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  1. Your examination results were quitesatisfactory, but ____ if you had spent less time in playingfootball?

  A. wouldn’t they have been better

  B. wouldn’t they be better

  C. won’t they have been better

  D. won’t they be better

  2. I have given up trying to convince him, there is no point ____ with him.

  A.by arguing B. with arguing

  C. for arguing D. in arguing

  3. Criticism and selfcriticism is necessary ____ it helps us to correct our mistakes.

  A. in thatB. such thatC. so thatD. to that

  4. To my surprise, the majority of the students ____ in favor of his proposal.

  A. isB. areC. beD. was

  5.As a matter of fact, children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined ____ high level of self confidence.

  A. possessB. to possess

  C. to have possessed D. possessing

  6. He managed, with his friend’s assistance, ____ before the building was locked.

  A. being finished B. be finished

  C. to finishD. being finishing

  7. Why was the suggestion that she ____ to our party rejected the day before yesterday?

  A. be invitedB. to be invited

  C. being invitedD. has been invited

  8. The office staff ____ gathered to hear the manager speak.

  A. haveB. is beingC. hasD. is

  9. ____ the door when a gust of wind blew the candle out.

  A. He had no sooner opened

  B. Hardly had he opened

  C. Scarcely did he opened

  D. No sooner did he open

  10. The workers are practising ____ a new song for the coming evening party of the New Year’s Eve.

  A. to singB. to be singing

  C. singingD. being sung

  11. His speech was careful and ____ but his words seemed to make no sense.

  A. distinctB. distinctive

  C. distinguishableD. distinguished

  12. The interpreter gave only a ____ version of the old man’s long rambling account.

  A. minimumB. tinyC. condensedD. compressed

  13. I know him ____ but I have never actually spoken to him.

  A. from sightB. by sight

  C. in sightD. for sight

  14. Strenuous efforts have been made to ____ government expenses to a desired level.

  A. cut offB. cut backC. cut downD. cut short

  15. They were digging to find some ____of the Viking Period.

  A. tracksB. traitsC. tracesD. tracts

  16. With a wave of his hand, the conjurer made the rabbit ____.

  A. lingerB. vanishC. hoverD. soar

  17. She has a small machine for ____ coffee beans.

  A. breakingB. grindingC. splittingD. crashing

  18. The trouble with owning a foreign car is that ____ parts are so expensive.

  A. extraB. separateC. spareD. reserve

  19. Whenever he writes to his parents, he ____ a check with his letter.

  A. includesB. containsC. insertsD. encloses

  20. The energy gained from the sun can then be used during the night to enable the necessary chemical reactions to ____ in his body.

  A. proceedB. practiseC. progressD. precede

  21. When Mr.Green was away on business, his neighbor gave his wife a(n) ____ with the housework.

  A. aidB. helpC. handD. lift

  22. There is a ____ of vegetables in Dalian at the moment because of the cold weather.

  A. needB. wantC. shortageD. desire

  23. When I heard footsteps behind me I was ____ of being attacked.

  A. horrifiedB. horribleC. terrificD. terrified

  24. His illness made him ____ of concentration.

  A. incompetentB. unable

  C. incapableD. powerless

  25. I let children make their own decisions now they are older; I wouldn’t ____ to interfere.

  A. presumeB. resumeC. assumeD. force



  1. A)【句意】你的考试成绩相当令人满意,但是,如果你少费点时间踢足球的话,成绩不更好吗?


  应采用过去完成时,而虚拟主句中的谓语动词应使用would have done(been)形式。

  2. D)【句意】我已经不想说服他了,跟他争论毫无意义。

  【难点】There is no point in doing sth意为“做某事毫无意义”。

  3. A)【句意】批评和自我批评是必要的,因为它有利于我们改正错误。

  【难点】in that 往往用于引导原因状语从句,放在句中而不在句首,意为“因为,原因在于”。

  4. B)【句意】令我吃惊的是,大多数学生赞成他的建议。


  5. B)【句意】事实上,受到父母严格、一贯而且合理的教导的那些孩子,往往自信心很强。

  【难点】be inclined意为“常常,往往”,后接动词不定式,表示某种倾向。

  6. C)【句意】在朋友的帮助下,他终于在大楼锁门之前做完了这个实验。

  【难点】manage to do 意为“(经过努力)做成某事”;manage后跟的宾语只能使用to+动词原形的形式。

  7. A)【句意】为什么邀请她参加聚会的建议前天遭到拒绝?

  【难点】某些表示建议,提议,意愿,要求和命令等意义的名词,后跟的表语从句和同位语从句的谓语动词一般采用(should)+动词原形的虚拟形式。参见Test 19的“疑难攻破”。

