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2011年7月全国英语本科外贸函电试卷 一、单项选择题(在每小题的四个备选答案中,选出一个正确答案,并将正确答案的序号填在题干的括号内。每小题1分,共20分)

1.The analysis of the first shipment is not( )certified by China Commodity Inspection Bureau.

A. satisfy 

B. satisfied 

C. satisfactory

D. satisfaction

2.We regret the need for you to write to us and hope the steps we are taking ( )the safe arrival of all your orders in future.

A. ensure 

B. assure 

C. insure 

D. sure

3.Will you( )a gift for your mother this coming Mother′s Day?

A. buy

B. sell 

C. trade

D. exchange

4.If you will send us a catalogue by air, we shall( )very much.

A. be indebted 

B. be grateful 

C. thank 

D. appreciate it

5.While we appreciate your order,( )we very much regret that we are unable to accept any fresh orders at present owing to heavy commitments.

A. and 

B. but

C. nil 

D. nor

6.If you should( )able to reduce your price by 3%,we could probably come into business.

A. be 

B. been 

C. being 

D. are

7.Should your L/C( )us at the beginning of May, we shall be able to ship your order.

A. arrive

B. reach 

C. come 

D. get

8.In reply, we have the pleasure of informing you that an L/C has been opened amounting( ) $2,000.

A. at 

B. to 

C. up 

D. for

9.Your delay in shipment will( )us in great difficulty.

A. cause 

B. lead 

C. conclude

D. involve

10.Regarding insurance, the coverage is for 110% of invoice( )up to the port of destination.

A. worth 

B. value 

C. price 

D. cost


11.The( )has been shipped on S.S. “Tiantaishan” for transshipment at Hongkong per S.S. “Flying Cloud”.

A. produce

B. product

C. cargo

D. manufacture

12.The direct steamer sailing( )your port calls at our port only around the end of the month.

A. under

B. on

C. with

D. for

13.Your quotation of bicycles is( )high to be acceptable.

A. too

B. so

C. such

D. as

14.It is beyond question( )we can get the necessary import license from our authorities.

A. which

B. that

C. when

D. where

15.We shall be glad if you will agree to ship the goods to us( )before on Cash Against Documents Basis.

A. for

B. because

C. since

D. as

16.As this item falls( )the scope of our business activities, we shall be pleased to enter into direct business relations with you at an early date.

A. with

B. without

C. within

D. in with

17.The manufacturers are heavily committed for many months to come and are unable to supply your requirements( ).

A. in case

B. in a case

C. in the case

D. in this case

18.Such a growing demand can only result( )increased price.

A. in

B. from

C. to

D. for

19.Please( )your utmost to expedite shipment, so that we may execute the order smoothly .

A. do

B. get

C. take

D. make

20.Please arrange shipment of the goods booked by us with the( )possible delay.

A. most

B. least

C. latest

D. worst www.59wj.com


1.We are unable to comply _________ your request in your letter dated October 15th,1995.

2. _________ your request we send you _________ cover a quotation sheet showing our lowest price for walnut meat.

3.We are _________ receipt _________ your letter of Sept.19,enclosing catalogues and price list for bicycles and sewing machines.

4.We are well experienced _________ this line and can handle big orders _________ large quantities.

5.It is only _________ view _________ our long friendly relation that we accept D/P payment for future dealings.

6.We are thinking _________ placing _________ your firm a trial order.

7.We will now very much appreciate receiving at the earliest possible moment your quotation _________ tea for the new season.

8.We have _________ present only 50m/ts Bitter Apricot Kernels _________ stock .

9.We will make contact _________ the endusers here and see if they are interested _________ the goods you offered.

10.The buyer made a bid _________ $700 per ton for Walnut meat.

11.We are glad that we have come _________ an agreement _________ this matter. www.59wj.com


1.Through the courtesy of Mr. Freemen. we are given to understand that you are the leading importer of electric goods in your area.

2.There is likely to be enquiry or order for men′s shirts, therefore, please send us quotation and sample in advance.

3.We are lodging a claim on the shipment ex S.S. “Red Star” for short delivery.

4.It will be highly appreciated if you will reply to our Enquiry Note No.2436 regarding walnutmeat immediately.

5.We approach you today in the hope of establishing trade relations with you to our mutual advantage.

6.We are in possession of your letter of the 12th June of which we note that you have established the L/C in our favor.

7.We have only 300 kegs of iron nail, therefore we request you to extend the shipment date of your L/C to the end of November.

8.We have an enquiry for walnutmeat and would like to ask you to cable us an offer for 100 metric tons for shipment during September.

9.To trade with the people of all countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit is our established policy.

10.We are pleased to inform you that 4000 dozen shirts under Sales Confirmation No.C215,L/C No.7634 have gone off on S.S. “Feng Qing”,which sailed on the 23rd of November for New York.













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