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  1. Evidence came up ____ specific sounds are recognized by babies as young as six months old.

  A. what B. that C. which D. whose

  2. I understand ____ preparation that staff must put in under pressure to meet the deadline.

  A. more than the enormous amount of

  B. better than most the enormous number of

  C. better than most the enormous amount of

  D. fewer than the number of

  3. I’m sure your suggestion will ____ the problem.

  A. contribute to solving

  B. be contributed to solve

  C. contribute to solve

  D. be contributed to solving

  4. In 1840, both Lucretian Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton resented ______ proper seating at the World’s Antislavery convention in London because of their sex.

  A. refusing B. to be refused

  C. being refused D. having refused

  5. America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure as it ____ before the West was settled.

  A. could B. did C.would D. was

  6. You should have put the milk into the icebox, I expect it ____undrinkable.

  A. became B.had become

  C. has become D. becomes

  7. It’s no good ____ him. He is always indifferent towards others’ matters.

  A. to turn to B. turning to C. turn to D. turned to

  8. Some companies have introduced flexible working time with less emphasis on pressure ____

  A. than more on efficiency

  B. and more on efficiency

  C. and more efficiency

  D. than efficiency

  9. She always put her medication on the top of the shelf lest the children ____ it by mistake.

  A. took B. should take C. had taken D. would take

  10. The earnings of women are well below that of men ____educational differences that are diminishing between the two sexes.

  A. although B. though C. despite of D. in spite of

  11. Many automobile accidents were ____ careless driving.

  A. attributed to B. resulted in

  C. contributed to D. raised from

  12. The actress wanted a hat to ____ her dress.

  A. go by B. go through C. go out D. go with

  13. It takes a lot of____ to put on a school play such as King Lear.

  A. organization B. arrangement 

  C. management D. preparation

  14. The police carried out a(n)____ search for the mising boy.

  A. complete B. entire C. thorough D. whole

  15. The ____ crown jewels are kept in the Tower of London.

  A. valued B. valueless C. invaluable D. usable

  16. Tom has been a vegetarian ____ principle for years.

  A. in B.on C. for D. by

  17. When I got out of the car and walked about among them, ____one old man who shook his head disapprovingly, they all began to cheer.

  A. see that B. except that

  C.provided that D. except for

  18. ____ the water left in the kettle, the doctor put several things he unwrapped from a handkerchief.

  A. At B.To C. Within D. Into

  19. I am ____ grateful for the many kindnesses you have shown my son.

  A. excessively B. much C. certainly D. exceedingly

  20. The ____ of AIDS has led to an expansion in research seeking a cure.

  A. innovation B. selection C. proliferation D. conviction

  21. I am sorry I have no time at present to ____ more detail or give you an account of other cities of interest.

  A. bring into B. take into C. come into D. go into

  22. When the idea of winning in sports is carried to excess, ____competition can turn into disorder and violence.

  A. honestly B. honest C. honorable D. honorary

  23. Unless all the members agree to____ to the plan there may be further development in the course of action.

  A. tumble B. stick C. come D. adjust

  24. You must pay import ____ on certain goods brought into this country.

  A. money B. fees C. bills D. duties

  25. We expect Mr. White will ____ Class One when Miss Jane retires.

  A. take over B. take up C. take off D. take to



  1. B)【句意】有证据表明,小至六个月的婴儿就能识别具体的声音。

  【难点】evidence后面的同位语从句被全句的谓语动词came up隔开,同位语从句须由that引导,所以B)项正确。

  2. C)【句意】我比多数人更能理解员工们在最后期限的压力下所做的大量准备工作。

  【难点】understand better than...意为“对…非常理解”。preparation是不可数名词,须用amount修饰,故选C)。

  3. A)【句意】我相信你的建议将有助于问题的解决。

  【难点】contribute to意为“有助于,促成”,to是介词,所以后面应接名词或动名词,故选A)。

  4. C)【句意】1840年,露克里蒂安•莫特和伊丽莎白•凯蒂•斯坦顿因为他们的性别而没有得到伦敦世界废奴大会的席位,他们对此表示愤慨。


  5. B)【句意】作为一个国家来说,美国将不再具有开拓西部前所具有的那种冒险精神。


  6. C)【句意】你本该把牛奶放到冰里。我想现在这牛奶不能喝了。

  【难点】从句意分析,牛奶已经变质,不能喝了,属过去发生的动作对现在造成影响,再加上by now是现在完成时的典型时间状语,故选C)

