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In this section there are five passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer. Mark your choices on your ANSWER SHEET.


Nobody’s Watching Me

I am a foot taller than Napoleon and twice the weight of Twiggy; on my only visit to a beautician, the woman said she found my face a challenge. Yet despite these social disadvantages I feel cheerful, happy, confident and secure.I work for a daily newspaper and so get to a lot of places I would otherwise never see. This year I went to Ascot to write about the people there. I saw something there that made me realize the stupidity of trying to conform,of trying to be better than anyone else. There was a small, plump woman, all dressed up huge hat, dress with pink butterflies, long white gloves. She also had a shooting stick. But because she was so plump, when she sat on the stick it went deep into the ground and she couldn’t pull it out. She tugged and tugged, tears of rage in her eyes. When the final tug brought it out, she crashed with it to the ground.”

I saw her walk away. Her day had been ruined. She had made a fool of herself in public— she had impressed nobody. In her own sad, red eyes she was a failure.

I remember well when I was like that, in the days before I learned that nobody really cared what you do . . .I remember the pain of my first dance, something that is always meant to be a wonderful occasion for a girl . . . There was a fashion then for diamante (人造钻石) ear-rings, and I wore them so often practicing for the big night that I got two great sores on my ears and had to put sticking-plaster on them. Perhaps it was this that made nobody want to dance with me. Whatever it was, there I sat for four hours and 43 minutes. When I came home, I told my parents that I had a marvelous time and that my feet were sore from dancing. They were pleased at my success and they went to bed happily, but l went to my room and tore the bits of sticking-plaster off my ears and felt forlorn and disconsolate.

66. The beautician found the writer’s face a `challenge’, which means____.

A. she thought it was a challenge to have such a face repaired

B. she thought it was a challenge to deal with such a face

C. the writer’s face challenged the beautician’s

D. it was a challenge to find the writer’s face

67. In the second paragraph, the word `plump’ can be replaced by which word?

A. Heavy.B. Slim.C. Ugly.D. Stout.

68. According to the writer, what was the main reason for the failure of her first dance?

A. She was too shy and kept quiet.

B. She was not attractive.

C. She wore diamante earring.

D. She was not in fashion.


The Virus Hunters

The mouth of the Amazon River has long been a starting place for hunters going to the jungles of Brazil. In recent years it has been, too, the headquarters for a middle-aged American couple who hunt the smallest living things and perhaps the most deadlyviruses. Dr Causey and his wife have discovered more new types and more old ones in new places than all of the other search teams. Dr. Causey insists that the couple’s success is due more to the number of viruses in the forests of the Amazon than to the skill he and his wife have developed during their eighteen years of work in Brazil.

“We have found the loveliest diseases right in our backyard,” he told me one day as we walked through a light rain along a jungle trail.

“Oh, these viruses are here all right. There is in the jungle a great pool of disease which is carried in the blood of animals and birds. Some of the diseases can be caught by people. It may be that we shall find that the jungle is a great center of virus disease and that it overflows from here to other parts of the world. It may be that birds carry the viruses to far countries. It may be that some viruses which presently reproduce in man without making him ill, may change and become deadly to him.‘Viruses waiting for a disease,’ they are sometimes called. This is just an idea, you understand. We do not know, but it is important that we find out, and the first step in finding out is to learn what viruses there are in the jungles.”

There is a Brazilian story about the beginning of the world which goes: “When God was making the world he tried to keep everything in balance. When he made a desert, he provided it with some green places. When he made a land that was beautiful, he gave it storms and other terrible things caused by the weather. Where the earth was rich below the surface, it was also made hard to live on, where the land could be farmed, the weather was made too hot or too cold or too dry. Where there was enough water, God made it so that there should sometimes be too much water.

“But in one place God made a land that was rich, where everything grew easily. Where it was not too hot and certainly not too cold, where animals were plentiful and fruit hung from the trees all the year round.”

“The angels looked at this loveliness and were jealous of man. They asked God if this was not too beautiful, too much like heaven, this valley of the Amazon.”And God said, “True, this land looks like heaven, but wait until you see what happens to man when he tries to live in it.”

