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In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer. Mark your choices on your ANSWER SHEET.


There is controversy and misunderstanding about the proper functions of juvenile courts and their probation departments. There are cries that the whole process produces delinquents rather than rehabilitates them. There are speeches by the score about “getting enough” with the kids. Another largegroup thinks we should be more understanding and gentle with delinquents. This distrust of the services offered can be attributed in large part to the confusion in the use of these services throughout the country.

On the one hand, the juvenile courts are tried to the criminal court system, with an obligation to decide guilt and innocence for offenses specifically stated and formally charged. On the other, they have the obligation to provide treatment, supervision and guidance to youngsters in trouble, without respect to the crimes of which they are accused. These two conflicting assignment must be carried outquite properlyin an informal, private way, which will not stigmatize a youngster during his formative years.And, as the courts’ preoccupation with the latter task has increased, the former (that of dispensing justice) has retreated, with the result grave injustices are bound to occur. 

66. The title below that best expresses the ideas of this passage is ___.

A.Grave Injustices

B.A Problem for Today’s Teenagers

C.Rehabilitating Youthful Criminal

D.Justice for Juvenile Offenders

67. The author contends that public distrust of juvenile courts is primarily the result of ____.

A. resentment on the part of those convicted by them

B. the dual function of these courts

C. lack of a sufficient number of probation officers

D. injustices done by the courts

68. The passage suggests that the author ____.

A. is familiar with the problem

B. is impatient with justice

C. sides with those who favor leniency for juvenile offenders

D. regards all offenses an equally important

69. The tone of this passage is ____.

A.highly emotional

B.highly personal




Violin prodigies, I learned, have come in distinct waves from distinct regions. Most of the great performers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were born and brought up in Russia and Eastern Europe. I asked Isaac Stern, one of the world’s greatest violinists, the reason for this phenomenon. “It is very clear,” he told me. “They were all Jews and Jews at the time were severely oppressed and ill-treated in that part of the world. They were not allowed into the professional fields, but they were allowed to achieve excellence on a concert stage.” As a result, every Jewish parent’s dream was to have a child in the music school because it was a passport to the West.

Another element in the emergence of prodigies, I found, is a society that values excellence in a certain field and is able to nurture talent. Nowadays, the most nurturing societies seem to be in the Far East. “In Japan, a most competitive society with stronger discipline than ours,” says Isaac Stern, “children are ready to test their limits every day in many fields, including music. When Western music came to Japan after World War II, that music not only became part of their daily lives, but it became a discipline as well.” The Korean and Chinese, as we know, are just as highly motivated as the Japanese.

That’s a good thing, because even prodigies must work hard. Next to hard work, biologies must work hard. Next to hard work, biological inheritance plays an important role in the making of a prodigy. J.S. Bath, for example, was the top of the several generations of musicians, and four of his sons had significant careers in music.

70. Jewish parents in Eastern Europe longed their children to attend music school because____.

A.it would allow them access to a better life in the West

B.Jewish children are born with excellent musical talent

C.they wanted their children to enter into the professional fields

D.it would enable the family to get better treatment in their own country

71. Nurturing societies as mentioned in the passage refer to societies that ____.

A. enforce strong discipline on students who want to achieve excellence

B. treasure talent and provide opportunities for its full development

C. encourage people to complete with each other

D. promise talented children high positions

72. Japan is described in the passage as a country that attaches importance to ____.

A. all-round development

B. the learning of Western music

C. strict training of children

D. variety in academic studies

73. Which of the following titles best summarizes the main idea of the passage?

A. Jewish Contribution to Music.

B. Training of Musicians in the World.

C. Music and Society.

D. The Making of Prodigies.



In the first test, each subject sat before a computer screen and pressed a key as soon as he or she recognized a target letter among a grouping of 96. In this simple test, smokers, deprived smokers and nonsmokers performed equally well.

The next test was more complex, requiring all to scan sequences of 20 identical letters and respond the instant one of letters transformed into a different one. Nonsmokers were faster, but under the stimulation of nicotine active smokers were faster than deprived smokers.

In the third test of short-term memory, nonsmokers made the fewest errors,but deprived smokers committed fewer errors than active smokers.

