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In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer. Mark your choices on your ANSWER SHEET.


The Chinese of 3,500 years ago believed that the earth was a chariot, and the sky like a curved canopy stretched above it. The canopy was nine layers thick,and it sloped slightly to the northwest, as a cataclysm had broken one of its supporting columns. This gentle slope explained the movement of the stars from east to west.According to these ancient Chinese beliefs, the sun spent the night on earth and ascended to the sky each morning from the luminous valley of the east by climbing the branches of an immensely tall sacred tree. To the Chinese people, the sun was the incarnation of goodness, beauty, and truth. In popular imagination, the sun was represented as a cock that little by little assumed human form. His battles with the dragons, which personified evil in their beliefs, accounted for the momentary disappearances of the sun that men now call eclipses. Many of the Chinese people worshiped the sun, but in the vast and complicated organization of the Chinese gods, the sun was of only secondary importance.

Along with these unsophisticated beliefs about the sun, the Chinese evolved a science of astronomy based upon observationthough essentially religiouswhich enabled them to predict eclipses of the sun and the movements of the stars.

Such predictions were based on calculations made by using a gnomonan object whose shadow could be used as a measure, as with a sundial or simpler shadow pointers. Moreover, with the naked eye, the Chinese observed sunspot, a phenomenon not then known to their contemporaries.

66. The sun’s disappearances were thought to be caused by____.

A. fights with cocksB. fights with dragons

C. a scientific phenomenonD. eclipses

67. Ancient Chinese astronomy could be accurately described as ____.

A. entirely religious in nature

B. based on legendary figures

C. advantages in some areas

D. completely unsuccessful

68. What is implied in this passage?

A. The sun was worshiped by all the Chinese people.

B. The sun was thought of as a cock.

C. Chinese religion and astronomy were closely interrelated.

D. Sundials were first used by the Chinese.


The oceans are the main source of humidity, but plants also pour moisture into the air. In one day, a five-acre forest can release 20,000 gallons of water, enough to fill an average swimming pool, A dryer extracts moisture from wet clothes, adding to humidity. Even breathing contributes to this sticky business. Every time we exhale, we expel nearly one pint of moist air into the atmosphere. Using sophisticated measuring devices, science is learning more and more about the far-reaching and often surprising impact humidity has on all of us. 

Two summers ago angry callers phoned American Television and Communications Corp.’s cable-TV operation in northeastern Wisconsin, complaining about fuzzy pictures and poor reception. “What happened,” said the chief engineer, “was that the humidity was interfering with our signals.” When a blast of dry air invaded the state, the number of complaints dropped sharply.Humidity plays hob with our mechanical world as well. Water condensation on the playing heads and tapes of videocassette recorders produces a streaky picture. Humidity shortens the life of flashlight and smoke-detector batteries. When the weather gets sticky, the rubber belts that power the fan, air conditioner and alternator under the hood of our cars can get wet and squeak.

Moisture also causes pianos to go out of tune, often in no time flat. At the Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, Va., pianos are tuned twice a day during the summer concert season. Often a tuner stands in the wings, ready to make emergency adjustments during performances.

Humidity speeds the deterioration of treasured family photos and warps priceless antiques. Your home’s wooden support beams, doors and window framers absorb extra moisture and expand-swelling up to three percent depending on the wood, its grain and the setting.

Too much moisture promotes blight that attacks potato and green-bean cropsadding to food costs. It also causes rust in wheat, which can affect grain-product prices.

Humidity affects our health, as well. We get more migraine headaches, ulcer attacks, blood clots and skin rashes in hot, humid weather. Since 1987, the Health, Weight and Stress Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore has tested over 1700 patients for responses to high humidity. They have reported increased dizziness, stomachaches, chest pains, cramps, and visual disturbances such as double and blurred vision.

