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托福听力成语精选 1.flying colorssuccess, victorylittle by littlegraduallycall offcancelcome intoreceive, especially after another‘s deathput offpostpone

  6.stop bymake a brief visit on one‘s way elsewhere

  7.tie uphinder

  8.be out fortrying to get

  9.fill in fortake another‘s place

  10.turn down (1) refuse or reject

   (2) reduce the loudness of

  11.go offbegin to ring

  12.cut downlessen; reduce; limit

  13.come up withproduce; supply

  14.make it (1) achieve a specific goal

   (2) succeed in general

  15.catch one‘s eyeattract one‘s attention

  16.care for (1) like; value

   (2) look after; take care of

  17.head and shoulders abovemuch better

  18.catch onbecome popular

  19.on the wholein general

  20.fill sb intell what sb should know

  21.in a nutshellin a few words

  22.from top to bottomcompletely; entirely

  23.take the plungeenter with sudden decision upon an unfamiliar course

of action

  24.on the tip of one‘s tongueunable to be recalled

  25.cheer upfeel happy; stop being sad or discouraged; become hopeful

  26.hold offpostpone; delay

  27.on cloud ninea state of perfect happiness

  28.back outwithdraw from an undertaking

  29.grin and bear itbe as cheerful as possible in pain or trouble; do s

omething without complaining

  30.turn out to become to be; prove

  31.bite off more than one can chewattempt something that exceeds one‘s ab


  32.in the airuncertain

  33.get hold offfind a person so you can speak with him

  34.learn the ropesacquire thorough or special knowledge of a job

  35.tear oneself away fromdepart with great reluctance; force oneself to le


  36.tie upengage or occupy completely

  37.touch onmention a subject briefly or casually

  39.see to ittake care;take the responsibility;make sure

  40.get along withlive or work in harmony with

  41.give awaygive as present

  42.account forexplain

  43.out of printno longer available for purchase from the publisher

  44.send outdistribute

  45.in no timein a very brief time;almost at once

  46.before longsoon;without much delay

  47.play by ear(1)play an instrument without using written music (2

)handle a matter without adequate preparation or guidance

  48.wear and tearloss or damage caused by use

  49.come what mayno matter what happens

  50.drop bymake a short or unplanned visit

  51.be short ofnot having enough

  52.cut it outstop doing sth

  53.be sick ofbe tired of;having a strong dislike of

  54.look for a needle in a haystack(a bottle)search for something in a plac

e where it is hopelessly lost.

  55.knock oneself outwork very hard;make a great effort

  56.run up againstencounter

  57.far fromanything but;not at all

  58.far from itby no means;not at all

  59.hang on tohold tightly;keep firmly

  60.get nowherebe unsuccessful;obtain no result

  61.day in and day outevery day;all the time

  62.break downcease to function

  63.get goingget started;begin to move

  64.take one‘s timenot hurry

  65.boil down toindicate,especially as a final judgement or analysis

  66.make uptake a test for the second time

  67.put up withbear with patience;tolerate

  68.by and bybefore long

  69.give someone a handhelp;assist

  70.ring a bellsound familiar

  71.snap out of it

(1)change one‘s habits,attitude,etc,suddenly

  (2)regain one‘s composure,energy,or good spirits;recover

  72.raise the roofmake trouble;start a fight or an argument

  73.get away withescape without punishment

  74.on businesswith definite work to do

  75.look upsearch for;as an item of information,in a referance book

  76.let up(1)cease;stop


  77.in any case(or event)no matter what happens

  78.come outbe published

  79.look intoinvestigate;inspect

  80.fall back onrely on

  81.spell outexplain very clearly or in detail

  82.wrap upbring to end,especially a successful conclusion


  83.save one‘s breathkeep silent because talking will not help

  84.hold up(1)delay;hinder


  85.have one‘s hands fullbe very busy;be able to do no more

  86.How come?How is it?Why?

  87.stick aroundstay or wait nearby

  88.make outget along;manage

  89.turn upappear,turn out,show up

  90.hold offpostpone;delay

  91.over one‘s headbeyond one‘s power to understand

  92.stock upbuy up;lay in a good supply of

  93.stay putstay in place;not leave

  94.keep upcontinue

  95.tie upoccupy completely

  96.in and outcoming in and going out often

  97.make ends meetmake one‘s income suffice without incurring debt

  98.on and onwithout stopping

  99.out of this worldwonderful;great

  100.in a row(1)in line;in alignment

  (2)in succession;successively

  101.wait aroundwaiting in vain

  102.cool off(down)make or become calm

  103.hold the grudgehaving hard feelings

  104.come a long wayshow much improvement;make great progress

  105.straighten outcorrect a mistake;make you realize you are wrong

  106.once and for allfinally or decisively

  107.put...awayput in the right place or out of sight

  108.out of itnot concerned with;not involved in

  109.bump intomeet by chance;run into

  110.out of stocklacking a supply of,especially temporarily

  111.per sein itself

  112.keep to oneselfavoid the society of others

  113.go out of one‘s waymake special effort to help somebody or dosomething

  114.put upaccomodate;lodge

  115.under the weathersome what ill;in low spirit

  116.come in handyprove useful

  117.talk one out ofmake one leave off or forego something by talking

  118.wait onserve;attend as a servant

  119.go all outmake one‘s utmost effort

  120.on saleat a reduced price

  121.try outenter as a competitor

  122.pass upgive up;renounce;reject

  123.on behalf ofas a representative of

  124.stay upnot to go to bed

  125.the odds arethe chances are;the probability is

  126.hold overpostpone

  127.out of orderin the wrong arrangement or condition;not working right

  128.booked uphave no seats or rooms left;have no free time left

  129.fit infind time to see someone

  130.go in one ear and out the the othermake no impression

  131.measure uphave the necessary qualifications

  132.change of pacea temporary shift or variation in the normal routine or

  regular pattern of activity

  133.run out ofexhaust the quantity or supply of

  134.go byfollow;obey

  135.take it out oncause someone else to suffer for one‘s own misfortune or


  136.get around tofind the necessary time for

  137.put outdisturb; annoy

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