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PartⅠ Listening Comprehension

Section A

(Ring... ring. . . Sound of phone being picked up. )

M: Hello, Campus Daily, advertising department. This is Mark speaking.

F: Hi. I’m calling to place a couple of ads.

M: Sure. Under what classification?

F: Well, I want one in the“Roommate Wanted” section.

M: All right. And how would you like that to read?

F: Ok, it should read Female roommate wanted for pleasant, sunny two bedroom apartment on Eliiewood Avenue, three blocks from campus. Share rent and utilities. Available September 1. Call between 5 and 9 P.M. and ask for Cecilia.

M: Fine. And what about your other ad? 

F: That one I’d like under “Merchandise for Sale,” and I’d like it to read “Matching blue and white sofa and easy chair, excellent condition, $ 350 or best oiler. Call between 5 and 9 P.M. and ask for Cecilia.” Did you get all that?

M:Uh- huh. You’ll want your phone numbers on these, right?

F:Oh, sure. Thanks for reminding me——it’s 555- 6972.

M: And how long do you want these ads to run?

F: For a week, I suppose. How much would that be?

M: It’s five dollars a week per line. Each of your ads will take up three lines, so that’s $15 per ad.

Section B

5. M:You see,a marine biologist is now appearing on the screen.

W:Yeah.We are now being taken on a tour familiarizing with life in the salty depths.It’s an interesting tele teaching lesson.

Q:What are the man and woman doing?

6.M:Alice is in bad mood today.What’s wrong with her?

W:She failed the examination which she prepared for a long time.

Q:What can you conclude from this conversation?

7.W:The biology class next Monday has been replaced by a chemistry class.

M:Awful.I haven’t prepared for that.

Q:For which class hasn’t the man prepared?

8.M:Since it’s the rush hour,let’s take the subway.

W:OK.It’s not as direct as the bus,but it’s faster and there will be less chance of a traffic jam.

Q:Why do the man and the woman decide to take the subway?

9.W:If I were you,I would take a bus instead of a plane.Flying makes me nervous.

M:But it will take me forever to get there by bus.

Q:What does the man prefer to do?

10.W:Could you tell me the least expensive way to get to London?

M:If you go by bus it’s only £20.But if you go by train,it’s almost twice that much.

Q:What does this man explain to the woman?

11.M:Miss Green,I told Dr.Smith that I would call him in the Paris office at 11 o’clock their time.Please find out the time difference for me so that I’ll know when to place the call.

W: It’s 4 hours earlier in Paris,sir.

Q: When should the man place his call to Paris?

12.M:There’s no use going to the store now.

W: You are right.It’s after 5:30 already.

Q: When does the store probably close?

13.M:Jane told me you were on a diet.How much weight have you lost?

W:Well,to start with,I weighed 150 pounds.The first two weeks I took off

10 pounds,but then I gained back 5 pounds over the holiday.

Q: How much does the woman weigh now?

14.W: Was the movie as good as you expected?

M: It was a waste of time and money!

Q: How does the man feel about the movie?

Section C

Arabs consider it (15) extremely bad manner to start talking business immediately. Even the busiest government official or (16)executive always takes (17) extra time to be polite and offer (18)refreshments. No matter how busy you are, you should make time for this (19) hospitality.Making decisions quickly is not an Arab custom. There is a (20)vagueness in doing business in the Middle East which will puzzle a (21)newcomer. Give yourself lots of time and ask lots of questions.

    Patience is an important (22)quality. You may have to wait two or three days to see highlevel government officials as they are very busy. Give yourself enough time.

    Personal relationships are very important. They are the key to do business in Arab countries. (23)Try to identify the decisionmaker regarding your product or services immediately and get to know him on a friendly basis. Do your homework. Be prepared to discuss details of your product or proposal. Be ready

 to answer technical questions.

    When an Arab says yes, he may mean “maybe”. When he says maybe, he probably means “no”. You will seldom get a direct “no” from an Arab because it is considered impolite. Also, he does not want to close his options. Instead of “no”, he will say “inshalah” which means, “if God is willing”. (24)On the other hand, “yes” does not necessarily mean “yes”. A smile and slow nod might seem like an agreement, but in fact, your host is being polite. An Arab considers it impolite to disagree with a guest.

Section D

    And now for the Monday Morning weather report.Right now the skies over the Chicago area are sunny and clear.We are expecting warm dry weather to continue throughout the day with temperatures in the middle to upper 80’s.Winds will continue to be slightly variable as high as ten miles per hour.We are going to have fair weather continuing over the next couple of days so that means clear and somewhat cooler weather tonight.Tomorrow will be sunny again and quite warm.No precipitation is expected for at least three or four days.

