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  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure 15%

  Directions: There are fifteen incomplete sentences in the following.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence.

  ()1.My postcard is still on the desk.Why you it?

  A.havent; posted B.didnt; post

  C.wasnt; posting D.wont; post

  ()2.Nobody but Janethe secret.

  A.know   B.knows

  C.have known  D.is known

  ()3.Someone is knocking at the door.Itmy mother.Its time for her to be back.

  A.can be B.may not be

  C.must be D.mustnt be

  ()4. of the land in that district covered with trees and grass.

  A.Two fifth; is  B.Two fifth; are

  C.Two fifths; is D.Two fifths; are

  ()5.It is essential that these application forms back as early as possible.

  A.must be sent B.will be sent

  C.are sent D.be sent

  ()6.When and where to build the new factory yet.

  A.is not decided  B.are not decided

  C.has not decided  D.have not decided

  ()7.I was disappointed with the film.I had expected to be much better.

  A.that B.this

  C.one D.it

  ()8.—You havent been to Beijing,have you?

  —.And how I wish to go there again!

  A.Yes,I have B.Yes,I havent

  C.No,I have D.No,I havent

  ()9.she realized it was too late to go home.

  A.No sooner it grew dark than B.Hardly did it grow dark that

  C.Scarcely had it grown dark than D.It was not until dark that

  ()10.The suns appearing to rise in the east isthe revolution of the earth on its axis from west to east.

  A.owe to B.due to

  C.as to D.as for

  ()11.What the correspondent sent us is an news report.We can depend on it.

  A.evident B.authentic

  C.ultimate D.immediate

  ()12.This area of the park has been speciallyfor children,but accompanying adults are also welcome.


  C.entitled D.delegated

  ()13.In some remote places there are still very poor people who cant afford to live inconditions.

  A.gracious B.decent

  C.honorable D.positive

  ()14.Millions of people around the world have some type of physical,mental,or emotionalthat severely limits their abilities to manage their daily activities.

  A.scandal B.misfortune

  C.deficit D.handicap

  ()15.While fashion is thought of usuallyclothing,it is important to realize that it covers a much wider domain.

  A.in relation to B.in proportion to

  C.by means of D.on behalf of


  Ⅱ.Close 20%

  Directions: There is one passage with blanks in this part.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the ONE that best fills in the blank.

  When I was young,my parents ran a snack bar in our small town.

  One evening in early April,my mother told me to fill in at the snack bar1a worker who had the flu.I told her I would mess it up,2I had never worked at the bar before.I3that instead of making money,I would end up owing it.

  “You can do it,” said my mother,“4,you wont get much business until lunch.”

  “But Ill never remember the orders,and Im no good5money.Please,Mom,dont6me.”

  “Then Ill help you”, she said.

  I shrugged my shoulders.I thought my mothers7was a bad one,but I8.

  When I got to the bar the next day,I found my mother was9.Because the weather that day was rainy and cold,people wanted hot snacks and drinks.10,I was really slow at taking the orders and making change.The line of people grew,and everybody seemed11,I was so nervous that my hands shook,and I12a cup into pieces.What a mess! Then my mother came to13me,and she also showed me how to make14.If someone gave me $ 5 for something that cost $ 3.25,I handed over15quarters and a dollar and said,“75 cents makes four dollars,plus one dollar makes five.” Things went more16after that.

  By the end of the day,I could remember orders,17the bill,and make change quickly with a smile.I was even a little18when the sun came out and dried up business.My mother said she was proud of me,and when she19that I work at the snack bar again next year,I did not even shrug.I was too busy20the restaurant I would open one day.

  ()1.A.toB.forC.after D.over

  ()2.A.because B.though C.until D.while

  ()3.A.promised B.noticed C.worried D.hoped

  ()4.A.Therefore B.However C.Besides D.Yet

  ()5.A.ofB.onC.about D.with

  ()6.A.blame B.foolC.frighten D.force


  ()8.A.guessed B.obeyed C.begged D.admitted

  ()9.A.angry B.sadC.worried D.ashamed

  ()10.A.At least B.At last C.At most D.At first

  ()11.A.surprised B.impolite C.pleased D.impatient

  ()12.A.damaged B.destroyed C.brokeD.ruined

  ()13.A.scold B.help C.beat D.save

  ()14.A.money B.lunch C.coffee D.change

  ()15.A.two B.three C.fourD.five

  ()16.A.smoothly B.fairly C.simply D.conveniently

  ()17.A.turn in B.count out C.take over D.add up

  ()18.A.discouraged B.disturbed C.disappointed D.distrusted

  ()19.A.thought B.stated C.announced D.suggested

  ()20.A.imagining B.preparing C.examining D.describing


  Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension 38%

  Directions: There are four passages in this part.Each passage is followed by several questions and unfinished sentences.For each of them there are several choices.You should decide the BEST ONE.

