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2000年外销员统一考试外贸英语试题 I .Translate the following terms: 10%

1. From English into Chinese:

(1) PNTR

(2) Irrevocable Letter of Credit

(3) Blank Endorsement

(4) General Average

(5) FAQ

(6) DES

(7) Franchise

(8) FPA

(9) Bill of Exchange

(10) Auction

2. From Chinese into English (5%)






II.Choose the best answer for each of the following question (25%)

1. Contracts must be renewed one week _______ their expiration.

A on B against C the moment of D before

2. The commodities you offered are _________ line with the business scope of our clients.

A outside B out of C out D without

3. We are arranging for n inspection tour of _________ the material was processed.

A place B the place C where D there

4. We are reconsidering those trade terms _______ might be adverse to the interest of our principals.

A what B that C when D where

5. Information indicates that some similar goods of Indian origin have been sold here _______ about 30% lower than yours.

A with a level B at something C at quotation D with a figure


6. As we are ________ of these goods, please expedite shipment after receiving our L/C.

A in badly need B badly in need C urgent in need D in urgently need

7. We give you on the attached sheet full details regarding packing and marking, which must be strictly ________.

A observed B abide by C submitted D seen

8. We ______ to allow you a special discount if you increase your order to 5000 pairs.

A have prepared B are prepare C are prepared D were prepared

9. The importance of delivery on time ______ overstressed, because failure to receive goods or services will cause serious inconvenience to the end-users.

A can B be C cannot be D could be

11. We wish to stress that shipment must be made within the prescribed time limit, as a further _______ will not be considered by our end - users.

A prolong B protract C extension D expansion

12. With computer users linked to the Internet growing _____ every year, business is trying to cash in on the worldwide network.

A at million B with a million C with one million D by millions

13. We regret having to remind you that 30% of the freight is still ______.

A owned B owning C outstanding D understanding

14. ______ you fulfill the terms of the L/C, we will accept the drafts drawn under this credit.

A Provided B To provide C In the case D Only if

15. Kindly advise us of the steamers that call ______ your port every month.

A at B on C in D for

16. It should be _______ if you could immediately ______ what quantity you can supply us at present.

A thankful, advise B appreciate, advise C appreciated, advise D appreciating, inform

17. We thank you for your e-mail of November 25 _______ your purchase of 10 M/T wild rice.

A confirm B confirming C to confirm D confirmed

18 Subject to satisfactory arrangements ______ terms and conditions, we should be pleased to act as your sole agent.

A as B as per C as if D as to

19. Our usual terms of payment are ____ L/C and we hope they will be satisfactory ____ you.

A by, for B by, to C for, to D for, with

20. That helps to explain ______ businesses are setting up Net sites even though profits aren‘t yet very big.

A that B the reason for C why D why that

21. We find that there is no stipulation of transshipment _____ in the relative L/C.

A allowing B which allows C which allowed D being allowed

22. After unpacking the case we found that the goods did not ______ with the original sample.

A match B come up C agree D measure

23. If the first shipment ______, we guarantee that we will send you many repeat orders.

A will prove satisfactory B proves satisfactory C turns out a satisfaction D turns out to be satisfied

24. It is necessary that an arbitration clause _______ in the contract.

A will be included B must be included C be included D has been included

25. Please see that your written confirmation _____ by the end of this month; otherwise we will be free from the obligation for his offer.

A reaches us B will reach us C reach us D reached us


III. Translate the following into an English letter in a proper form (20%)


地址:中国上海,兴达路999 号金星大厦(Golden Star Mansion )33层

收信人:James Brown & Sons, 由日用品部(Daily Articles Dept )办理

地址:#304- 310 Jalan Street, Toronto, Canada

日期:2000 年6月30日




经与同类货物作仔细比较,我们发现你方报价有点高。当前的洗发精(Shampoo)市场充斥着各种各样的品牌,象Rejoice, Pond‘s 等优质产品很容易买到。而且这些品牌都已得到我地市场的认可。就洗发精而言,很多消费者不愿接受新产品。你方产品作为新品牌,最大的卖点将是它的护发(hair care)功能;质量上虽然已经达到客户要求,但要想在我地市场打开销路,必须还要具备价格优势,否则是很难与一些老牌产品竞争的。


IV Fill in the contract form with information gathered from the following correspondences (15%)


Outgoing Letter

Beijing, November 5, 1000

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your enquiry of October 30 for Women‘s Nylon Garments. In compliance with your request, we have enclosed a price list and an illustrated brochure. Although we still have certain amount of stock we can hardly keep them for a long time because of the heavy demand. Samples will be sent on request. We are looking forward to our early reply. Yours faithfully,

Beijing Garments Imp/Exp. Corporation


Incoming Letter

Dear sirs,

Many thanks for your quotation of November 5 and the samples of Women‘s Nylon Garments. We are satisfied with the quality and pleased to enclose our Order NO. 333 for 3 sizes mentioned in your latest catalogue. We note that you can supply these items from stock and hope you will send them before December 31. Our company will reserve the right to cancel this order or reject the goods for any late arrival. For your reference, we with to effect payment by D/P 60 days. Please kindly let us have your confirmation.


