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The use of the chemical may present a certain hazard to the laboratory workers

A. protection

B. indication

C. immunity

D. danger

2.They agreed to settle the dispute by peaceful means.

A. solve

B. determine

C. untie

D. complete

3.The children trembled with fear when they saw the policeman.

A. wept

B. cried

C. ran

D. shook

4.We have got to abide by the rules.

A stick to

B. persist in

C. safeguard

D. apply

5.The river widens considerably as it begins to turn east.

A. extends

B. stretches

C. broadens

D. traverses

6.The curious look from the strangers around her made her feel uneasy.

A. difficult

B. worried

C. anxious

D. unhappy

7.Reading the job ad, he wondered whether he was eligible to apply for it.

A. competitive

B. diligent

C. qualified

D. competent

8.These are our motives for doing it.

A. reasons

B. arguments

C. targets

D. stimuli

9.Smoking is not permitted in the office.

A. probably

B. possible

C. admitted

D. allowed

10.I feel regret about what's happened.

A. sorry

B. disappointed

C. shameful

D. disheartened

11.They always mock me because I am ugly.

A. smile at

B. look down on

C belittle

D. laugh at

12.Guests were scared when the bomb exploded.

A. frightened

B. killed

C. endangered

D. rescued

13.They are endeavoring to change society as a whole

A. trying

B. working

C. doing

D. making

14.The story was touching.

A. inspiring

B. boring

C. moving

D. frightening

15.Although originally a German innovation, kindergarten got its real start in the United States as a movement to provide an improved learning environment for children.

A. an easy

B. a playful

C. an open

D. a better




Why is the Native Language Learnt So Well

How does it happen that children learn their mother tongue so well? When we compare them with adults learning a foreign language, we often find this interesting fact. A little child without knowledge or experience often succeeds in a complete mastery of the language. A grown-up person with fully developed mental powers, in most case, may end up with a faulty and inexact command. What accounts for this difference?

Despite other explanations, the real answer in my opinion lies partly in the child himself, partly in the behavior of the people around him. In the first place, the time of learning the mother tongue is the most favorable of all, namely, the first years of life. A child hears it spoken from morning till night and, what is more important, always in its genuine form, with the right pronunciation, right intonation, right use of words and right structure. He drinks in all the words and expressions, which come to him in a flash, ever-bubbling spring. There is no resistance: there is perfect assimilation.

Then the child has, as it were, private lessons all the year round, while an adult language-student has each week a limited number of hours, which he generally shares with others. The child has another advantage: he hears the language in all possible situations, always accompanied by the right kind of gestures and facial expressions. Here there is nothing unnatural, such as is often found in language lessons in schools, when one talks about ice and snow in June or scorching heat in January. And what a child hears is generally what immediately interests him. Again and again, when his attempts at speech are successful, his desires are understood and fulfilled.

Finally, though a childs "teachers" may not have been trained in language teaching, their relations with him are always close and personal. They take great pains to make their lessons easy.

1. Compared with adults learning a foreign language, children learn their native language with ease.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned

2. Adults' knowledge and mental powers hinder their complete mastery of a foreign language.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned

3. The reason why children learn their mother tongue so well lies solely in their environment of learning.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned

4. Plenty of practice in listening during the first years of life partly ensures children's success of learning their mother tongue.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned

5. A child learning his native language has the advantage of having private lessons all the year round.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned

6. Gestures and facial expressions may assist a child in mastering his native language.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned

7. So far as language teaching is concerned, the teachers close personal relationship with the student is more important than the professional language teaching training he has received.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned


Heartbeat of America

1. New York - the Statue of Liberty, the skyscrapers, the beautiful shops on Fifth Avenue and the many theaters on Broadway. This is America's cultural capital. It is also her biggest city, with a population of nearly 8 million. In the summer it is hot, hot, hot and in the winter it can be very cold. Still there are hundreds of things to do and see all the year round.