Passage One

  Letter A

  Dear Rose,

  I like your programmes very much.Im now writing to ask you something about American social customs.My American friends want me to join them in their dinner party.I am very happy and have decided to go,but Im a little worried about it,too.The social customs in my country are very different from here,so Im afraid of making mistakes.

  Should I bring a present,such as sweets or flowers? Should I arrive on time or a little late? At the dinner table,how can I know which fork or knife to use? How can I let the family know that Im thankful for their kindness?

  Wang Lin

  Letter B

  Dear Wang Lin,

  Its a good idea to bring a small present when you go to a dinner party.Flowers are always nice,or you may bring a bottle of wine if you know that your friends drink it.

  You should arrive on time or five to ten minutes late.Dont get there early.If youre going to be more than fifteen minutes late,you should call and tell them.

  Try to be free at the dinner table.If you dont know about choosing the right fork or knife,just watch the other people,and follow them.If you still have no idea of what to do,ask the person next to you.

  If you like the food,say so.Of course,youll thank them for the meal and for their kindness.Its also a good idea to send a thankyou card the day after.


  ()1.Wang Lin wants to .

  A.make friends with Rose

  B.know some social customs for a dinner party

  C.make her friends happy

  D.give her friends a surprise

  ()2.Rose is possibly .

  A.a good housewife B.a TV hostess

  C.a member of the dinner party D.a friend of Wang Lins

  ()3.If youre asked to a dinner party but not sure about what to bring as a present,its good to bring .

  A.some fruits B.a bottle of wine

  C.some flowersD.a knife and fork

  ()4.Which of the following is NOT proper for joining in a dinner party?

  A.Get there 15 minutes earlier.

  B.Make yourself at home.

  C.Follow others to use forks and knives.

  D.Thank your friends for the meal.

  ()5.From the letters weve learned that its very to know something about American social customs.

  A.difficult B.friendly

  C.enjoyable D.helpful


Passage Two

  July 21,2007 was a typical English summers day—it rained for 24 hours! As usual,I rushed home from work at midday to check on the house.Nothing was amiss.By the time I left work at 5 pm,however,the road into our village was flooded.Our house had never been flooded,but as I opened the front door,a wave of water greeted me.Thank God the kids werent with me,because the house was 5 feet deep in water.We lost everything downstairs.And the plaster of the walls,ceilings pulled down.

  At first we tried to push on through.We didnt want to move the children out of home,so we camped upstairs.We put a sheet of plastic across the floor to protect us from the damp.But after three months,we felt very sick,so we moved to a wooden house in a park.The house was small,but at first we were all just delighted to be in a new place.Unfortunately,things took longer than expected and we were there for 10 months.The life there was inconvenient.What surprised me most was how much I missed being part of a community(社区).We had lived in a friendly village with good neighbors,and Id never thought how much Id miss that.

  Although our situation was very hard,its difficult to feel too sorry for yourself when you look at whats happening elsewhere.I watched a news report about floods in Northern India and thought,“We didnt have a straw(茅草房) but that was swept away,and our house is still standing.Were lucky.”

  We moved back home in August.With December coming,theres still reconstruction work to be done,so its difficult to prepare for Christmas.But I cant wait—Im going to throw a party for our friends in the village to say thanks for their support.This year,I wont need any gifts—living away from home for months has made me realize how little we actually need or miss all our possessions.Although we are replacing things,theres really no rush—we have our home back,and thats the main thing.

  ()6.What does the underlined word “amiss” in the first paragraph mean?

  A.Wrong. B.Missing.

  C.Right. D.Found.

  ()7.It can be inferred from the text that the author.