Questions 25 to 27 are based on the passage you’ve just heard:

25.Who is the speaker?

26.What will the daytime weather probably be like on Tuesday morning?

27.What’s the long range forecast for the next few days?

    There is a strange area in the Atlantic Ocean called the Bermuda Triangle.People have been fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle for years,because of the mysterious disappearance of many ships and planes in the area.There is hardly any agreement about the cause of these disappearance,in fact,it is difficult to find any agreement about the boundaries of the area.Whereas most people argue that the triangle’s northern most point is Bermuda,its western most point is Florida,and its eastern point is the coast of Africa,a few researchers prefer the northern point to be in the Boston area.

Questions 28 to 30 are based on the passage you’ve just heard:

28.On what do most people agree?

29.What did the speaker say have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle?

30.Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

    Two bombs exploded in Algeria Tuesday as a European Union team met with government leaders to discuss the wave of civilian massacres.One bomb went off at a bus

center in the center of the capital of Algiers,killing one person,and an hour la

ter,another bomb blew up in the coastal town of Annaba,killing 3 others.The Alge

rians agreed to allow European Union deputy foreign ministers into discuss the s

ituation but again,turned down any UN investigation.

Questions 31 to 34 are based on the passage you’ve just heard:

31.What happened in Algeria Tuesday?

32.Where did the first bomb go off?

33.How many people were killed in the two bombings?

34.What did the Algerians reject?



PartⅠ Listening Comprehension

[解题思路]这是一个phone conversation,谈话内容是关于广告的。

[详细解答]从四个选项得知所问问题是关于where的,既然是关于刊登广告的,到底是哪家呢?在对话开头有一句话提示“Hello, Campus Daily, advertising department. This is Mark speaking.”因此可排除B、C、D。Mark在报社工作。



[详细解答]Mark问:Under what classification?Cecilia回答是the“Roomate Wanted” section.




[详细解答]广告内容提及了B、C。问题是Cecilia忘了告诉Mark什么了。Mark said :“You’ll want your phone numbers on these, right?” Cecilia answered :“Thanks for reminding me——it’s 555——6972.”因此选A。



[详细解答]Mark告诉她收费标准是:five dollars a week per line. Each of your ads will take up 3 lines, so that’s $15 per ad.问题是两则广告每周总费用。因而选C。



【关键词语】tele teaching,lesson

【详细解答】这道题中虽然提到“marine”一词,但考生只要听到“on the screen”一词就可以知道地点不是海洋中。关键在于考生听清了“an interesting tele teaching lesson”,就可以作出正确选择。



【关键词语】in bad mood,failed

【详细解答】这道题关键词是“in bad mood”,“what’s wrong...”这类的词,然后结合后面的“failed the examination”,就可以判断出正确的选项。



【关键词语】the biology class,replaced,a chemistry class




【关键词语】the subway,faster,less








【关键词语】least expensive,£20,twice the much

【详细解答】这道题中考生听清“least expensive”后就要注意本题就价格进行讨论,然后掌握往“only”和“twice the much”,并记住它们各自所指,这样就不难得出结论。



【关键词语】11 o’clock,time difference,4 hours earlier

【详细解答】这道题是一个关于时差的题,关键在于考生要明白“earlier”一词的含义。当巴黎时间是11点时,说话人所在地的时间是7点,这样才是“The time in Paris is 4 hours earlier than that here.”



【关键词语】no use,after 5:30




【关键词语】150 pounds,took off 10 pounds,gained back 5 pounds

【详细解答】这道题的关键词是“took off”和“gained back”,一个是减,一个是加,150-10+5=145就是所要的答案。



【关键词语】a waste of

【详细解答】这道题中,只要考生听准了“a waste of...”这个词组,就


15.【参考答案】 extremely

【详细解答】 extremely意为“极度地,极努力地”,为extreme的副词形


16.【参考答案】 executive

【详细解答】 executive意为“执行者”,注意其拼写。

17.【参考答案】 extra

【详细解答】 extra意为“额外的,特别的”。

18.【参考答案】 refreshments

【详细解答】 refreshments名词,意为“恢复,爽快”,注意其拼法。

19.【参考答案】 hospitality

【详细解答】 hospitality名词,好客,殷勤,注意其拼法。

20.【参考答案】 vagueness

【详细解答】 此词为vague“含糊的”加ness构成名词,意为“含糊”。

21.【参考答案】 newcomer

【详细解答】 此词为new+comer构成,意为“新来的”。

22.【参考答案】 quality

【详细解答】 quality意为“质量”,注意与quantity区别。

23.【参考答案】 Try to identify the decisionmaker regarding your product or services immediately and get to know him on a friendly basis. Do your homework. Be prepared to discuss details of your product or proposal. Be ready to answer technical questions.