2. Manhattan is the real center of the city. When people say “New York City,” they usually mean Manhattan. Most of the interesting shops, buildings and museums are here. In addition, Manhattan is the scene of New York's busy night life. In 1605 the first Europeans came to Manhattan from Holland. They bought the island from the Native Americans for a few glass necklaces worth about $26 today.

3. Wall street in Manhattan is the financial heart of the USA. It is also the most important banking center in the world. It is a street of “skyscrapers.” These are those incredible, high buildings, which Americans invented, and built faster and higher than anyone else. Perhaps the two most spectacular skyscrapers in New York are the two towers of the New York World Trade Center. When the sun sets, their 110 floors shine like pure gold.

4. Like every big city, New York has its own traffic system. Traffic jams can be terrible. It's usually quickest to go by subway. The New York subway is easy to use and quite cheap. The subway goes to almost every corner of Manhattan. But it is not safe to take the subway late at night because in some places you could get robbed. New York buses are also easy to use. You see more if you go by bus. There are more than 30,000 taxis in New York. They are easy to see, because they are bright yellow and carry large TAXI signs. Taxis do not go outside the city. However, they will go to the airports. In addition to the taxi fare, people give the taxi driver a tip of 15 percent of the fare's value.

5. Central Park is a beautiful green oasis in the middle of New York's concrete desert. It is surprisingly big, with lakes and woods, as well as organized recreation areas. New Yorkers love Central Park, and they use it all the time. In the winter, they go ice-skating, and in the summer roller-skating. They play ball, ride horses and have picnics. They go bicycling and boating. There is even a children's zoo, with wild birds and animals.

6. Along the east side of Central Park runs Fifth Avenue, once called “Millionaire's Row.” In the 19th century, the richest men in America built their magnificent homes here. It is still the most fashionable street in the city, with famous department stores.

7. Broadway is the street where you will find New York's best-known theaters. But away from the bright lights and elegant clothes of Broadway are many smaller theaters. Their plays are called “off-Broad-way” and are often more unusual than the Broadway shows. As well as many theaters, New York has a famous opera house. This is the Metropolitan, where international stars sing from September until April. Carnegie Hall is the city's more popular concert hall. But night life in New York offers more than classical music and theater. There are hundreds of nightclubs where people go to eat and dance.

1. Paragraph 3______

2. Paragraph 4______

3. Paragraph 5______

4. Paragraph 6______

A The Financial Center of USA

B The Night Life in New York

C The Traffic Facilities of New York

D Shopping Center for the Rich

E New York - An International City

F Central Park - A Place of Recreation for the New Yorkers

5. The island of Manhattan was bought by the Hollanders from the native Americans______ .

6. Central Park is a good place where the New Yorkers can go and______ .

7. Fifth Avenue is the place______ .

8. For those play-lovers who are interested in what is unusual, the small theaters might be more attractive______ .

A do whatever they like for relaxation

B where you can play all kinds of ball games

C than the world famous Broadway

D enjoy the colorful night life of the city

E where the wealthy people would go shopping

F for what seems to be a very small sum today




Medical Journals

Medical journals are publications that report medical information to physicians and other health professionals.

In the past, these journals were available only in print. With the development of electronic publishing, many medical journals now have Web sites on the Internet, and some journals publish only online. A few medical journals, like the Journal of the American Medical Association, are considered general medical journals because they cover many fields of medicine. Most medical journals are specialty journals that focus on a particular area of medicine.

Medical journals publish many types of articles. Research articles report the results of research studies on a range of topics varying from the basic mechanisms of diseases to clinical trials that compare outcomes of different treatments. Review articles summarize and analyze the information available on a specific topic based on a careful search of the medical literature.

Because the results of individual research studies can be affected by many factors, combining results from different studies on the same topic can be helpful in reaching conclusions about the scientific evidence for preventing, diagnosing or treating a particular disease. Case conferences and case reports may be published in medical journals to educate physicians about particular illnesses and how to treat at them. Editorials in medical journals are short essays that express the views of the authors, often regarding a research or review article published in the same issue.