  A.was sick of staying upstairs

  B.cared much about her children

  C.could not stand living in a wooden house

  D.did not deal well with her family affairs during the flood

  ()8.Why does the author say that they were lucky in the third paragraph?

  A.Because her situation was not serious.

  B.Because many other places were flooded.

  C.Because she had been to Northern India.

  D.Because some others suffered even more.

  ()9.What does the author mainly want to express by telling her story?

  A.She valued human feelings more than before.

  B.She realized she almost didnt need possessions.

  C.She found Christmas gifts no longer badly needed.

  D.She thought her own home was the most important.


Passage Three

  There are two factors which determine an individuals intelligence.The first is the sort of brain he is born with.Human brains differ considerably,some being more capable than others.But no matter how good a brain he has to begin with,an individual will have a low order of intelligence unless he has opportunities to learn.So the second factor is what happens to the individual—the sort of environment in which he is reared.If an individual is handicapped environmentally,it is likely that his brain will fail to develop and he will never attain the level of intelligence of which he is capable.

  The importance of environment in determining an individuals intelligence can be demonstrated by the case of the identical twins,Peter and Mark Being identical,the twins had identical brains at birth,and their growth processes were the same.When the twins were three months old,their parents died,and they were placed in separate foster homes.Peter was reared by parents of low intelligence in an isolated community with poor educational opportunities.Mark was reared in the home of welltodo parents who had been to college.He was read to as a child,sent to good schools,and given every opportunity to be stimulated intellectually.This environmental difference continued until the twins were in their late teens,when they were given tests to measure their intelligence.Marks I.Q.was 125,twentyfive points higher than the average and fully forty points higher than his identical brother.Given equal opportunities,the twins,having identical brains,would have tested at roughly the same level.

  ()10.This selection can best be titled.

  A.Measuring Your Intelligence

  B.Intelligence and Environment

  C.The Case of Peter and Mark

  D.How the Brain Influences Intelligence

  ()11.The best statement of the main idea of this passage is that .

  A.human brains differ considerably

  B.the brain a person is born with is important in determining his intelligence

  C.environment is crucial in determining a persons intelligence

  D.persons having identical brains will have roughly the same intelligence

  ()12.According to the passage,the average I.Q.is .



  ()13.The case of the twins appears to support the conclusion that .

  A.individual with identical brains seldom test at same level

  B.an individuals intelligence is determined only by his environment

  C.lack of opportunity blocks the growth of intelligence

  D.changes of environment produce changes in the structure of the brain

  ()14.This passage suggests that an individuals I.Q..

  A.can be predicted at birth

  B.stays the same throughout his life

  C.can be increased by education

  D.is determined by his childhood


Passage Four

  Sustainable development is applied to just about everything from energy to clean water and economic growth,and as a result it has become difficult to question either the basic assumptions behind it or the way the concept is put to use.This is especially true in agriculture,where sustainable development is often taken as the sole measure of progress without a proper appreciation of historical and cultural perspectives.

  To start with,it is important to remember that the nature of agriculture has changed markedly throughout history,and will continue to do so.Medieval agriculture in northern Europe fed,clothed and sheltered a predominantly rural society with a much lower population density than it is today.It had minimal effect on biodiversity,and any pollution it caused was typically localized.In terms of energy use and the nutrients captured in the product it was relatively inefficient.

  Contrast this with farming since the start of the industrial revolution.Competition from overseas led farmers to specialize and increase yields.Throughout this period food became cheaper,safer and more reliable.However,these changes have also led to habitat loss.

  Whats more,demand for animal products in developing countries is growing so fast that meeting it will require an extra 300 million tons of grain a year by 2050.Yet the growth of cities and industry is reducing the amount of water available for agriculture in many regions.

  All this means that agriculture in the 21st century will have to be very different from how it was in the 20th.This will require radical thinking.For example,we need to move away from the idea that traditional practices are inevitably more sustainable than new ones.We also need to abandon the notion that agriculture can be “zero impact”.The key will be to abandon the rather simple and static measures of sustainability,which centre on the need to maintain production without increasing damage.Instead we need a more dynamic interpretation,one that looks at the pros and cons of all the various way land is used.There are many different agricultural performances besides food yield: energy use,environmental costs,water purity,carbon footprint and biodiversity.It is clear,for example,that the carbon of transporting tomatoes from Spain to the UK is less than that of producing them in the UK with additional heating and lighting.But we do not know whether lower carbon footprints will always be better for biodiversity.What is crucial is recognizing that sustainable agriculture is not just about sustainable food production.

