播,使分散”。根据词意应选B。
【详细解答】instantaneous“瞬间的, 即刻的, 即时的”;spontaneous “自发的,自然产生的”;simultaneous“同时的,同时发生的”;homogeneous“同类的,相似的,均匀的”。根据句子意思选答案C。 
【详细解答】assume“假定, 设想, 采取,呈现”;submit“(使)服从, (使)顺从,提交,递交”;expose“使暴露, 受到,使曝光,揭露”;specify“规定,指定,确定;详细说明,具体说明”。按句意,此题答案应为D。
【详细解答】overtake “赶上,追上”;overweigh “使…负担过重,比…重,比…重要,胜过,给…加负担,压迫,压倒”;overcome“战胜, 克服,胜过, 征服”;overshadow“遮蔽, 使…失色”。按词意选A。
【详细解答】 assess“估定,评定”;assert“断言,声称”;;maintain“维持, 维修,继续,供养,主张”;promote“促进,发扬,提升,提拔,晋升为”。assert oneself为固定搭配,意思是“坚持自己的权利;表现自己的权威”。符合题意,故选B。
【详细解答】 available“可用到的,可利用的,有用的”;feasible“可行的,切实可行的,行得通的”;resolvable“可溶解的,可解决的,可解答的”;presumable“可假定的,可能的,可推测的”。按句意,答案应为B。
【详细解答】transmit”传输,转送,传达,传导,发射,传播”; transfer“转移, 调转, 调任, 传递, 转让, 改变”; convey“ 传达,表达,转达”;communicate“沟通,通信,(房间、道路、花园等)相通,传达,感染”。按句意可知,答案应为C。
【详细解答】decline“下倾,下降,下垂”;degrade“(使)降级,(使)堕落, (使)退化”;degenerate“退化,衰退、堕落”;deteriorate“ (使)恶化,损害或降低(质量,性质或价值)”。此处意指“健康状况恶化”,应为deteriorate。
【详细解答】preliminary“预备的,初步的”;primary“ 主要的,初步的,初级的”;trivial“琐细的,价值不高的,微不足道的”;alternative“选择性的,二中择一的”。按照题目意思,此处应选“trivial”,答案为C。
【详细解答】end“末端,尽头,结束,限度”,显然与题意不符;on the edge of“在边缘上;快要, 眼看”,也与题意不符;threshold“开始,开端,极限”, on the threshold of“在…的开头,在…快要开始的时候,在…的前夕”,同样与题意不符;on the course of “在……的过程中”。故只可选D。
【详细解答】immigrate“使移居入境,移来,从外国移来\[移居\], 迁移”;emigrate“迁居(外国),\[口\]迁移”;emigrate和 immigrate仅用来指人,意味着永久性的迁移,一般指越过政治意义上的疆界。migrate“移动, 移往, 使移居”;generate“产生, 发生”。根据句子意思此处应选C,即“migrate”。
【详细解答】issue“出版,发行,(报刊等)期、号”;distribution“销售,发送,发行”;coverage“覆盖,新闻报道; 新闻报道的份量”;在这里,circulation可指“(书报杂志的)销售量,发行额,销路”。故选D。
【详细解答】alter“修改,改动,改变,改建”;alternate“交替,轮流, 改变,依次”;switch“转换, 转变”;exchange“交换,调换,兑换, 交流, 交易”。在这里,应是“轮流、依次”之意,故可选B。
【详细解答】dispatch“分派,派遣,发送”;deposit“放置,安置”;deploy“展开, 配置”;deliver“递送, 陈述, 释放”。根据题意,此处dispatch最为合适。
【详细解答】justify“证明…是正当的”;illustrate“举例说明,图解, 加插图于,阐明”;modify“更改, 修改”;clarify“澄清,阐明”。
【详细解答】anticipate“预期,期望,预订,预见,可以预料”;tackle“解决,处理(问题)”;manipulate“(熟练地)操作, 使用(机器等),操纵(人或市价、市场),利用,应付,假造”;speculate“推测,思索,做投机买卖”。依题意此处应是“处理”和“解决问题”之意,排除A、C、D项,则只有B项最合适。
【详细解答】conditions“存在的环境”;situation“形势,局势,局面,情况,境遇,处境”;danger“危险,危险物,威胁”;threat“ 凶兆,威胁”。此处,根据句子意思,应是“意识到对环境的威胁”之意,只能在C、D之间做出判断;danger一般指事物本身的危险,而没有威胁的意思,再考虑到后面的介词to,按照搭配习惯,答案应是D。
译文 :这个图书馆将最近公众可以借阅的书籍汇编成一本名集出版了。
【详细解答】acceptable“可接受的,合意的”;accessible“易接近的,可到达的,可拿到的”;accommodable “可适合的,可适应的”;accountable“应负责的,有责任的,可解释的”。此处考的是词组accessible to 的用法,“可以获得的,可得到的”。
Part Ⅳ
