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   Part II Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)

  Directions:There are four reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A,B,C and D, you should choose the One best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with a pencil.

Passage 1

  Legal and accounting firms throughout Australia could streamline their advice to clients seeking a divorce with a new expert program that“thinks" like Family Court judges.

  The software package, appropriately called“Split UP" was developed by Dr. John Zeleznikow and a team of researchers in La Trobe University's Department of Computer Science.

  It is the first in the world designed to weigh up court judgments in previous cases to predict the way property would be divided for a particular divorce if proceeded to court.

  While anyone can get a divorce, the rules on the division of property are up to the judge. Deciding who gets what is a complex procedure based on future needs and past contributions.

  Split up, which can be installed on any PC, asks a sequence of relevant questions about the health, work history, children, property and future needs of the partners in a divorce. It then decides what percentage allocation to each partner would be in court and provides a series of arguments in favour of the decision.

  Its major advantage, says Dr. Zeleznikow, is that people are less likely to litigate once they know the likely court outcome.“Let's say the program predicts that each partner will get $250 000 from a property settlement. If they go to court the cost to each could be $ 50 000 to litigate. This is a powerful incentive to negotiate instead."

  The La Trobe research team has attracted international attention for its devleopment of systems which can reason with both statutes (rules) and precedents (cases). The systems are being used in fields which include legal aid and credit law.

  1. in the passage means“previous cases”.A. Statutes B. Precedents C. Clients D. Incentives

  2. What is not taken into consideration during a divorce case? A. The family house.B. The bank deposit.C. The time duration of the marriage.D. Children's education.

  3. Split Up can do all but . A. to persuade the judge that its decision is the right one B. to recall past divorce cases when necessary C. to seek and then process the information it need D. to do complex calculation and reasoning

  4. The second“it" in ParA. 3 refers to . A. the software B. a previous case C. the way the property would be divided D. a particular divorce

  5. What is NOT implied in the passage?
A. Family Law Court judges judge according to both rules and precedents.
B. If the parties in a divorce know they will not profit from a lawsuit, they would settle outside the court.
C. There is clear-cut law on how to divide property between parties in a divorce.
D. Split Up will help reduce the number of divorce cases presented in court.

  Passage 2

  The producers of instant coffee found their product strongly resisted in the market places despite their product's obvious advantages. Furthermore, the advertising expenditure for instant coffee was far greater than that for regular coffee. Efforts were made to find the cause of the consumers seemingly unreasonable resistance to the product. The reason given by most people was dislike for the taste. The producer suspected that there might be deeper reasons, however. This was confirmed by one of motivation research's classic studies, one often cited in the trade.

  Mason Haire, of the University of California, constructed two shopping lists that were identical except for one item. There were six items common to both lists: hamburger, carrots, bread, baking powder, canned peaches, and potatoes, with the brands or amounts specifie D. The seventh item, in fifth place on both lists, read“one pound Maxwell House coffee" on the list and“Nescafe instant coffee" on the other. One list was given to each one in a group of fifty women, and the other list to those in the other group of the same size. The women were asked to study their list and then to describe, as far as they could, the kind of woman (“personality and character")who would draw up that shopping list. Nearly half of those who had received the list including instant coffee described a housewife who was lazy and a poor planner. On the other hand, only one woman in the other group described the housewife, who had included regular coffee on her list, as lazy; only six of that group suggested that she was probably not a good wife. No one in the other group drew such a conclusion about the housewife who intended to buy regular coffee.