NO. 333

Beijing Garments Imp/Exp. Corp.

Beijing, China

Please supply the following items:

Quantity (Doz) Item Size Unit Price (Per doz) CIF London

15 Women‘s Nylon Garments Small US$75.00

16 ditto Medium US$110.00

14 ditto Large US$150.00


London Trading Co. Ltd.


Outgoing Letter

Dear Sirs,

We‘ve received your letter of November 13 and your Order No. 333. Much to our regret, we can hardly accept your order at the prices you bid since the prices of raw materials have increased recently. We‘re afraid the best we can do is as follows:

Commodity Unit Price (Per doz) CIF London Size Quantity(doz)

Woman`s Nylon Garments USD80.00 Small 15

Woman`s Nylon Garments USD120.00 Medium 16

Woman`s Nylon Garments USD160.00 Large 14

As to payment terms, we usually require letters of credit. However, in view of our long and pleasant relations, we will accept D/P 60 days this time. But it must be clearly understood that, in so doing, we are not establishing a precedent. We hope you will accept our prices and give us a reply an soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,


Incoming Letter

Dear Sirs,

Your letter of November 20,1999 has been received. As we are anxious to finalize this transaction, we have been exerting ourselves to persuade our clients to accept your prices. Eventually, they have decided to accept. We are glad to have been able to conclude the business with you and await your sales confirmation.

Yours faithfully,


Outgoing Letter

Dear Sirs,

We‘re glad that your clients have accepted our prices, which are narrowly calculated. These goods will be packed in boxes of half dozen each and 10 dozen to a carton, and shipped in December from China port to London with transshipment and partial shipments allowed. Insurance is to be covered by us against ALL Risks and War Risk for 100% of the invoice value. Enclosed is our Sales Contract No.116 signed in Beijing on 28th November, 1999 in duplicate, a copy of which please sign and return.

Yours faithfully,





This Contract is made by and between the Buyers and the Sellers, whereby the Buyers agree to buy and the Sellers agree to sell the under - mentioned commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated below:

Commodity Size Quantity (doz) Price per doz CIF London Amount

Total Value:


Shipping Mark:


Time of Shipment:

Port of Shipment:

Port of Destination:

Terms of Payment:

Done and signed in on this day of


V. Write a letter in English asking for amendments to the following letter of credit by checking it with the given contract terms: (15%)

Copenhagen Bank

Date: 4 January, 2000

To: Bank of China, Beijing

We hereby open our Irrevocable Letter of Credit NO.112235 in favor of China Trading Corporation for account of Copenhagen Import Company up to an amount of GBP1,455,00 (Say Pounds Sterling One Thousand Four Hundred And Fifty - five Only) for 100% of the invoice value relative to the shipment of:

150 metric tons of Writing Paper Type 501 at GBP97 per m/t CIF Copenhagen as per your S/C No. PO5476 from Copenhagen to China port. Drafts to be drawn at sight on our bank and accompanied by the following documents marked "X":

(X)Commercial Invoice in triplicate

(X) Bill of Lading in triplicate made out to our order quoting L/C No. 112235, marked FREIGHT COLLECT


(X) One original Marine Insurance Policy or Certificate for All Risks and War Risk, covering 110% of the invoice value, with claims payable in Copenhagen in the currency of draft(s) Partial shipments and transshipment are prohibited.

Shipment must be effected not later than 31 March, 2000.

This L/C is valid at our counter until 15 April 2000.












VI.Translate the following passages: (15%)

1. From English into Chinese (5%)

Discount means that sellers offer buyers a certain percentage of reduction on the original price. When competition in the market is fierce, discount will help to improve sellers‘ competitiveness. There are different kinds of discount, for example, quantity discount, seasonal discount and exceptional discount. The specific amount or percentage of discount varies in different situations. The percentage of discount can be clearly written down in a contract if the seller and the buyer have reached an agreement.

The amount of discount is usually deducted from the buyers‘ payment. www.59wj.com 如果觉得《2000年外销员统一考试外贸英语试题》外贸外语模拟试题,wxy不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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