71.redistributing改为redistribute。attempt to 后面一般接动词原型,而不接动名词,因为这里的to是不定式符号,而不是介词,即attempt to do sth.。 改为others。此句是说,如果一部分相对比较穷,那么一部分人就会相对比较富。将人群分为两部分,此处就不能用you,others才可以表示人群的一部分。
73.在interests和than中间加上rather。此句不是表示比较(than),而是表示转折(公众政策反映他们的利益,而不是穷人的利益),所以应该用rather than (而不是)代替than。
74.doing改为done。此句是被动语态,表示“脏活被完成”,get 是系动词,所以应用do的过去分词形式done。
76.cookers改为cooks。厨师是cook,而不cooker。cooker指炊具,与后面的“gardener(园丁)and other workers”不一致,所以应改为厨师(cook)。
79.competent 改为incompetent。此句讲的是穷人所能享受的服务,过期的面包、报废的汽车,还有不合格的医生和律师所提供的建议。如果是competent,则成了合格的医生和律师所提供的建议,那么与整句意思不符。
Part Ⅴ
这是一篇限制性提纲作文。由于已经给出了写作主题和段落模式,所以必须紧扣标题,严格遵守提纲,达到规定字数。构思时结构一定要清晰,建议使用四段式,第一段综述,第二、三段分述,第四段做总结,二、三段是重点。可将提纲中的两点作为第二段和第三段的主题句,但不要逐字翻译,然后再找2~3个与主题相关的素材展开说明。另外还需注意:①写好第一句话。这样容易给阅卷者留下一个好印象,最好能用上一个漂亮的复合句,里面再用上2~3个难的单词或词组,但不能出错。②在写作时尽量多用长句,少用短句,适当加入几个结构较复杂的句子。可多用连接性的词组或单词,如first, second, moreover, for one thing...for another, on the one hand...on the other hand等等。可以把它们置于段首或文中比较显著的位置,这样会使文章更具条理性。③注意结尾的时候要点题,把自己的观点明确说出来。文章不要写得太长,这样容易引起阅卷者的反感,达到字数就可以了。④如有可能,适当加上一两句名言或是谚语,以显示你的水平。最后要注意没有语法错误,并保持卷面干净整洁。
How to Deal with Personal Crisis
Since different person may come across different crisis, it is difficult to answer why personal crisis will happen and what leads to the situation. It depends. But the main origins and causes can be concluded in the following three aspects: lack of strong mind and personal incompetence to overcome difficulty, disadvantageous surroundings, and bad luck. Only when one person does well in all these three aspects, can he or she avoid personal crisis.
But anyway, All is not lost that is in danger. Every cloud has a silver lining. One will surely come out from the crisis if he masters the right methods. At first, he should envisage the crisis with the right eye. And then, he should be strongly-minded and be perseverant all the time. Thirdly, he should try his best to improve relation with his boss, colleagues, partners, friends, and his family members in order to get a better surrounding. At last, he should try to grasp every chance to make progress. In this way, the crisis can be transferred to success.

simultaneous: 同时发生的〓  deteriorate:(使)恶化
migrate: (使)移居,移往  eligible: 符合条件的,合格的
alternate: 交替,轮流,改变  cook: 厨师
self-conscious: 有自知之明的
distribute: 分发,分配,分布
competent: 能够胜任的,有能力的
start out: 出发,动身,起家
settle in: 安顿,迁入
coincide with: 与……一致,与……同时发生
on the course of: 在……的过程中 如果觉得《中国名校英语六级密卷(1)》模拟,yyslj不错,可以推荐给好友哦。
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