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  SECTION  I  Listening  Comprehension(25 minutes)


  SECTION  Ⅱ Use  of  English(15 minutes)

  Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C, or D on ANSWER SHEET 1.

  Music is an important way of expressing people' s feelings and emotions. The  26  , for instance, from 1960 to 1969 will be   27   by many as a period of social and political unrest in America.   28   this time, many people despaired   29   the music favored by the American  teenagers.   30  , we must now admit that the music they loved was  31   a sign of the period  and a  32  of the tensions and changes that were  33  American society. In the early sixties,34  about social justice and equality were  35   by the song “Blowing in the Wind” which 36  the civil rights song “We Shall Overcome”. The conflict concerning military  37  in Vietnam was sung about in 1965 in the  38  song “Eve of Destruction” and in the song “Ballad
  of the Green Beret”. A few years  39  , a gradual shift in mood became  40   in one of the most popular songs which suggested calmer questions and possible answers even as some pop stars
  protested loudly  41   the draft. Finally, music as a   42   of the political and social process in America was highlighted at Woodstock, New York, where half a million young people

  came  43 in 1969 to spend three days listening to songs that spanned the decade. This event was a symbol of the desire for  44   within a time of unrest. Woodstock was a  45   of hope in days of rage.

  26. [ A ] generation    [ B ] age             [ C ] decade          [ D ] era

  27. [ A ] recorded      [ B ] remembered      [ C ] regretted       [ D ] recommended

  28. [ A ] For           [ B ] After           [ C ] During          [ D ] At

  29. [ A ] over          [ B ] at              [ C ] with            [ D ] for

  30. [ A ] Moreover      [ B ] However         [ C ] Therefore       [ D ] Thus

  31. [ A ] only          [ B ] occasionally    [ C ] often           [ D ] never

  32. [ A ] reflection    [ B ] reaction        [ C ] recreation      [ D ] relaxation

  33. [ A ] effecting     [ B ] affecting       [ C ] defecting       [ D ] perfecting

  34. [ A ] questions     [ B ] arguments       [ C ] debates         [ D ] disputes

  35. [ A ] dismissed     [ B ] removed         [ C ] raised          [ D ] promoted

  36. [ A ] reformed      [ B ] echoed          [ C ] repeated        [ D ] respected

  37. [ A ] involvement   [ B ] assignment      [ C ] replacement     [ D ] settlement

  38. [ A ] dissatisfying [ B ] delighting      [ C ] pleasing        [ D ] discouraging

  39. [ A ] later         [ B ] past            [ C ] on              [ D ] ahead

  40. [ A ] evident       [ B ] positive        [ C ] realistic       [ D ] instructive

  41. [ A ] with          [ B ] against         [ C ] towards         [ D ] about

  42. [ A ] tool          [ B ] creation        [ C ] mirror          [ D ] decoration

  43. [ A ] along         [ B ] up              [ C ] together        [ D ] out

  44. [ A ] unity         [ B ] reality         [ C ] popularity     [ D ] individuality

  45. [ A ] presentation  [ B ] display         [ C ] performance     [ D ] publication




SECTION Ⅲ  Reading Comprehension(40 minutes)

  Part A

  Read the following three texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1.

  Text 1
  I'd been living with my wife for eight years and one night “morn” says, “I guess you guys are never gonna get married. I mean, you've been through jail together, you' e living together, but.., oh, forget it.”

  “Oh, well,” I said, “put it like that and I'll marry your daughter tomorrow.”

  Actually, I don't know what we were waiting for, except that for a guy it's never the right time to get married. I' m also suspicious of any two people who don' t struggle with that decision. Part of my problem was that I was still lusting in my heart after other ladies. But somehow I knew that I wasn't going to find another woman remotely as great as my soon-to-be wife. It's a good thing my mother-in-law finally spoke up.

  I finally gathered my courage one day when we were having a picnic, and popped the question. I also gave my wife a big tourist pamphlet about Switzerland. I wasn't taking any chances.

  She said no.
  It killed me. I felt sick to my stomach. I lost my appetite. Our dog just stared at me, thinking, “If you're not going to eat your lunch, I will.” Finally, I said, “But the Switzerland trip is yours if you say yes.”
  “Switzerland,” she said, “is filled with precise, humorless people.”

  “Maybe I should have suggested Paris?”

  For a minute it seemed as if my change in travel plans would rate a solid “maybe”. But she said no again.When we woke up the next morning, she told me that she'd slept on my proposal. “I guess I was a little rude to you last night,” she explained. Meanwhile, I' m figuring I' m off the hook for this marriage thing for at least another eight years. I could afford to be generous.

