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In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer. Mark your choices on your ANSWER SHEET.


Susan Patrick, graduate student, became paralyzed from the waist down ten years ago in a parachuting accident. She has been in a wheelchair ever since. 

Susan’s accident, however, has not slowed her down. She studies full-time, works part-time, and gets around on her own. She even drives her own car, which has been specially equipped to be operated by hand.

We were interested in seeing how Susan takes care of her day-to-day needs, so we followed Susan on one of her weekly trips to the supermarket to see how she shops. She always shops at the same market because she knows where everything is. She is very systematic about her shopping, and she organizes her shopping list carefully. She shops either early in the morning or in the evening when the store is not crowded.Susan pushes her shopping basket up and down the aisles with incredible speed. She begins on one side of the store and goes methodically down one aisle and up the next. Some shelves are high for her, but she can push herself up with one arm and reach with the other. Now and then she needs to ask help to reach a can of this or a box of that, but not often.

Susan is incredibly strong. Athletic and active all her life, she now depends on the strength of her arms and upper body. She puts all of her groceries into her car herself, and then carries each heavy bag into her apartment. Her wheelchair, by the way, is completely hand-powered. “My arms are much bigger than they were before the accident,” says Susan. “For the first time in my life I can beat my brothers at arm wrestling!” Our hats off to you, Susan!

66. According to the passage, we know Susan____.

A. became a maimed person in an airborne accident

B. was injured in a car accident

C. was born disabled

D. has been in a wheelchair ever since her graduation

67. Which one of the following is NOT true about Susan’s shopping habit?

A. She shops at the same market.

B. She shops early in the morning.

C. She prepares a shopping list before shopping.

D. She needs no help when she shops.

68. What does the author mean by “Our hats off to you, Susan!” ?

A. We give our hats to Susan.

B. We take off our hats to Susan.

C. We give our congratulations to Susan.

D. We show Susan our hats.


Rodney Mace, 35, is married with two young children, and is a part-time teacher of architectural history. “I am constantly surprised by other people’s surprise, when they come to the house and see me cleaning a floor or hanging out the washing. Their eyes open wide at the sight of it! Much of the comment comes from men, but I am even more surprised at the number of women who comment too.”

His wife Jane, an Oxford graduate in modern languages, has a demanding full-time job. She is director of the Cambridge House literacy scheme for adults in South London. Her working week involves several evenings and Saturdays, and at these times her husband is in sole charge of home and family. Apart from this, they share household jobs and employ a child-minder for the afternoons. This enables him to teach two days a week and to do what he considers is his principal work: writing. He has written several books and spends much of his time in the British Museum Reading Room, cycling there from his home in Brixton.

People ask the Maces if they think that their children miss them. One can argue that satisfied parents generally have satisfied children, but in any case the Maces are careful to reserve time and energy to play with their children. “And they have now developed relationships with other adults and children.”

Previously, Rodney Mace worked full-time and Jane only part-time. Then 18 months ago, the director of the literacy scheme left. “It seemed to me that Jane was very well suited to do this job. She was very doubtful about it. But I urged her to apply. She did, and she got it.” Jane Mace confirms that she needed this encouragement, as so many women initially do.

Did his male ego suffer from the changeover? Nothing like that occurred. But he still seems amazed at the way it changed his thinking. “I felt that we were finally going to be partners. I felt enormous relief. I wasn’t avoiding responsibility, but changing it. Our relationship is so much better now. It has been a change for the good for both of usI think for all of us, in every aspect of our lives. I cannot overemphasize that in every aspect. I think it is fundamental that the woman works. The idea of equal partnership is an illusion if one partner doesn’t work.”