69. The main idea of the passage is about ____.

A. the main source of humidity

B. the impact of humidity on our world and ourselves

C. how humidity affect our life

D. the damage humidity has done to our world

70. Which of the following is NOT included as source of humidity in this passage?

A. Oceans.B. Plants.C. Air.D. Dryers.

71. Why does a tuner often stand in the wings?

A. So it can be reached any time.

B. It is so designed mechanically.

C. So it can prevent moisture.

D. The piano needs to be tuned frequently.

72. What can be inferred from this passage?

A. Nowadays science is learning more and more about the impact humidity has on

all of us by using sophisticated measuring devices.

B. Humidity could interfere with television signals.

C. Humidity may warp priceless antiques.

D. Visual disturbances may decrease in days of low humidity.



Londoners are great readers. They buy vast numbers of newspapers and magazines and even of booksespecially paperbacks, which are still comparatively cheap in spite of ever-increasing rises in the costs of printing. They still continue to buy `proper’ books, too, printed on good paper and bound between hard covers.

There are many streets in London containing shops which specialize in book-selling. Perhaps the best known of these is Charing Cross Road in the very heart of London. Here bookshops of all sorts and sizes are to be found, from the celebrated one which boasts of being “the biggest bookshop in the world” to the tiny dusty little places which seem to have been left over from Dickens’ time. Some of these shops stock, or will obtain, any kind of book, but many of them specialize-in second-hand books, in art books, in foreign books, in books on philosophy, politics or any other of the numberless subjects about which books may be written. One shop in this area specializes solely in books about ballet!

Although it may be the most convenient place for Londoners to buy books, Charing Cross Road is not the cheapest. For the really cheap second-hand volume, the collectors must venture off the beaten track, to Farringdon Road, for example, in the East Central district of London. Here there is nothing so grandiose as bookshops. Instead, the booksellers come along each morning and tip out their sacks of books on to small barrows which line the gutters. And the collectors, some professional and some amateur, who have been waiting for them, punce upon the dusty cascade. In places like this one can still, occasionally, pick up for a few pence an old volume that may be worth many pounds.

Both Charing Cross Road and Farringdon Road are well-known haunts of the book buyer. Yet all over London there are bookshops, in places not so well known, where the wares are equally varied and exciting. It is in the sympathetic atmosphere of such shops that the ardent book buyer feels most at home. In these shops, even the lifelong book-browser is frequently rewarded by the accidental discovery of previously unknown delights. One could, in fact, easily spend a lifetime exploring London’s bookshops. There are many less pleasant ways of spending time!

73. In the bookshops of Charing Cross Road you can get____.

A. new books of any kind

B. tiny dusty books 

C. second-hand books on various subjects

D. both A and C

74. The book-browser ____. 

A. never gets tired of exploring London’s bookshops

B. has many other pleasant ways of spending time

C. always stays at home reading

D. goes to bookshops to kill time every day

75. According to the passage the best-known bookshops are ____.

A. in the East Central district

B. throughout the city

C. in some parts of the city

D. in the center of the city

76. This passage tells us that ____.

A. Londoners have plenty of time to read books

B. Londoners are rich enough to buy various books

C. Londoners enjoy collecting and reading books

D. Londoners prefer second-hand books.


They are among the 250,000 people under the age of 25 who are out of work in the Netherlands, a group that accounts for 40 percent of the nation’s unemployed. A storm of anger boils up at the government-sponsored youth center, even among those who are continuing their studies. 

“We study for jobs that don’t exist,” Nicollets Steggerda, 23, said.

After three decades of prosperity, unemployment among 10 member nations of the European Community has exceeded 11 percent, affecting a total of 12.3 million people, and the number is climbing. 

The bitter disappointment long expressed by British youths is spreading across the Continent. The title of a rock song “No Future” can now be seen written on the brick walls of closed factories in Belgium and France.

Recent surveys have found that the increasing argument in the last few years over the deployment in Europe of North Atlantic Treaty Organization missiles and the possibility of nuclear war have clouded European youths’ confidence in the future.