【详细解答】 identify验明,注意immediately, basis, proposal和technical的拼写。

24.【参考答案】 On the other hand, “yes” does not necessarily mean “yes”. A smile and slow nod might seem like an agreement, but in fact, your host is being polite. An Arab considers it impolite to disagree with a guest.

【详细解答】 on the other hand另一方面;in fact事实上;disagree with对…




【关键词语】Weather Report,Chicago




【关键词语】Monday Morning

【详细解答】这道题要求考生注意开头第一句总起时就强调是“周一早间天气预报”,然后就不难推出文中后面提及的“tomorrow”就是周二,文中提到“we are expecting warm dry weather to continue throughout the day...”这样就能得出正确答案。该题有一定隐蔽性,要求考生要细心听录音。



【关键词语】fair weather continuing











【关键词语】disappearance of many ships and planes





【关键词语】the Atlantic Ocean










【关键词语】a bus center




【关键词语】killing one person,killing 3 others





【关键词语】turned down any UN investigation

【详细解答】这道题要求考生理解“turn down”一词的含义为“拒绝,摒


Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension








【参考译文】竞价结束叫做“knocking down”是因为……




【参考译文】在“The Romans usually sold in this way the spoils taken in war”一句中,“spoil”一词最可能意为……


【详细解答】这道题要求考生进行分析。“taken in war”的东西而且能出卖的,当然不会是A.useless goods;也不会单单只是“spears”或“food”,而该是D“战利品”。




【详细解答】这道题要求考生注意第二段的最后一句话“... and bid could be made while it was burning.”这句话就是答案所在。




【详细解答】这道题要求考生掌握“particulars”词意指“详细情况”。而且考生也可以从第四段第二句“If the advertisement cannot give full details,...”一句中得出正确。














【详细解答】这道题要求考生注意,文中的代词所指对象。从“their old world counterparts”可推出their是指代“many of these”的,而many of these”又指的是“New World monkeys”。




【详细解答】这道题的答案在最后一句。考生注意了“have also evolved arms and shoulders”一句,arms and shoulders也就是“upper body structure”。




【详细解答】这道题要求考生通读全文,A、B、D三项是文中提到的,而C正与文中“While of course a tail is not equipped with fingers,...”相反,所以C是不正确的。








































【详细解答】在Rock climbing wall后有注明some ships,即不是所有的船都有此项目。

Part Ⅲ The Use of English

54.答案:registered 改为 has registered。






56.答案:a 改为an。



57.答案:去掉in the charge of 中的“the”。


【详细解答】in the charge of表示“由……主管”的被动意义,主语通常是某个单位,部门或某项工作等名词,of 后接表示人的名词或代词,例如:The work in the charge of our monitor has been finished.由我们班长负责的这项工作已经做完了。而本句需要用表示主动的in charge of“负责、主管”的意思。其主语通常为表示人的名词或代词。of 后接某项工作、任务等名词。例如:Professor Wang in charge of the experiment in physics has just gone out.负责这项物理实验的王教授刚才出去了。本句意为:那些企业应当建立负责住房的一个专门的股份公司。



【详细解答】responsible后接for ,表示“负责……”的意思;responsible不与at搭配。本句的意思是:让这个股份公司自负盈亏。

59.答案:own 应为owned。



60.答案:to 改为with/by。


【详细解答】根据句意,要用意思为“以……代替……”的句型,因而应是replace…with…或replace…by …。本句意为:企业应该以足够的住房补贴来代替旧的住房分配制度……。



【详细解答】beef up 是“增强,加强”之意,符合句意。beef作动词时,是“发牢骚;抱怨”的意思。本句的意思是:中国应不断努力来改善社会保障体系。



【详细解答】“provide ……… with”的意思是“给……提供……”汉语中“给”后接指人的名词或代词,“提供”后接指“物”的名词或代词。但英语中“provide”后跟指人的名词或代词,“with”后跟指“物”的名词或代词。显然原句错用了介词。 “provide…… to”表示“为……提供……”。 “provide”后跟指“物”的名词或代词,“to”后跟指人的名词或代词。本句可译为:政府为那些买不起房子的人提供住房时有两种选择。

63.答案:redistributing改为to redistribute 。


【详细解答】根据句意,重新分配旧房是比较具体的动作, 用动词不定式作表语比较合适。而动名词作表语时表示一般的, 抽象的动作。其次,“重新分配旧房”这个动作尚未发生,这也是用动词不定式的原因。另外,根据上句,采取不定式作表语。本句意为:另一种是重新分配旧房。