  6. In the opinion of instant coffee producers.A. people should buy regular coffeeB. regular coffee is superior to instant coffeeC. instant coffee should have a good market because of its obvious advantagesD. the advertising expenditure for regular coffee is very great

  7. In this instance, the purpose of motivation study was to discover .A. why there were deeper reasonsB. why instant coffee did not taste goodC. why regular coffee was successfulD. the reason why people resisted instant coffee

  8. The list on which“Nescafe instant coffee" was written as an item was given to a group consisting of .A. 7 peopleB. 7 womenC. 14 peopleD. 50 women

  9. On the result of this test, the producers of instant coffee probably would advertise on TV to show a .A. lazy wife drinking instant coffee B. stupid wife using instant coffeeC. hard-working woman drinking instant coffee D. good wife using regular coffee

  10. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
A. It is reasonable for people to resist instant coffee.
B. Advertising does not always assure favorable sales results.
C. People pay little attention to advertising.
D. Regular coffee has better taste than instant coffee.

  Passage 3

  It is a curious fact that as we leave the most impoverished peoples of the world, where the human being with his too few calories of energy scratches out for himself a bare subsistence, we find the economic insecurity of the individual many times multiplieD. The solitary Eskimo, Bushman, Indonesian, Nigerian, left to his own devices, will survive a considerable time. Living close to the soil or to their animal prey, the peoples with the lowest standard of living in the world can sustain their own lives, at least for a while, almost single-handeD. With a community numbering only a few hundred, they can live indefinitely. Indeed, a very large percentage of the human race today lives in precisely such fashion - in small, virtually self-contained peasant communities which provide for their own survival with a minimum of contact with the outside worlD. This large majority of mankind suffers great poverty, but it also knows a certain economic independence.

  When we turn to the New Yorker or the Chicagoan, on the other hand, we are struck by exactly the opposite condition, by a prevailing ease of material life, coupled at the same time by an extreme dependence of the individual in his search for the means of existence. In the great metropolitan areas where most Americans live, we can no longer imagine the solitary individual or the small community surviving, short of robbing for food and necessities. The majority of Americans have never grown food, caught game, raised meat, ground grain into flour. Faced with the challenge of clothing themselves or building their own homes, they would be hopelessly untrained and unprepareD. Even to make minor repairs in the machines which surround them, they must call on other members of the community whose business it is to fix cars, or to repair plumbing, or whatever. Perhaps, the richer the nation, the more apparent is this inability of its average inhabitant to survive unaided and alone.

  11. Which is the best title for this passage?A. The Poor and the Rich.B. The Individual and the Society.C. The Division of Labor.D. The Making of a Society.

  12.“Left to his own devices" in Line 4, ParA. 1 most probably means .A. to be left aloneB. to be left to make plansC. to be left to invent new devicesD. to be left to devil

  13. It is most likely to find people like Robinson Crusoe A. in great metropolitan areaB. in a large communityC. in modern AmericaD. near the North Pole

  14. Which of the following is indicated in the passage?A. Modern American society is a self-contained society.B. Division of labor improves efficiency.C. The survival ability of a man is decided by the degree of his dependence on others.D. A man living alone will survive longer than a man living in a small community.

  15. One can NOT make a living in modern America by .
A. buying things one need from stores
B. hiring the services of others
C. robbing others of food and necessities
D. learning to do things all by oneself

  Passage 4

  If women are mercilessly exploited year after year, they have only themselves to blame. Because they tremble at the thought of being seen in public in clothes that are out of fashion, they are always taken advantage of by the designers and the big stores. Clothes which have been worn only a few times have to be put aside because of the change of fashion. When you come to think of it, only a woman is capable of standing in front of a wardrobe packed full of clothes and announcing sadly that she has nothing to wear.

  Changing fashions are nothing more than the intentional creation of waste. Many women spend vast sums of money each year to replace clothes that have hardly been worn. Women who cannot afford to throw away clothing in this way, waste hours of their time altering the dresses they have. Skirts are lengthened or shortened; neck-lines are lowered or raised, and so on.

  No one can claim that the fashion industry contributes anything really important to society. Fashion designers are rarely concerned with vital things like warmth, comfort and durability. They are only interested in outward appearance and they take advantage of the fact that women will put up with any amount of discomfort, as long as they look right. There can hardly be a man who hasn't at some time in his life smiled at the sight of a woman shaking in a thin dress on a winter day, or delicately picking her way through deep snow in high-heeled shoes.