69. When Dr. Causey said, “We have found the loveliest diseases right in our backyard,” he meant____.

A. new viruses have just been discovered

B. his discovery was a bit frightening

C. he and his wife were surrounded by harmful viruses

D. his job was exciting

70. “Viruses waiting for a disease” refers to____.

A. those viruses carried in the blood of animals

B. some viruses which are at present harmless to man

C. the viruses that reproduce in man without making him ill

D. the still-not-yet-discovered viruses in the jungle

71. When the author cited the Brazilian legend he was____.

A. trying to add a little humor

B. trying to illustrate his earlier point

C. simply joking

D. being religious

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The year 1400 opened with more peacefulness than usual in England. Only a few months before, Richard II, weak, wicked, and treacherous,had been deposed(废黜),and Herry IV declared king in his stead. But it was only a seeming peacefulness, lasting for but a little while; for though King Herry proved himself a just and a merciful manas justice and mercy went with the men of iron of those daysand though he did not care to shed blood needlessly, there were many noble families who had been benefited by King Richard during his reign, and who had lost somewhat of their power and prestige from the coming in of the new king.

Among these were a number of great lords who had been degraded from their former titles and estates, from which degradation King Richard had lifted them. They planned to fall upon King Herryand his followers and to massacre(屠杀)them during a great tournament(中世纪的马上比武大会) which was being held at Oxford. And they might have succeeded had not one of their own members betrayed them.

But Herry did not appear at the lists; whereupon, knowing that he had been lodging at Windsor with only a few attendants, the conspirators marched there against him. In the meantime, the king had been warned of the plot, so that instead of finding him in the royal castle, they discovered through their scouts that he had hurried to London, and that he was marching against them at the head of a considerable army. So nothing was left but flight. One and another, they were all caught and some killed. Those few who found friends faithful and bold enough to afford them shelter dragged those friends down in their own ruin.

72. Why did the nobles wish to kill Herry?

A. Herry had taken away power given to them by Richard.

B. Herry was weak, wicked, and treacherous.

C. Herry had needlessly killed members of their families.

D. Herry had killed King Richard.

73. How did King Herry find out about the plot?

A. His scouts discovered it.

B. He saw the conspirators coming.

C. One of the conspirators told him.

D. He found a copy of the conspirators’ plan.

74. What does the author seem to think of King Herry?

A. He was the best king England had ever had.

B. He was unfair and cowardly.

C. He was just as evil as King Richard.

D. He was a better ruler than King Richard.


Although the United States cherishes the tradition it is a nation of small towns and wide open spaces, only one in every eight Americans now lives on a farm. The recent population trend has been a double one, toward both urbanization and suburbanization. Metropolitan areas have grown explosively in the past decade, and nearly half this increase has been in the suburbs. With the rapid growth of cities has come equally rapid decentralization. The flight of Americans from the central city to the suburbs constitutes one of the greatest migrations of modern times; quite residential sections outside cities have become conglomerations of streets, split-level houses, and shopping centers.

This spurt of suburban expansion, however, does not alter the basic fact that the United States has become one of the most urban nations on the face of the earth. Census Bureau figures show that the rural population has been shrinking steadily since 1830. When the United States became a nation it had no large cities at all; today some fifty cities have population of more than 258,000. Mammoth complexes of cities are developing in the area of the East Coast and the east north-central states, on the Pacific and Gulf coasts, and near the shores of the Great Lakes. Some sociologists now regard the entire 600-mile stretch between Boston and Washington D.C.an area holding a fifth of the country’s populationas one vast city or, as they call it, megalopolis.