  “I asked, you said no. It's okay,” I said. I might have looked a little too relieved because later that day she gave me a little box. Inside was a gold watch. On the back was inscribed. “Yes. I've reconsidered.”

  I liked the watch, so I did the right thing.

  46. The reason why the man had waited so long was that he_________.
  [ A ] didn' t think eight years was long enough
  [ B ] suspected that husband and wife would often quarrel
  [ C ] didn' t think he was ready to propose to her
  [ D ] was waiting for his mother-in-law' s approval

  47. The man proposed to the woman because _________.
  [ A] he realized he could find no other woman better
  [ B ] he was afraid that the woman might leave him
  [ C ] he was eager to visit Switzerland with the woman
  [ D ] he could finally overcome his fear for marriage

  48. By saying “I could afford to be generous.” (third paragraph from the bottom) the man implied that he__________.
  [ A ] wouldn' t care too much if he stayed single
  [ B ] could take her to a better place than Paris
  [ C ] was rich enough to support his wife
  [ D ] didn't care what she thought about his proposal

  49. The last sentence “I did the right thing” implied he_________.
  [ A ] traveled with his wife
  [ B ] had a successful marriage
  [ C ] liked the watch very much              
  [ D ] waited for another eight years

  50. The best title for this text would be___________.
  [ A ] How My Mother-In-Law Helped Me
  [ B ] How I Received a Gold Watch I Liked
  [ C ] How I Made My Wife Travel With Me                                
  [ D ] How I Came to Marry-My Wife

  Text 2
  “Hi there. How's it going?”
  “Oh, fine. Fine. How about this weather, huh ?”
  “Well, I guess we can always use the rain.”

  What's that? This story ? Oh, just a little look at small talk. You know, those seemingly meaningless conversations you have dozens of times a day, Maybe you' re waiting for the elevator.

  Or in a line at the bank. It all seems pretty trivial. Idle chatter about traffic doesn' t do much more than fill the air with empty words that are quickly forgotten. But you should know that small talk actually has a big place in our lives.

  Pat Oliver, assistant professor on arts, says that, “Left unchecked, small talk can be an invasion. It's so powerful. It does something to you.” “Every morning after spending an hour and a half on the freeway I start the day with small talk with my secretary,” Oliver says, “If I don't make small connection with another person, I can' t work.”

  What causes it? As a rule, you' re either trying to force something into your life, or you' re using conversation as an invisible force field to keep them out. You can be wanting to connect with another person, and small talk is your introduction to more meaningful conversation.

  The way people use small talk is usually determined by where they happen to be at the time.

  Take the elevator, for instance. Now there's prime territory. Nobody knows anyone and there's no reason to start a conversation, but invariably, someone does. Making conversation in such peaceful social settings, according to Oliver, “can confirm your territory. It's a way of feeling liked and accepted.”

  The topics of small talk don't matter. In fact, you don't want anything more taxing than the weather or the traffic. It's non-threatening talk in a threatening situation. However, the rules change quickly when you're with lots of people doing lots of talking.

  Let's say you're at a party. Now it' s time to use small talk as a way of making others feel more comfortable around you, so you don' t look silly standing by the food table alone all night.

  51. “Small talk”, as interpreted by the author,________.
  [ A ] has no real function in communication at all
  [ B ] is usually meaningless and therefore useless
  [ C ] is not as idle as it may seem to be
  [ D ] is restricted to certain topics only

  52. According to the author, small talk is often used ____________.
  [ A ] to invade other' s private affairs
  [ B ] to share a secret between intimate friends
  [ C ] to open and maintain channels of communication
  [ D ] to protect one' s own privacy

  53. According to the author, topics of small talk may include comments on________.
  [ A ] some political issues
  [ B ] one' s physical condition
  [ C ] other' s ways of dress
  [ D ] the traffic jam

  54. Why is small talk described as “non-threatening talk in a threatening situation”?
  [ A] It is used by people to encourage those who are confronted with danger.
  [ B ] It is used to show that one is enthusiastic and hospitable.
  [ C ] It is used to create a more friendly atmosphere and to avoid embarrassment.
  [ D ] It is used by people to protect others in the threatening situation.

