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  * 常用词汇: acquaintance, affectionate, amicable, caring, considerate, emotional, enthusiastic, expressive, favorite, frank, friendly, generous, gentle, helpful, honest, humorous, ideal, intimate, kind, patient, reunion, sociable, sympathetic, talkative, thoughtful, trustworthy, etc.

  * 常用短语: a shoulder to cry on, an easy-going person, ask for help, be an understanding person, be friendly with, be on intimate terms with sb., be well-acquainted with, broad-minded, cheer sb. up, for the sake of friendship, have a bosom friend, have a large circle of acquaintances, help sb. out, keep friendly relations, keep/lose contact with, make friends with, reach an understanding, seek common ground while reserving differences, t urn to one’s friend when in difficulty, understand each other, warm-hearted, etc.

  * 常用句型: A friend in need is a friend indeed. What does friendship mean to you? What kind of people do you make friend with? Why do you think friendship important to you? What is the basis of friendship? 

  6. There is the difference between friendship and love.

  7. Are you very good at keeping in touch with friends?

  8. I like to make friends with people who are …

  9. What do you have in common with your friends?

  10. How well do you communicate with your friends? 实例:


  What do you think a true friend should be? How important do you think is friendship to your life?

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  Suggested Answer:

  As the saying goes “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”, which is partly true, but a real friend should also be able to share your happy moments - without feeling jealous. A good friendship is one where you accept and forgive faults, understand moods, and don’t feel hurt if a friend doesn’t feel like seeing you. Of course, honesty is an essential part of any relationship. We should learn to accept our friends for what they are. Anyway, I consider friendship to be one of the most important things in life.


  WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS essential adj. 本质的,实质的 forgive v. 原谅,饶恕 jealous adj. 妒忌的,嫉妒的 mood n 心情,情绪


  考生开门见山地谈了他对“友情”的理解,常言道:“ A friend in need is a friend indeed.” 患难朋友才是真正的朋友。当然,这在一定意义上是对的,副词“partly” 的使用为下一步的陈述埋下了伏笔,考生顺理成章地从不同角度阐明他对“友谊”的看法。真正的朋友会与你分享快乐时光,而没有任何嫉妒。真正的友谊意味着你能容忍和原谅朋友的错误,理解对方的情绪;如果你的朋友不太想见你,你也不会感到受了伤害 (A good friendship is one where you accept and forgive faults, understand moods, and don’t feel hurt if a friend doesn’t feel like seeing you.)。

  特别值得一提的是在答案的结尾有一个至关重要的句子 “… honesty is an essential part of any relationship.”,它高屋建瓴地概括了各种关系的内涵,它告诫我们只有以诚相待,才能建立真正的友谊。




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