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  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure 15%

  Directions: There are fifteen incomplete sentences in the following.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence.

  ()1.I20 yuan buying this book yesterday.

  A.cost B.took C.paid D.spent

  ()2.Even the best student in our class couldnt answer this question,so it be very difficult.

  A.must B.couldC.may D.can

  ()3.Youll find this map of greatin helping you to get round London.

  A.price B.costC.value D.usefulness

  ()4.Please make my excuse at tomorrows meeting.Ive got too much work.

  A.to do to come B.doing coming

  C.to do coming D.doing to come

  ()5.Doesmatter if he cant finish the job on time?

  A.this B.that C.he D.it

  ()6.It was only when I reread these poems recently I began to appreciate their beauty.

  A.until B.that C.then D.so

  ()7.Not only I but also Jane and Marytired of having one examination after another.

  A.is  B.are   C.am  D.be


  ()8.Now the needforeign languages is becoming greater and greater.

  A.to learn B.learning

  C.to be learned D.being learned

  ()9.In Britain,peoplefour million tons of potatoes every year.

  A.swallow B.dispose

  C.consume D.exhaust

  ()10.The computer revolution may well change society as as did the Industrial Revolution.

  A.certainly B.insignificantly

  C.fundamentally D.comparatively

  ()11.You cannot imagine how I feel with my duties sometimes.

  A.overflowed B.overthrown

  C.overwhelmed D.overturned

  ()12.The bride and groom promised toeach other through sickness and health.

  A.nourish B.nominate

  C.roster D.cherish

  ()13.Since our knowledge isnone of us can exclude the possibility of being wrong.

  A.controlled B.restrained

  C.finite D.delicate

  ()14.It seems somewhatto expect anyone to drive 3 hours just for a 20minute meeting.

  A.eccentric B.impossible

  C.absurd D.unique

  ()15.The old lady has developed acough which cannot be cured completely in a short time.

  A.perpetual B.permanent

  C.chronic D.sustained


  Ⅱ.Close 20%

  Directions: There is one passage with blanks in this part.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the ONE that best fills in the blank.

  I used to find notes left in the collection basket of the church,beautiful notes about my homilies(讲道)and about the writers thoughts on the daily readings.The1fascinated me.But it was a long time2I met the author of the notes.

  One Sunday morning,I was3that someone was waiting for me in the office,a young woman who said she4all the notes.When I saw her I was5,since I had no idea that it was she who wrote the notes.She was sitting in a chair in the office.Her6was bowed and when she raised it to look at me,she could barely7without pain.Her face was disfigured(畸形),so smiling was very8for her.We9for a while that Sunday morning and agreed to meet for lunch later that week.As it10,we went to lunch several times,and we shared things about our11.We spoke of authors we both had12,and it was easy to tell that13are a great love of hers.She suffered from a disfigurement that cannot be made to look14.I know that her condition15her deeply.Yet there was a beauty to her that had nothing to do with16.She was one to be listened to,whose words came from a wounded but17heart.She possessed a fine tuned sense of beauty.Her only18in life was the loss of a friend.The truth of her life was a desire to see beyond the19for a glimpse (瞥)of what it is that matters.She found beauty and20and they befriended her,and showed her what is real.

  ()1.A.questionsB.ideas C.notes D.basket

  ()2.A.since B.after C.when D.before

  ()3.A.told B.warned C.informed D.showed

  ()4.A.lost B.left C.dropped D.collected

  ()5.A.shocked B.satisfied C.frightened D.disappointed

  ()6.A.hand B.arm C.head D.body

  ()7.A.stand B.smile C.speak D.sit

  ()8.A.pleasant B.bitter C.ugly D.difficult

  ()9.A.chatted B.discussed C.drank D.greeted

  ()10.A.turned outB.turned up C.came out D.came up

  ()11.A.families B.beliefs C.hobbiesD.lives

  ()12.A.known B.read C.met D.heard

  ()13.A.friends B.churches C.writingsD.books

  ()14.A.friendly B.happy C.attractive D.normal

  ()15.A.hurt B.impressed C.changedD.affected

  ()16.A.fame B.wealth C.interest D.looks

  ()17.A.cheerful B.interesting C.loving D.exciting

  ()18.A.fear B.wonder C.defeat D.regret

  ()19.A.dream B.surface C.imagination D.time

  ()20.A.success B.hope C.grace D.help


  Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension 38%

  Directions: There are four passages in this part.Each passage is followed by several questions and unfinished sentences.For each of them there are four choices.You should decide the BEST ONE.