69. The article is about a couple whose married life is happier because ____.

A. they have a truly equal partnershipB. the husband enjoys staying at home

C. they earn more moneyD. the wife has a fulltime job

70. Jane finally decided to apply for her present job because____.

A. she thought she had better qualifications than others

B. her husband had persuaded her to

C. it was very well paid

D. some of her friends had encouraged her to

71. It is implied in the passage that____.

A. the Maces believe a good career is even more important than their family life

B. Rodney’s children are quite happy with their position in the family

C. even capable women sometimes need encouragement from their families

D. the practice of sharing household jobs between husband and wife is commonplace in London

72. We can infer from the passage that a change-over of roles in the family____.

A. is quite necessary in modern life

B. is probably based on some practical reasons

C. aims solely at a complete emancipation of women

D. shows women are not necessarily inferior to men 



The would-be sleeper who refights his daily battles in bedor rehearses tomorrow’s problemsfinds it hard to fall asleep. Then he starts worrying about his inability to sleep, which increases his insomnia, which increases his worries,which... In a new development that may help the insomnia to break this vicious cycle, Dr. Werner P. Koella of the Worcester Foundation for the Experimental Biology has discovered a chemical in the brain that may control normal sleep.

The substance, known as serotonin, is one of a number of so-called neurohormones in the brain that researchers suspect play an important part in controlling the mind and the emotions. Such chemicals, researchers have learned, assist in transmitting nerve impulses from one nerve cell to another. Serotonin, Koella notes, is produced in particularly high concentrations in the hypothalamus, the “primitive” lower part of the brain and the brain stem, which joins the brain to the top of the spinal cord and is known to contain the centers controlling the level of transmitter substance in the brain stem and hypothalamus that regulate sleep.In preliminary experiments, Koella found that giving serotonon to cats produced signs of sleep. Electrode leads were implanted in the cats’ brains and attached to an EEG (electroencephalogram) machine to record the brain waves; next, the serotonin was injected directly into the brain or an artery in the neck. The pupils of the animals’ eyes narrowed and the electroencephalograms showed slow waves characteristic of deep sleep within five to ten minutes.

More recently, Koella deprived cats of serotonin. The animals, again equipped with implanted electrodes, were given PCPA, a drug that blocks the formation of serotonin. They were then placed in small compartments fitted with one-way mirrors and watched round the clock.

Normally cats sleep about 15 hours a day; but Koella’s cats, after receiving PCPA, spent about 30 minutes of each day sleeping. Most of the time, their EEGs showed the brainwave patterns of arousal. Occasionally the cats would curl up as if to go to sleep, but would soon get back on their feet to wander about. The animals showed signs of irritability and often meowed complainingly after a few days of sleep deprivation, but had normal reflexes. The effects of the PCPA wore off eight days to two weeks after administration of the drug; the cats returned to their normal sleeping patterns as serotonin levels in their brains rose again. 

Koella believes that at least some types of chronic insomnia may be caused by a drop in brain-serotonin levels. The Worcester physiologist is now working on chemical ways to raise the brain’s serotonin levels and produce, in his words, “a truly physiological sleeping pill.” Synthetic sleeping pills, such as barbiturates, bring sleep, but at a price: they depress the central nervous system, reduce heart action and respirationand they can become habit-forming or even addictive.

In one promising experiment toward the goal of letting the body “make its own pill,” Koella has found that administration of 5-hydroxytryptophan, the chemical substance from which the body derives serotonin, will quickly restore a normal sleeping pattern to cats lacking in serotonin.

73. The brain stem is located (Paragraph 2)____.

A. in the hypothalamus

B. between the brain and the spinal cord

C. in the transmitter nerve cells

D. between the hypothalamus and the brain

74. The information in paragraph 5 indicates that PCPA was responsible for____.

A. a lack of sleepB. the cats’ meowing

C. normal sleeping patternsD. sleeping about 15 hours a day

75. The language used in this article indicates that Dr. Koella____.

A. is positive that serotonin controls sleep

B. is quite uncertain whether serotonin controls sleep

C. thinks that serotonin can’t be extracted

D. thinks that serotonin might control sleep

76. A good title for this article would be____.

A. The Cats Want to Sleep

B. I Can’t Sleep Tonight

C. How to Get Asleep

D. Some New Sleep Research


As the costof gas and oil for home heating has gone up, many Americans have switched from these fuels to wood for heating their homes. In 1973, approximately 200,000 wood-burning stoves, intended for home use, were sold in the United States; by 1979, this figure had reached one million; and by the end of 1981, there were as many as seven million home-owned wood-burning units in operation in the U.S.

