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  1. She never laughed, ____ lose her temper.

  A. nor she ever did

  B. or she ever did

  C. or did she ever

  D. nor did she ever

  2. ____ with the developed areas, people’s living standard of this province is not high at all.

  A. Compare

  B. While comparing

  C. When compared

  D. Comparing

  3. It is no use ____ me not to worry about his injury.

  A. you tell

  B. your telling

  C. for you to have told

  D. having told

  4. If the earth suddenly ____ spinning, we would allfly off it.

  A. had stopped

  B. stopped

  C. has stopped

  D. would stop

  5. Advertising is distinguished from other forms of communication ______ the advertiser pays for the message to be delivered.

  A. in that

  B. in which 

  C. in order that

  D. in the way

  6. After taking office, China’s Prime Minister, Zhu Rongji, tried his best to promote the new ____ policies.

  A. economic

  B. economical

  C. economy

  D. economics

  7. Look at these clouds. ____.

  A. It will rain

  B. It’s going to rain 

  C. It will be raining

  D. It is to rain

  8. ____ the 1500’s ____ the first Europeans explored the coast of California.

  A. It was not until/then

  B. It is not until/when

  C. It is until/that

  D. It was not until/that

  9. ____ the letter, I ran out of the room to the post office.

  A. Finishing

  B. No sooner that I had finished up

  C. As soon as I finished writing 

  D. Since I finished up to write

  10. If the law and order ____, neither the citizen nor his property is safe.

  A. are not preserved

  B. have not been preserved

  C. were notpreserved

  D. is not preserved

  11. Before moving to another city, Amy ____ of the house and the furniture.

  A. disposed

  B. discarded

  C. discharged

  D. distributed

  12. Amy Taylor was ____ both as a drama critic and as a poet.

  A. subtle

  B. progressive

  C. eminent

  D. plausible

  13. He was very much interested in the work of charities, and made a regular ____ to them.


  B. fellowship 

  C. hospitality

  D. contribution

  14. The temperature ____ greatly; the days were very hot, the nights very cold.

  A. changed

  B. altered

  C. varied

  D. reflected

  15. The washing machine would not work because of a(n) ____in the switch.

  A. mistake

  B. trouble

  C. error

  D. defect

  16. Recently there has been a great ____ for small cars that consume little gas.

  A. request

  B. want

  C. demand

  D. claim

  17. Mark ____ his breath in wonder when he saw the Christmas tree in the sitting room.

  A. held

  B. grasped

  C. kept

  D. blew

  18. Our school singing group is going to give a(n) ____performance next month. Don’t miss it.

  A. alive

  B. living

  C. life

  D. live

  19. The old buildings blend with the new ones in perfect ____so a walk along Nanking Road is an enjoyable discovery.

  A. control

  B. order

  C. harmony

  D. action

  20. It is not profitable to provide bus service in districts where the population is widely ____ .

  A. divided

  B. separated

  C. spaced

  D. scattered

  21. It was necessary to ____ the factory building as the company was doing more and more business.

  A. extend

  B. increase

  C. lengthen

  D. grow

  22. He studied hard in his youth, which ____ his great success in later life.

  A. answered for

  B. consisted of 

  C. doubled up

  D. contributed to

  23. If I look the other way, I can see the mouth of the river, wild and ____, and the sea beyond.

  A. grand

  B. inspired

  C. fierce

  D. splendid

  24. The relationship between dream life and waking life has been studied ____.

  A. originally

  B. intensively

  C. extremely

  D. properly

  25. ____ the danger from enemy action, people had to cope with severe shortage of food, clothing, fuel, and almost everything.