75. The author says that trends are toward the____.

A. growth of cities and shrinking of suburban areas

B. growth of both rural and suburban areas

C. growth of urban and suburban areas

D. growth of suburban areas and shrinking of cities

76. Decentralization is best defined as ____.

A. movement from the central city to rural areas

B. movement from the central city to the suburbs

C. disorderly expansion of the central city

D. shrinking of metropolitan

77. One aspect of the recent population trend is the____.

A. development of complexes of cities

B. increasingly great distance between cities

C. transformation of cities into suburbs

D. growth of many small towns


A need for beauty, lightness, corrosion resistance, or other specific properties must be present before plastic can be considered as competitors of brick, window glass, cement, cast iron, or steel, since volumetric prices are so low for the last substance and for wood. It is not particularly unfortunate that plastics do not appear economical for every use. There is no reason why industry should want to replace wood, brick, concrete, and metals when the latter are adequate and inexpensive. Too much has been written about the coming “Plastics and Light Metal Age,” which is prophesized as the successor to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. In the historical sequence of these earlier periods, there is logic in the quantitative sense; one age gave way to another when the use of a new material exceeded in quantity that of its predecessor. For the plastics and light metals, however, a different picture presents itself; less than 3,000,000 tons of all these materials are being produced annually, while steel production exceeded 90,000,000 tons last year and will probably not recede to less than 60,000,000 tons for many years. This is still the Iron Age or rather the Steel Age. 

78. The writer considers that the Bronze Age succeeded the Stone Age because____.

A. there was a scarcity of wood and other building materials

B. bronze was less expensive than stone

C. stone was no longer available

D. more bronze than stone came into use 

79. The writer regards the change to a “Plastic and Light Metal Age” in the near future as____.

A. necessaryB. desirable

C. improbableD. logical

80. The title that best expresses the idea of this passage is____.

A. New Uses for Plastics

B. How One Age Succeeds Another

C. Advantages of Plastics

D. Limitations on the Use of Plastics

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In this section there are five passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your ANSER SHEET.


First read the following questions.

81. What is the writer’s main point?

A. Animals yawn for a number of reasons.

B. Yawning results only from fatigue or boredom.

C. Human yawns are the same as those of other animals.

D. Only social animals yawn.

82. What physiological reason for yawning is mentioned?

A. To exercise the jaw muscles.

B. To eliminate fatigue.

C. To get greater strength for attacking.

D. To gain more oxygen.

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Today’s discussion is about a common animal reaction the yawn. The dictionary defines a yawn as “an involuntary reaction to fatigue or boredom.” That’s certainly true for human yawns, but not necessarily for animal yawns. The same action can have quite different meanings in different species. For example, some animals yawn to intimidate intruders on their territory. Fish and lizards are examples of this. Hippos use yawns when they want to settle a quarrel. Observers have seen two hippos yawn at each other for as long as two hours before they stop quarreling. As for social animals like baboons or lions, they yawn to establish the pecking order within social groups, and lions often yawn to calm social tensions. Sometimes these animals yawn for a strictly physiological reasonthat is, to increase oxygen levels. And curiously enough, when they yawn for a physical reason like that, they do what humans do—they try to stifle the yawn by looking away or by covering their mouths.


First read the following question.

83. The main idea of the passage is____. 

A. women in Pakistan are liberated totally

B. women in Pakistan are entering men’s world

C. women in Pakistan should wear traditional clothes and stay at home

D. women in Pakistan are running some business completely

Now skim the passage below and mark your answer on your ANSWER SHEET.

In Pakistan the role of women is changing. Although wearing traditional clothing and staying at home used to be the rule, today many women are going into professions, such as medicine, law, and engineering. They comprise a large part of the workers in business and factories, and in addition, they are working up to important jobs which used to be held predominantly by men. There are even some businesses which are run completely by women. However, they still run up against roadblocks since many government jobs are closed to them, and certain jobs are not considered honorable for women. In general, they feel they are more liberated now and have an alternative to their old way of life.


First read the following questions.