The fourth test required people to read a passage, then answer questions about it. Nonsmokers remembered 19 percent more of the most important informationthan active smokers, and deprived smoker bested those who had smoked a cigarette just before testing. Active smokers tended not only to have poorer memories but also had trouble separating important information from insignificant details.As our tests became more complex, sums up Spilich, “nonsmokers performed better than smokers by wider and wider margins.” He predicts, “smokers might per form adequately at many jobsuntil they got complicated. A smoking airline pilot could fly adequately if no problems arose, but if something went wrong, smoking might damage his mental capacity.”

74. The purpose of George Spilich’s experiments is ____.

A.to test whether smoking has a positive effect on the mental capacity of smokers

B.to show how smoking damages people’s mental capacity

C.to prove that smoking affects people’s regular performance

D.to find out whether smoking helps people’s short-term memory

75. George Spilich’s experiment was conducted in such a way as to ___.

A. compel the subjects to separate major information from minor details

B. put the subjects through increasingly complex tests

C. check the effectiveness of nicotine on smokers

D. register the prompt responses of the subjects

76. The bold word “bested” most probably means ____.

A. beat

B. envied

C. caught up with

D. made the best of

77. We can infer from the last paragraph that ____.

A. smokers should not expect to become airline pilots

B. smoking in emergency cases causes mental illness

C. no airline pilots smoke during flights

D. smokers may prove unequal to handing emergency cases


The process of perceiving other people is rarely translated (to ourselves or others) into cold, objective terms. “She was 5 feet 8 inches tall, had fair hair, and wore a colored skirt.” More often, we try to get inside the otherpers on to pinpoint his or her attitudes, emotions, motivations, abilities, ideas and characters. Furthermore, we sometimes behave as if we can accomplish this difficult job very quickly perhaps with a two-second glance.

We try to obtain information about others in many ways. Berger suggests several methods for reducing uncertainities about others: watching, without being noticed, a person interacting with others, particularly with others who are known to you so you can compare the observed person’s behavior with the known others’behavior; observing a person in a situation where social behavior is relatively unrestrained or where a wide variety of behavioral responses are called for; deliberately structuring the physical or social environment so as to observe the person’s responses to specific stimuli; asking people who have had or have frequent contact with the person about him or her; and using various strategies in face-to-face interaction to uncover information about another personquestions, self-disclosures, and so on. Getting to know someone is a never-ending task, largely because people are constantly changing and the methods we use to obtain information are often imprecise. You may have known someone for ten years and still know very little about him. If we accept the idea that we won’t ever fully know another person, it enables us to deal more easily with those things that get in the way of accurate knowledge such as secrets and deceptions. It will also keep us from being too surprised or shocked by seemingly inconsistent behavior. Ironically, those things that keep us from knowing another person well (e.g., secret and deceptions) may be just as important to the development of a satisfying relationship as those things that enable us to obtain accurate knowledge about a person (e.g., disclosures and truthful statement).

78. What do we learn from the first paragraph?

A.People are better described in cold, objective terms.

B.The difficulty of getting to know a person is usually underestimated.

C.One should not judge people by their appearance.

D.One is usually subjective when assessing other people’s personality.

79. It can be inferred from Berger’s suggestions that ____.

A. people do not reveal their true self on every occasion

B. in most cases we should avoid contacting the observed person directly

C. the best way to know a person is by making comparisons

D. face-to-face interaction is the best strategy to uncover information about a person

80. The author’s purpose in writing the passage is ____. 

A. to give advice on appropriate conduct for social occasions

B. to provide ways of how to obtain information about people

C. to call the reader’s attention to the negative side of people’s characters

D. to discuss the various aspects of getting to know people



In this section there are four passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


First read the following questions.

81. The Café Loire is in ____.

A.Oxford StreetB.Oxford Circus

C.Regent StreetD.Great Marlborough Street

82. Which of the following dishes is a Loire speciality?

A. Tarte au Citron.

B. Pork Fillet with Prunes.

C. Smoked Fish Platter.

D. Feuilletee de Champignons.

83. The best thing about the Café Loire is its ____.

A. quick one-course snack

B. regional dishes

C. Chassagne MontrachetD. service 

Now skim the table below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

The Café Loire, just off Oxford Circus in Great Marlborough St. is like an old friend. Although it has only been open for less than 18 months, it has the ambience of a much established restaurant.

