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  A piece of art or work




  When I was required to describe a piece of art for you, the first art come to my mind is Venus Sculpture. It is an ancient Greek statue and it is known as one of the most famous ancient Greek sculpture, created at some time between 130 and 100BC. In Romans Myth, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. It is a marble sculpture, slightly larger than life size. Its arms have been lost. For Venus’s lost arms, sb said it was original lost, that is why we Chinese people sometimes use Venus to express beauty of imperfection. While the others said it was lost when people were scrambling this sculpture. I don’t know which is true. It is at present on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. I hope one day I can go there to enjoy its beauty.



  New Labour Law Environmental Protection Law Traffic Laws Taxation law

  New plastic-bags standards One Child Policy





  I would like to tell you the New plastic-bags standards. This standards forbid supermarkets and shops from handing out plastic bags. Authorities say those bags are mainly made of wasted plastics which will contaminate the environment. The standards also have other industrial requirements. For example, plastic bags should have a thickness of on less than 0.025 millimeter, so that they can be reused. Enterprises fail to conform to the standards will face severe punishment. This policy comes to use in 1st June 2008. I still remember that day, when I went to the supermarket, the assistant asked me: miss, do you need a recycled bag? It costs more than plastic bags but it benefits the environment and you can reuse it for many time. At last, I choose the recycled bag. To summarize, it is an advantageous policy for our mankind which will finally benefit our offspring. I really appreciate our government decision.

  An educational trip






  Peking University is my dream university; I have been there last summer holiday. Peking University is the one of the most famous university in china. It was established at 1898 which means an beginning of Chinese Higher Education. The university is so amazing, big library, and ancient teaching building. The most famous place of Peking University, is a lake named WeiMing. It is not big but pretty, some students were reading books there, some were talking happily there. There are many notice boards around the university, some said tonight we have a party, some said we have a show, things like that. After this visit, I made up my mind that I must study at those famous Universities. But it is too difficult for me to go to Peking University, so I choose study abroad, because there are more famous university available at western country.









  In my point of view, success means something you got. When you are trying to gain something you want, if you can achieve your aim that will be a success for you. When I was in my high school, I was too lazy to study well, but I wanted to change it. On the last year of my high school, I tried to get up early in the morning, sometimes I failed to do this, I said to myself, success belongs to those who can insist. Finally, I got the ideal scores I wanted. So I think that is a success for me.






  Although I am slim, I am crazy about delicious food. One of my hobbies is boiling, roasting or frying all kinds of materials, chicken, beef, pork such as that, in order to satisfy my stomach. I am good at cooking chickens in different way. One day, I invited friends to my home to try my new dish---cock cola chicken. My friends praised my excellence cooking skills. I was so proud of that. However, they wanted to visit my house every weekend, just for their stomach. Oh, my god!





  Life is short. I cherish every moment in my life. In my opinion, the best time in the life is childhood. I always recall my memory. I spent my childhood in Kaifeng, which is an old city in middle part of China. I always invited my friends to climb the ancient Wall, picking up a kind of fruit. In spring, we had fun of flying kites, telling stories to each other, playing seek-and-hide. At summer night, we rushed to the food stand, enjoyed the delicious food. How time flies, I have been twenty five years old and experienced some hardship, but when I recall that time, I feel so warm and comfortable.






  I have a lot of best friends. Now, I would like to tell you one of them.. She is the girl ,my classmate in middle school and her name is Xu Ke.

  We became best friends because we always played and studied together when we were at school. the reason why we became best friends is that we can help each other. No matter how difficult the problem is. I still remember, once I was puzzled in my homework, she tried her best to find out the methods to solve the problems. Of course, if she could not afford something that was very useful for herself, I would do her a favor.

  Interesting news on TV program




  本道题要自己准备比较难,可以想办法用interesting story之类的





  This morning, I heard one piece of interesting news from CCTV morning news. One day, a policeman found a strange car in the street. From appearance, it looked like a common mini QQ car. But it was so weird that there were just two tires. The responsible policeman stopped that car. The driver looked fearful. The policeman asked about the tires. He told the truth. In fact, his “car” was a motor. In order to drive in the free way, he did some changes. He was so smart, but he even neglected his life. As we all known, the policeman fined him and educated him about the traffic safety. I think he must thank that kind-hearted policeman; it’s him saving his life. From that news, everyone learns a lesson. For your family, please take care of yourself.