84. Which statement is true about first aid?

A. It usually makes the services of a doctor unnecessary.

B. It is usually done by someone who is not a doctor.

C. It is usually done by a doctor.

D. It is usually done by the victim himself.

85. Which factor does first aid not usually include?

A. Telling where the nearest hospital is.

B. Telephoning a friend or relative.

C. Finding out the cause of the accident.

D. Summoning an ambulance.

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

First aid may be defined as the immediate and temporary care given to a victim of an accident or serious illness until the supersedes of a physician can be obtained. First aid commences with the steadying effect upon the stricken person when he realizes that competent hands will help him. The emergency situation often causes confusion in the mind of the victim, things seem unreal and remote, and he often cannot think clearly and rationally for some time. The emotional reaction which results from a serious accident takes time to subside. Therefore, first aid is more than the physical attention dressing his injuries or making him comfortable. It is the general mental effect that the well-selected word of encouragement, the expression of willingness to help, the uplifting effect of the first aider’s evident capability can be given. The thoughtful for suggestions made to solve immediate problems, the information given concerning nearby physicians and hospitals, the telephone call to summon medical help or an ambulance or to notify a relative, these too are first aid. The good first aider deals with the whole situation, the person and the injury. He knows what not to do as well as to do. Thus, he avoids the error so commonly made through well meant but misguided efforts. He confines his procedures to what is necessary, keeping the handling of injured parts to a minimum.


First read the following questions.

86. Which service is NOT provided on some ships?

A. Fully-equipped health spa.

B. Fitness classes.

C. Rock climbing wall.

D. Sumptuous midnight buffets.

87. How many lounges are provided on a ship?

A. 6.B. 12.C. 8.D. 10.

88. How long does Cruise Itinerary ashore at Helsinki?

A. 8 hours.B. 5 hours.C. 8.5 hours.D. 15.5 hours.


Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Cruise Itinerary Highlights

*24-hour room service

*Fine dining

*Fully-equipped health spa

*Live music and comedy shows

*Fitness classes

*Adventure Ocean youth activities

*Port-of-call lectures

*Creative theme parties

*Top 40 and Big Band lounges

*Casino with Caribbean stud poker

*Cooking demonstrations

*Broadway/Las Vegas-style entertainment

*Thousands of balcony cabins

*Sumptuous midnight buffets

*Up to a dozen bars and lounges

*Rock climbing wall, some ships

*Ice skating rink, some ships

*Johnny Rocket’s 50’s dinner, some ships

10-day Europe - Northern cruise aboard Cruise Itinerary

DayPorts of CallArrivalDeparture


2At Sea3Stockholm7:00 a.m.5:30 p.m.

4Helsinki8:30 a.m.5:00 p.m.

5St. Petersburg6:30 a.m.

6St. Petersburg-5:30p.m.

7Tallinn7:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.

8Gdansk10:00 a.m.7:00 p.m.

9At Sea

10Oslo7:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.

11Copenhagen5:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.


First read the following questions.

89. Which one of the following is NOT the factor contributing to the success of the Rolling Stones group?

A. Less boyish.B. More aggressive music.

C. Uninhibited life style.

D. More rebellion style.

90. When was the album The Stone Detroit published?

A. 1964.B. 1970.C. 1984.D. 1994.

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Rolling Stones

The rock group, members Mick Jagger (1943 ) vocals, Keith Richards (1943 ) g

uitar, Bill Wyman (1936 ) bass, Charlie Watts (1941 ) drums, Ron Wood (1947-

- ) guitar, former member Brian Jones (194269) guitar, one of the longest-runn

ing and most successful popular music groups to emerge in the 1960s. They first

performed together in 1962. At first, they were very much in the shadow of The B

eatles, but their less boyish, more rebellious style together with their more ag

gressive music soon won them a large following. Although their uninhibited life

styles and overtly sexual lyrics often hit the headlines, it was the excellence

of their compositions (usually by Jagger and Richard) that ensured their continu

ing success. Among their early hits were “The Last Time” and “Satisfaction”. L

ater albums include Exile on Main Street (1972) and Tattoo You (1981).

1964The Rolling Stones

1965The Rolling Stones Now!

1966Big Hits (High Tide, Green Grass)

1967Between the Buttons

1968Beggars Banquet

1969Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits, Vol. 2)

1970The Stones Detroit

1971Sticky Fingers

1972Exile On Main Street

1973Goat’s Head Soup

1974It’s Only Rock and Roll

1975Made in the Shade


1976Black and Blue

1977Love You Live

1978Some Girls

1980Emotional Rescue

1981Sucking in the Seventies

1982Still Life


1984Rewind (1971-1984)

1986Dirty Work

1989Steel Wheels


1993Jump Back: the Best of the Rolling Stones

1994Voodoo Lounge


1996Rock and Roll Circus

1997Bridges to Babylon

1998No Security

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