Editorials provide perspective on how the current article fits with other information on the same topic. Letters to the editor provide a way for readers of the medical journal to express comments, questions or criticisms about articles published in that journal.

1. The main readers of medical journals are _____

A) the general public.

B)health professionals.

C) medical critics.

D)news reporters.

2. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A) Many medical journals also publish online.

B) A few medical journals are general medical journals.

C) Most medical journals publish only online.

D) Most medical journals are specialty journals.

3. How many major types of articles are mentioned in the passage?

A) Five.

B) Seven.

C) Four.

D) Six.

4. An article dealing with results from different studies on the same topic is called ______

A) a research article.

B) a review article.

C) a case report.

D) an editorial.

5. Letters to the editor enable readers of a medical journal to express comments on ______

A) any medical event.

B) articles published in the same issue.

C) articles published in that journal.

D) medical development.



Ford Abandons Electric Vehicles

The Ford motor company's abandonment of electric cars effectively signals the end of the road for the technology, analysts say.

General Motors and Honda ceased production of battery-powered cars in 1999, to focus on fuel cell and hybrid electric gasoline engines, which are more attractive to the consumer. Ford has now announced it will do the same.

Three years ago, the company introduced the Think City two-seater car and a golf cart called the THINK, or Think Neighbor. It hoped to sell 5,000 cars each year and 10,000 carts. But a lack of demand means only about l,000 of the cars have been produced, and less than 1,700 carts have been sold so far in 2002.

“The bottom line is we don't believe that this is the future of environment transport for the mass market.”Tim Holmes of Ford Europe said on Friday,“We feel we have given electric our best shot.”

The Think City has a range of only about 53 miles and up to a six-hour battery recharge time. General Motors'EVI electric vehicle also had a limited range of about 100 miles.

The very expensive batteries also mean electric cars cost much more than petrol-powered alternatives. An electric Toyota RAV4 EV vehicle costs over $42,000 in the US, compared with just $17,000 for the petrol version. Toyota and Nissan are now the only major auto manufacturers to produce electric vehicles.

“There is a feeling that battery electric has been given its chance. Ford now has to move on with its hybrid program, and that is what we will be judging them on,”Roger Higman, a senior transport campaigner at UK Friends of the Earth, told the Environment News Service.

Hybrid cars introduced by Toyota and Honda in the past few years have sold well. Hybrid engines Offer Greater mileage than petrol-only engines, and the batteries recharge themselves. Ford says it thinks such vehicles will help it meet planned new guidelines“on vehicle emissions” in the US.

However, it is not yet clear exactly what those guidelines will permit. In June, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler won a court injunction, delaying by two years Californian legislation requiring car-makers to offer 100,000 zero-emission and other low-emission vehicles in the state by 2003. Car manufacturers hope the legislation will be rewritten to allow for more low-emission, rather than zero-emission, vehicles.

1. What have the Ford motor company General Motor's and Honda done concerning electric cars?

A) They have started to produce electric cars.

B) They have done extensive research on electric cars.

C) They have given up producing electric cars.

D) They have produced thousands of electric cars.

2. According to Tim Holmes of Ford Europe,battery-powered cars _____ .

A)will be the main transportation vehicles in the future

B)will not be the main transportation vehicles in the future

C)will be good to the environment in the future

D)will replace petrol-powered vehicles in the future

3. Which auto manufacturers are still producing electric vehicles?

A)Toyota and Nissan

B)General Motor's and Honda

C)Ford and Toyota

D)Honda and Toyota

4. According to the eighth paragraph, hybrid cars

A)offer fewer mileage than petrol driven cars.

B)run faster than petrol driven cars.

C)run more miles than petrol driven cars.

D)offer more batteries than petrol driven cars.

