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1995年外销员统一考试外贸英语试题与答案 I. Translate the following (10%)

A. From English into Chinese: (5%)


PICC __________________________

DES __________________________

Bonded warehouse__________________________

Promissory note__________________________

Institute Cargo Clauses __________________________

Certificate of origin __________________________

Multilateral trade __________________________

Sole agency __________________________

Sale by sample __________________________

B. From Chinese into English: (5%)

零售价 ____________________________

偿付行 ____________________________

习惯包装 ____________________________

大陆桥 ____________________________

保函 ____________________________


Ⅱ. Choose the correct answer:(20%, strike A or B or C or D.)

1. No discount will be granted _ you place an order for more than 1000 dozen.

A. if B. unless C. whether D. but for

2. When _ the contract, please include the arbitration clause.

A. draft B. drafting C. to draft D. drafted

3. We have received news _ that the wool market on your side is showing signs of recovery.

A. to an effect B. to this effect C. to that effect D. to the effect

4. Please open your L/C immediately to facilitate _.

A. our shipping arrangement

B. for shipment

C. to arrange shipment

D. us to arrange shipment

5. _ an order for 100 pieces or more, we allow a special discount of 5% for payment by L/C.

A. At B. In C. On D. From

6. If you can improve your price by 3%, we shall be prepared to _ for 5,000 metric tons.

A. book with you an order B. book your order C. be in the market D. place a order with you

7. We suggest that you _ our representative in Beijing for your requirements.

A. will contact B. contacting C. contact with D. contact

8. _ crowded orders, we have sold out all the goods scheduled for shipment within this year.

A. As a result of B. In result of C. With the result of D. As result of

9. Under no circumstances, _ goods on their own account.

A. the middlemen will buy B. will the middlemen buy C.the middlemen would buy D. will buy the middlemen

10. This agreement shall be cancelled in case the second party fails to sell the agreed quantity within six months.

A. up to B. to C. at D. with


11. The goods under L/C No. 1234 left here _.

A. in a good condition B. in good conditions C. in good condition D. in the good condition

12. Please see that such an _ does not occur again.

A. mistake B. negligence C. oversight D. carelessness

13. Our clients asked us to bring down our prices because they consider them _.

A. on the high side B. out of line with C. are running high D. be too high

14. In case you can make a reduction _ 5% _ your price, we may strike the deal with you.

A. of, of B. by, by C. of, in D. for, for

15. If business had been carried out to our satisfaction, we _ to renew the Agency Agreement.

A. had agreed B. already agreed C. shall agree D. should have agreed

16. _ appreciating your order, we must point out that our prices have already been cut to a minimum.

A. How B. While C. Since we are D. Anyway

17. We could manage to arrange the shipment in August, subject to your L/C _ us not later than July 15.

A. reaches B. being reached C. reaching D. reach

18. We are sorry to find that the damage _ the goods was caused by heavy rain during transportation.

A. on B. for C. about D. to

19. Not until this morning _ your L/C. We can _ make shipment as stipulated in the contract.

A. we receive, not B. we have received, never C. did we receive, hardly D. had we received, certainly

20. _ we would like to assist you, we do not think there is room for a reduction in our price.

A. Even B. As C. Much D. Much as


Ⅲ. Draft English telexes according to the following messages: (10%)

1. 你方4日来电收到。信用证第3098号,已通知开证行展延船期和效期分别至五月十五日和五月三十日。


2. 05号合同项下货物已到。经检验,质量低于样品。我们要求立即给予补偿,倘若不可能,我们只得要求换货。


Ⅳ. Translate the following into English in a proper form (20%)









Ⅴ. Fill in the contract form in English with the particulars given in the following letter:(10%)


敬启者你方7月10日关于甘薯片 (Sweet potato slices)的回盘收悉,谢谢。现确认接受你方回盘如下1,000公吨甘薯片,每公吨成本保险加运费鹿特丹价为185美元,包括5%佣金。质量符合样品sp-03号,水份最高16%。装运期1995年10/11月。





Sales Confirmation No. 95C137

Qingdao, July 16, 1995



This Contract is made by and between the Buyers and the Sellers, whereby the Buyers agree to buy and the Sellers agree to sell the under-mentioned commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated below:




Unit Price:

Total Value:



Time of Shipment:

Port of Shipment:

Port of Destination:

Shipping Marks:

Terms of Payment:


Ⅵ. Write a letter in English asking for amendments to the following letter of credit by checking it with the given contract terms: (15%)


88-89 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hongkong

Irrevocable Documentary Credit No. F07567

Date and place of issue: 95/09/28 Hongkong

Date and place of expire:95/11/30 Hongkong

Applicant: J. Brown & Co., 175 Queen‘s Way, Hongkong

Beneficiary: Liaoning Textiles I/E Corp., Dalian, China

Advising Bank: Bank of China, Liaoning Branch, Dalian


Partial shipments and transshipment are prohibited.