Perhaps this is because within that short time it has built a sizable clientele of regulars.

The Café Loire is one of the best examples of the French brasserie-style which has become so popular in London. Its menu, while not unwieldy. Still manages to offer an interesting selection of dishes, with everything from a quick one course snack to a full lunch or dinner. Along with regional dishes and specials which change daily, there is clearly enough choice to excite the most jaded palate.We started with Feuiletee de Champignons ($3.25), delicious mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry, and smoked duck breast ($3.85). The restaurant has it own smoke oven to give its smoked dishes an authentic flavour, which is why I chose the Smoked Fish Platter ($8.50) as a main, my companion choosing Pork Fillet with Prunes ($6.95), a Loire specialty. Both were excellent.

Tarte au Citron ($2.55) and an outstanding cheese board ($2.95) rounded off the meal perfectly.

The wine list, created by Master of Wine Clive Coates, concentrates (though not exclusively) on wines from the Loire Valley. It ranges from a simple Muscadet ($6.25) to Chassagne Montrachet at $18. We chose a delightful St. Pourcain($9.75) .

Perhaps the best thing about the Café Loire is the service—fast, friendly and efficient, a combination which is hard to find and difficult to beat.

The Café Loire winebar is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., with lunch served from noon to 3 p.m. and dinner from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 


First read the following questions.

84. The most expensive breakfast is ____.

A.the continental breakfast

B.the Chinese breakfast

C.the American breakfast

D.not mentioned

85. You can get fruit juices by ordering ____. 

A. the continental breakfast

B. the Chinese breakfast

C. the American breakfast

D. both A and C

Now skim the table below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


Choice of Chilled Fruit Juice

Assorted Breakfast Rolls or Toast

with Jam, Marmalade and Butter

Quarter of Cheese

Coffee or Tea


Plain Congee or Congee With Beef

Dim Sum

Spring Roll

Meat Dumpling

Pickled Vegetables

Jasmine Tea


Choice of Chilled Fruit Juices

Two Eggs any style with Bacon, Ham or Sausage

Assorted Breakfast Rolls or Toast

with Jam, Marmalade or Honey and Butter

Coffee or Tea



First read the following questions.

86. The best title for the passage would be ____. 

A.Business Man Gives Half a Million Pounds to Pay for Bright Children

B.A Gifted Business Man

C.An Unfortunate Son

D.A Generous Help to Private Schools

87. What is NOT the reason for David’s bankruptcy? 

A. Bad judgment.

B. Bad timing.

C. A lack of business acumen.

D. A shortage of money.

Now skim the table below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

A WEALTHY business man is giving 500,000 pounds to help gifted children go to private school.Multi millionaire Mr. John James, 72, whose father was a miner, is sharing the cash between five Bristol school 61 years after he won a scholarship to the city’s Merchant Venturers School.

The money will provide places for able children whose parents cannot afford the fees.

Ironically, Mr. James’s son Davidwho received 1,000,000 pounds from his father in 1972 went bankrupt three weeks ago.David, 35, blamed his failure on bad judgment, bad timing, combined with lack of business acumen. 


First read the following questions.

88. Galvanized steel is used to make ____.




D.rust-resistant cars

89. Recycling galvanized steel is very ____.

A. easy

B. costly

C. cheap

D. difficult

90. A newly-developed degalvanizing process can help car makers ____.

A. use more galvanized scrap

B. reduce recycling costs

C. save a lot of oil every year

D. all above 

Now skim the table below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

The old auto junkyard isn’t what it used to be. Since the early 1980’s, auto makers increasingly used galvanized steel to build rust-resistant cars. But that has created a new problem. Recycling galvanized scrap from autos and trucks costs ahefty $50 per ton, including environmental control systems to capture the steel’s toxic zinc coating.An American company has developed a degalvanizing process that can slash these costs. Scrap is put into vats of sodium hydroxide. When a electric current is applied, the zinc collects on an electrode, where it can be removed easily. The process should allow the steel-makers to use more galvanized scrap in place of primary ores. That could save the equivalent of 9 million barrels of oil annually. www.59wj.com 如果觉得《英语专业四级考试全真模拟试卷八(2)》专四模拟试题,yyzszb不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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