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  阅读下面短文,从短文后所给的[A]、[B]、[C] 三个选项中选择能填入相应空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡1上将该项涂黑。

  It (Example:0) 8 o’clock 41,and the last bus42at the second bus stop.A middleaged woman got out,and the conductor was going to ring the bell for43to start the bus again,just at that moment he saw a small child44at the bus stop.

  “What’s wrong with you?” the bus conductor said to the boy.

  “Well,my mother gave me ten pence to go home by bus after school,but I45the money after I finished playing football with my classmates,” the child answered, “so I have to walk all the way home.”

  “That’s OK.” said the conductor. “Come on.We’ll take you home.”

  The child thanked him,46the bus and sat down near the door.The conductor rang the bell,then the bus started. “How47are you living?” asked the conductor.

  The child told him the name of the place where he lived.It was about two miles away,and48would have cost him two pence if the child had had the money to pay for it.

  The conductor went to give some other people on the bus their tickets,and when he came back a few minutes49,he saw that child crying again.

  “And what’s the matter with you now?” he asked. “Aren’t you on your way home?”

  “Yes,I am,” answered the child, “but what about my change?You haven’t given it to me,have you?You should give me50.”


  0.[A] is[B] are[C] was

  答案:[C] 41.[A]in the morning[B]in the afternoon[C]at noon

  42.[A]just had left[B]have just left[C]has just stopped

  43.[A]the driver[B]the conductor[C]the old woman

  44.[A]to cry[B]crying [C]to be crying

  45.[A]had forgot[B]has dropped[C]lost

  46.[A]got on[B]got up[C]getting on


  48.[A]the seat[B]the chair[C]the ticket


  50.[A]ten pence[B]eight pence[C]two pence





  0. They guard the exits.

  答案:[E] 51.People cook food here.[A]shop

  52.You can sit on it.[B]park

  53.People can buy things here.[C]birthday

  54.Someone was born on that day.[D]restaurant

  55.Children like to go there.[E]school




  阅读下面短文,从[A] (Right)、[B] (Wrong)、[C] (Doesnt Say)三个判断中选择一个正确选项,并在答题卡1上将该项涂黑。

  It must have been about two in the morning when I returned home.I tried my best to wake up my wife by ringing the doorbell,but she was fast asleep,so I got a ladder from a shed in the garden,put it against the wall,and began climbing towards the bedroom window.I was almost there when I heard someone saying, “I don’t think the windows need cleaning at this time of the night.” I looked down and nearly fell off the ladder when I saw a policeman.I regretted answering in the way I did at once,but I said, “I like cleaning windows at night.”

  “So do I,” answered the policeman in the same tone, “excuse my interrupting(打扰) you.I hate to interrupt a man when he is busy working,but would you mind coming with me to the station?”

  “Well,I’d prefer to stay here,” I said, “you see,I’ve forgotten my key.”

  “Your what?” he called.

  “My key,” I shouted.

  Luckily,the shouting woke up my wife who opened the window just as the policeman had started to climb towards me.56.I didn’t come home until my wife went to bed.

  [A]Right.[B]Wrong.[C]Doesn’t say.57.I couldn’t wake up my wife because there was something wrong with the doorbell.

  [A]Right.[B]Wrong.[C]Doesn’t say.58.The policeman didn’t believe me.

  [A]Right.[B]Wrong.[C]Doesn’t say.59.The policeman didn’t trouble me for I was busy.

  [A]Right.[B]Wrong.[C]Doesn’t say.60.If the shout didn’t wake up my wife,the policeman would take me away.

  [A]Right.[B]Wrong.[C]Doesn’t say.



  阅读下列短文,从[A]、[B]、[C] 三个选项中选择一个正确答案,并在答题卡1上将该项涂黑。


  Mrs.Wang was seventy eight years old.Her husband worked in a post office.The next year her husband had a long holiday.So they made a journey to another city,their bus hit a rock and began to burn.The husband broke the window and helped his wife get off,but he died in the burning bus.And now the old woman has lived a lonely life for 6 years.She often walks near the garden or sits on a chair quietly.She had a dog and liked it very much.But she lost it one morning.

  Yesterday afternoon,Mrs.Wang was sitting on a chair near the garden while a boy was coming to her with a dog.The old woman saw the lovely dog and asked the boy, “Does your dog bite?”

  “No,it doesn’t,” answered the boy.

  Having heard this,the old woman began to touch its head.Suddenly it bit her hand and she began to shout at the boy, “Why did you fool me?”

  “I’ve never fooled you,madam,” said the boy. “My dog doesn’t bite anybody,but that dog isn’t mine!” 61.Where did Mr.Wang work?

  [A]He worked in a company.

  [B]He worked in a post office.

  [C]He worked in another city.62.Why does the old woman often sit near the garden?

  [A]Because she feels lonely.

  [B]Because she is free.

  [C]Because she can’t do anything.63.Which sentence is wrong?

  [A]Mr.Wang and his wife went on a journey to another city in their own car.

  [B]Mr.Wang died in the accident.

  [C]The old woman was saved in the accident.64.From the passage,we can know that.

  [A]Mrs.Wang loved the dog very much

  [B]Mrs.Wang got out of the fire herself

  [C]Mr.Wang was not careful enough65.The boy .

  [A]is a kind boy

  [B]fooled the old woman

  [C]didn’t know whose dog it was



  Last Saturday,after doing all the family shopping in town,I wanted to have a rest before catching the train.So I bought some chocolate and a newspaper and went into the station coffee shop with a long table to sit at.I put my heavy bag down on the floor,put the newspaper and chocolate on the table to keep a place,and went to get a cup of coffee.

  When I came back with the coffee,there was someone sitting next to me.It was one of those strangelooking young men,with dark glasses,old clothes and long hair.But I wasn’t surprised at such a young man.What surprised me most was that he had started to eat my chocolate!

  I was quite uneasy about him,but I didn’t want to get him into trouble.I just looked down at the front page of the newspaper and took a bit of the chocolate.The boy looked at me. Then he ate a second piece of the chocolate.Still I didn’t say anything.When he ate a third piece,I felt a bit angry.I thought, “Well,I shall have the last piece.” And I got it.

  The boy looked at me strangely,then stood up.As he left,he shouted out, “This woman is mad!” Everyone looked at me.That was embarrassing(尴尬的) enough.But it was worse when I finished my coffee and got ready to leave.My face turned red when I found I had made a mistake.

  It wasn’t my chocolate I had eaten.Mine was just under my newspaper.

  66.Why did the woman go to the town?

  [A]To do some shopping.

  [B]To drink coffee.

  [C]To buy some chocolate.67.Why was the woman surprised when she came back with the coffee?

  [A]Because she saw a strange young man with dark glasses.

  [B]Because the young man started to eat her chocolate.

  [C]Because a young man sat in her seat.68.Where was the woman’s chocolate?

  [A]It was eaten by the young man.

  [B]It was eaten by the woman.

  [C]It was under the newspaper.69.Who was angry?

  [A]The young man.

  [B]The woman.

  [C]Both of them.70.The woman found her mistake.

  [A]when the young man was leaving

  [B]after she left the shop

  [C]just before she left the coffee shop




  71.To make a big noise in the library is not polite.

  It’s polite toin the library.72.I don’t like milk so much as orange.

  I like orangemilk.73.Both of them are in bad health.

  of themin good health.













  Wang Tao









  71.keep quiet

  72.better than



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