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  从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.

    1.He kept his head; otherwise the accident ______.

      A. would happen  B. happened  C. would have happened  D. happens

    2.――"Is she older than you?"

      ――"Yes she is older than _______two years"

      A. me       B. I for   C. I am by        D. me by

    3.He is _______a writer as a reporter.

      A. more     B. rather   C. not so much  D. not such

    4.I suppose that when I come back in ten years' time , all these old houses ____-down.

    A. will have been pulled B. will have pulled C. will be pulling    D. will be pulled

    5.Johnson hoped it would be ______who would be called upon.

    A. has     B. him   C. he D. himself

    6.Have a cup of tea, _______?

    A. shall we    B. will you   C. won't you D. do you

    7.It is estimated that much of a teenager's time is spent______ with friends.

    A. to talk    B. talking C. being talked D. having talked

    8.It is one __________best sellers in our country now.

    A. of them    B. of those C. of this    D. of their

    9.Henry was deported for having an expired visa. He _______ his visa renewed.

    A. should have had B. must have had C. might have had    D. would have had

    10.----- "Where is your college located, John?"

    ----- "It is ________."

    A. on the Fifth Avenue B. on Fifth Avenue C. in Fifth Avenue  D. at Fifth Avenue

    11.I'm afraid it ______ tomorrow, but who knows?

    A. may have rained B. might rain C. would rain     D. ought to rain

    12.The Caspian Sea, a salt lake, is ______any other lake in the world.

    A. largest   B. the largest C. larger than D. the larger than

    13.______bricks, workers press clay into blocks and bake them to the requisite hard.
A. Being made    B. The making of C. To make D. Made

    14.He will go to America next month, if he ____ready then.

    A. is    B. will be  C. shall be    D. is going to be

    15.Cars moved very slowly in the 1920s, but they ______move more quickly than in 1910.

    A. were to can   B. did C. will      D. can


      阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题 四个选项(A、B、C、D中选出能填入相应空白处 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.

    Martin Luther King. Jr. was born in Georgia in 1929. when was 16 a boy Martin learned that his 17 , the black Americans, were 18 treated differently from most of 19 fellow Americans. Many could not attend good schools, 20 good jobs, or live in nice houses because of the color of their 21 . Martin knew that in a free country this was 22 . He wanted to help his black brothers, 23 he decided to go to school and 24 a minister. He became a pastor (牧师)in Montgomery, Alabama . This is 25 Martin Luther King's "peaceful fight" first began.

    Dr. King worked 26 equality in other cities. He knew that the 27 way people could win their rights was to remain peaceful, 28 in face of danger. Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his achievements and 29 .

    The whole nation 30 the terrible event that 31 on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. Martin Luther King, Jr, was 32 . The man who had preached (倡导) nonviolence (非暴力) died 33 .

    But Dr. King's dream can never 34 . Many Americans are still 35 to make that dream come true.

    16. A. already B. still C. such D. not
  17. A. family B. friends C. people D. country
  18. A. much B. sometimes C. seldom D. often
  19. A. his B. those C. most D. their
  20. A. get B. look for C. having D. to do
  21. A. faces B. skin C. bodies D. people
  22. A. even worse B. different C. wrong D. reasonable
  23. A. as B. because C. so D. but
  24. A. helped B. ask C. visited D. become
  25. A. where B. why C. said D. because
  26. A. with B. in C. by D. for
  27. A. only B. other C. wrong D. second
  28. A. except B. even C. if D. not
  29. A. honor B. victory C. courage D. strength
  30. A. discouraged B. saw C. mourned D. rebelled
  31. A. passed B. he did C. happened D. they managed
  32. A. defeated B. shot C. caught D. put into prison
  33. A. bravely B. violently C. quietly D. nonviolently
  34. A. die B. be believed C. realize D. fail
  35. A. wanted B. working C. prepared D. struggling




In ancient(古代) time the most important examinations were spoken, not written. In the schools of ancient Greece and Rome , testing usually consisted of saying poetry aloud or giving speeches.

    In the European universities of the Middle Ages, students who were working for advanced degrees had to discuss questions in their field of study of the subject. This custom exists today as part of the work of testing candidates(候选人)for a master's or doctor's degree.

    Generally, however, modern examinations are written. Two types of tests are commonly used in modern schools. The first types sometimes called an objective (客观性) test, it is intended to deal with facts., not personal opinions. To make up an objective test the teacher writes a series of questions, each of which has only one correct answer. Along with each question the teacher writes the correct answer and also three statements that look like answers to students who have mot learned the material properly.

    The student has just one task: he must recognize the correct answer and copy its letter or number on his examination paper.

    For testing a student's memory of facts and details, the objective test has advantages. It can find out a great deal about the student's range of knowledge.

    For testing some kinds of learning, however, such a test is not very satisfactory. A lucky student may guess the correct answer without really knowing the material.