5. Which of the following is true about the hope of car manufacturers according to the last paragraph?

A)Low-emission cars should be banned.

B)Only zero-emission cars are allowed to run on motorways.

C)The legislation will encourage car makers to produce more electric cars.

D)The legislation will allow more low-emission to be produced.




New U.S.Plan for Disease Prevention

Urging Americans to take responsibility for their health, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson on Tuesday launched a $15 million program to try to encourage communities to do more to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The initiative highlights the cost of chronic diseases 一 the leading causes of death in the United States — and outlines ways that people can prevent them, including better diet and increased exercise.

“In the United States today, 7 of 10 deaths and the vast majority of serious illness, disability and health care costs are caused by chronic diseases,”the Health and Human Services Department said in a statement.

The causes are often behaviora — smoking, poor eating habits and a lack of exercise.

“I am convinced that preventing disease by promoting better health is a smart policy choice for our future,”Thompson told a conference held to launch the initiatiative.

“Our current health care system is not structured to deal with the escalating costs of treating diseases that are largely preventable through changes in our lifestyle choices.”

Thompson said heart disease and strokes will cost the country more than $351 billion in 2003.

“These leading causes of death for men and women are largely preventable, yet we as a nation are not taking the steps necessary for US to lead healthier, longer lives,”he said.

The $15 million is slated to go to communities to promote prevention, pushing for changes as simple as building sidewalks to encourage people to walk more.

Daily exercise such as walking can prevent and even reverse heart disease and diabetes, and prevent cancer and strokes.

The money will also go to community organizations, clinics and nutritionists who are being encouraged to work together to educate people at risk of diabetes about what they can do to prevent it and encourage more cancer screening.

The American Cancer Society estimates that half of all cancers can be caught by screening, including Pap tests for cervical cancer, mammograms for breast cancer, colonoscopies, and prostate checks.

If such cancers were all caught by early screening, the group estimates that the survival rate for cancer would rise to 95 percent.


diabetes 糖尿病

behavioral adj.行为方面的

slate vt.预定,规划

cervical adj.子宫颈的

colonoscopy n.结肠镜检查

initiative n.主动的行动,倡议

escalate vi.逐步上升;逐步增强

nutritionist n.营养学家

mammogram n.****x线照片

prostate adj.前列腺的

1. Which of the following is NOT true of chronic diseases in the US?

A)They account for 70% of all deaths.

B)They are responsible for most of the health care costs.

C)They often result in unhealthy lifestyles.

D)They are largely preventable.

2. The author mentions all the following as ways of disease prevention EXCEPT

A)better diet.

B)increased exercise.

C)reduction on smoking.

D)higher survival rate for cancer.

3. The article indicates that more money spent on disease prevention will mean ______ .

A)greater responsibility of the government

B)much less money needed for disease treatment

C)higher costs of health care

D)more 1ifestyle choices for people

4. The $15 million program is aimed at ______ .

A)promoting disease prevention

B)building more sidewalks

C)helping needy communities

D)wiping out chronic diseases

5. Early cancer screening can help reduce significantly ______ .

A)the death rates for all chronic diseases

B)the kinds of cancer attacking people

C)the cancer incidence rate

D)cancer death rate



Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven, a major composer of the nineteenth century, overcame many personal problems to achieve artistic greatness.

Born in Bonn, Germany, in 1770, he first studied music with the court organist, Gilles van der Eeden. His father was excessively strict and given to heavy drinking. ____ (1) ____. Appointed deputy court organist to Christian Gottlob Neefe at a surprisingly early age in 1782, Beethoven also played the harpsichord and the viola. In 1792 he was sent to Vienna by his patron, Count Ferdinand Waldstein, to study music under Haydn.

Beethoven remained unmarried. ____ (2) ____. Continually plagued by ill health, he developed an ear infection which led to his tragic deafness in 1819.

____ (3) ____ He completed mature masterpieces of great musical depth: three piano sonatas, four string quartets, the Missa Solemnis, and the 9th Symphony. He died in 1827. ____ (4) ____ .

