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  1、 一、词汇(15分)

  Philip Roth was hailed as a major new author in 1960.

  A) published B)challenged

  C) acclaimed D)guided


  2、 This kind of animals are on the verge of extinction, because so many are being killed for their fur.

  A)drying up B) dying out

  C) being reported D)being transplanted


  3、 The number of United States citizens who are eligible to vote continues to increase.

  A)encouraged B) enforced

  C) expected D) entitled


  4、 I feel regret about what's happened.

  A) sorry B) disappointed

  C) shameful D)disheartened


  5、 Evidence exists that hearing problems may be alleviated by changes in diet and exercise habits.

  A) initiated B) cured C) complicated D) lessened


  6、 The conclusion can be deduced from the promises.

  A) allowed B) derived C) permitted D) come


  7、 Since the Great Depression, the United States government has protected farmers from damaging drops in grain prices.

  A) slight B) surprising C) sudden D) harmful


  8、 The poet William Carlos Williams was a New Jersey physician.

  A)doctor B) professor C) physicist D) resident


  9、 Long before the concert began, big crowds of pop fans had assembled in the stadium.

  A) concentrated B) resembled C) gathered D) dispersed


  10、 During his lifetime he was able to accumulate quite a fortune.

  A) overtake B) confront C) collect D) demonstrate


  11、 Medicine depends on other fields for basic information, particularly some of their specialized branches.

  A) conventionally B) obviously C) especially D) inevitably



  12、 If wool(羊毛) is put into hot water, it tends to shrink.

  A) smell B) fade C) harden D) contract


  13、 They have a far better yield than any other farm for miles around.

  A) expectation B) soil C) climate D) harvest


  14、 They are endeavoring to change society as a whole.

  A) trying B) working

  C) doing D) making


  15、 The other women seemed contented and they even exhibited their bellies(腹部) with pride.

  A) demonstrated B) uncovered

  C) spread D) showed



  Engineering Ethics

  Engineering ethics is attracting increasing interest in engineering universities throughout the nation. At Texas A&M University, evidence of this interest in professional ethics culminated in the creation of a new course in engineering ethics, as well as a project funded by the National Science Foundation to develop material for introducing ethical issues into requied undergraduate engineering courses. A small group of faculty and administrators actively supported the growing effort at Texas A&M, yet this group must now expand to meet the needs of increasing numbers of students wishing to learn more about the value implications of their actions as professional engineers.

  The increasing concern for the value dimension of engineering is , at least in part, a result of the attention that the media has given to cases such as the Challenger disaster, the Kansas City Hyatt-Regency Hotel walkways collapse, and the Exxon oil spill. As a response to this concern, a new discipline, engineering ethics, is emerging. This discipline with doubtless take its place alongside such well-established fields as medical ethics, business ethics, and legal ethics.

  The problem presented by this development is that most engineering professors are not prepared to introduce literature in engineering ethics into their classrooms. They are most comfortable with quantitative concepts and often do not believe they are qualified to lead class discussions on ethics. Many engineering faculty members do not think that they have the time in an already overcrowded syllabus to introduce discussions on professional ethics, or the time in their own schedules to prepare the necessary material. Hopefully, the resources presented herein will be of assistance.

  1. Engineering ethics is a compulsory subject in every institute of science and technology in the United States.

  A. Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  2. The number of students wishing to take the course of engineering ethics is declining at Texas A&M University.

  A. Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  3.The National Science Foundation involves itself directly in writing up material about ethical issues.

  A. Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  4. It seems that medical ethics and business ethics are more mature than engineering ethics.

  A. Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned


  5. Several engineering professors have quit from teaching to protest against the creation of a new course in engineering ethics.

  A. Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  6. Many engineering professors may not have time to prepare material for class discussion on professional ethics.

  A. Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  7. It is likely that following this introductory passage, the author will provide the necessary material related to the topic of engineering ethics.

  A. Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned





  Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

  During the past few years, scientists the world over have suddenly found themselves

  Productively engaged in task they once spent their lives avoiding---writing, any kind of writing, but particularly letter writing. Encouraged by electronic mail’s surprisingly high speed, convenience and economy, people who never before touched the stuff are regularly, skillfully, even cheerfully tapping out a great deal of correspondence.

  Electronic networks, woven into the fabric of scientific communication these days, are the route to colleagues in distant countries , shared data, bulletin boards and electronic journals. Anyone with a personal computer, a modern and the software to link computers over telephone lines can sign on. An estimated five million scientists have done so with more joining every day, most of them communicating through a bundle of interconnected domestic and foreign routes known collectively as the Internet, or net.

  E-mail is starting to edge out the fax, the telephone, overnight mail ,and of course, land mail. It shrinks time and distance between scientific collaborators, in part because it is conveniently asynchronous (writers can type while their colleagues across time zones sleep; their message will be waiting). If it is not yet speeding discoveries, it is certainly accelerating communication.

  Jeremy Bernstei, the physicist and science writer, once called E-mail the physicist’s umbilical cord. Lately other people , too, have been discovering its connective virtues. Physicists are using it; college students are using it, everybody is using it, and as a sign that it has come of age, the New Yorker has celebrated its liberating presence with a cartoon—an appreciative dog seated at a keyboard, saying happily, “on the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”


  1. The reasons given below about the popularity of E-mail can be found in the passage EXCEPT

  A. direct and reliable.

  B. time-saving in delively.

  C. money-saving.

  D. available at any time.

  2. How is the Internet or net explained in the passage?

  A. Electronic routes used to read home and international journals.

  B. Electronic routes used to fax or correspond overnight.

  C. Electronic routes waiting for correspondence while one is sleeping.

  D. Electronic routes connected among millions of users, home and abroad.

  3. What does the sentence “If it is not yet speeding discoveries, it is certainly accelerating communication.” Most probably mean?