    36. The passage is mainly about ________.

    A. examinations in the ancient times. B.modern examinations.
C.how to do well in an examination. D.setting questions for an examination

    37. The objective test is not very satisfactory because _______.

    A. it is easy and quick to score.
B. the teacher can find out a great deal about the student's range of knowledge in a short time.
C. it shows how deeply the student has thought about the subject.
D. it contains element of luck.

    38. Which of the following statements about the objective test is true?

    A.Examinations in modern times are written, while in ancient times they are spoken.
B.The objective test has advantages for testing a student's memory of facts and details.
C.The objective test is the only way to test a student's memory of facts and details,.
D.Each objective question has more than one correct answer.

    39. The next paragraph will probably deal with ___________.

    A. the other type of examination B. the advantages of the objective test
C. how students guess the correct answer without really knowing the material
D. examinations in the ancient times

    (B )

   What is world English?

      World English is a course in the English language. It is intended for students whose native language is not English. It is a basic programme consisting of six stages. Each stage includes a Student Book, a Teacher's Book, a Workbook, and cassette recordings. World English is further supported by separate books of readings, by tests, and by visual(可视 )aids.
  Who is world English for?

      World English may be entered at any one of three different levels. The First Level, Books One and Two, is intended for students with little or no education In English. Books Three and Four make up the Second Level; they are suitable for students who have some knowledge of English. The Third Level, Books Five and Six, is intended for students who are concerned with improvement in the language.

      What does world English teach?

      World English teaches four basic skills of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. At all levels, each skill is presented systematically. In the First Level, listening and speaking receive more attention. In the latter books, reading and writing become more important. However, reading and writing activities are presented even in Unit One of book One; and listening and speaking exercises occur through Unit One of Book One; and listening and speaking exercises occur though Unite Ten of Book Six.

    40. This passage is probably taken from the _______ of an English text book.
A. contents B. introduction C. First chapter D. index(索引)

    41. Suppose you are a student of Senior Three, _______ will be suitable for you if you want to make your English better.

    A. Books One and Two B. Books Three and Four
C. Books Five and Six D. none of them.

    42. We may infer form this passage that the whole set of World English consists of ______ units.

    A. ten B. thirty C. sixty D. more than sixty

    ( C )

       One answer to the question of land shortage was suggested by an organization some years ago. A city was to be built at sea, housing 30,000 people.

       The suggestion was to shape the city like a harbor(港口)。The outer wall of the harbor would stand on steel columns resting on the sea---bed. Naturally this could only be where the water was fairly shallow. The people would like to live in flats in the fifty----metre high outer wall. The flats would be all face inwards, and would be made of concrete(混泥土) and glass. The glass would be specially made and colored to control the heat and strong light from the sun. The planners called this man --- made harbor would be calm. On it would be floating islands carrying more building: a hospital, two theaters, museum, an art exhibition hall and a church. On one of the islands would be a special factory to take the salt out of sea water and turn it into fresh water.

       People living in the city could move around on small boats driven by electricity, so there would be no air pollution from the burning of gas. There would be platforms outside the man wall for ships bringing supplies. People could also travel to the mainland by motorboat or water plane.

    43. What was suggested about the construction of a new city at sea?

    A.The city was to be designed together with a harbor.
B.The walls around the city would be made of steel and glass.
C.The building of the city would rest on a floating island.
D.The people would live in tall building surrounded by a wall.

    44. How would fresh water be supplied to the city?

    A.By treating sea water.
B.By getting it from the surrounding islands.
C.By building a small lake of fresh water inside the city.
D.By transporting it from the mainland.

    45. The suggestion made by the organization is to solve the problem that _______.

    A.there is not enough space for building cites on land
B.land transportation has became increasingly difficult
C.there are too many people on land
D.present cities are heavily polluted by cars

    46. the purpose of the writer is-_______.

    A.to suggest how new type of harbor could be built at sea
B.to give a description of a new--- type city.
C.to draw people's attention to the problem of air pollution.
D.to introduce a mew way of building harbor --- cities.


        Taxes(税)are a big part in the United States. Most Americans pay city taxes, state taxes, social security(安全)taxes, sales taxes ﹒﹒﹒,and the list seems endless.

      The biggest tax for most Americans is that on the money they earn --- the income tax. The personal income tax is called a "progressive tax" because it takes more from those who earn more. For example, a person who earns about 3,500 dollars a tear will pay a tax of only about 3.5 % of earning, but of the same person earned 85, 000 dollars a year, he would pay an income tax of 35%.

      Over the years the income tax has become more and mote difficult for people to understand. Almost one half of all Americans now have to pay experts to prepare their tax reports in fact, preparing taxes and giving tax advice have become a big industry in America.

    47. Most Americans pay ________.

    A.taxes which are too many to list.
B.taxes either to the cities or the states they live in.
C.so many kinds of taxes that they even don't know the names.
D.several kinds of taxes.

    48. Social security tax is collected from _______.

    A.those who have broken the law.
B.those who often make trouble,
C.those whose lives and property are in danger.
D.Every citizen living in the area in question(所在).

