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  1. ----- will you be able to finish the job this week?

  ----- ___________ , but I'm not skilled enough, you know.

  A.I can't say so   B.I expect so  C. I'm sure so  D. I don't know so

  2. We arrived at the station _______ late, or we the bus.

  A. too much; would catch    B. a little too; had caught

  C. much too; would have caught  D. too much; would have caught

  3. Is it the watch you want ________?

  A. to have it repaired     B. to repair it

  C. to have repaired     D. to have repaired it

  4. The two thieves fled the town separately, _______ a bag.

  A. each carrying B. whose that watch is C. whose watch is that D. whose watch is

  5. The little boy can't tell ________.

  A. whose is that watch B. whose that watch is

  C. whose watch is that D. whose watch is

  6. If a baby bird stays _______ for two or three weeks after leaving the nest, it has a fair chance of becoming an adult.

  A. living   B. lively   C. alive   D. live

  7. We will not attack ______ we are attacked; if attacked,we will certainly counter-attack.

  A. if    B. when   C. unless   D. even if

  8. You can take ______ seat you like.

  A. no matter what B. no matter which C. what   D. whichever

  9. I ______ to speak to you all these days.

  A. wanted   B. have wanted C. shall want  D. shall be wanting

  10.A burning cigarette he threw into the wastepaper basket ______ fire to the hotel.

  A. made B. set C. caused D. caught

  11."Do you hear someone knocking at the door?"

  "Yes, I did. I heard him ______ three times."

  A. knocking B. knocked C. being knocking D. knock

  12.Peter, John and Tom each ______.

  A. say they came first B. says they came first C. says he came first D. say came first

  13.Through long power lines electricity goes ______.

  A. to the place needed B. there it is needed C. where it is needed D. which it is needed

  14. ______ from the apple tree.

  A. It down fell  B. there it is needed   C. Down fell it  D. Fell it down

  15.The service in this restaurant is very poor; there are not enough waiters to wait ______ customers.

  A. on B. for C. with D. to

  Keys: 1—10 BCCAB CCDBB 11—15 DACBA

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