  When comparing men and women in the matter of fashion, the conclusions to be drawn are obvious. Do the constantly changing fashions of women's clothes, one wonders, reflect basic qualites of inconstancy and instability? Men are too clever to let themselves be cheated by fashion designers. Do their unchanging styles of dress reflect basic qualities of stability and reliability? That is for you to decide.

  16. Designers and big stores always make money .A. by mercilessly exploiting women workers in the clothing industryB. because they are capable of predicting new fashionsC. by constantly changing the fashions in women's clothing D. because they attach great importance to quality in women's clothing

  17. To the writer, the fact that women alter their old -fashioned dresses is seen as . A. a waste of money B. a waste of timeC. an expression of tasteD. an expression of creativity

  18. The writer would be less critical if fashion designers placed more stress on the of clothing. A. costB. appearanceC. comfortD. suitability

  19. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. New fashions in clothing are created for the commercial exploitation of women.
B. The constant changes in women's clothing reflect their strength of character.
C. The fashion industry makes an important contribution to society.
D. Fashion designs should not be encouraged since they are only welcomed by women.

  20. By saying“the conclusions to be drawn are obvious"(paragraph 4), the writer means that .
A. women's inconstancy in their choice of clothing if often laughed at
B. women are better able to put up with discomfort
C. men are also exploited greatly by fashion designers
D. men are more reasonable in the matter of fashion

  Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)

Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A., B., C. and D.. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

  21. Enquires the condition of patients may be made personally or by telephone.A. revealing B. concerning C. affecting D. containing

  22. The king's order has been very well .A. put to rights B. put throughC. put into effect D. put forth

  23. The child disturbed the class.A. continuouslyB. continuallyC. considerablyD. contrarily

  24. Something that is is not relevant to the subject that you are considering or discussing.A. out of place B. in no case C. to the point D. beside the point

  25. Some days go by much more quickly than others. Some hours seem as if they .A. would never end B. will never endC. might never end D. should never end

  26. His ignorance of the best ways of investing in the stock market brought him on the of ruin.A. bank B. peak C. edge D. break

  27. As more and more facts were revealed, the conclusion became .A. apparent B. visible C. logical D. reasonable

  28. He declined the invitation partly because he was busy and .A. for lack of money B. partly because his lack of moneyC. partly because he lacked money D. partly his lack of money

  29. There was a good of the countryside from the front of the bus.A. sight B. view C. look D. scenery

  30. The Smiths have bought a vase in the department store.A. beautiful large green Chinese B. green large beautiful Chinese B. beautiful green large ChineseD. Chinese large green beautiful

  31. money, he is quite rich, but this does not mean he is happy.A. As to B. In terms of C. Concerning D. In the light of

  32. We must that the telegram arrives in time.A. assure B. endure C. ensure D. secure

  33. Let me take this to thank you publicly for all you have done for our company.A. occasion B. chance C. opportunityD. occurrence

  34. When Jane fell off the bike, the other children .A. were not able to help laughing B. could not help but laughingC. could not help laughing D. could not help laugh

  35. In order to be issued a passport, one must either present legal documents or call a witness to give concerning one's identity.A. reference B. evidence C. indication D. confidence

  36. Peter will what his parents expect of him.A. watch out for B. live up to C. stand up to D. get along with

  37. There are many on the scene of the accident.A. lookers-on B. lookers-ons C. looker-ons D. looker-on

  38. I don't care we are invited to the dinner.A. if or not B. whether or notC. what D. that

  39. The country has a system of , most of which date from 19th century.A. channels B. rivers C. streams D. canals

  40. The experience might be very to her.A. thankfulB. thoughtfulC. helpful D. successful

  41. Watt carefully what was happening at the time.A. objectedB. attemptedC. deliveredD. observed

  42. That famous actor seems content to play a minor in the play.A. part B. act C. character D. player

  43. Recently there has been a great for small cars that use little petrol.A. claim B. application C. request D. demand

  44. The school authority doesn't permit on campus.A. demonstrate B. to demonstrate C. to hold a demonstrationD. demonstrating