  A. as to

  B. as usual

  C. as regards

  D. as well as



  1. D)


  【难点】由so, nor, neither引导的并列分句,表示“同样,也”等意义时,主谓语要倒装。

  2. C)


  【难点】本句中发达地区和该省为对比的对象,状语部分中动词的逻辑主语应该是“该省”,故应该采用被动语态。when compared是when it is compared的省略。

  3. B)


  【难点】It is no use 后通常跟动名词短语。

  4. B)



  5. A)


  【难点】in that 引导原因状语,往往用于书面语,放在句中而不在句首,意为“因为,原因在于”。In which一般用来引导定语从句,修饰表示方位的名词。In order that常常用于引导目的状语从句。

  6. A)


  【难点】economic 意为“经济的,与经济有关的”。economical 意为“节约的,不浪费的”。economy意为“经济”。economics意为“经济学”。

  7. B)


  【难点】选项A)中will表示一种意愿。B)中的be going to do sth 表示目前已有迹象表明即将发生某种事情。C)中使用了将来进行时,用来表示将来某一时刻或某一时期正在进行的动作。D)中的be to do sth 表示一种计划或安排。

  8. D)


  【难点】本句将not until…that…句型和强调句It is (was)…that…结合在一起,形成一个新的常用的结构。

  9. C)



  10. D)


  【难点】本句意在陈述一项事实,所以应采用一般时,law and order是习语,意为“治安”,作单数。

  11. A)


  【难点】dispose of 意为“处理,整理”;discard意为“丢弃;抛弃”; discharge 意为“解雇,免…的职务;开除”; distribute意为“分开;分送;分配”。

  12. C)



  13. D)


  【难点】contribution 意为“捐款,贡献;捐助”,make a contribution to 是动词短语,意为“向…捐款”;dedication 意为“献身;献身精神”;fellowship 意为“伙伴关系;友情;友谊”;hospitality 意为“友好款待;好客;殷勤”。

  14. C)


  【难点】vary意为“相异,不同;变化; change意为“改变,变化”,尤指全面发生的变化;alter意为“(部分地)改变,变动;更改”;reflect意为“反射;反应;显现”。

  15. D)


  【难点】defect意为“缺陷;弱点”;mistake意为“错误;过失”;trouble意为“困难,麻烦,困扰”;error 意为“失误,错误”。

  16. C)


  【难点】demand意为“需求,需求量,要求”,supply and demand构成“供需”之意;request意为“请求,请”;want 意为“需要,缺乏”,常用于for want of 这一短语中;claim意为“要求,主张,声称,认领”。

  17. A)


  【难点】hold one’s breath 意为“(因紧张,激动等)屏息”,另外三个动词不能和breath进行合理搭配。

  18. D)


  【难点】live 在本句中是形容词,意为“现场直播的,实况转播的”;alive 意为“有活力的,有生色的,活跃的”;living意为“逼真的,惟妙惟肖的”;life为名词,不适合本句句意。

  19. C)


  【难点】in harmony意为“协调一致,和睦融洽”;in control 意为“处于被控制状态”;in order 意为“井然有序,处于良好状态”;in action意为“在起作用,在行动中”。

  20. D)


  【难点】scatter意为“使分散”;divide意为“分隔,把…隔开”;separate 意为“使(两者)分开,分离”;space意为“(用间隔)分隔开”。

  21. A)



  22. D)


  【难点】contribute to意为“有助于,促成,是…的部分原因”;answer for 意为“负有责任,需作交待”;consist of 意为“组成,构成”;double up意为“笑弯了腰”。

  23. C)


  【难点】fierce 意为“猛烈的”;grand意为“雄伟的,堂皇的,庄重的”;inspired意为“受到鼓舞的”;splendid 意为“壮丽的,华丽的,壮观的”。

  24. B)


  【难点】intensively 意为“集中地,彻底地”;originally 意为“本来,原来”,不能和完成时连用;extremely意为“极端地,非常地”;properly 意为“适宜地,恰当地”。

  25. D)


  【难点】as well as 意为“除…之外,还要…”;as to 意为“关于”; as usual 意为“照常,照例”,不是介词词组,不能用于本句, as regards 意为“关于…,至于…”。

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