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  Not long after the telephone was invented, I assume, a call was placed. The caller was a parent saying, “Your child is bullying my child, and I want it stopped!” the bully’s parent replied, “You must have the wrong number. My child is a little angel.”

  A trillion phone calls later, the conversation is the same. When children are teased or tyrannized, the parental impulse is to grab the phone and rant. But these days, as studies in the U.S.show bullying on the rise and parental supervision on the decline, researchers who study bullying say that calling moms and dads is more futile than ever. Such calls often lead to playground recriminations and don’t really teach our kids any lessons about how to navigate the world and resolve conflicts.

  When you call parents, you want them to “extract the cruelty” from their bullying children, says Laura Kavesh, a child psychologist in Evanston, Illinois. “But many parents are blown away by the idea of their child being cruel. They won’t believe it.” In a recent police-department survey in Oak Harbor, Washington, 89% of local high school students said they had engaged in bullying behavior. Yet only 18% of parents thought their children would act as bullies.

  In a new U.S.PTA survey, 5% of parents support contacting other parents to deal with bullying. But many educators warn that those conversations can be misinterpreted, causing tempers to flare. Instead, they say, parents should get objective outsiders, like principals, to mediate.

  Meanwhile, if you get a call from a parent who is angry about your child’s bullying, listen without getting defensive. That’s what Laura McHugh of Castro Valley, California, did when a caller told her that her then 13-year-old son had spit in another boy’s food. Her son had confessed, but the victim’s mom “wanted to make sure my son hadn’t given her son a nasty disease,” says McHugh, who apologized and promised to get her son tested for AIDS and other diseases. She knew the chance of contracting any disease this way was remote, but her promise calmed the mother and showed McHugh’s son that his bad behaviour was being taken seriously. McHugh, founder of Parents Coach Kids, a group that teaches parenting skills, sent the mom the test results. All were negative.

  Remember: once you make a call, you might not like what you hear. If you have an itchy dialing finger, resist temptation. Put it in your pocket.

  1.The word “bullying” probably means _____.

  [A] frightening and hurting [B] teasing [C] behaving like a tyrant [D] laughing at

  2. Calling to a bully’s parent _____.

  [A] has long existed but changed its content [B] is often done with careful thinking

  [C] often leads to blaming and misunderstanding [D] is used to warn the child not to do it again

  3. According to the surveys in the U. S., _____.

  [A] bullying among adults is also rising [B] parents are not supervising their children well

  [C] parents seldom believe bullies [D] most parents resort to calling to deal with bullying

  4. When bullying occurs, parents should _____.

  [A] help the bulling child get rid of cruelty [B] resort to the mediator

  [C] avoid getting too protective [D] resist the temptation of calling

  5.Laura McHugh promised to get the bullied boy tested for diseases because _____.

  [A] her son confessed to being wrong [B] she was afraid to annoy the boy’s parent

  [C] he was likely to be affected by these diseases [D] she wanted to teach her own son a lesson

  答案:1.A 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.D








  (7)blow away意思是To affect intensely; overwhelm(强烈影响,征服),如:That concert blew me away(音乐会震撼了我)。









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