Shipment from Dalian, China to Hongkong, latest 95/11/30 Credit available against presentation of the documents detailed herein and of your draft at 90 days‘sight for full invoice value.

Signed commercial invoice in quadruplicate.

Full set of clean on board ocean Bills of Lading made out to order of HUA CHIAO COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. marked freight prepaid.

Insurance certificate or policy endorsed in blank for full invoice value plus 10%, covering All Risks and War Risk.

Covering 50 doz. woolen sweaters, S105, @USD 120 per doz.

CFR Hongkong

60 doz. woolen sweaters, M107, @USD 150 per doz.

CFR Hongkong

70 doz. woolen sweaters, L109, @USD180 per doz.

CFR Hongkong

As per Contract No. 28KG063




买方:J. Brown & Co., 175 Queen‘s Way, Hongkong

商品名称及数量:羊毛衫 S105 50打

M107 60打

L109 70打

单价: S105 每打成本加运费香港 120美元

M107 每打成本加运费香港 150美元

L109 每打成本加运费香港 180美元

金额: 27,600美元

交货期: 1995年11月,不允许分批装运,可转运。


www.59wj.com Ⅶ. Translate the following (15%)

1. From English into Chinese

A joint venture is a form of business organization undertaken by two or more parties. It is China’s Policy to enter into joint ventures with foreign enterprises in order to expand international economic cooperation and technological ex-change. According to the Joint Venture Law of China, a joint venture shall take the form of a limited liability company and the profits and losses of a joint venture shall be shared by the parties to the venture in proportion to their contributions to the registered capital.

2. From Chinese into English





B. 汉译英 5%

1. retail price (s)

2. reimbursement bank, reimbursing bank, bank of reimbursement

3. customary packing

4. land bridge, continental bridge

5. Letter of Guarantee (L/G)


1. b 2. b 3. d 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. d 8. a 9. b 10. a 11. 

c 12. c 13. a 14. c 15. d 16. b 17. c 18. d 19. c 20. d








10th August, 1995

Messrs. ABC Trading Company, Ltd.

New York

U. S. A.

Dear Sirs,

We are in receipt of your fax dated august 8th, but are disappointed with your refusal to extend the time of shipment in the covering L/G for one month. What is more, you intend to cancel the contract and reserve the right to lodge a claim against us. As the special parcel is produced with your named brand and the goods are now ready for shipment, the cancellation of this contract will bring about losses to both sides. After careful consideration, we suggest for your reference that we dispatch the goods by air to catch the selling season at your end. The difference in freight is to be equally shared by both parties.

We are looking forward to your prompt reply.

Yours faithfully.


Sellers: Shandong Native Produce and Animal Byproducts Import & Export Corporation

Buyers: Smith & Trading Co., Ltd.

Commodity: Sweet potato Slices

Specifications: As per sample No. Sp03 with moisture not exceeding 16% (Moisture: Max.


Quantity: 1000 metric tons, 5% more or less allowed

Unit Price: At USD185 per m/t CIFC5% Rotterdam

Total Value: USD185,000(Say US Dollars One Hundred and Eightyfive Thousand Only), 5% more or less allowed

Packing: In bulk

Insurance: To be covered by the Sellers for 110% of the invoice value against All Risks and War Risk as per CIC dated 1st Jan. 1981 (of PICC)

Time of Shipment: During October/November, 1995

Port of Shipment: China port

Port of Destination: Rotterdam

Shipping Mark: At Sellers‘ option

Terms of Payment: By confirmed, irrevocable L/C available by draft at sight to reach the sellers

one month prior to the time of shipment.



Dear Sirs,

L/C No. F-07567

We have received the above mentioned L/C against our contract No28KG603. After checking the L/C, we have found some discrepancies and would request you to make the following amendments:

1. The date and place of expiry should read: December 15th, 1995 in Dalian, China

2. The amount both in figures and in words should respectively be USD27, 600 and say US Dollars Twentyseven Thousand Six Hundred Only.

3. Transshipment should be allowed.

4. Insurance clause is to be deleted.

5. The Contract No. should be 28KG603.

Please make amendments as soon as possible so that we may arrange shipment.

Yours truly,


1. From English into Chinese: (6%)


2. From Chinese into English: (9%)

In international trade, buyers and sellers are far apart from each other, and the time between the conclusion of business and the actual delivery of the goods is rather long. There-fore, payment is far more complicated than that in domestic trade. Sellers would prefer to get the payment before dispatching the goods, while buyers would rather receive the goods prior to payment. so the letter of credit is generally adopted as a mode of payment in international trade in order to give protection to both the seller and the buyer.

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