In addition to low fuel bills, many people choose these stoves because their initial cost is very low (the prices range from $50 kits to $5,000 top-of-the-line models), and because new technology has made wood fires more efficient, cleaner, and, therefore, safer than ever before.

One new technological feature of this type is the catalytic(催化) combustor which adds about $100 to $200 to the cost of the stove, but which causes much more complete combustion(燃烧) of the wood and therefore burns up more of the pollutants left by incomplete combustion and produces more heat.

A second cost-saving innovation is a device which agitates the wood, increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the center of the wood pile, and leading to more efficient combustion. The real advantage of this device is that it allows the owner to make use of cheap sources of wood such as dirty wood chips (an industrial by-product) that have almost no commercial value, cost as little as $20 a ton, and burn very inefficiently in furnaces without an agitator.

77.According to the passage, the number of wood-burning stove sold for home use____.

A. went up fivefold over a six-year period.

B. rose to seven million during the seventies.

C. multiplied thirty-five times between 1973 and the beginning of 1981.

D. increased by 6,000,000 over an eight-year period.

78. Which one of the following is NOT true for the reason why people prefer to buy wood-burning stoves?

A. The initial cost is very low.

B. The fuel costs are cheaper.

C. Wood fires are more efficient, cleaner, and safer than ever before.

D. The wood-burning stoves are more efficient than gas or oil ones.

79. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Wood-burning stoves are safer and more efficient than they used to be.

B. No factories exist for the purpose of producing dirty wood chips.

C. Both catalytic combustors and wood agitators save money in the long run.

D. Wood-burning stoves with catalytic combustors cost between $100 and $200.

80. The passage states that____.

A. many Americans have switched from hydrocarbon-based fuels to wood because the price of the latter has risen.

B. some wood-burning stoves cost up to one hundred times more than others.

C. catalytic combustors increase the amount of pollution caused by wood burning stoves.

D. agitators are cheaper addition to wood-burning stoves than catalytic combustors.



In this section there are six passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


First read the following questions.

81. Which national channel of the BBC broadcasts sports programs?

A. Radio One.B. Radio Two.

C. Radio Three.D. Radio Four.

82. Which of the following programs is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. Commentaries.B. Educational programs.

C. Pop music.D. Film reviews.

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

BBC Radio nowadays provides home listeners with four alternative national channels. Each has a distinct character.Radio One, broadcasting some 12 hours daily, offers the public a program of almost solely popular music.Radio Two broadcasts over 20 hours a day and provides light music, musicals and even operas, as well as being the principal channel for the coverage of sports events of all sorts.

Radio Three, on the air some 17 hours a day, is the channel for classical music. It provides classical music, grand operas, theater plays, serious news, commentaries and works of educational, artistic and intellectual interest.

Radio Four, which is relatively new, provides its listeners with the principal and most detailed news and information service of BBC Radio. It’s on the air for a good 16 hours daily. Moreover, it offers a very wide range of drama talk and entertainment programs as well as broadcasts to schools.


First read the following questions.

83. During which period did mathematics remain unchanged?

A. Ancient timesB. The 17th century

C. For 300 yearsD. The Dark Ages

84. Who linked the sciences of mathematics and physics? 

A. GalileoB. The ancients

C. Wilhelm LiebnitzD. Newton

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

The study of mathematics began in ancient Greece thousands of years ago. It has influenced every branch of scientific discovery through the centuries. The Greeks developed arithmetic for keeping business records. They developed geometry for the study of the sun, stars, and moon. These ancient people delighted in playing games with mathematics. From these games and with their knowledge of arithmetic and geometry, they developed algebra and trigonometry. Over a period of nearly two thousand years mathematics did not change. The ancient thoughts and discoveries were preserved, scattered centers of learning or universities during the Dark Ages. In the 17th century Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Liebnitz invented calculus. But only Newton put this knowledge to practical-use. Galileo combined mathematics with physics, also in the 17th century, and thereby linked the two sciences.