Passage One

  I am Steve.I was born and grew up in South Wales.My favorite place to play was out on the hills where my imagination had plenty of space to expand.

  My family moved out of Wales when I was thirteen.I went to a new school.One of my subjects was French.Because I had never learned any French,my teacher told me to sit in the corner and write anything I was interested in.Thats the time I started writing,just for myself,and Ive been writing ever since.

  I have always loved BIG IDEAS,and so I enjoy writing fantastic stories.And I also write horror stories.I think they are like the old fairy tales,and can teach you important things.

  I am in my forties on the outside,twelve on the inside.I like rock music,Indian and Chinese food,and I enjoy drinking.I live in a small village with my wife Mary,ducks,cats,goats,hens and lots of rabbits.If youd like to find out more about me and hope to buy my books,go to www.sbowkett.freeserve.co.uk.

  ()1.When he was 13,the writer.

  A.wrote lots of poems B.moved out of Wales

  C.sold many story books D.became a famous singer

  ()2.He liked playing out on the hills because he could.

  A.expand his imagination B.learn French

  C.listen to stories D.buy some books

  ()3.Maybe the writer isyears old now.

  A.12 B.22 C.32 D.42

  ()4.According to the passage,the writer keeps.

  A.cats,hens and pigs B.ducks,goats and rabbits

  C.hens,rabbits and dogs D.rabbits,pigs and cats

  ()5.From the passage,we can learn that the writer.

  A.lives in a big city with his son

  B.likes eating Japanese and Chinese food

  C.lives in the countryside with his wife

  D.introduces a nice book to us


Passage Two

  Honesty comes in many forms.First theres self honesty.Is what people see the real article or do you appear through smoke and mirrors? I find that if I try to be something Im not,I feel unsure of myself and take out a part from my PBA (personal bank account).I love how singer Judy Garland put it,“Always be a firstclass version(版本) of yourself,instead of a secondclass version of somebody else.”

  Then theres honesty in our actions.Are you honest at school,with your parents,and with your boss? If youve ever been dishonest,I think we all have,try being honest,and notice how whole it makes you feel.Remember,you cant do wrong and feel right.This story by Jeff is a good example of that:

  In my second year of study,there were three kids in my math class who didnt do well.I was really good at it.I would charge them three dollars for each test that I helped them pass.Id write on a little piece of paper all the right answers,and hand them off.

  At first I felt like I was making money,kind of a nice job.I wasnt thinking about how it could hurt all of us.After a while I realized I shouldnt do that any more,because I wasnt really helping them! They werent learning anything,and it would only get harder down the road.Cheating certainly wasnt helping me.

  It takes courage to be honest when people all around you who are getting away with cheating on tests,lying to their parents,and stealing at work.But,remember,every act of honesty is a deposit(储蓄)into your PBA and will build strength.

  ()6.The underlined part “appear through smoke and mirrors” in the first paragraph means.

  A.to be honestB.to be unreal

  C.to become clearD.to come from an imagined world

  ()7.Which of the following can best explain Judy Garlands words?

  A.Be your true self rather than follow others.

  B.Dont copy others or you cant be the first class.

  C.Make efforts to be the first instead of the second.

  D.Dont learn from others unless theyre excellent.

  ()8.What does the author expect to show by Jeffs story?

  A.Honesty can be of great help.

  B.A bad thing can be turned into a good one.

  C.Helping others cheat can do good to nobody.

  D.One should realize the wrong in his bad deeds.

  ()9.In the last paragraph the author mainly wants to express.

  A.one must be brave to be honest

  B.its difficult to be honest when others are not

  C.one should be honest when making a deposit

  D.honestly in ones actions can help him in the future


Passage Three

  As she walked round the huge department store,Edith reflected how difficult it was to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father.She wish that he was as easy to please as her mother,who was always delighted with perfume.

  Besides,shopping at this time of the year was a most disagreeable experience;people trod on your toes,poked you with their elbows and almost knocked you over in their haste to get to a bargain ahead of you.

  Partly to have a rest,Edith paused in front of a counter where some attractive ties were on display.“They are real silk”,the assistant assured her,trying to tempt her.“Worth double the price.” But Edith knew from past experience that her choice of ties hardly ever pleased her father.