  7. B)【句意】向他求助没用,他对别人的事总是漠不关心。

  【难点】It is no good doing sth是一个常见的句型,意为“做…没用”,no good后面应接动名词形式。

  8. B)【句意】有些公司采用弹性工作时间制,更注重效率,而不是压力。

  【难点】pressure和efficiency处于并列的位置,所以正确答案是B)。and more on efficiency,即more(emphasis) on efficiency。

  9. B)【句意】她总是把自己的药放到搁架上以免孩子错拿。


  10. D)【句意】尽管两性之间所受教育的差别正在缩小,妇女的收入仍大大低于男人的收入。

  【难点】四个选项中只有in spite of后可接名词,despite不能和of连用,although和though是连词,后接从句。

  11. A)【句意】许多汽车交通事故都起因于莽撞驾车。

  【难点】attribute to意为“把…归因于;contribute to意为“有助于,促成”;result in意为“导致,结果造成”;raise from不是固定搭配。

  12. D)【句意】那个女演员想要一个与她的连衣裙相配的帽子。

  【难点】go with意为“与…相配”;go by意为“根据…作出判断”;go through意为“通过;经历”;go out意为“过时”。

  13. A)【句意】上演《李尔王》这样一部校园剧需要大量的组织工作。


  14. C)【句意】警方为寻找失踪的男孩进行了一次彻底搜寻。


  15. C)【句意】那些无价的皇冠珠宝保存在伦敦塔里。


  16. B)【句意】多年来,汤姆一直是一个按原则行事的素食者。

  【难点】on principle意为“根据行为准则;按照原则”;in principle意为“原则上;基本上;大体上”。for和by不与principle搭配。

  17. D)【句意】当我下车走在他们中间的时候,除了一个老头不满地摇了摇头,大家都开始欢呼。

  【难点】except for意为“除…以外”,后接名词;see that意为“留意…;负责…;务必…”;except that意为“除去…之外”后接句子;provided that意为“倘若,在…条件下”。

  18. D)【句意】那位医生打开手帕里包着的几样东西,放入了壶内剩下的水里。


  19. D)【句意】我非常感激你给我儿子的那么多照顾。

  【难点】exceedingly意为“非常,极其”;excessively意为“过多地,过分地”;much常以too much, so much, very much的形式出现;certainly意为“无疑地;一定”。

  20. C)【句意】爱滋病的扩散使得人们做更多的研究工作去寻找治疗的方法。


  21. D)【句意】对不起,我眼下没时间讲得更细,也不能把其它旅游城市给你进行一个描述。

  【难点】go into意为“叙述;讨论”;bring后面很少加into; take into和come into与本题意不符。

  22. C)【句意】当竞争意识发展到极端时,荣誉可能变成混乱和暴力。


  23. B)【句意】除非所有成员都同意坚持这个计划,否则行动过程中会有进一步改进。

  【难点】stick to意为“坚持;坚守”;tumble to意为“突然察觉”;come to意为“降临,发生”;adjust to意为“调整;适应”。

  24. D)【句意】带入本国的某些商品要交进口税。


  25. A)【句意】我们希望珍妮小姐退休后,怀特先生能够接管一班。

  【难点】take over意为“接收,接管”;take up意为“开始采用;采取,承担”;take off意为“脱去;拿掉”;take to意为“开始从事;开始沉湎于”。

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