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  1. ____ a fine day, we decided to go for a picnic.

  A. Having been

  B. Being

  C. What

  D. It being

  2. He came to know that the knowledge from books can be useful only ______ it is linked with practice.

  A. as

  B. when

  C. while

  D. for

  3. ____, it is quite easy to drill a hole in it with laser.

  A. Hard although a diamond is

  B. As a diamond is hard

  C. Hard as a diamond is

  D. How hard is a diamond

  4. Silk, printing, paper, the compass and powder originated in China, and ____ introduction in the west had farreaching effects.

  A. these

  B. their

  C. those

  D. its

  5. The problem is believed ____ at the meeting two days ago.

  A. to have discussed

  B. to have been discussed

  C. being discussed

  D. having been discussed

  6. Ultrasonic sounds produce pulsed signals ____ various defects in metal can be detected.

  A. for which

  B. of which

  C. as a result of which

  D. by means of which

  7. In computer programming, this model is ____ to any of the others we have ever had.

  A. more superior

  B. the more superior

  C. the most superior

  D. superior

  8. The introduction of the coal pulverizing system in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant vastly reduces the time it took ____

  A. to mill the coal

  B. milling the coal

  C. for milling the coal

  D. while milling the coal

  9. Some members suggested ____ a party for the visitor, but the Chairman didn’t approve.

  A. to arrange

  B. arrange

  C. arranging

  D. to be arranging

  10. If the maid comes today, please have her ____ my shirts.

  A. washed

  B. washing

  C. to wash

  D. wash

  11. ____ racial problems have not been solved and full equality has not been attained yet, progress in these directions has been quite remarkable.

  A. Since

  B. Although

  C. Now that

  D. Before

  12. ____ they are alarmed at the interference with the natural balance of the environment, and its possible consequences.

  A. All in all

  B. After all

  C. Above all

  D. In all

  13. Rumor ____ it that the man has been nominated many times for the Nobel Prize.

  A. has

  B. spreads

  C. carries

  D. learns

  14. Just because I’m ____ to him, my boss thinks he can order me around without giving me any respect.

  A. redundant

  B. versatile

  C. trivial

  D. subordinate

  15. In our society, a wedding invitation is also an ____invitation for a gift.


  B. intelligible

  C. implicit

  D. inclusive

  16. The strong scent of Kate’s perfume ____ the air in the small room.

  A. radiated

  B. permeated

  C. extracted

  D. dispersed

  17. An atom bomb would ____ a city.

  A. destroy

  B. damage

  C. spoil

  D. wreck

  18. The climate here is pleasant. It is ____ all the year round.

  A. damp

  B. humid

  C. moist

  D. wet

  19. The room is partly ____ with a few old chairs.

  A. provided

  B. decorated

  C. beautified

  D. furnished

  20. If Karl were more ____ about her voice, she would never sing outside of the shower.

  A. punctual

  B. practical

  C. sensitive

  D. objective

  21. Renewing my driver’s licence today is ____. Otherwise, the licence will expire at midnight.

  A. imaginative

  B. feasible

  C. imperative

  D. empirical

  22. For those with poor eyesight, large print ____ reading.

  A. facilitates

  B. rectifies

  C. reinforces

  D. magnifies

  23. Nancy complained about the ____ airconditioner she bought from the department store.

  A. inefficient

  B. deficient

  C. ineffective

  D. defective

  24. ____ the large amount of time devoted to listening every day, most college students do not listen effectively.

  A. However

  B. If

  C. Despite

  D. Even

  25. If we continue to argue over minor points, we won’t get ____near a solution.

  A. anywhere

  B. somewhere

  C. elsewhere

  D. nowhere



  1. D)



  2. B)


  【难点】as 作连词时,一般意为“正当…时候”。 While作连词时,一般连接的两个动作同时或几乎同时发生。when意为“当…时候”,前加only是为强调,only when是一习惯组合。



  【难点】由although引导的让步状语从句,可以换成由as引导的倒装句形式,句型一般为adj(adv 或n)+as +主语+谓语。其他三个选项不表达让步意义。

  4. B)



  5. B)


  【难点】跟在believe,think, consider 等词后面作主语补足语的成分一般为动词不定式。

  6. D)


  【难点】for which表示目的;of which 表示所属;as a result of which相当于表示由其引导的定语从句与其所修饰的主句构成因果关系;by means of 意为“通过(某种方式)”。

  7. D)


  【难点】be supeiror to 意为“优越于,好于”。该短语本身就表示比较级,所以它表示“比…好”时不再需要加任何修饰。

  8. A)


  【难点】take some time to do sth表示“做某事花…时间”。

  9. C)


  【难点】suggest当“建议”讲时,其后的动词应该采用动名词形式,类似的动词还有: finish (完成),avoid(避免),mind(在意)等。

  10. D)


  【难点】用have, make 或let表达“让某人做某事”时,要求后跟不带to的动词不定式短语作宾补。

  11. B)


  【难点】although意为“尽管,虽然”,引导让步状语从句;since 意为“因为;既然”;now that意为“现在已经…;既然已…”;before long意为“不久”,不是连词,不能带从句。

  12. C)


  【难点】above all 意为“更重要的是,尤其”;all in all 意为“总而言之,总的说来”;after all 意为“毕竟,终究”; in all 意为“全部,总共,总计”。

  13. A)


  【难点】rumor has it that …是一个固定句式,意为“传言…,传说…”,其中it为无人称代词。其它三个词不能在本句中形成固定搭配。

  14. D)



  15. C)


  【难点】implicit 意为“不言自明的;含蓄的”;ingenious意为“聪明的,有发明天才的”;intelligible意为“可理解的;明白易懂的”;inclusive意为“包括的,包含的”。

  16. B)


  【难点】permeate意为“漫布,遍布,弥漫”;radiate意为“辐射,发散;传播”;extract意为“(费力)取出,拔出”;disperse 意为“使散布,散发,传播”。

  17. A)


  【难点】destroy 意为“破坏,摧毁”;damage意为“损害,损坏”,指局部性的破坏;spoil意为“弄糟,破坏;溺爱”;wreck意为“弄坏(身体),使(计划)受挫”。

  18. C)



  19. D)


  【难点】furnish意为“为(房间)配备家具;provide意为“提供;供给”;decorate意为“装饰,装潢”;beautify 意为“使美起来,美化”。

  20. D)



  21. C)


  【难点】imperative意为“紧急的,必要的”;imaginative 意为“富于想象力的”;feasible 意为“可能的,可行的”;empirical意为“单凭经验的,经验主义的”。

  22. A)



  23. D)






  25. A)


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