  8. A)【句意】办公室的工作人员集合起来听经理讲话。


  9. B)【句意】他刚打开门,一阵风就把蜡烛吹灭了。

  【难点】英语中经常用hardly /scarcely …when或no sooner …than 作为固定搭配,表示“一…就”。含有此结构的句子,表示从句中的动作一发生,主句中的动作随即发生,并且如果hardly /scarcely 或no sooner置于句首,则从句的主语和谓语必须倒装,在以上结构中,主句一般用过去完成时,从句一般用过去时,所以符合以上条件的只有选项B)。

  10. C)【句意】工人们正在为即将到来的除夕晚会练习演唱一首新歌。

  【难点】practise 为及物动词,后跟名词或动名词形式,类似的动词还有:finish (完成),consider (考虑),avoid (避免),mind (在意),suggest(建议,提议)等。

  11. A)【句意】他措辞谨慎、清晰,但似乎没说明什么。

  【难点】distinct 意为“明显的,清楚的;清晰的”:distinctive意为“有特色的”;distinguishable意为“可辨别的”;distinguished意为“卓越的,杰出的”。

  12. C)【句意】翻译对老人喋喋不休的描述只做了简要翻译。

  【难点】condensed 意为“缩短的,缩写的”;minimum意为“最低的;最小的”;tiny意为“极小的,微小的”;compressed意为“压缩的;压紧的”,不能指语言。

  13. B)【句意】我跟他面熟,但从未跟他说过话。

  【难点】know sb by sight 是习语搭配,意为“与某人只是面熟”;in sight 意为“被看见”;from sight 和for sight不是习惯搭配。

  14. C)【句意】政府已作出不懈努力,力求把支出降低到预期水平。

  【难点】cut down意为“减少,缩减”;cut off意为“中断,打断”;cut back 意为“缩减(生产),削减(支出)”,常与on搭配使用;cut short意为“使停止,中断,打断”。

  15. C)【句意】他们在挖掘,企图找到维京时期的遗物。


  16. B)【句意】魔术师手一挥,小兔消失了。

  【难点】vanish 意为“突然不见;消失”;linger 意为“继续存留;缓慢消失”;hover意为“徘徊,逗留在近旁”;soar意为“翱翔,升高,升腾”。

  17. B)【句意】她有一个磨咖啡的小机器。

  【难点】grind 意为“碾碎,磨碎”;break 意为“破碎,断裂”;split 意为“劈开,撕开”;crash 意为“坠毁”。

  18. C)【句意】养外国造的车的麻烦是,零件太贵。

  【难点】spare 意为“备用的,预备的”,spare parts 是“零件”;extra 意为“额外的,追加的”;separate 意为“分开的,分离的;各个的”;reserve 意为“储备”,不作形容词。

  19. D)【句意】他每次给父母写信,都会附上一张支票。

  【难点】enclose意为“把…附在信中”;include意为“包括,包含;contain意为“包括”,与include 相似,但include指包含内容一部分,而contain则包含整个内容。

  20. A)【句意】从太阳获得的能量在夜晚被利用,这使得必要的化学反应在他体内继续进行。


  21. C)【句意】当空军少尉彼得?博鲁离家出差时,他的邻居帮他的妻子做家务。

  【难点】give sb a hand 意为“帮把手,助一臂之力”;give aid to sb 意为“向某人提供帮助”,help 和aid 相似,只不过后者一般为书面语;lift意为“(给步行者)搭便车,免费搭车”。

  22. C)【句意】目前,由于天气寒冷,大连蔬菜短缺。

  【难点】shortage 意为“缺少,不足”,常构成短语 a shortage of ;need 意为“需求,要求”;want 意为“贫困不足”;desire 意为“欲望,愿望”。

  23. D)【句意】当我听到身后有脚步声时,我害怕自己受到攻击。

  【难点】terrify 意为“使害怕”,be terrified of 意为“对…感到惊惧”;horrify意为“使震惊;使生反感”;horrible意为“令人恐惧的,可怕的;骇人听闻的”;terrific意为“棒极的,了不起的”。

  24. C)【句意】他的疾病使得他不能集中注意力。

  【难点】incapable意为“无能力的,不能的”,后接of;unable 意为“不能的,不会的”,后接动词不定式;powerless 意为“无能的,无力量的,无权力的”;incompetent意为“不称职的,不胜任的”。

  25. A)【句意】现在孩子们大了,我让他们自己作决定,我决不擅自干涉。

  【难点】presume意为“胆敢,冒昧”,后接动词不定式,用第一人称时为客套语;resume意为“重新开始,继续”;assume意为“假定,假设;臆断”;force 意为“强迫,迫使”。

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