  She moved on reluctantly and then quite by chance,stopped where a small crowd of man had gathered round a counter.She found some good quality pipes on sale—and the prices were very reasonable.Edith did not hesitate for long: although her father only smoked a pipe occasionally,she knew that this was a present which was bund to please him.

  When she got home,with her small wellchosen present concealed in her handbag,her parents were already at the supper table.Her mother was in an especially cheerful mood,“Your father has at last to decide to stop smoking.” She informed her daughter.

  ()10.Ediths father.

  A.did not like present

  B.never got present

  C.preferred ties

  D.was difficult to choose a present for

  ()11.The assistant spoke to Edith because she seemed.

  A.attractive B.interested in ties

  C.tiredD.in need of comfort

  ()12.Edith stopped at the next counter.



  ()13.Ediths father smoked a pipe.

  A.when he was obligedB.on social occasions

  C.from time to timeD.when he was delighted

  ()14.Shopping was very disagreeable at that time of the year because.

  A.customers trod on each others toes

  B.customers poked each other with their elbows

  C.customers knocked each other

  D.customers were doing their shopping in a great hurry


Passage Four

  The percentage of immigrants (including those unlawfully present) in the United States has been creeping upward for years.At 12.6 percent,it is now higher than at any point since the mid 1920s.We are not about to go back to the days when Congress openly worried about inferior races polluting Americas bloodstream.But once again we are wondering whether we have too many of the wrong sort of newcomers.Their loudest cites argue that the new wave of immigrants cannot,and indeed do not want to,fit in as previous generations did.

  We now know that these racist views were wrong.In time,Italians,Romanians and members of other socalled inferior races became exemplary Americans and contributed greatly,in ways too numerous to detail,to the building of this magnificent nation.There is no reason why these new immigrants should not have the same success.

  Although children of Mexican immigrants do better,in terms of educational and professional attainment,than their parents, UCLA sociologist Edward Telles has found that the gains dont continue.Indeed,the fourth generation is marginally worse off than the third James Jackson,of the University of Michigan,has found a similar rend among black Caribbean immigrants,Telles fears that MexicanAmericans may be fated to follow in the footsteps of American blacks—that large parts of the community may become mired in a seemingly state of poverty and underachievement.Like AfricanAmericans,MexicanAmericans are increasingly relegated to (降入)segregated,substandard schools,and their dropout rate is the highest for any ethnic group in the country.

  We have learned much about the foolish idea of excluding people on the presumption of the ethnic/racial inferiority.But what we have not yet learned is how to make the process of Americanization work for all.I am not talking about requiring people to learn English or to adopt American ways;those things happen pretty much on their own,but as arguments about immigration hear up the campaign trail,we also ought to ask some broader question about assimilation,about how to ensure that people,once outsiders,dont forever remain marginalized within these shores.

  That is a much larger question than what should happen with undocumented workers,or how best to secure the border,and it is one that affects not only newcomers but groups that have been here for generations.It will have more impact on our future than where we decide to set the admissions bar for the latest ware of wouldbe Americans.And it would be nice if we finally got the answer right.

  ()15.How were immigrants viewed by U.S.Congress in early days?

  A.They were of inferior races.

  B.They were a source of political corruption.

  C.They were a threat to the nations security.

  D.They were part of the nations bloodstream.

  ()16.What does the author think of the new immigrants?

  A.They will be a dynamic work force in the U.S..

  B.They can do just as well as their predecessors.

  C.They will be very disappointed on the new land.

  D.They may find it hard to fit into the mainstream.

  ()17.What does Edward Telles research say about MexicanAmericans?

  A.They may slowly improve from generation to generation.

  B.They will do better in terms of educational attainment.

  C.They will melt into the AfricanAmerican community.

  D.They may forever remain poor and underachieving.

  ()18.What should be done to help the new immigrants?

  A.Rid them of their inferiority complex.

  B.Urge them to adopt American customs.

  C.Prevent them from being marginalized.

  D.Teach them standard American English.

  ()19.According to the author,the burning issue concerning immigration is.

  A.how to deal with people entering the U.S.without documents

  B.how to help immigrants to better fit into American society

  C.how to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border

  D.how to limit the number of immigrants to enter the U.S.


  Ⅳ.Writing 12%

  Directions: For this part,you are required to write a composition on the topic: Something I admire about the Eastern Culture.You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below:

  1.Is there anything in the eastern culture you admire?

  2.What is it (are they) and why do you like it (them)?








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