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2009年7月23日雅思A类和G类作文真题还原 小鹏哥发言:7月23日的考试刚刚结束,雅思A类的大作文题目比较难,考了抽象话题。现在第一时间贴出真题信息,关于题目的解析和语料库建设在我有空的时候就会上传,请烤鸭们先自己思考一下。准备一下语料库。以留言的方式分享你们的解题思路。



  Task one: 柱状人们对经理所具有5种品质的重要性调查

  The chart below gives information about the qualifications that a manager should have in 1984,1994 and 2004. (interpersonal skill, interrelated work experience, in-service skill, business certificate, non-business certificate)

  Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

  Task Two: 抽象话题

  Many people are optimistic about the 21st century and see it as an opportunity to make positive changes to the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with their optimism? What changes would you like to see in the new century? 很多人抱有乐观态度对待21世纪的世界发展,认为从中可以看到积极有益的机会,你如何看待这种乐观态度。


  让步反驳经典路标词: It is not completely true to say that It is fairly difficult to say that I am quite amazed when I hear people say that


  The ever-accelerated updating of 21st century has brought about both opportunities and challenges. The new era is witnessing many earth-shaking changes. At the same time, some problems has become more and more severe. 二十一世纪的发展带来了机遇和挑战,新世纪见证了许多的改变,但是许多问题也变得日益严重。(背景介绍)

  二十一世纪的发展带来的问题: The popularity and spread of the Internet has revolutionized the way people acquire information and enhance the efficiency of work. Yet it has also triggered new type of High-Tech Crime such as money laundering. 互联网的普及和流行改变了人们获取信息的方式提高了工作效率,但是,它也引发了新型的高科技犯罪比如洗黑钱。 In the field of communication, to write e-mail letters and communicate via QQ and MSN now becoming increasing fashionable, but they also contribute to people’s poor literacy and passive thinking. 在交流领域,电子邮件,QQ,MSN变得日益流行,但是他们也导致了人们读写力下降和被动思维。 It must be stressed out that the advancement at the cost of environment will severely penalize human beings. 以环境为代价的发展将会使人类受到严惩。 No doubt, the utilization of nuclear power could greatly relieve the energy crisis. However, it has also posed great threat to the world peace. 无疑,核能的使用缓解了能源危机,但是也威胁到了世界和平。 Another obvious example is that the prosperity of economy makes people’s life more enjoyable and comfortable, on the other hand, this trend has also polarized the wealth distribution. 经济的繁荣一方面使得人们的生活舒适快乐,同时也导致了两级分化。

  对于二十一世纪的展望: people could adopt a simpler lifestyle, cherish our planet’s limited resources, and strengthen our environmental awareness. 希望人们过简单生活,珍惜有限的资源,加强环保意识。

improve medical conditions /medical treatment 改善医疗。 work for / strive for the promotion of world peace 他们为促进世界和平而努力。 narrow the gap between the wealthy and the impoverished 减少贫富差距。


  Task one:


  Task Two:



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