Part 2描述题的拓展策略

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Part 2描述题的拓展策略



  4W— When, Where, Who, What, Why;

  1H— How

  【真题实例】Describe a festival that is popular in your country.

  You should say:

  What the festival is

  What time of year it is

  What people do during this festival

  Whether this festival has changed in recent years.

  【答题思路】以该例为代表的事件题最容易从时间,地点,人物角度入手探寻素材。话题卡本身会以特殊疑问句形式给出四个方面提示。就该题而言,what time=when, what people do=how, 对照4W+1H, 我们还可以自己加三点提示,即where to celebrate, with whom to spend,和why it is important to celebrate。那么内容一下子增加了近一半。



  (what)The Spring Festival, is one of the\major traditional festivals in China.

  (when)It falls on the first day of the first lunar month.

  (what to do)Ways to celebrate the Chinese new year vary from place to place, but generally speaking, setting fireworks and firecrackers is a shared tradition and people across China decorate their house with the red color.

  (whether)In recent years, Spring festival is more like a time for family get-together and personal relaxation , not a tradition to celebrate.


  (where) Chinese people would like to spend the holiday at home, watching TV or playing mahjong.

  (who) On this day, family members who study or work away from home all come back and stay together. It is a time for family reunion.

  (why) It is essential to have such a festival to celebrate, coz it offers the working people a chance to slow down, to strengthen the family bond and more importantly, to remember their tradition. 如果觉得《Part 2描述题的拓展策略》雅思口语复习指导,yashi不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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