  1 是什么

  2 为什么要买

  To be frank, I want to buy so many things in the future such as car, house and clothes of course. Among all of them, I really need to buy a car which can take me to anywhere. I live in the new downtown where the traffic system is still need improvement. I heard a piece of terrible news last week. A girl was murdered on her way home at night as there was no bus station near her apartment. After I read that, I decided to stay at home in the evening. However, there is always sometime that I have to go out at night to have dinner with my friends or finish my work. Therefore, if I have enough money, I’d like to buy a car. It is not necessarily big or luxury, but it could offer me sense of safety.


  I’d like to introduce my apartment. My apartment is bought by my parents. I want to have my own life, so do not live with my parents. That space is not very large, but very cozy. It was decorated by myself. There are just two rooms, except toilet and kitchen. My favorite room is study room. On the blue wall, hang my family photo. When I feel study is boring, I can see my parents smell happily, like they are with me. I will refresh. There is a large bookcase. Because I like reading, I want to put all my favorites in that large case. A large and comfortable bed is in the middle of my bedroom. I am a lazy girl, so I want to have a sound sleep every night. That apartment is full of my happiness, sadness. I like it so much.


  My favorite season is summer. Born in the middle part of china, I have beard enough the windy and cold winter. I am so eager for the sunshine. The summer is the best choice. In the summer, I can stay in the shady; hear the old people telling their brave stories in the war. At night, I can enjoy the beer in the snack stand with my best friends. And especially, I can wear mini-skirt. You know, skirt is girls’ favorite. Summer is a good season for swimming. Swim freely in the sea like a fish. And for boys, there are so many beauties in the beach. A sweet love story is around corner. How fantastic summer!


  There are so many tools for study foreign language, books, dictionaries, cassette recorder, and radio such as that. With the development of computer, network has its own advantages. Firstly, it is very convenient. You do not need to put a heavy dictionary in your bag; just using a computer can solve your problems. And you also can share your difficulties with net friends. Secondly, there are so many first-hand materials in the internet. Your study stuffs can renew anytime. Thirdly, multi-media on the net are good assistants. When you feel boring of study, add some ingredients. However, every coin has two sides. When you enjoy the study on internet, it is easy to abstract by the advertisements. Plus, it is not very suitable for the intensive reading. Therefore, according to your need, choose internet as your best assistant to study language.




  Different people have different tastes for choosing clothes. That’s the reason why some people like wearing colorful clothes, while some people choose the pure ones. Of course, everyone has the right to wear the clothes he/she like best. However, one can’t wear casually on a very formal occasion, such as a party, an interview.

  I still remember the day when I was on an interview to a company. I wore my favorite clothes which was a fashionable yellow one. When I got the company, the manager who interviewed me looked at me with curious eye-sight and asked me why I chose this coat on such an occasion. At that time, I was puzzled for I did not know why he asked so. Then, he told the me the reasons. The coat that I worn was really beautiful but it gave others the unsteady feelings. What’s more, it show ed my causal attitude towards work.. Of course, I failed to get the job there.





  Therefore, one can’t choose the clothes just depends on one’s own taste on a very formal occasion. The suits may be the best choice , which can give others the trustful feelings.




  I have seen a lot of films. Now I would like to tell you one of them. The film named Frost Gump which was also my favorite one.

  The great success contributed to this film , I think , its love, hope ,compassion and responsibility that manifested. Frost Gump was the person who had a lower IQ and always was bullied by his peers and segregated from society. However, no matter how hopeless and helpless, how many times he was laughed at and bullied by his friends, he never stop trying to perfect himself and pursues his dream.

  Forrest Gump set up a very good example for all of us to learn from, we should try our best to fulfill our dream in our lives no matter what difficulties we met.




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