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72、Lillian Hellman丽莲·海尔曼1905-1983

The Children’s Hour孩子们的时光;The Little Foxes小狐狸;Watch on the Rhine守望莱茵河;The Searching Wind彻骨的风;The Autumn Garden秋园 ;Tos in the Attic阁楼里的玩具;The Days to Come未来的日子;Another Part of the Forest森林的另一处

回忆录:An Unfinished Wonman一个事业尚未终了的女人;Pentimento旧画新貌;Scoundrel Time邪恶的时代

73、Clifford Odets克利福德·奥德茨1906-1963

Waiting for Lefty等待老左/勒夫特;Awake and Sing!醒来歌唱;Till the Day I Die直到我死的那天;Paradise Lost失乐园;Golden Boy金孩子;Clash by Night夜间冲突;The Big Knife大刀;The Country Girl乡村姑娘;The Flowering Peach开花的桃树

74、Richard Wright理查德·赖特1908-1960

Uncle Tom’s Children汤姆叔叔的孩子们;Native Son土生子;Black Boy;黑孩子The Outsiders局外人;The Long Dream漫长的梦;Eight Men八人行

75、Eudora Welty尤多拉·韦尔蒂1906-

短篇小说:Death of a Travelling,Salesman巡回推销员之死;A Curtain of Green and Other Stories绿窗帘和其他;The Wide Net and Other Stories大网和其他故事;The Golden Apples金苹果;The Bridge of Innifallen英尼斯法伦的新娘

长篇小说:The Robber Bridgeroom强盗新朗;Detta Wedding德尔塔的婚姻;The Ponder Heart庞德的心;The Losing Battles失败的战斗;The Optismist’s Daughter乐观者的女儿

76、Valdimir Nabokov弗·纳博科夫1899-1977

Lolita洛莉塔;Pale Fire微暗的火;The Admiralty Sprie海军部大厦塔尖

77、Anais Nin安娜伊思·宁1903-1977

The Novel of Future未来的小说;Heida海达;House of Incest****之家;Collages拼贴

78、Issac Bashevis Singer艾萨克·辛格1904-1991

Gimpel the Fool傻瓜吉姆佩尔;The Family Moskat莫斯卡特家族;Satan in Goray撒旦在戈雷;The Magician of Lublin卢布林的魔术师;The Slave奴隶;The Manor庄园;The Estate产业;Enenemies,A Love Story仇敌们,一个爱情故事;Shosha舒莎

短篇小说:The Spinoza of Market Street市场街的斯宾诺莎;A Friend of Kafka卡夫卡的朋友


79、Robert Penn Warren罗伯特·沃伦1905-1989

Night Rider夜间骑士;At Heaven’s Gate在天堂门口;All King’s Men国王的全部人马;World Enough and Time足够的世界和时间;The Cave洞穴;Band of Angels天使的队伍;A Place to Come to归宿

诗集:Thirtysix Poems;Selected Poems1923-1943;Brother to Dragons;Promised:Poems1954-1956;You,Emperors and Others;Selected Poems New and Old 1923-1966;Elven Poems on the Same Themet;Incarnation Poem1966-1968显灵:1966-1968诗选;Now and Then:Poems 1976-1978此时与彼时1976-1978诗选

剧作:Proud Flesh骄傲的血肉之躯;Modern Rhetoric当代修辞学;Birth of Love爱之诞生(选自与Cleanth Brooks合编的 Understanding Poetry/Understanding Fiction)

逃亡者集团The Fugitive的宣言书I’ll Take My Stand我表明我的立场

80、Tennessee William田纳西·威廉斯1911-1983

American Blues美国的布鲁斯;Battle of Angels天使的战斗;The Glass Menagerie玻璃动物园;The Streetcar Named Desire欲望号街车;Cat on a Hot Tin Roof热铁皮屋顶上的猫;The Night of The Iguana鬣蜥之夜;Summer and Smoke夏与烟;The Rose Tattoo玫瑰纹;Sweet Bird of Yout可爱的青春鸟

81、John Cheever约翰·契弗1912-1982

短篇小说:The Expelled开除

短篇小说集:The Way Some People Live一些人的生活方式;The Enormous Radio and Other Stories巨型收音机和其他;The Housebreaker of Shaddy Hill and Other Stories绿茵山窃贼和其他;Some People,Places and Things That Will Not Appear in My Next Novel一些不会在我下一部小说中出现的人物、地点、事件;The Brigadier and the Golf Widow陆军准将和高尔夫迷寡妇;The World of Apples苹果世界→The Stories of John Cheever契弗短篇小说选

长篇小说:The Wapshot Chronicle/Scandal瓦普肖特纪事/丑闻;Bullet Park布利特公园;Falconer鹰猎者

82、Irwin Shaw欧文·肖1913-1984

Bury the Dead埋葬死者;Sailor off the Bremen不来梅港外的水手

长篇小说:The Young Lions幼狮;The Troubled Air混浊的空气;Lucy Crown露茜·克朗;Two Weeks in Another Town; Voices of a Summer Day夏日的喁喁声;Rich Man,Poor Man;Evening in Byzantium;Nightwork认夜工;Beggarman,Thief;Bread upon the Waters

83、Ralph Ellison拉尔夫·埃利林1914-

长篇小说:Invisible Man看不见的人

散文集:Shadow and Act影子与行动;Going to the Territory步入文学界

84、Bernard Malamud伯纳德·马拉默德1914-1986

长篇小说:The Natural天生运动员;The Assistant伙计;The Fixer装配工;A New Life新生活;God’s Grace上帝的恩赐 短篇小说:The Magic Barrel魔桶


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