One form of protest tends to put the responsibility for a country’s economic troubles on the large numbers of “guest workers” from Third World nations, people welcomed in Western Europe in the years of prosperity.

Young Europeans, brought up in an extended period of economic success and general stability, seem to resemble Americans more than they do their own parents. Material enjoyment has given them a sense of expectation, even the right, to a standard of living that they see around them.

“And so we pass the days at the disco, or meet people at the café, and sit and stare,” said Isabella Gault. “There is usually not much conversation. You look for happiness. Sometimes you even find it.”

77. What Nicollets Steggerda said (Paragraph 2) means that____.

A. school education is not sufficient

B. what the students learn is more than necessary 

C. the students cannot get work after graduation

D. the students’ aim in study is not clear 

78. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. The rock song “No Future” is an expression of the disappointment of European youth.

B. 40% of the guest workers are out of work in Western Europe now.

C. European youths are worried about a new world war in the future.

D. Widespread unemployment is beyond European youths expectation.

79. British youths ____.

A. are trying to find work on the Continent

B. are sympathetic with the unemployed on the Continent

C. have been the first to show their disappointment over joblessness

D. show their concern for unemployment in France and Belgium

80. It seems that young Europeans ____.

A. look upon life as their elders do

B. are more like Americans than their elders in their way of thinking 

C. look more like Americans than their elders do

D. expect more from Americans than from their elders



In this section there are five passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


First read the following questions.

81. The passage is chiefly about ____.

A. the debut of mayors

B. the introduction of Brazil’s new mayors

C. the comparison among different cities in Brazil

D. the religious behavior of Brazil’s new mayors

82. What is the number of population in the city of Rio de Janeiro?

A. 5.6 million.B. 10.4 million.C. 1.4 million.D. 175,000.

Now read Text E quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

In their first days in office, Brazil’s new mayors have raised more than a few eyebrows with their less-than-conventional politics. The new mayor of Sao Carlos,a town of 175,000 in Brazil’s wealthiest state of Sao Paulo, had the government palace exercised by a priest before he moved in. In Recife, acoastal city of 1.4 million in Brazil’s impoverished northeast, Joao Paulo, a politician famous for his Zen ways, had all of the furniture shifted to face the East before he sat down at the mayor’s desk. And in neighboring Olinda, a tourist town of 350,000, the new mayor spent her first day on the job collecting garbage because the city’s sanitation workers have been on strike for a month. The mayor of Juscimeira in the sparsely populated state of Mato Grosso started the job of working out of a jail cell after confessing to killing a local farmer. In Sao Paulo, South America’s biggest city with 10.4 million people and Brazil’s financial capital, the new mayor held her first official lunch and invited 60 homeless people. Meanwhile, in the tourist mecca of Rio de Janeiro, a city of 5.6 million, the government ordered the police to empty the city’s streets of its 1,500 homeless.


First read the following questions.

83. The main idea of the passage is that ____.

A. nine people were being held by an armed man on a plane

B. Pretoria Press Club chairman Yusuf Abramjee blamed the police for the hostage

C. hostage training exercise fools media

D. lots of time and money was wasted in the hostage training exercise

84. What was Jackie Selebi?

A. A CNN reporter.

B. The Pretoria Press Club chairman.

C. The South African Police Commissioner.

D. One of the hostage held by an armed man.

Now read Text F quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

An apparent hostage drama at a small international airport near Pretoria was only training exercise, South African Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi told reporters at the scene. Reporters had rushed to the airport after the television network CNN reported that nine people were being held by and armed man on a plane.

“I don’t know how you found out about it. You have been led on a wild goose chase,” Selebi told reporters. Local police and emergency service workers were not aware that it was an exercise and briefed reporters on the assumption that the incident was real. Pretoria Press Club chairman Yusuf Abramjee criticized the police for allowing the media to deploy outside broadcast units and other expensive equipment before telling them it was an exercise.“This is a waste of time and money and millions of South Africans have been fooled into believing there was a dangerous situation”, he said. 



