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Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of 150 words on the following topic:

The Work of Today Must Be Done TodayYou are to write in three paragraphs.In the first paragraph, state clearly your viewpoint on the issue.In the second paragraph, support your viewpoint with details or examples.In the last paragraph, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion with a summary or suggestion.Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.


Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:

Mr. Motley told you his wife had just born a boy. Being her best friend, write a note to her to express your pleasure and share in the joy.Marks will be awarded for content,organization,grammar and appropriacy.


Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four times. During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning. For the second and third readings, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or perhaps phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 seconds. The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work. You will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more.

Please write the whole passage on ANSWER SHEET TWO.


In Sections A, B and C you will hear everything once only. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the correct response for each question on yourANSWER SHEET.


In this section you will hear eight statements. At the end of the statement you will be given 10 seconds to answer each of the following eight questions. 

1. What does the speaker mean?

A. John Wayne was well-known for playing the role of a cowboy in American films.

B. John Wayne was a cowboy before he became a film star.

C. John Wayne became a film star for he was a cowboy.

D. The cowboy became a famous film star.

2. What do we learn about Sandra?

A. Sandra arranged an exhibit for history week.

B. Sandra accidentally upset this week’s history exhibit. 

C. Sandra sat beside the historic display. 

D. Sandra directed a play about local history.

3. The baby:

A. smiles only at Judy.

B. rarely smiles at Judy.

C. never smiles.

D. smiles at everyone except Judy.

4. One must____.

A. take the advanced course in order to pass the exam

B. pass the exam in order to take the advanced course

C. sit for the exam in order to take the advanced course

D. study hard in order to pass the exam

5. We can infer that____.

A. the weather is warm on the coast

B. it’s expensive to have an operation

C. the extreme weather conditions make expenses high

D. we’re not sure whether or not it’s operating

6. What does the speaker imply?

A. The shopping center is a bad place to practise driving.

B. The shopping center is the worst place to practise driving.

C. It is safe to practise driving at the shopping center.

D. It’s not safe to practise driving at the shopping center.

7. Which of the following is true according to the sentence?

A. He didn’t meet me at the door.

B. There are still vacant rooms. 

C. The story was foolish.

D. He is unhappy with the dormitory.

8. We can infer that he____.

A. didn’t give her the money

B. didn’t understand her

C. didn’t trust her

D. didn’t answer her question



In this section, you will hear eight conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, you will be given 10 seconds to answer each of the following eight questions.

9. How much time is the couple allowing once they get to the airport?

A. Three-quarters of an hour.

B. Half an hour. 

C. A quarter of an hour.

D. Ten minutes.

10. How much sale tax will the woman have to pay when making a $60 purchase?

A. $6.B. $6.6.C. $10.D. $16.

11. Why is the factory being closed down?

A. It’s closing for lack of workers.

B. The plant is out-of-date.

C. The workers are going on strike.

D. Car sales have been profitless lately.

12. What career does Mary probably plan to follow? 

A. Home economics.

B. Microbiology.

C. Business administration.

D. Geography.

13. The woman is showing the man how to____.

A. catch a worm.

B. sail a boat.

C. cook.

D. fish.

14. What does the woman suggest the man to do?

A. Go on a diet.

B. Talk to her sister.

C. Look at a map.

D. Try to win first prize.

15. Why is the man’s garden so beautiful?

A. Because he hired a gardener.

B. Because he paid $70 a month.

C. Because he worked hard on it.

D. Because he is good at gardening.

16. What does the man suggest to the woman?

A. To buy a new car.

B. To buy a second car.

C. To buy a used car.

D. To save her money for a long time.


Questions 17 to 18 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the two questions.Now listen to the news.

17. Which one of the following is NOT true?

A. Indian soldiers have ambushed and killed seven Afghan militants.

B. More than 160 Afghan militants have been killed this year in the area.

C. Pakistan-based Islamic guerrilla groups have been fighting Indian security forces in Kashmir since 1998.

D. The guerrillas receive weapons training in their camp in Pakistan.

18. According to Pakistan, what kind of support does it give to the rebels?

A. Financial.B. Technology.

C. Weapon.D. Moral.

Questions 19 to 20 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item,you will be given 20 seconds to answer the two questions. Now listen to the news.

19. According to Colombian officials, who was responsible for the massacre?

A. The leftist guerrillas.

B. The right-wing paramilitaries.

C. The army.

D. The U.S.A.

20. Why do the rebels and paramilitaries fight each other?

A. To control the government.

B. To control the peasants.

C. To control the army.

D. To control the coca fields.

Questions 21 to 22 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the two questions. Now listen to the news.

21. What did the Japanese investors worry about?

A. Russia’s poor business environment.

B. Russia’s tariff barriers.

C. Russia’s investment policies.

D. Russia’s economic reforms.

22. What kind of dispute strains the relationship between Japan and Russia?

A. Debts.B. Ideology.

C. Territory.D. Economic.

Question 23 is based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question. Now listen to the news.

23. Which one of the following is TRUE?

A. The prosecutors will continue their investigation against Kohl.

B. Mr. Kohl paid a $300,000 fine Friday.

C. Mr. Kohl denied accepting illegal campaign donation.

D. Mr. Kohl had promised not to name the donors.

Questions 24 to 25 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the two questions. Now listen to the news.