Noting that Beethoven often flew into fits of rage, Goethe once said of him, “I am astonished by his talent, but he is unfortunately an altogether untamed personality. ” ____ (5) ____ .

A In spite of this handicap, however, he continued to write music.

B Because of irregular payments from his publishers and erratic support from his patrons, he was troubled by financial worries throughout his adult life.

C His life was marked by a passionate dedication to independence.

D When his mother died, Beethoven, then a young man, was named guardian of his two younger brothers.

E Although Beethoven's personality may have been untamed, his music shows great discipline and control, and this is how we remember him best.

F Today his music is still being played all over the world.


One Good Reason to Let Smallpox Live

It's now a fair bet that we will never see the total extinction of the smallpox virus. The idea was to cap the glorious achievement of 1980, when smallpox was eradicated in the wild, by destroying the killer virus in the last two labs that are supposed to have it — one in the US and one in Russia. If smallpox had truly gone from the planet, what point was there in keeping these reserves?

__1__reality, of course, it was naive to __2 __ that everyone would let __3__ of such a potent potential weapon. Undoubtedly several nations still have__4__ vials. __5__ the last“official”stocks of live virus bred mistrust of the US and Russia,__6__ no obvious gain.

Now American researchers have __7__ an animal model of the human disease, opening the __8__for tests on new treatments and vaccines. So once again there's a good reason to__9__ the virus — just in __10__ the disease puts in a reappearance.

How do we __11__ with the mistrust of the US and Russia? __12__. Keep the virus __13__ international auspices in a well-guarded UN laboratory that's open to all countries.The US will object, of course, just as it rejects a multilateral approach to just about everything. But it doesn't __14__the idea is wrong. If the virus __15__ useful, then let's make it the servant of all humanity — not just a part of it.


smallpox n.天花

vial n.小瓶

auspices n.赞助;支持

cap vt.结束;覆盖

potent adj.有效力的;强有力的

mistrust n.不信任,怀疑

1. A) In B) On C) At D)For

2. A)know B) imagine C) realize D)be aware

3. A)to go B) going C) go D) went

4. A) much B) more C) most D) a few

5. A)And B) While C) Whereas D) Although

6. A)since B) for C) because D) of

7. A)looked for B) sought C) found D) talked about

8. A)method B) road C) street D) way

9. A)keep B) put C) destroy D) eradicate

10.A)need B) case C) necessity D) time

11.A)handle B) tackle C)deal D) treat

12.A) Difficult B) Hard C) Safe D) Simple

13.A) under B) in C) on D) for

14.A)say B) mean C) state D) declare

15.A) will be B) would be C) is D) are




1.「正确答案」 D

「答案解析」 借助句意(化学物质的使用能给实验室的工人带来一定的危险)判断hazard是危险的意思,只有D项符合。Protection保护,indication指示, immunity防疫

2.「正确答案」 A

「答案解析」 dispute是“争议”的意思,本句意思是“他们同意要用和平的方式来____争议”,根据猜测,知道应该是“解决”,而选项中只有A符合。Determine决意,untie解开,complete完成

3.「正确答案」 D

「答案解析」 fear是“恐惧”,本句意思是“当孩子们见到警察的时候他们因为恐惧而______”, 于是可以猜测出来是“颤抖”, shook是动词shake(颤抖)的过去式

4.「正确答案」 A

「答案解析」 意思是“我们应该_____纪律”即推测出abide by是遵守的意思,而stick to也是“遵守”的意思,persist in“坚持”, safeguard “捍卫”, apply“应用”

5.「正确答案」 C

「答案解析」 widen可以通过构词法猜测出来是“使变宽”的意思, 而同样C选项也是这样由broad构成的,也有“使变宽”的意思。Extend扩充, 延伸, stretch伸展, 伸长, traverse横贯,横穿