First read the following questions.

85. Air travelers often experience the following symptoms except____.

A. fatigueB. headacheC. insomniaD. irritability

86. Metalonin could prove useful for the following except ____.

A. air travelersB. shift workers

C. those likely to suffer from sleep disordersD. scientists

Now read Text G quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Passing rapidly through time zones makes most travelers feel disoriented from the combination of fatigue, insomnia and irritability that is known as jet lag. Scientists have suspected for some time that the key to resetting a mixed-up body clock could lie ina potent brain hormone called melatonin.

Melatonin is secreted by the pineal glandwhich lies in the brain-and is produced at night. It appears to be related to the regulation of sleep-wake cycles.

Researchers from Australia, Britain and New Zealand have found that air travelers who take melatonin in pill form experience less severe jet-lag symptoms than subjects who get a placeboand that they adjust to the new time zone more rapidly. Formal clinical studies must be conducted, however, before the pill can be marketed.

Melatonin could prove useful for shift workers and others likely to suffer form sleep disorders. But Leon Serry, chairman of Circadian Technologies Ltd., is most excited about the potential of melatonin for helping air travelers. “Can you imagine the world demand for a jet-lag pill?” he asks. “Some people can’t even adjust to day-light-saving time. The pill basically resets your body clock.


First read the following questions.

87. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? 

A. Eight moon shooters in Turkey were arrested in the southeastern town of Kahramanmaras.

B. The eclipse was also visible in Nigeria.

C. The religious official related the shooting to a religious belief.

D. The rampaging Muslims blamed the eclipse on sinners.

88. The passage is chiefly about ____.

A. lunar eclipsesB. a religious foundation

C. moon shootersD. reaction to eclipses in Muslim world

Now read Text H quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Eight Turks were arrested for shooting at the moon during an eclipse. Police in the southeastern town of Kahramanmaras had briefly detained the moon shooters, who said they were following an ancient tradition, and confiscated their rifles.

A religious official in the town said that shooting at the moon was a custom without religious foundation. He urged the faithful only to pray to God during lunar eclipses. The eclipse was also visible in Africa, and rampaging Muslims burned sown scores of hotels and bars in a northern Nigerian city in reaction to this which they blamed on sinners.


First read the following questions.

89. Which of the following statements is NOT true for an average American?

A. He has at least one house pet.

B. He doesn’t believe in an afterlife.

C. He considers himself average looking or better.

D. He think he will live to 78.

90. For an average American, parking in a handicapped zone is worse than ____.

A. spying for a foreign country

B. spouse-beating

C. smoking cigarettes

D. lying to Congress

Now read Text I quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

On Average You’re an average American if ......you were raised Protestant and believe in God and an afterlife, though you didn’t go to church last week....you think you will live to be 78.... you’ve named your son Michael and your daughter Jennifer....you charge about $2200 worth of goods a year to your credit cards....you spend 32 percent of the workday goofing off, for a total of four months of extra paid vacation a year....you have at least one house pet, and the chances are 50/50 that you carry a picture of the pet in your wallet....you household writes about 17 checks a month....you drive the urban interstate at an average of 58.6m.p.h....[ZK(]you think spouse-beating is a greater sin than spying for a foreigncountry;parking in a handicapped zone is worse than lying to Congress; and smoking cigarettes is worse than producing X-rated videotapes....you’re a woman and spend $396 a year on lothes and wear high heels regularly, even though they give you foot problems....you’re a man and spend just over $228 a year on lothes and let you wife but all your underwear....you eat 1.6 bushels of popcorn each year....you consider yourself average looking or better. www.59wj.com 如果觉得《英语专业四级考试全真模拟试卷七(2)》专四模拟试题,yyzszb不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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