  ()15.How do people often measure progress in agriculture?

  A.By its productivity.

  B.By its sustainability.

  C.By its impact on the environment.

  D.By its contribution to economic growth.

  ()16.Specialization and the effort to increase yields have resulted in.

  A.localized pollution

  B.the shrinking of farmland

  C.competition from overseas

  D.the decrease of biodiversity

  ()17.What does the author think of traditional farming practices?

  A.They have remained the same over the centuries.

  B.They have not kept pace with population growth.

  C.They are not necessarily sustainable.

  D.They are environmentally friendly.

  ()18.What will agriculture be like in the 21st century?

  A.It will go through radical changes.

  B.It will supply more animal products.

  C.It will abandon traditional farming practices.

  D.It will cause zero damage to the environment.

  ()19.What is the authors purpose in writing this passage?

  A.To remind people of the need of sustainable development.

  B.To suggest ways of ensuring sustainable food production.

  C.To advance new criteria for measuring farming progress.

  D.To urge people to rethink what sustainable agriculture is.


  Ⅳ.Writing 12%

  Directions: For this part,you are required to write a composition on the topic: Campus Life.You should write at least 120 words.










  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure

  1.A 【解析】现在完成时表明过去发生或已经完成的动作对现在造成的影响或后果。前一句话就表明了没有寄明信片的后果。

  2.B 【解析】该句的主语为nobody,故动词用B。

  3.C 【解析】情态动词中的must, can, could, may都表推测。其中must的可能性最大,can 次之,may 最小。由该句话的语境可以推断出,一定是我妈妈回来了。

  4.C 【解析】分数的表达法是:分子用基数词,分母用序数词,分子超过一,分母用复数。

  5.D 【解析】It is essential that… 句型要求从句时态用should+ 动词原形;should 常常被省略。这类关键词还有important, best, necessary, important, desirable, advisable, urgent, vital 等。

  6.A 【解析】略。

  7.D 【解析】it做代词,指代前面出现的film。

  8.A 【解析】题中最后一个单词again是关键词。句意应为“你没有去过北京,是吗?”“不,我去过。我多么想再去那里一次。”

  9.D 【解析】no sooner…than…意为“一……就……”,引导时间状语从句,主句用过去完成时,从句用一般过去时;这里考查的是it is…that…的强调句型。强调部分是not until dark。

  10.B 【解析】owe to 意为“把……归于……”,“靠……而”; due to 表示原因,意为“由于”; as to意为“至于,关于”;as for意为“至于”。

  11.B 【解析】evident意为“明显的”;authentic意为“真实的”;ultimate意为“最终的”;immediate意为“立即的”。本句的意思是“记者发来的是一份可靠的新闻报道,我们可以依赖它。”

  12.B 【解析】inaugurate意为“举行就职(开幕)典礼”;designate意为“指定,指派”;entitle意为“授权,取名”;delegate意为“委托……作代表”。本句的意思是“公园里的这块地方是专门为孩子们设计的,不过陪同孩子的成年人也受欢迎。”

  13.B 【解析】gracious意为“亲切的,和蔼的”;decent意为“令人满意的,得体的”;honorable意为“光荣的”;positive意为“肯定的,积极的”。本句的意思是“在一些偏远的地方还有很多穷人过不上令人满意的日子。”

  14.D 【解析】scandal意为“丑闻”;misfortune意为“不幸”;deficit意为“赤字”;handicap意为“障碍”。本句的意思是“世界上有数百万人患有某种类型的肢体、精神或者情绪上的障碍,这严重限制了他们自己应付日常生活的能力。”

  15.A 【解析】in relation to意为“和……有关”;in proportion to意为“与……成比例”;by means of意为“通过……方法”;on behalf of意为“代表”。本句的意思是“时尚通常被认为和服装有关,然而认识到时尚包含诸多因素是很重要的。”


  1-5 BACCD6-10 DABCD11-15 DCBDB16-20 ADCDA

  Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension

  1-5 BBCAD6-9 ABDA10-14 BCBCC15-19BDCAD




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