  45. The class had a short break, then the teacher his lecture.A. proceeded B. proceeded to C. proceeded fromD. proceeded with

  46. To take no notice of something is to it.A. forgetB. ignoreC. refuseD. lose sight of

  47. The reason she failed in the exam was .A. that she hadn't worked hardB. because she hadn't worked hard C. why she hadn't worked hardD. because she was too careless

  48. Next time I catch you , I'll turn you in to the police.A. stealing from others' pocketsB. steal from other's pockets C. stealing other's pocketsD. to steal from other's pockets

  49. external appearances are concerned, radioactive materials do not look different from other substances.A. As far as B. As good as C. As soon as D. As well as

  50. The children are opposed to without their uncle.A. have a party B. have held a partyC. take part in a party D. having a party














  12.分析与解答:从第1、2段的对比以及该结构下文紧接着讲的“Living close to the soil or to their animal prey, the peoples with the lowest standard of living ... almost single-handed.”可见起意思为独立生存。故答案为A)。










  22.分析与解答:本题考察词组意思。put to rights没有此词组,put through使...通过,put into effect使生效,put forth使用、使行动。结合题义答案应为C)。


  24.分析与解答:本题考察词组意思。out of place不适当的,in no case无论如何也不,to the point中肯,beside the point离题。结合题义答案应为D)。

  25.分析与解答:本题考察as if引出的虚拟语气。当as if从句所表示的意思可能性极小时,谓语动词用虚拟语气形式。先排除B)。而might表可能,should多用于第一人称。故答案为A)。

  26.分析与解答:本题考察固定词组“on the edge of在...的边缘”,故答案为C)。





  31.分析与解答:本题考察词组意思。as to关于,in the terms of就...而言、依照...的标准,concerning关于,in the light of根据...。结合题义答案应为B)。


  33.分析与解答:occasion机会,一般的用语;chance机会,指偶然而来的机会,含有侥幸的意味在内;opportunity好机会。一件偶然的事情,却正是我们所希望的。这种偶然的事情被称为opportunity.所以occasion常有,而opportunity不常有。如:She waited a long time without finding opportunity for a new departure.答案应为C)。

  34.分析与解答:本题考察固定词组搭配“can/could not help doing禁不住做某事”,故答案为C)。


  36.分析与解答:本题考察词组意思。watch out for注意、警惕,live up to追求/维持高水平,stand up to无此词组,get along with与...相处。结合题义答案应为B)。


  38.分析与解答:本题考察表示“是否...”的宾语从句,应该用“whether or not”引出,故答案为B)。


  40.分析与解答:helpful的意思是giving help,有帮助的,有益的;thankful意思是grateful感谢的,欣慰的;thoughtful意思是深思的,体贴的。如:a thoughtful friend体贴的朋友。答案应为C)。


  42.分析与解答:本题考察固定词组搭配“play a part in a/the play在某剧中扮演角色”。故答案为A)。


  44.分析与解答:本题考察固定搭配“permit doing”,故答案为D)。

  45.分析与解答:本题考察单词、词组意思。proceed继续(不及物),proceed to继续做(+动词原形)、获取(+名词),proceed from由...造成,proceed with继续进行(+名词).结合题义答案应为D)。

  46.分析与解答:forget忘记,遗忘;ignore忽略,忽视;refuse拒绝;lose sight of丧失视力。答案应为B)。


  48.分析与解答:本题考察固定词组搭配“catch sb. doing sth.当场抓获某人在做某事”和“steal sth.偷某物”、“steal from...从...里偷”,结合题义答案应为A)。

  49.分析与解答:as(so)far as…be concerned就……而论,这是一个词组,as far as这部分不可用其它词替换。答案应为A。

  50.分析与解答:本题考察固定词组搭配“be opposed to doing sth.反对做某事”,故答案应为D). (来源:学生大)


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