  55. According to the author, at a big party, small talk is used with the purpose of_______.
  [ A ] making both others and yourself feel at ease
  [ B ] excluding those you don't like from joining you
  [ C ] keeping your voice low so only your friends can hear you
  [ D ] comforting those who feel lonely




Text 3
  Dollars and cents are the basic units of American money. The back of all dollar bills are green (hence “greenbacks”). The commonly used coins are: one cent (penny ), five cents (nickel), 10 cents(dime), and 25 cents (quarter). 50 pieces (half dollar) and silver dollars (not really silver anymore) are gaining in usage, while there has been talk of phasing out the penny that's inflation for you. “Always carry plenty of quarters when travelling. Very useful for phones, soda machines, laundry machines, etc.”

  There is generally no problem in using US dollars in Canada, but this is never possible in reverse.

  It's useful always to carry small change for things like exact fare buses, but do not carry large sums of cash. Instead keep the bulk of your money in travellers' cheques which can be purchased both in the US and abroad and should be in dollar denominations. The best known cheques are those of American Express, so you will have the least difficulty cashing these, even in out of the way places. Thomas Cook travellers' cheques are also acceptable, especially as lost ones can be reclaimed at some car rental companies. Dollar denomination cheques can be used like regular money. There's no need to cash them at a bank: use them instead to pay for meals, supermarket purchases or whatever. Ten or twenty dollar cheques are accepted like this almost always and you' 11 be given change just as though you'd presented the cashier with dollar bills. Be prepared to show I.D. when you cash your cheques.

  Credit cards can be even more valuable than travellers' cheques, as they are often used to guarantee room reservations over the phone and are accepted in lieu of deposit when renting a car--indeed without a credit card you may be considered so untrustworthy that not only a deposit but your passport will be held as security too. The major credit cards are VISA, Master Charge and Access, Diners Club and American Express. If you hold a bank card, it could well be worthwhile
  to increase your credit limit for travel purposes--you should ask your bank manager.

  56. Why is it useful to carry enough 25-cent coins with you?
  [ A ] They can act as small change for the-exact bus fares.
  [ B ] There is- generally no problem in using them in Canada.
  [ C ] As a basic unit of money, they are gradually gaining in usage.
  [ D ] They may come in handy for pay phones or laundry machines.

  57. It is not necessary to carry cash instead of dollar travellers' cheques because the latter can be ________.
  [ A ] used for phones, bus fares and hotel reservations
  [ B ] used to pay in restaurants and big stores
  [ C ] used like credit cards, even in remote areas
  [ D ] exchanged easily, even at car rental companies

  58. The phrase ‘in lieu of’ (line 2, paragraph 4) most probably means________.
  [ A ] on behalf of
  [ B ] in line with
  [ C ] with regard to
  [ D ] instead of

  59. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  [ A ] Credit cards have more advantages than travellers' cheques.
  [ B ] Dollar bills are as convenient as credit cards.
  [ C ] One-cent coins have been withdrawn from circulation.
  [ D ] You can increase your credit limit as you like.

  60. This passage is most probably taken from
  [ A ] a tourist guide
  [ B ] a bank brochure
  [ C ] a booklet about car rental
  [ D ] a handbook on U.S. currency

  Part B
  Read the texts from a cyber saloon in which five people talked about Tofu (also known as bean curd), a traditional Chinese and Japanese food. For questions 61 to 65, match the name of each person to one of the statements (A to G) that he or she is most likely to say. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

  I love peas and beans more than most people, so tofu is a natural choice for me. My Chinese friend Annabelle loves them too, and tells me that soy beans contain an ingredient not present in any other food source, or at least in that concentration, that helps prevent breast cancer. When we share a big bowl of these, we eat with abandon “for medicinal purposes”! I like it plain although there may be many different ways to prepare it and it may cure other diseases.

  In fact, I was probably preprogrammed to like it: as a kid one of my favorite books was Toru and the Tofu (hope I' m remembering the title right), a story about a young Tokyo boy, named Toru, who was given the assignment, his first, of going to the neighborhood tofu maker' s by himself and bringing back some fleshly made cubes for dinner. I can still recall Toru' s unique way of getting it home intact ( with a jar filled with water). It all seemed very strange to the five-year old me in semi-rural Southern California.

  It's great in spicy Sichuan style soups, especially with fish, but I like it fried quickly to give a crisp exterior whilst retaining a moist, soft interior. Steaming is another option, with a pork and prawn mince ( with spring onion) on top of each cube. The thing that I love most is ,the texture--really good tofu is just amazing in the mouth, poised as it is between solidity and fluidity. I' m definitely a fan.