  A. The quick speed of correspondence may have ill-effects on discoveries.

  B. Although it does not speed up correspondence, correspondence, it helps make discoveries.

  C. It quickens mutual communication even if it does not accelerate discoveries.

  D. It shrinks time for communication and accelerates discoveries

  4. What does the sentence “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” Imply in the last paragraph?

  A. Even dogs are interested in the computer.

  B. E-mail has become very popular.

  C. Dogs are liberated from their usual duties.

  D. E-mail deprives dogs of their owners’ love.

  5. What will happen to fax, land mail, overnight mail, etc. according to the writer?

  A. Their functions cannot be replaced by E-mail.

  B. They will co-exist with E-mail for a long time.

  C. Less and less people will use them.

  D. They will play a supplementary function to E-mail.





  "Happy Birthday to You"

  The main problem in discussing American popular culture is also one of its main characteristics: it won’t stay American. No matter what it is, whether it is films, food and fashion, music, casual sports or slang, it’s soon at home elsewhere in the world. There are several theories why American popular culture has had this appeal.

  One theory is that it has been “advertised” and marketed through American films, popular music, and more recently, television. ________1____ They are ,after all, in competition with those produced by other countries.

  Another theory, probably a more common one, is that American popular culture is internationally associated with something called “the spirit of America.” ____2____

  The final theory is less complex: American popular culture is popular because a lot of people in the world like it.

  Regardless of why it spreads, American popular culture is usually quite rapidly adopted and then adapted in many other countries. _______3______ “Happpy Birthday to You,” for instance , is such an everyday song that its source, its American copyright, so to speak, is not remembered. Black leather jackets worn by many heroes in American movies could be found , a generation later, on all those young men who wanted to make this manly-look their own.

  Two areas where this continuing process is most clearly seen are clothing and music. Some people can still remember a time when T-shirts, jogging clothes, tennis shoes, denim jackets, and blue jeans were not common daily wear everywhere. Only twenty years ago, it was possible to spot an American in Paris by his or her clothes. No longer so: those bright colors, checkered jackets and trousers, hats and socks which were once made fun of in cartoons are back again in Paris as the latest fashion. ______4_______

  The situation with American popular music is more complex because in the beginning, when it was still clearly American , it was often strongly resisted. Jazz was once thought to be a great danger to youth and their morals, and was actually outlawed in several countries. Today, while still showing its rather American roots, it has become so well established. Rock ‘n’ roll and all its variations, country & western music, all have more or less similar histories. They were first resisted, often in American as well, as being “low-class,” and then as “a danger to our nation’s youth.” _______5_______ And then the music became accepted and was extended and developed, and exported back to the U.S..


  A.As a result, its American origins and roots are often quickly forgotten.

  B. But this theory fails to explain why American films, music, and television programs are so popular in themselves.

  C. American in origin, informal clothing has become the world’s first truly universal style.

  D. The BBC,for example, banned rock and roll until 1962.

  E. American food has become popular around the world too.

  F. This spirit is variously described as being young and free, optimistic and cnfedent, informal and disrespectful.



  Migrant workers

  In the past twenty years, there has been an increasing tendency for workers to move from one country to another. ___1____ some newly independent countries have understandably restricted most jobs to local people, others have attracted and welcomed migrant workers. This is particularly the case in the Middle East, __2__ increased oil incomes have enabled many countries to __3___ outsiders to improve local facilities. ___4___ the Middle East has attracted oil-workers from the U.S.A. and Europe. It has brought in construction workers and technicians from many countries, ___5___ South Korea and Japan.

  In view of the difficult living and working conditions in the Middle East, it is not __6__ that the pay is high to attract suitable workers. Many engineers and technicians can earn at least __7___ money in the Middle East as they can in their own country, and this is a major attraction. An allied benefit is the low taxation or complete lack of it. This increases the net amount of pay received by visiting workers and is very popular with them.

  Sometimes a disadvantage has a compensating advantage. __8__, the difficult living conditions often lead to increased friendship when workers have to depend on each other ___9___ safety and comfort. ___10__, many migrant workers can save large sums of money partly __11__ the lack of entertainment facilities. The work is often complex and full of problems but this merely presents greater challenge to engineers who prefer to find solutions __12__ problems rather than do routine work in their home country.

  One major problem which __13__ migrant workers in the Middle East is that their jobs are temporary ones. They are nearly always on contract, so it is not easy for them to plan ahead with great confidence. This is to be expected since no country welcomes a large number of foreign workers as permanent residents. __14__, migrant workers accept this disadvantage, along with others, because of the ___15__ financial benefits which they receive.











  3.A)call in

  B)call off

  C)call up

  D)call on














  7.A)twice as much

  B)twice as many

  C)as much as twice

  D)as many as twice


  B)As a result

  C)For example


  9. A)with




  10.A)On the contrary

  B)In a similar way

  C)On the other hand




  11. A)because of




  12. A)in




  13. A)effects




  14. A)In case

  B)In all cases

  C)In a case

  D)In any case

  15. A)considerable

























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