6.「正确答案」 C

「答案解析」 curious “好奇的”, 这里是说“周围陌生人好奇的眼光使得她感到_____”应该可以推测出是“焦虑”的意思,那就是C,而B是“闷闷不乐的,苦恼的”

7.「正确答案」 C

「答案解析」 eligible可以推测出是“合格”的意思, 而C也有这个意思,be qualified to do something“有资格做某事”, competitive“有竞争力的”, diligent“勤劳的”, competent “有才华的”

8.「正确答案」 A

「答案解析」 此题可根据查字典来解决,motives“动机”, argument“论据”, target “目标”,stimuli“刺激”, 显然 A符合题意。

9.「正确答案」 D

「答案解析」 permit 和 allow是大家应该掌握的基本词汇,他们都表示“允许”。

10.「正确答案」 A

「答案解析」 regret这里是名词,表示“遗憾, 悔恨, 抱歉, 歉意”等,和be sorry about something意思一致,而disappointed “失望”, shameful“羞耻的”, disheartened“沮丧的”

11.「正确答案」 D

「答案解析」 本句说“他们总是_____我,因为我很丑”,很容易推测出来是“嘲笑”的意思,smile at “对…微笑”, look down on “轻视,蔑视”, laugh at “嘲笑”

12.「正确答案」 A

「答案解析」 可借助字典,scare“使害怕”而它的近义词是“frighten”, kill“杀害”,endanger“使…处于危险”, rescue “救援”。

13.「正确答案」 A

「答案解析」 借助字典,可以得出endeavor to do something是“努力做某事”的意思,和“try to do”是同样的意思,而其他词都没有这个意思。

14.「正确答案」 C

「答案解析」 借助字典可以得到touch “感动”的意思,而touch+ing变成了形容词,应能猜测出是“感人的”意思,和C同义。

15.「正确答案」 D

「答案解析」 借助字典可以知道improve 有“改进,提高”的意思,而improve +ed变成过去分词也可以作定语,那么意思中就含有被动的意思,即“被改进的”,也就是“更好的”。



1.「正确答案」 1-7 ACBABAC

「答案解析」 解题技巧说明:



1. Compared with adults learning a foreign language, children learn their native language with ease.

A. Right B. Wrong C. Not mentioned


2. Adults knowledge and mental powers hinder their complete mastery of a foreign language.

新信息在选取直接作为线索词/结构的内容时还要注意“标志原则”,比如在选定的“新信息内容”中“Adults knowledge and mental powers(成年人的知识和智力水平)”由于该结构词义的特点是很可能在文章中直接出现的结构,所以考虑采用“Adults knowledge and mental powers”作为直接答案线索。

“特征词” 指在出现要求考生做出判断的句子中表示“时间,人名,地名, 组织机构名”等,如果在文章中出现往往很容易被发现的词语/结构,因为这些结构总是以特殊的形式出现在文章中:“时间”— 往往是以阿拉伯数字的形式出现:“人名,地名, 组织机构名”— 往往是以单词的首字母大写的形式出现。另外,要求考生做出判断的句子中出现的修饰词,限制词(往往形容词/副词)可以直接考虑作为答案线索。在利用选出的词语/结构作为答案线索时要注意在文章出现的与这些词/结构含义相近的词语/结构。


1. A.问题句说:“与学习外语的成年人相比,儿童学习母语很容易。”该问题是明显考察对事实的判断。利用答案线索词:adult 和 children.于是我们很快在第1段的段首句中发现children, 而在随后的一句中发现adult.研究这两段的语义:前一句说“为什么孩子学习他们的母语学得这么好?”,后一句接着说“当我们把孩子和学习外语的成年人比较时,我们发现了这个有趣的事实。”,依据这两句判断该问题句实际上是对原文中这两个句子的总结说明。有时有的问题是考察考生的语言总结能力。

