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  Part 1

  Part 1除了routine questions 如 study, work 之外,Part 2的题目被拿到了第一部分来讨论,形式上与part 3 相似。如:刚结束的10号的口语考题中有Advertisement,Reading,Fruits and Vegetables, Arts, Emails and Letters, News,Traveling,Gift,Sports, Leisure Time, Holidays 这些都是曾经作为话题卡在Part 2出现过的。问题的形式主要是:

  1、过去和现在的对比,在Reading Topic中,题目如:

  • Do you like reading?

  • Did you like reading when you were a child?


  • What sorts of books do you like to read?

  • What did you like to read when you were a child?


  • What are the differences between what you read today, compared to when you were a child?



  • Why do you think traveling is so popular nowadays?


  • Which city or place that you have been to did you like the most?(最喜欢哪个地方)

  • Which country would you like to travel to in the future?


  • What makes a place attractive for visitors?


  3、对比不同年龄人群的行为,如Leisure Time题目中问道:

  • What kinds of leisure time activities are popular with young people today?


  • Do older people like to do the same activities?


  • Do you think modern people like to get together with others?


  可见在part 1部分,我们还是可见熟悉的话题,在问题的深度和广度上更近了一步。

  Part 2



  1a person who once helped you

  2A famous person

  3An intelligent / wise person

  事物题: an advertisement An important conversation A course you would like to learn when you have time Song.  Photo

  6. Last job that you did very quickly

  7. An important plan you want to do in the future

  8. A car/vehicle that you want to have

  9. A skill you recently learnt

  地点题: A city you want to go A country you want to go A place near the water that you always visited A small shop A restaurant

  事件题: A picnic A concert A Party

A competition related to a person A happy event in your childhood

  6. An interesting childhood event

  7A current happy thing

  Part 2题目主要内容还是四大方面:人物、事物、地点、事件题目。其中考题以事物(抽象)题居多。题目形式采取:主干+附加条件。如人物题中1a person who once helped you 事物题中3A course you would like to learn when you have time 地点题中3.A place near the water that you always visited 事件题中5.A happy event in your childhood17An interesting childhood event

  人物题a famous person最近的重复率比较高,下面给出题目和参考例文:

  Describe a famous person you would like to meet.

  You should say:

  Who this person is

  How you first learned about him or her

  How/why this person is famous

  And explain why you would like to meet this person.


  (who this person is)

  A famous person I am so eager to meet is Yu Minhong who is the CEO of New Oriental Schoolthe most successful training school in China. (主题句不用太冗长, better use a complex sentence)

  (how you first learned about him or her)

  If you happen to be interested in learning English, you probably have heard of his name through word of mouth. He successfully helped a lot of students to go abroad by getting a high marks on the examinations such as TOFEL, SAT, GRE etc. (介绍成就)

  (how/why this person is famous)

  To begin with, he is a very diligent learner. He had been dreaming of going to Peking University to study English as his major. Before he was taking the National College Entrance Examination, he memorized thousands of English words and expressions. By doing so, he finally got the highest mark on English Test that year in his hometown. Finally, he got the offer from Peking University and later became a teacher of English department. Till today, he keeps working really hard, which is the secret of his business’ success.

  (and explain why you would like to meet this person)

  In addition, he is a great orator. Once you hear his passionate speeches, you can’t help being attracted by his outgoing personality that seems contagious to his audience. Many times on TV I was quite impressed by his encouraging speeches made for students encouraging them to try their best to realize their dreams as long as they have enough time and effort. I think if I could have a chance to meet him in person, I would remember the moment forever and I would always keep his inspiring speeches in my mind.

  All in all, I have long admired the success he had in the past 15 years, and I would like to take him as my role model encouraging me to make my dream come true one day in the future. (总结自己的感受)

  注:例文中红色词为过渡词,他们在整个Part 2部分是极为重要的,可以使文章更连贯。

  Part 3

  Part 3部分关心的问题主要有三种:

  一 现代社会的热门话题。如本次考试的Part 2题目a famous person,part 3 关于成名的一些问题,这些问题就现在社会的热点即普通人想一夜成名而谈的,尤其是在中国出现了超女,快男,快女这样的选秀电视节目之后,很多曾经的普通人(如李宇春,张靓影等)因此而走上星光大道。由此引发一系列思考:讨论成名好不好(Do you think it‘s good to be famous?);还有思考成名的得失(What benefits do people get from being famous? Do you think people become a little "lost" when they become famous?);和成名后可能有的改变(If you became famous, how do you think your life would change?)。

  二 频繁的考比较和对比,如Part 2 中考A Car的Part 3 的问题是Compare the benefits of using a private car with the benefits of using public transportation (使用私家车和公共交通工具的利处对比);

  如Part 2中A Gift You Gave 的Part 3 的问题是What‘s the difference between giving a gift out of genuine friendship and giving a gift with some commercial goal in mind? (送朋友礼物和因为利益而送礼的区别)

  三 ‘新’题型考察‘老’内容――个人喜好personal preference,出现了比较新鲜的形式:二选一。 以前的考题问的比较抽象,如 What do you think of…? 现在这种题型更加具体化了,这种新的题型跟托福口语考试的第二题很相似。如:

  Which do you think is better, to give or to receive a gift?


  Which do you think is better, big restaurants or small ones?


  Which do you think are more important, the skills that children learn at home or those they learn at school?





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