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Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of 150 words on the following


Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary? You are to write in three paragraphs.In the first paragraph, state clearly the views of those who support a test of spoken English. In the second paragraph, state clearly the views of those who are against a test of spoken English.In the last paragraph, state clearly your viewpoint on the topic and bring what you have written to a natural conclusion with a summary or suggestion. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks. 


Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:

You have been entertained as a house guest at the home of a friend, Anita. Write a note of thanks to her mother, Mrs. Watson.Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. 


Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four times. During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning. For the second and third readings, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or perhaps phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 seconds. The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work. You will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more. 

Please write the whole passage on ANSWER SHEET TWO.


In Sections A, B and C you will hear everything once only. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the correct answer to each question on your ANSWER SHEET.


In this section you will hear eight statements. At the end of each statement you will be given 10 seconds to answer each of the following eight questions.

1. What does the speaker mean? 

A. He wants to have a holiday.

B. There will be a holiday soon. 

C. The holiday is over.

D. He finds someone is coming up. 

2. What does the statement mean? 

A. He’s not asked to speak at the conference.

B. He is too clever to be a lecturer. 

C. He is too shy to speak in public.

D. He is not famous as a scientist. 

3. What does the statement mean? 

A. His ideas don’t cover much information.

B. He doesn’t have new ideas of his own. 

C. He can’t say too much about the subject.

D. He likes to repeat his ideas. 

4. What is true according to the statement? 

A. No ants can live to more than one year.

B. Some ants can live to more than seven years. 

C. The average life expectancy for ants is one year.

D. The average live expectancy for ants is six years. 

5. According to the statement,____. 

A. office space in Hong Kong and Beijing is very small. 

B. office space in Hong Kong and Beijing is very large. 

C. office space in Hong Kong and Beijing is very cheap. 

D. office space in Hong Kong and Beijing is most expensive. 

6. What does the speaker mean?

A. He never drinks tea.

B. He prefers coffee at lunchtime. 

C. He likes tea in the evening.

D. He doesn’t drink coffee at lunchtime. 

7. What does the speaker ask? 

A. Does your family want to buy a dog?

B. How much is a dog? 

C. Does your family have a dog yet?

D. How much do you know about dogs? 

8. When was the examination set? 

A. This Tuesday.

B. Last Tuesday.

C. Next week’s Tuesday.

D. Tuesday. 



In this section, you will hear eight short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation you will be given 10 seconds to answer each of the following eight questions.

9. What kind of weather are they having? 

A. Warm.B. Cold.C. Hot.D. Mild.

10. What does Joe suggest? 

A. They’ll have to get some more paint.

B. They should get someone to help them. 

C. They shouldn’t delay any longer.

D. They don’t have to paint the room again.

11. What can we learn from this conversation? 

A. Saturday afternoon was his busy hours.

B. The man won’t be able to enjoy a long siesta.

C. Mr. Smith is an old friend of his.

D. He wanted to take a long siesta after lunch nap.

12. Where does this conversation probably take place?

A. At a movie theatre.B. At a cafeteria.

C. At a supermarket.D. At a laundry.

13. Why is the man leaving? 

A. Because he doesn’t like this company.

B. Because he feels safer in another company. 

C. Because he thinks his job is rather boring.

D. Because he has found a better paid job.

14. What does the woman imply? 

A. She has finished only one step.

B. The decorating is being done gradually.

C. It’s time for the work to be finished.

D. She doesn’t have any more time for decorating.

15.What did the farmers raise on the farm? 

A. Cows and pigs.B. Chickens and pigs.

C. Chickens and bees.D. Cows and bees.

16. What does the man mean? 

A. He sometimes considers changing majors.

B. Most people frequently change their minds. 

C. He rearranged his artwork a while ago.

D. Everyone’s inside for a short time. 


Questions 17 to 19 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item,you will be given 30 seconds to answer the questions. Now listen to the news.