2. C.问题句说:“成年人的知识和智力阻碍了他们对外语的掌握。”该问题也是明显考察对事实的判断。利用答案线索词:mental powers.于是我们很快在第1段的第3句中发现mental powers,发现该句说:“智力充分发展的成年人,在大多数的情况下,对外语的掌握是错误的和不准确的。”而该句的下一句引出的是成年人和儿童在学习语言方面不同的理由(第2段的段首句),但原文中并没提到“成年人掌握外语的能力较差的原因”,所以判断该问题句“没提到”。

3. B.问题句说:“儿童母语学得好的原因只是因为他们的学习环境。”该问题是也是明显考察对事实的判断。但很容易察觉该问题句的说法太绝对,所以判断答案为“错误”。其实这道题的答案相关句我们在前一道题中已经涉及到了。文章第2段的段首句给出了由两个partly引出的两个理由,不是“唯一的一个理由”,所以判断问题句“错误”。

4. A.问题句说:“早年大量的听力练习是儿童成功学习母语的一个原因。”利用答案线索词:the first years of life.于是我们很快在第2段的第2句中发现相关句。该句说“早年学习母语的时间是最有益的。”接下来的一句突出地说明了儿童期听力练习的形式。所以判断该问题句的说法“正确”。

5. B.问题句说:“儿童学习母语的优势是可以常年上私人辅导课。”借助常识判断该句的说法不正确。利用答案线索词:all the year round,我们很快在第3段的第1句中发现直接相关句。比较原句和问题句的结构,发现不同之处在于“as it were”的结构。当心:部分结构的差异往往是设置了陷阱。 实际上,as it were的含义是“仿佛是”。所以原文说“仿佛是”,而问题句说“是”,所以判断问题句“不正确”。

6. A.问题句说:“手势和面部表情可能会对儿童掌握母语有帮助。”利用答案线索词:Gestures and facial expressions,我们很快在第3段的第2句中发现直接相关句。该句说“儿童学习母语的另一个优势是可以接触各种情景的母语,而且母语中还伴随了正确的手势和面部表情。”可见与原句的说法和问题句一致,所以判断问题句“正确”。

7. C.问题句说:“就语言教学而言,教师与学生的亲密关系比学生接受的专门培训更重要。”利用答案线索词:teachers.文章的最后一段提到了“教师”,但只是说“教师与学生的关系是亲密的”,而问题句的说法并不与原文矛盾,所以判断该问题句“没提到”。

2.「正确答案」 1-4 ACFD

5-8 FAEC

「答案解析」 概括大意题解题思路:

1. 如果段首句和或段尾句是观点句,可借助段首句和或段尾句的句意判断答案;

2. 借助段落中反复出现的核心词/核心结构判断答案;

3. 如果段落中有举例的内容,可参考举例内容判断答案;

4. 注意段落中出现的观点句(观点句中有时出现这样的一些结构: to sum up (adv.总之, 总而言之); in a word (adv.总之), in conclusion (adv.最后, 总之)等或内容上提到“……研究发现……”, “.某某研究者发现……”),转折句(往往句子中出现“but, however, although, though, nevertheless”等词),因为这些句子可能就是段落的中心句,可参考这些句子句意判断答案。


1. A 本段讲的是有关华尔街的情况,华尔街是美国的金融中心。

2. C 这一段介绍了纽约的交通设施,如地铁、公共汽车和出租车,以及乘坐时应该注意的地方。

3. F 第五段集中介绍了中央公园。

4. D 这一段不长,简单地介绍了纽约的第五大街,这是富人的购物天堂。

5. F 原句在语法上已经完整,填入的部分是有关价格的,当时荷兰人买下曼哈顿的价钱在今天看来仅是个微不足道的小数。表示价格用介词for, 这里for的后面跟的是what引导的名词性从句。

6. A 这里填入的是和动词go并列的成分,在所给的六个选项中符合条件的只有A和D ,但从意义上看应该填入的是A.

7. E place提示了后面很有可能是一个用where引导的定语从句,在六个选项中有两个用where开始的从句,但B的意义显然不符,故应该选E.

8. C 句中的more attractive提示了后面很可能有用than引导的从句。

3.「正确答案」 1-5 BCABC

「答案解析」 1. B.分析:细节题。问题问及“医疗杂志的主要读者”,借助题干中的main readers作为答案线索,这样发现答案相关句:Medical journals are publications that report medical information to physicians and other health professionals.(该句间接回答了问题——向内科医生和其他健康专家提供医疗信息,所以答案是B.)