The 17th century was a time of great mathematical interest and development. Many of our 20th century methods and machines use those 300-year-old theories and methods. The student today learns from centuries of thought and development.


First read the following question.

85.According to the passage, what was invented in Delaware?

A. ConstitutionB. NylonC. WheatD. Corn

Now skim the passage below and mark your answer on your ANSWER SHEET.

Delaware was considered the first state of the United States because it was the first to accept the Constitution, in December, 1787. It is a very small state,second only to Rhode Island. Another important fact about Delaware is that nylon, that lightweight, yet strong fiber of the twentieth century, was invented there. In colonial days, Delaware was part of the “bread basket” area, raising wheat, corn, and other grains for national consumption.



First read the following question.

86. Which one is NOT included in the list?

A. TOEFL PreparationB. College English

C. Weekly Progress EvaluationD. Individual Counseling

Now skim the passage below and mark your answer on your ANSWER SHEET.

The Boston School of Modern Languages is an exclusive, private language institute, established in 1925 for the purpose of teaching English to international students and executives. Over the years BSML has constantly updated its services and programs to maintain its reputation as a leader in language instruction.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student of The Boston School of Modern Languages, and invite you to read the following information about our programs and services.

Why BSML?

* Over 75 Years of Experience 

* SAT Preparation 

* Qualified Faculty 

* Thorough Placement Testing 

* Small Class Sizes 

* Quality Programs 

* Customized Curriculum 

* TOEFL Preparation 

* Business English 

* Drama and Public Speaking 

* 12 Levels of Proficiency 

* Modern Facilities 

* Extracurricular Activities 

* Textbooks and Materials Developed Exclusively for BSML 

* Weekly Progress Evaluation 

* Experienced and Attentive Office Staff 

* Individual Counseling 

* Complete Housing Program 


First read the following questions.

87. The Green -UM is a kind of____.

A. lawn keeper

B. drug for burning

C. food supplement

D. nutrient food

88. Which size of the product is the cheapest?

A. 2-3 Tablets.

B. 100 Tablets.

C. 200 Tablets.

D. 250 Tablets.

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

FINALLY a way to stop your dog’s urine from killing your grass. Green-UM is a TOTALLY NATURAL product which helps to keep your lawn green. My veterinarian gives Green-Um a big thumbs up! It protects against lawn burn by safely neutralizing the high amount of amonia in a dog’s urine. It only takes one tablet a day (2-3for large dogs) of this appetizing beef flavored food supplement to rid your lawn of those unsightly brown patches. Available in 100 and 250 Tablets. Save $6.00 on the 250 Tablets.



First read the following questions.

89. To obtain some information about Official Score Report, one should turn to page____.

A. 7B. 12C. 18D. 39

90. Which one is NOT included in the Contents?

A. Translation.

B. Structure.

C. Order Form.

D. Concordance Tables.

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


The Test of English as a Foreign Language 4

Evolution of the Computer-Based TOEFL Test 5

The Switch to Computer-Based Testing 6

Timing of the Test 7

Tutorials 8

Listening, Structure, Reading Section 8

Writing Section9

New Score Scales 9

Where the Test Is Offered 10

Preventing Access to Test Items 11

Official Score Report 12

Information in the Official Score Report 14

Additional Score Reports 15

Calculation of TOEFL Scores 16

Scores of Questionable Validity 17

Who Should Take the TOEFL Test? 18

Preparing Your Institution for Computer-Based19

Guidelines for Using TOEFL Test Scores20

The Computer-Based Population Defined24

Calculation of the Structure/Writing Score 25

Reliability of Gain Scores 28

Appendix A: Standard-setting Procedures, Concordance Tables 34

Appendix B: Database Modification Options 37

Appendix C: Essay Ratings 39

Appendix D: Computer-familiarity Studies40

Where to Get More TOEFL Information 42

Order Form 43

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