17. The agreement comes on the first day of renewed peace talks between all sides in the____ civil war. 

A. tenyearB. eightyear

C. elevenyearD. twentyyear

18. Last November’s cease-fire____. 

A. allowed 12,000 UN peacekeepers to deploy throughout the country

B. set a timetable for disarmament

C. agreed to evacuate all UN peacekeepers

D. resulted in a united government

19. The rebels have funded much of their war effort through____.

A. oil export

B. foreign aid

C. illicit diamond trading

D. robbing natives

Questions 20 to 22 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item,you will be given 30 seconds to answer the questions. Now listen to the news.

20. Brazil’s energy minister says the country is on the verge of an energy crisis that____. 

A. will force Brazil to undergo rationing and blackouts beginning next month

B. will force Brazil to increase investment in the energy sector

C. will force Brazil to build more reservoirs to keep up with growing demand for electricity

D. will force Brazil to import more energy resources from other countries

21. The rationing aiming at reducing electricity consumption by 20 percent couldlast until____. 

A. JuneB. JulyC. NovemberD. October

22. Energy Minister Jose Jorge blamed the situation on. 

A. a lack of enough reservoirs that supply water to power hydroelectric stations

B. a lack of strong government support

C. overconsumption of citizens

D. a lack of rain during the rainy season

Question 23 is based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question. Now listen to the news.

23. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Half of the American workers have promised to buy a new plane for the Delta Airlines. 

B. The workers of Delta Airlines have promised to pay half the money for a new plane. 

C. Half of the workers of Delta Airlines have promised to help buy a new plane for their company. 

D. Half of the workers of Delta Airlines have bought a new plane for the company. 

Questions 24 and 25 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions. Now listen to the news.

24. German court has sentenced a suspected former terrorist to nine years in prison for her part in the failed 1988 bombing a____ disco. 

A. SpanishB. German

C. AmericanD. Swedish

25. Andrea Klump admitted ____. 

A. she was a member of the ultra-left Red Army

B. the now defunct group was behind the attack

C. she was accompanied by Red Army Faction member Horst Ludwig Meyer

D. her involvement in the bombing



Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the correct choice for each blank on your ANSWER SHEET.

I majored in business education and kept winning___26___and also worked summers. Even at college I heard remarks about my___27___clothing-most of it handed down or sewn by Mama. I just kept remembering her words-“It’s not what you___28___, it’s who you are.” Still, when no one could see, I cried a lot.___29___ I knew it was nothing compared to the pain and suffering Mama had gone through for me. 

Some of my friends in graduate school became intensed when they began to appreciate what generations of___30___had cost them. But Miss Jordan’s admonitions on self-discipline kept me intent on my studies. And Mama’s example and words keptme from ever being angry or discouraged. “Mary Alice, if you’re unhappy with things, try to change ___31___,” she would say, “And if you’re___32___, get up and start over again!”Since then, the strengths and skills that I acquired from both Mama and Miss Jordan have acted as twin beacons that have___33___me, for many years___34___a classroom teacher in Alexandria, and more recently as president of the National Education Association. I have tried to emulate Mama’s fortitude and Miss Jordan’s clarity of mind. And in my___35___  against discrimination and in behalf of teachers, I have come to appreciate the value of Mama’s unyielding demands. Still one question continued to gnaw at me for more than 30 years.

Then Mama came to visit. We were standing side by side, washing up some pots and pans after a family___36___. I drew a deep breath.“Mama, how come you were always so much___37___on me than on any of the others?”She laid down her dish towel and looked pensive. But she didn’t say anything. As I waited, I___38___that Mama was wrestling with strong feelings, trying to find a response. But there was to be no reply that day.

The next morning Mama and I sat at the breakfast table, looking out to the garden. We talked about nothing in___39___,and then I poured both of us a second cup of coffee. We sat in silence for a moment more when Mama took my chin in her hand with that calm firmness. She looked me straight in the eye and said,“ You asked me a question yesterday, Mary Alice. I’ve been thinking of an answer. You had strength. But you were very strong-willed. I had to be harder on you___40___ you had more gifts, more to give, and it was more important for you to do your best. That’s my answer to your question, Mary Alice.”