24. What caused the death of 20 Israelis a week ago?

A. Battle between Israel and Palestine.

B. A suicide bombing.

C. A car bombing.

D. A plane crashing accident.

25. When did Israel stop transferring customs and tax funds to the Palestinian Authority?

A. Last week.

B. Wednesday.

C. Last September.

D. Last Month.



Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the correct choice for each blank on your ANSWER SHEET.

Late last week, as the Bay Area turned from the frightful task of digging the bodies of motorists ___26___ to death in the collapse of the Nimitz Freeway to the earthly details of getting ___27___ with lifereconnecting severed water and gas line; and searching ___28___ new commuter routesmany were marveling at their city’s escape from a fate that could have been much ___29___ Registing 6. 9 on the Richter scale, this wasn’t “the big one”; but it was the largest quake to hit the area since San Francisco was ___30___ in 1906 and every bit as big as last year’s Armenia earthquake, ___31___ left 25, 000 dead. The destruction was intensely localized, proving ___32___ building experts have been saying for years. We ___33 ___what to do to prevent earthquake damage; we just don’t always do it. Damage was concentrated in order structures that had not been upgraded. Almost all the deathsupward of 100were in the mile-long ___34 ___of collapsed highway, a 30-year-old structure designed before many lessons of earthquake engineering were ___35___.

In this, there were countless stories of luck and timing, despair and courage. Although the quake ___36___ at what disaster planners had long viewed as the worst momentthe ___37___ of the afternoon rush hourpolice believed that many deaths ___38___ the Nimitz.Freeway were turned ___39___ because baseball fans were at home, glued to their TV sets, ___40 ___the start of the third game of the World Series.

26. A. crashedB. crushedC. smashedD. wrecked

27. A. onB. inC. alongD. into

28. A. afterB. forC. outD. to

29. A. goodB. badC. betterD. worse

30. A. lootedB. collapsedC. damagedD. leveled

31. A. thatB. whichC. whatD. where

32. A. thatB. whichC. whatD. where

33. A. knowB. neglectC. ignoreD. recognize

34. A. proportionB. selectionC. sectionD. process

35. A. learnedB. studiedC. heardD. seen

36. A. destroyedB. struckC. disappearedD. damaged

37. A. heightB. lownessC. preparationD. end

38. A. atB. inC. onD. of

39. A. outB. toC. offD. aside

40. A. waitingB. to waitC. to awaitD. awaiting


There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

41. I still remember the day I first met her, she ____.

A. had long hairB. has long hairs

C. had long hairsD. has long hair

42.____, he is appointed as general manager of the company.

A. Be a man ever so young

B. So young as a man ever is

C. No matter he is young

D. A man ever so young 

43. Nothing but some chairs____in the room.

A. has foundB. had found

C. were foundD. was found

44. More than one company____involved in this transaction.

A. wasB. wereC. to beD. /

45. It is said that his father____ for several years.

A. had diedB. has been dead

C. diedD. has dead

46. Water is to fish ____air is to man.

A. thatB. whichC. whatD. how

47.____trouble, I’ll forget the whole thing.

A. Rather than causedB. Than rather caused

C. Than rather causingD. Rather than cause

48. The football match is scheduled to be televised ____.

A. liveB. livelyC. aliveD. life

49. Advertising is distinguished from other forms of communication ____the advertiser pays for the message to be delivered.

A. in this wayB. in thatC. in which

D. in order to

50.____is often the case with a new idea, much preliminary activity and optimistic discussion produce no concrete proposals.

A. AsB. ThatC. WhichD. What

51. She walked 7 miles today in order to lose weight; I never imagined that she could walk____far.

A. asB. suchC. thatD. very

52. You won’t be able to finish the job ____you stop playing around.

A. unlessB. lestC. in case ofD. so that

53. Women are often said to be more ____ than men.

A. liableB. identicalC. emotionalD. immense

54. This ticket ____you to a free meal in our new restaurant.

A. grantsB. entitlesC. creditsD. permits

55. He is too weak to ____his business.

A. do withB. do without

C. do away withD. do up

56. She is so clever that I feel rather at a (an)____talking to her.

A. advantageB. disadvantage

C. mistakeD. error

57. The thieves ____the papers all over the room as they were searching for the money.

A. spreadB. swelledC. scatteredD. divided

58. The information-office at the station ____that all trains were running about one hour behind time.

A. advertisedB. declaredC. determinedD. promised

59. His book has made a great impact____ its readers.

A. atB. forC. toD. on

60. If any difficulties ____, you can call me for help.

A. ariseB. happenC. occurD. take place

61. Because of the severe international situation, the government has urged people to be ____ with food and water.

A. thriftB. economicC. economicalD. economy

62. After 10 hours at the wheel of the car, he began to feel the ____.

A. tensionB. nervousC. exertionD. strain

63. Would you please____ a seat for this evening’s concert?

A. reserveB. preserveC. conserveD. save

64.The concept of ____grouping people with similar interests and abilities was very popular among educators.

A. implementB. homogeneous

C. integratedD. perfection

65. The introduction of fabrics made from rayon, nylon and other ____fibers has made many changes in our civilization.

A. manufacturedB. artificial

C. syntheticD. manned www.59wj.com 如果觉得《英语专业四级考试全真模拟试卷十二(1)》专四模拟试题,yyzszb不错,可以推荐给好友哦。

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