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  The Integrated Writing Task

  You will read a passage about an academic topic for three minutes, and then you will hear a short lecture related to the topic. Then you will be asked to summarize the points in the listening passage and explain how they relate to specific points in the reading passage。

  This task gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to show that you can communicate in writing about academic information you have read and listened to。

  As you read:

  A. Take notes on your scratch paper。

  B. Look for the main idea of the reading passage. The main idea often has to do with some policy or practice or some position on an issue. Or it may have to do with proposing some overall hypothesis about the way some process or procedure works or should work or how some natural phenomenon is believed to work。

  C. See how this main idea is evaluated or developed. Usually it will be developed in one of two ways:

  (1) Arguments or explanations are presented that support the main position; for example, why there are good reasons to believe that some policy or practice will be beneficial or prove useful or advisable or perhaps why it has been a good thing in the past。

  (2) Arguments or explanations or problems are brought up concerning why some policy or practice or position or hypothesis will not or does not work or will not be useful or advisable。

  D. You do not need to memorize the reading passage. It will reappear on your computer screen when it is time to write。

  E. Note points in the passage that either support the main idea or provide reasons to doubt the main idea. Typically the main idea will be developed with three points。

  As you listen:

  A. Take notes on your scratch paper。

  B. Listen for information, examples, or explanations that make points in the reading passage seem wrong or less convincing or even untrue. For instance, in the example just given, the reading passage says that working in teams is a good thing because it gives individuals a chance to stand out. But the lecture says that often everyone gets equal credit for the work of a team, even if some people do not do any work at all. The reading says that work proceeds quickly on a team because there are more people involved, and each person brings his or her expertise. But the lecture completely contradicts this claim by stating that it may take a long time for the group to reach consensus. The lecture brings up the idea that the whole team can be blamed for a failure when the fault lies with only a few team members. This casts doubt on the claim in the reading that teams can take risks and be creative because no one individual is held accountable。










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