26. A. matchesB. scholarshipsC. prizesD. contests

27. A. expensiveB. simpleC. dirtyD. strange

28. A. sayB. thinkC. wearD. show

29. A. ForB. YetC. StillD. So 

30. A. discriminationB. informationC. knowledgeD. suspicion

31. A. itB. soC. everythingD. them 

32. A. laid downB. beatC. hit uponD. knocked down

33. A. enlightenedB. coveredC. guidedD. encouraged

34. A. asB. to beC. withD. like

35. A. fightsB. combatsC. battlesD. strike

36. A. unionB. meetingC. gatheringD. assembly

37. A. strictB. cruelC. tougherD. awkward

38. A. sensedB. sawC. understoodD. knew

39. A. particularB. specialC. peculiarD. fact

40. A. thatB. whileC. becauseD. in case


There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

41. Most environmental problems exist because adequate measures for preventing them___taken in the past. 

A. was notB. were notC. were not beingD. being not

42. During the summer vacation, Mary worked on a (an)____ basis as a salesman, taking 8 percent of everything she sells. 

A. salaryB. incomeC. commissionD. pension

43. She listened carefully____she might discover exactly what he wanted. 

A. so as thatB. in caseC. providingD. in order that 

44. Michelle found it difficult to get his British jokes ____to Australian audiences.

A. acrossB. dealC. overD. down

45. The news item about the traffic accident is followed by a detailed report made ____. 

A. on the spotB. on the location

C. on the groundD. on the site

46. The government____ to approve the use of wide-spead surveillance when the Justice Department took objections. 

A. is goingB. had beenC. was aboutD. is coming

47. It is reported that fewer and fewer of today’s workers expect to spend their workinglives in the same field, ____thesame company.

A.much worseB. less likelyC. all elseD. let alone

48. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are so excited today, for they bought____ yesterday. 

A. many furnitures

B. so much furniture

C. many piece of furniture

D. a lot of furniture

49. Despite their good service provided, most inns are less expensive than hotels of____standards. 

A. equivalentB. likelyC. alikeD. uniform 

50. Because there was little heat in the bed room, Evan was cold ____. 

A. much through the night

B. most of the night

C. many parts of the nightD. the majority part of the night

51. You must have the experience that you find your voice ____on the telephone. 

A. distortedB. irregularC. twistedD. deformed

52. President Jimmy gave a brief ____of the history of the university before the opening of the conference. 

A. commentB. referenceC. accountD. statement

53. “Do you like those kinds of cigarette?”“____cigarette agrees with me.”

A. Hardly noB. Nearly noC. Barely noD. Almost none

54. When they had finished reading, the children were told to ____all the picture books they had taken out. 

A. put upB. put offC. put awayD. put out 

55. The harder the shrub is to grow, ____. 

A. the higher price it is

B. the higher price it would have 

C. the higher the price is

D. the higher is the price

56. Peter’s father asked him to spend his time on something____ researching into instead of playing all the time. 

A. worthyB. valuableC. worthD. precious

57. It is often more difficult____than to get financial support for scientific research. 

A. obtaining trained menB. to find trained men 

C. in getting men trainedD. recruiting experienced men

58. The new government’s tax raise policyactually led to the result that the incomes from taxation actually ____. 

A. shrinkB. delayC. disperseD. sink

59. “The critics thought the acting was generally poor.”“I didn’t find ____.”

A. itB.it soC. it to be tooD. it was too

60. The behavior of an animal depends mainly on ____, whereas human behavior is mostly a product of learning. 

A. instinctB. impulseC. consciousnessD. response

61. The patients believe that Dr. Smith knows exactly how to put them ____. 

A. rightB. correctC. wellD. straight

62. “Do you regret paying fifty dollars for the dog?”“ No, I would gladly pay ____for him.”

A. as much twiceB. twice so much

C. much twiceD. twice as much

63. We were suddenly ____when I was speaking to John on the phone. 

A. hungB. cut downC. cut offD. hung back

64. “Did Anny’sparents leave her any money?”“No, she has to support ____now.”

A.by herselfB. herselfC. all aloneD. on her own

65. The meeting was so prolonged and exhausting that____the speakers stopped for refreshments. 

A. at largeB. at easeC. at intervalsD. at random www.59wj.com 如果觉得《英语专业四级考试全真模拟试卷十(1)》专四模拟试题,yyzszb不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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