  It's sort of weird to me. You go in to one of those “Mock Vegetarian” restaurants only to find everything on the menu “mock”--mock chicken, mock beef, mock pork, etc. Now whatever you order, it' s tofu molded into something that looks like that particular meat. I don't know about you, but if I' m eating a vegetarian I don' t need to go through a fantasy of pretending I' m eating a veal cutlet or a pork chop or a chicken breast. Is this to delude someone, or distract them from thinking they are eating vegetarian food?

  Precisely because it is so “tasteless”, I eat. it like a madman: I like the way it picks up the flavors of the dishes it' s served with. I can enjoy it in lots of different cuisine, in moderate quantities in relation to other ingredients in each dish. If you try them and tell me that you don't think they have much flavor, I' 11 have to disagree because that's not true of tofu. The flavor's mild and you can combine that with the hottest spices in the world, which for me illustrates its most endearing attribute. It does a reasonably good job of absorbing a great many flavors.

  Now match each of the persons (61 to 65) to the appropriate statement.

  Note: there are two extra statements.

  61. Jenise           [ A ] Real or unreal, who knows?
  62. Lee              [ B ] Don' t deceive yourself and others: tofu is no meat.
  63. Hoke             [ C ] Amazing texture, I enjoy tofu inside out.
  64. Nyby             [ D ] I am constantly at war with tofu.
  65. Robin            [ E ] Tofu hasn' t got a unique taste of its own, but it goes well with any food.
  [ F ] Eating tofu is a strong childhood memory.
  [ G ] Tofu is the best medicine.





SECTION IV  Writing(40 minutes)

  You should write your responses to both Part A and Part B of this section on ANSWER SHEET 2.

  Part A                                                             
  66. You have received the invitation below, but you will not be able to attend the party.Write a letter to Mr. Smith, explaining the reason why you cannot go and how you plan to make up for it.

  You should write approximately 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Wang Lin” instead. You do not need to write the address.

  Part B

  67. Nowadays drinking pure water has become a fashion with many people. Please write an essay commenting on:
  1. the reason for its popularity
  2. the effects it may have on people' s health
  Your essay should be about 120 words.



第一部分  听力


  第二部分  英语知识运用



  26.C【精析】本题考查文意.后面的“from 1960 to 1969”是此处的同位语,由此可知,这里的时间是“十年”.故选C.



  29.C【精析】本题考查固定搭配.with有“关于,对于”的意思,despair  with  sth.“对…感到失望”,为固定搭配.故选C.



  32.A【精析】本题考查文意.reflection反映;reaction反应;recreation 娱乐;relaxation松弛.这里是指音乐是当时社会的一种反映,故选A.

  33.B【精析】本题考查近义词辨析.effect n.影响;affect v.影响;defect n.过失,缺点;perfect v.修改,使完美.这里是讲正在影响美国的变化.故选B.

  34.D 【精析】本题考查近义词辨析.dispute表示比较激烈的争论,而argument的意思没有这么强烈,debate表示“辩论”.这里指的是美国60年代的民权运动,所以应该用一个语气比较激烈的词,故选D.


  36.B  【精析】本题考查动词词义.echo在这里意为“与…相呼应”.



  39.A【精析】本题考查固定用法.表示“几年之后,几天之后,几小时之后”用“a few years later,a few days later,a few hours later”. 故选A.

  40.A【精析】本题考查文意.evident明显的;positive积极的;realistic 现实的;instructive有益的,教育性的.这句话表达的意思是“公共情绪的转变明显的体现出来”.故选A.

  41.B【精析】本题考查固定搭配.protest against反对,为固定搭配.


  43.B【精析】本题考查动词短语.come along发生,陪伴;come up走进,上来,提出;come together集合;come out出来,出现.从上下文我们可知,这里指的是年轻人聚在一起.故选C.


  45. A 【精析】本题考查文意.presentation表达;display陈列,显示;performance表现,演出;publication公布,发行.这句话的意思是“伍德斯托克事件表达了希望”.故选A.




 第三部分  阅读理解

  Part A
  Text 1














  46.C【精析】推理题.从文章第三段中“…for a guy it’s never the right time to get married.(对一个年轻人来说任何时候都不适合结婚)” 以及“...I was still lusting in my heart after other ladies.(我心里仍然对其他女人有兴趣)”可以看出,作者还没有做好结婚的准备.A、B文中均未提到.文中作者说到岳母提出让他们结婚是一件好事,并不是说他等着岳母同意.故D不选.正确答案为C.