    49. What is a " progressive tax"? A "progressive tax" is the tax _______.

    A.collected for social progress.
B.that increases with each passing year.
C.that is collected from those who earn most.
D.that varies(变化)according to how much money a person earns.

    50. Why do almost one half of all Americans have to pay experts?

    A.Because the list of taxes seems endless.
B. Because they would rather spend their time and energy elsewhere.
C. Because they find their knowledge about taxes is so limited that they are unable to write tax report all by themselves.
D. Because paying experts to prepare their tax report and asking for tax advice have become
very popular.


    More than 6000 children were expelled(开除) from US school last year for bringing guns and bombs to school, the US Department of Education said on May 8.

    The department gave a report to the expulsions(开除) as saying handguns accounted for 58 percent of the 6093 expulsions in 1996---97, against 7 percent for rifles(步枪) or shotguns and 35 percent for other types of firearms.

    "The report is a clear sign that out nation's public schools are cracking down(严惩) on students who bring guns to school," Education Secretary Richard Riley said in a statement." We need to be tough-minded about keeping guns out of our schools and do everything to keep our children safe."

    In March1997, an 11 years old boy and 13 years old boy using handguns and rifles shot dead four children and a teacher at a school in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In October, two were killed and seven wounded in a shooting at a Mississippi school. Two months later, a 14 years old boy killed three high school students and wounded five in Dasucah, Kentucky.

    Most of the expulsions, 56 percent, were from high school, which have students from about age 13. 34 percent were from junior high schools and 9percent were from elementary schools, the report said.

    51. From the first paragraph we can infer that in the US schools _______.

    A. students enjoy shooting B. students are eager to be solider.
C. safety is a problem D. students can make guns.

    52. The report from the US Department of Education of Education shows that ________.

    A.the number of the expulsions is not large.
B.the number of the expulsion is wrong.
C.there are soldiers hiding among the students.
D.guns are out of control in US schools.

    53. The main idea of paragraph four shows us ______.

    A.some examples of shoot in US schools.
B.the American's feeling.
C.some famous schools.
D.that some teachers were killed by students.

    54. How many students were shot dead in 1997 in US schools?

    A. 10 B. 9 C. 12 D. 22

    55. From this passage we know that ________.

    A.every American cannot have guns.
B.only soldiers and police can have guns.
C.every American citizen can own guns.
D.teachers have no money to buy guns.



      此题要求改正所给短文中 错误。对标有题号 每一行作出判断:如无错误,在该行右边横线上画一个勾(√); 如有错误(每行只有一个错误), 则按下列情况改正:
多一个词: 把多余 词用斜线(\)划掉, 在该行右边横线上写出该词,并也用斜线划掉。
  缺一个词: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),在该行右边横线上写出该加 词。
  错一个词: 在错 词下划一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正后 词。
注意: 原行没有错 不要改。

    Most smokers want to stop smoke. Many of            56. _______
them have tried more than once but failed .         57. _______
Although they know smoking may kill them and        58. _______
cause a serious illness yet they can give it up .   59. _______
The reason to it is that tobacco contains nicotine  60. _______
that is a drug which gets one into habit of smoking 61. _______
Because you start taking the drug, it is hard to stop. 62. _______
If you go without it for an hour or two, it         63. _______
begin to feel bad . The only thing can stop         64. _______
you feeling bad is the drug containing in           65. _______


    假如你叫李华 , 现正在美国读博士学位 . 你 美国朋友 Maris Staley 告诉你他原先就读 中学需要一名教中文 教师 , 你写信给校长 Mr. Smith 介绍自己 情况 . 请安以下内容写一封信 . 开头以为你写出.

    李华 :男 ,30 出生地:中国成都市

    出生年月:1969. 10. 20 健康状况:良


    受教育背景:1987-1991 四川大学学习英语 ;1991-1993 纽约州立大学学习教育获硕士学位(Master's degree )

    工作经历:1993-1997 在纽约Central High School 教书;1997-now 在华盛顿Lincoln High School 教书 。

Dear Mr. Smith ,



    1-10 CDCAC CBBAB

    11-20 BCCAB BCDDA

    21-30 BCCDA DABCC

    31-40 CBBAD DDBAB

    41-50 CCCAA BADDC

    51-55 CDABC

    56. smoke → smoking 57. √ 58. and → or 59. can → can't / can not

    60. to → for(of) 61. habit 前面加the 62. Because → Once / If

    63. 第二个it → you 64. thing后加that 65. containing → contained

    Dear Mr Smith,

    Recently Mr friend Maria Stalcy, who was once your student, told me that your school needed a Chinese teacher. I was very glad at the news for I feel like teaching students Chinese in the United States.

    I was born in Chengdu, China on November 20, 1969. I studied English in Sichuan University from 1987 to 1991. After graduation I came to U.s. in 1991 and began to study in New York University in the same year. I took education as my major and in 1993 I got my Master's degree. After that I began to work in high school. From 1995 to 1997 I teach in Central High School in New York. Since 1997 I have teaching in Lincoln High School in Washington. I am an experienced teacher and I am healthy.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

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