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  1. If only the arbitration court ____ the dispute.

  A. resolve

  B. will resolve 

  C. can resolve

  D. would resolve

  2. I advise you ____ of ____ out such a dangerous plan.

  A. to stop to think... carry

  B. to stop thinking... carrying

  C. to stop thinking... carry 

  D. to stop thinking... to carry

  3. She bought ____ plates.

  A. one dozen beautiful pale blue dinner

  B. one dozen pale blue beautiful dinner

  C. beautiful one dozen pale blue dinner

  D. one dozen dinner beautiful pale blue

  4. More and more advanced farm machines ____ , the agricultural production increased tremendously.

  A. using

  B. having used

  C. having been used

  D. to have been used

  5. I think you are supposed ____ your graduate study last year.

  A. to be finishing

  B. to have finished

  C. to finish

  D. to have been finished

  6. The paper ____ several persons are risking their lives is an important report on missiles.

  A. after which

  B. for which

  C. with which

  D. at which

  7. The actress is not so beautiful ____ the press described in advance.

  A. that

  B. which

  C. as

  D. what

  8. The protection device can eliminate the faults ____they cause more damage.

  A. unless

  B. until

  C. before

  D. although

  9. All ____ is peace and progress.

  A. what is needed

  B. for our needs

  C. the thing needed

  D. that is needed

  10. ____ he was aware ofthe real meaning of life.

  A. That was from that book

  B. It was that book which

  C. It was from that book that 

  D. It was that book that

  11. I hope you will never fall into that ____.

  A. mistake

  B. fault

  C. error

  D. defect

  12. Then the ____ streamed into the great hall.

  A. group

  B. crowd

  C. gang

  D. masses

  13. Once a ____ is formed it is very difficult to shake it off.

  A. habit

  B. custom

  C. practice

  D. usage

  14. My husband likes early American furniture, but I prefer ____styles, designs that reflect today’s times.

  A. noble

  B. neutral

  C. contemporary

  D. simple

  15. For many people, overeating and overspending are as ____to Christmas as candles and holly.

  A. integral

  B. suitable

  C. inevitable

  D. compatible

  16. When my kids go a weekend without pizza and TV while camping, they think they are suffering great ____.

  A. deficiency

  B. deprivation

  C. depression

  D. starvation

  17. The police have asked for the____ of the public in tracing the whereabouts of the missing boy.

  A. cooperation


  C. helpfulness

  D. aid

  18. She murmured something and blushed as if a secret had been ____.

  A. imposed

  B. exposed

  C. removed

  D. renewed

  19. Your service is entirely ____ , not compulsory.

  A. selective

  B. optional

  C. voluntary

  D. reluctant

  20. Their distribution is also ____, sometimes, widely spaced, in places, closely packed together.

  A. various

  B. alternative

  C. variable

  D. conventional

  21. Food and drink are good and desirable, but their ____can cause serious health and mental problems.

  A. effect

  B. abuse

  C. custom

  D. usage

  22. I called on him the morning after our arrival, and was ____with his gay, precise manner and obvious power of decision. A. inclined

  B. implied

  C. impressed

  D. illustrated

  23. The trade agreement between the two countries will ____next year.

  A. adjoin

  B. expire

  C. boost

  D. concede

  24. Two boys were caught smoking at school but the headmaster let them ____ with a warning.

  A. off

  B. down

  C. out

  D. alone

  25. Advertising costs are no longer in reasonable ____to the total cost of the product.

  A. testimony

  B. relationship

  C. proportion

  D. legislation



  1. A)


  【难点】If only意为“只要,但愿”,后边引出的句子往往用虚拟语气,表示与将来事实相反或将来不可能发生的事情时谓语通常采用(should)+动词原形。

  2. B)


  【难点】advise 一般用于句型“advise(sb)that 或advise sb to do sth,意为“建议…做”。stop后跟动名词或名词时,意为“不再做某事,停止正做的事”。如果stop后跟动词不定式,则表示停止一件事情而开始做另一件事情。所以只有答案B)正确。

  3. A)


  4. C)


  【难点】本句的原因状语采用现在分词表示独立主格结构,由于主句和从句的主语不一致,故在作状语的现在分词之前加了其逻辑主语more and more advanced farm machines ;从时间上看,产量的提高发生在使用先进机械之后,所以需要用完成时,而且必须构成被动语态才能够阐述所要表达的意思。

    5. B)


  【难点】be supposed to 相当于should,后跟完成时,表示一种与过去事实相反的虚拟语气。

  6. B)


  【难点】for 作为介词,后跟名词,代词或动名词,往往表示某一动作或行为的目标或试图获得的东西。

  7. C)


  【难点】so(as)+adj/adv.+as 用于同级比较,意为“像…样…”。

  8. C)


  【难点】unless意为“如果不,除非”,相当于if not ,用于条件状语从句。until意为“直到”,由until引导的时间状语从句,所对应主句的谓语动词通常为延续性动词。before意为“在…之前。 although意为“虽然,尽管”,引导让步状语从句。

  9. D)


  【难点】all 后如果跟定语从句,则关系代词为that。

  10. C)



  11. C)


  【难点】error意为“失误,(行为,信仰的)错误”,fall into error意为“误入歧途”;mistake意为“错误,过失;误解”;fault 意为“缺点,过失,小毛病”;defect意为“缺陷,缺点”。

  12. B)



  13. A)


  【难点】habit 意为“癖好,(个人的)习惯,习性”;custom 意为“习俗,惯例”;practice 意为“惯例,常规”;usage也有“习俗,习惯,惯例”之意,但不太常用。

  14. C)


  【难点】contemporary 意为“当代的”;noble 意为“高尚的,崇高的”;neutral意为“淡色的,中色的”;simple意为“无装饰的,朴素的;简朴的”。

  15. A)


  【难点】integral 意为“构成整体所必需的,缺一不可的”;inevitable意不“不可避免的,必然发生的”;suitable意为“合适的,适宜的”;compatible意为“和谐共处的,相容的;符合的”。

  16. B)



  17. A)



  18. B)



  19. C)


  【难点】voluntary 意为“自愿的,志愿的”;selective意为“选择的,选择性的”;optional意为“随意的,任选的”;reluctant意为“不情愿的,勉强的”。

  20. C)


  【难点】variable“易变的,多变的,反复无常的”;various 意为“不同的,各种各样的”;alternative 意为“供选择的,供替代的”;conventional意为“习惯的,惯例的”。

  21. B)


  【难点】abuse 意为“滥用,虐待”;effect意为“效力,影响”;custom意为“社会习俗,惯例”;usage意为“用法,惯用法”。

  22. C)


  【难点】impress意为“给…深刻印象,使感动”;incline意为“(性格上)倾向,赞同,喜好”;imply意为“暗指,暗示”;illustrate 意为“说明,阐明,表明”。

  23. B)


  【难点】expire意为“满期,届满,(期限)终止,成为无效”; adjoin意为“邻接,与…毗连”;boost 意为“推动,提高,增强”;concede意为“容许,授予,让与”。

  24. A)


  【难点】let off 意为“放过,宽恕,对…从轻处理”; let down意为“使人失望”;let out 意为“发泄,放开”; let alone意为“更不必说,不管”。

  25. C)


  【难点】in proportion to 意为“与…成正比例”; testimony意为“证据;证明”;relationship意为“关系,关联”;legislation意为“立法,法规”。

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