  Text 2











  51.C【精析】主旨题.从整篇文章来看,作者的意思是说琐谈看上去没什么意义,但是却能起到很重要的作用,例如将交谈双方引入一些更重要的谈话或者是打破冷场的局面.这与C项表述一致.A、B两项曲解了文意.D项“琐谈的话题有严格的限制”,与文章倒数第二段第一句“The topics of small talk don’t matter.”相悖.故选C.

  52.C【精析】推理题.由文章倒数第四段第二句话“You Call be waning to connect with another person,and small talks is your introduction to more meaningful conversation.”可知,当我们想与他人进行交流时,琐谈可把我们引入更为严肃、正式的话题,由此可判断琐谈可起到建立和维持沟通渠道的作用,这与C项表述一致.故选C.






Text 3



  随身带些零钱有时候很有用,比如说乘坐单一票制公交车时,但是不要带太多现金在身上.将巨额现金存在旅行支票里来代替携带现金,这种美元面额的旅行支票要既可以用于国内购物也可以用于国外购物.  最为大家所熟知的旅行支票是美国快递,所以用这种旅行支票最容易兑换现金,即使是在偏僻的地方.托马斯—库克旅行支票也被广泛接受,尤其是丢失后还可以到某些汽车租赁公司认领.美元面额的支票可以  当作现金用.根本不需要去银行兑现:在餐馆、超市或者任何时候都可以用这样的支票付款.面值为十美元或者二十美元的支票一直都被人们接受,而且对方还会为你找零钱就像使用关钞一样.在用支票兑现的  时候要出示你的身份证.

  信用卡比旅行支票更有价值,通过电话预订房间的时候通常会用到信用卡做担保,而且在租汽车的时候信用卡还能用作订金一没有信用卡的话别人会觉得你不值得信任,这样出租公司不光是要收取你的订金  还会留下你的护照以确保安全.主要的几种信用卡是VISA,Master  Charge,Access,Diners Club和American Express.如果你持有银行卡的话.为了出去旅行方便而增加你的信用度也是很值得的——关于这一点你可以咨询你的银行经理人.   


  57.B【精析】释义题.文章第三段倒数第三句说“…use them instead to pay for meals.supermarket purchases or whatever.”,其中them 指代checks.可知支票可以用于支付旅馆和商店的费用. 故选B.  


  59.A【精析】判断题.A由文章最后一段第一句话“Credit cards can be even more valuable than travellers’ cheques…”,可知信用卡比旅行支票更具价值,这与A项表述一致.


  Part B


  杰尼斯:我比大部分人都更喜欢豌豆和大豆,所以我自然会选择豆腐.我的中国朋友阿娜贝丽也很喜欢豌豆和大豆.她告诉我大豆含有一种其他任何食物原料所没有的成分,或者至少其中该成分的含量高于  其他任何食物原料,这种成分有助于预防乳癌.在我们吃一大碗豆腐的时候,我们是为了医疗目的而尽情地吃.虽然豆腐的做法有很多种,我还是喜欢它简简单单的吃法,而且它还能治疗其他疾病.

  李:实际上,我喜欢豆腐可能是冥冥之中注定的:小时候,我最喜欢的书就是《Tur0与豆腐》(希望我没记错书名).故事讲的是一个叫做Turo的东京小男孩要第一次独自去隔壁一位做豆腐的邻居家里,并且要带回一些鲜豆腐块回来做晚饭.我还记得Turo把豆腐完整无缺的带回家所用的独特的方法(他把豆腐放在一个装了水的坛子里).对于生活在不太发达的加利福尼亚南部且当时只有5岁的我来说,这一切看上  去是那么新奇.

  胡克:在四川风味的辣汤里放上豆腐味道真是好极了,尤其是在做鱼的时候.但是我最喜欢稍微用油煎一下的豆腐,表面硬脆而里面松软.蒸豆腐也很好吃,做的时候要在豆腐表面铺一层猪肉末或者虾酱  (加上大葱).我最爱盼就是豆腐的口感——真正好的豆腐入口的感觉是很美妙的,那种口感介于固体和液体之间.我是个真正的豆腐迷.


  罗宾:确切地说,我之所以疯狂地喜欢吃豆腐,就是因为它的淡而无味.我喜欢豆腐可以吸收与它一道烹制的整道菜味道的方式.豆腐的各种吃法我都很喜欢.它的做法和用量与菜里的其他配料有关.如果  你吃过之后告诉我豆腐没什么味道的话,我就不同意了,因为这种说法是不对的.豆腐的味道很淡,你可以把它跟最辣的调料一起吃,对我来说这是豆腐最招人喜欢的特质.豆腐能够充分吸收各种味道.








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