冰山是大自然最壮观的产物,其形成和消失都鲜为人知, 冰山总笼罩着神秘的面纱,然而它们形状各异,色彩缤纷,是海上一道绚丽的风景。冰山虽然美丽但也危险,因为它们大部分都隐藏在水下,只露出一角,而且还容易突然反转形成急流。冰山上的积雪大多年代久远,有的甚至有几百万年的历史,因此冰山是由千年的积雪反复堆积而形成的冰晶体。

S1.【参考答案】The nature and origin of icebergs.


【详细解答】文章第一段谈到冰山是大自然最壮观的产物,因其形成和消失都鲜为人知, 冰山总笼罩着神秘的面纱;第二段提到了冰山的美丽;它们形状各异,色彩缤纷,是海上一道绚丽的风景;第三段介绍了冰山的危险,因为它们大部分都隐藏在水下,只露出一角,而且还容易突然反转形成急流;第四段介绍了冰山上的积雪年代久远;第五段介绍了冰山是如何形成。这样,通过归纳,不难得出全文主要是谈论讨论了冰山的性质和起源。解答此类大意主旨题,需要考生通读全文才能归纳出文章的大意。

S2.【参考答案】Because they are located in remote regions of the world.


【详细解答】文章第一段提到“They come into being-somewhere-in faraway, frigid waters, amid thunderous noise and splashing turbulence, which in most cases no one hears or sees.”冰山形成于遥远的地方,故大多数人都看不到,听不到。

S3.【参考答案】Because they are hidden underwater and can turn over unexpectedly. 


【详细解答】文章第三段介绍了冰山的危险性,提到“Most of their bulk is hidden below the water, so their underwater parts may extend out far beyond the visible top. Also, they may roll over unexpectedly, churning the waters around them.”冰山的大部分都隐藏在水下,只露出一角,而且还容易突然反转形成急流,因此它们很危险。

S4.【参考答案】The result of accumulation of snowflake. 


【详细解答】第五段介绍了冰山是如何形成的,“As each year’s snow accumulation lay on the surface, evaporation and melting caused the snowflakes slowly to lose their feathery points and become tiny grains of ice…With time and pressure from above, the many small ice grains joined and changed to larger crystals, and eventually the deeper crystals merged into a solid mass of ice.”说到底,冰山是由雪花经过长时间的堆积而成。

S5.【参考答案】The author is full of wonder. 


【详细解答】从文章第一句话“Icebergs are among nature’s most spectacular creations”作者说冰山是大自然最壮观的产物,以及第二段对冰山美丽的描述,说它们是最纯粹的美,既幽雅又端庄,为平静的海面平添了许多激情,可以看出作者对冰山充满了惊叹之情。

Part Ⅳ Writing


2008年申奥成功, 体育运动必将成为社会讨论的热门话题,六级考试写作也可能涉及到这方面的话题,应该引起大家的重视。本题是一篇号召大家参加体育运动的论说文。根据给出的写作提纲,全文可分为三段来写,而每条提纲也可作为每段的主题句。第一段的主题可为:In the world today, more and more people are interested in sports and games, which have become part of people’s daily life.围绕这个主题句,可具体列举出一些人们喜爱从事的体育活动,如:swing, running, basketball, football, table tennis and badminton。第二段的主题句可为:But there are still some people who don’t know the importance of sports and games.此段可用举例法来说明为什么有些人仍然不了解运动的重要性;第三段为总结段,画龙点睛地提出体育运动的重要性。

Writing Sample

Let’s Go in for Sports

    In the world today, more and more people are interested in sports and games, which have become part of people’s daily life. In our country, swing, running, basketball, football, table tennis and badminton are the favourite sports and games. Early every morning you can see people doing all kinds of exercises in parks and open grounds. Friendly matches and sports meets are often held in schools and factories.

    But there are still some people who don’t know the importance of sports and games. They treat them only as amusements just like films or radio programmes. We all know that sports and games build our bodies and keep us in good health. They are especially helpful to those who work with their brains. So sports and games can also train a person’s character. On the sports field, a child learns to fight fair and hard, to win without pride and lose with grace. Sports and games are like a bridge to true friendship. Later, when he has grown up, he will naturally work for the good of his country instead of for his own benefit.

    As we have said above, sports and games can be of great value. They not only make people live happily but also help people to learn virtues and do their work better. A sound mind is in a sound body. Let’s go in for sports and games. 


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