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  General Nouns (1-100)


  I have an account with the bank. 我在银行开有户头。

  He turned/put his knowledge of Spanish to good account. 他善加利用他对西班牙语文的知识。

  Don’t stay away on account of John. 为了约翰,不要离开。


  Don’t take him seriously - it’s just an act. 不要把他看得太认真 他只是假装那样而已。

  In the act of (=while) picking up the ball, he slipped and fell. 正当其拾球之际,他失足跌倒。


  They’ve just had an addition to the family. 他们家里刚又增加一口。


  They do an adjustment on humance resources to achieve the goal. 为了达到目标,他们调整了人员。

  5. advertisement

  Advertisement helps to sell goods. 广告有助于销路。

  6. agreement

  I’m quite in agreement with what you say. 我十分同意你所说的话。

  7. air

  My plans are still quite in the air. 我的计划还未定案。

  Radio Beijing is on the air 24 hours a day. 北京电台全天24小时广播。

  8. amount

  There is still quite an amount of prejudice against him. 人们对他尚有很大的偏见。

  He has any amount of money. 他的钱不可数计。

  9. amusement

  He looked at me in amusement. 他很感兴趣地望着我。

  There are plenty of amusements here – cinemas, theatres, concerts, football matches, and so on. 这里有许多娱乐 - 电影院、戏院、音乐会、足球比赛等。

  10. animal

  animal desires 肉欲

  11. answer

  She gave no answer. 她没有回答。

  12. apparatus

  Your digestive apparatus takes the food you eat and changes it so that it can be used to build up the body. 你的消化器官把你所吃的食物消化、吸收,用以增进身体的健康。

  13. approval

  Your plans have my approval. 你的计划我赞成。

  14. argument

  I have no wish to engage in (an) argument with you. 我不想跟你辩论。

  15. art

  The story is developed with great art. 那故事非常技巧地展开。

  16. attack

  Attack is said to be the best form of defence. 常言道,攻击是最好的防御。

  17. attempt

  Her attempt at a Christmas cake had to be thrown away. 她的圣诞蛋糕做得不好。

  18. attention

  Pay attention to what you’re doing. 注意你在做的事。

  A pretty girl usually receives more attentions than a plain girl. 一个漂亮女孩通常比一个普通女孩得到较多的殷勤。

  Attention! 立正!

  19. attraction

  He cannot resist the attraction of a pretty girl. 他无法抗拒漂亮女郎的吸引力。

  20. authority

  He is a great authority on phonetics. 他是语音学方面的权威。

  21. back

  He slipped and fell on his back. 他仰天滑到。

  22. balance

  Don’t get excited; keep your balance. 不要冲动,保持冷静。

  23. base

  A naval base is located at Wei Hai. 威海有个海军基地。

  24. behavior

  Tom won a prize for good behavior at school. 汤姆在学校里得到品行优良奖。

  25. belief

  He has lost his belief in God. 他已不相信上帝。

  26. birth

  That baby weighed seven pounds at birth. 那婴儿生下来七磅重。

  27. bit

  He ate every bit of his dinner. 他把他的晚餐吃得光光。

  She’s feeling a bit tired. 她觉得有点疲倦。

  He doesn’t care a bit. 他一点也不在乎。

  28. bite

  His face was covered with insect bites. 他满脸都是蚊虫咬伤。

  I haven’t had a bite since morning. 我从早晨到现在一口东西都未吃过。

  There’s a bite in the air this morning. 今天早晨有点寒风刺骨。

  29. blood

  He gave his blood to help his sister. 他输血给他的妹妹以救她。

  His blood is up. 他发脾气了。

  His blood ran cold. 他吓得魂不附体。

  30. blow

  Let’s go for a blow. 让我们到户外吹吹风。

  31. body

  His body was brought back to England for burial. 他的遗体被运回英国埋葬。

  She’s a nice old body. 她是一个很好的老人。

  32. brass

  get down to brass tacks 开门见山

  33. bread

  I’m only dong it for the bread. 我纯粹是为了钱才做那件事。

  34. breath

  They are not be mentioned in the same breath. 他们不可同日而语。

  There wasn’t a breath of air/wind. 一丝微风都没有。

  35. brother

  He is my brother. 他是我的兄弟。

  36. building

  buidling materials 建筑材料

  building site 建筑工地

  37. burn

  He died of the burns he received in the fire. 他死于火灾时所受到的灼伤。

  38. burst

  a burst of applause 一阵喝彩

  39. business

  He is in business of himself. 他自行经商。

  That’s no business of yours. 那事与你无关。

  I’m sick of the whole business. 我对这事情实在感到厌烦。

  40. butter

  butter will not melt in sb’s mouth 一本正经的样子

  peanut buttter 花生酱

  41. canvas

  He is canvassing for the Conservative candidates. 他正在替保守党候选人奔走拉票。

  42. care

  Take care (that) you don’t get run over when you cross the street. 当你穿越街道时,小心不要被车子撞到。

  I will leave this in your care. 我将此事交由你负责。

  He seems free from care. 他显得无忧无虑。

  43. cause

  You have no cause for comlaint. 你没有理由抱怨。

  44. chalk

  The girl like to collect chalks with various colors. 女孩喜欢收集各色粉笔。

  45. chance

  Let’s leave it to chance. 我们就让它听其自然。

  It’s the chance of a lifetime. 这是一生中难得再遇到的机会。

  46. change

  Take a change of clothes with you. 带一套换洗的衣服。

  I have no small change. 我没有零钱。

  Let’s hope there will be a change in weather. 但愿天气会变好。

  47. cloth

  a floor cloth 擦地板布

  a dish cloth 洗碗布

  48. coal

  A hot coal fell from the fire and burnt a hole in the carpet. 火炉中调出来一块煤,把地毯烧了一个洞。

  carry coals to Newcastle 多此一举

  49. color

  She has very little color. 她面色苍白。

  50. comfort

  It’s a comfort to know that she is safe. 知道她平安无事令人安慰。

  comfort station – (US) public lavatory (美) 公共厕所

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