2. C.分析:细节题。发现被选项在内容上都是涉及到“医疗杂志的出版”,所以借助publish作为答案线索,这样发现答案相关句:many medical journals now have Web sites on the Internet(该句与A内容一致),and some journals publish only online.(该句直接与C矛盾)A few medical journals, like the Journal of the American Medical Association, are considered general medical journals because they cover many fields of medicine.(该句与B内容一致)Most medical journals are specialty journals that focus on a particular area of medicine.(该句与D内容一致)

3. A.分析:细节题。该题涉及到文章类型。注意文章中提及文章类型的句子。这样发现答案相关句:Medical journals publish many types of articles. Research articles report the results of ……Review articles summarize and analyze …… Case conferences and case reports may be published in medical journals. ……Editorials provide perspective on …… Letters to the editor provide a way for readers of ……

4. B.分析:细节题。利用题干中的核心结构different studies on the same topic作为答案线索,这样找到答案相关句:Review articles summarize and analyze the information available on a specific topic based on a careful search of the medical literature.(该句说“综述文章是在对医学文献进行了仔细的查询后找出的有关某一具体主题的信息进行汇总和分析”)Because the results of individual research studies can be affected by many factors, combining results from different studies on the same topic (“对于同一主题的不同研究结果的汇总”在含义上与上句“综述文章”的目的一致,因此判断B是答案。)can be helpful in reaching conclusions about the scientific evidence for preventing, diagnosing or treating a particular disease.

5. C.分析:借助题干中的核心结构Letters to the editor和express comments on作为答案线索,这样在文章最后部分找到答案相关句:Letters to the editor provide a way for readers of the medical journal to express comments, questions or criticisms about articles published in that journal.(该句内容直接回答了问题:对杂志上发表的文章进行评论,提出问题或提出批评意见。)

4.「正确答案」 1-5 CBACD

「答案解析」 1.C 第一段第一个句子告诉我们福特汽车公司放弃了电动汽车,第二段说通用汽车公司和本田汽车公司停止生产电动汽车。

2.B 第四段第一个句子是Tim Holmes对电动汽车未来的评价,他认为未来的交通运输的大众市场不可能是电动汽车。

3.A 答案的依据是第六段最后一句。

4.C 答案的依据是倒数第二段第二句。

5.D 答案的依据是文章的最后一句:the legislation will be written to allow for low-emission, rather than zero-emission, vehicles.




「答案解析」 1. C 从文章的第三、六段分别可以看出,在美国,70%的死亡是由慢性病造成的,绝大多数医疗费用也花在慢性病的治疗上,而不健康的生活方式会引发慢性病,而不是慢性病引发不健康的生活方式。慢性病很大程度上是可以预防的。

2. D 从文章的第二、四段可以排除A、B和C三个选项。

3. B 从文章的第三、六、七段可以看出,慢性病的治疗花费极高。适当投资于疾病的预防可以大大减少这种花费。

4. A 从文章第一段可以看出,该项目的主要目的是促进疾病的预防。

5. D 从文章的最后一段可以看出,早期癌症检查有助于大大提高癌症存活率,即大大降低癌症死亡率。

6.「正确答案」 1-5 DBACE

「答案解析」 1. D 本段介绍贝多芬早年平生。前一句话说他的父亲对他要求十分严厉,而且酗酒成性。D说当他母亲亡故后,还是一个年轻人的贝多芬成为他两个小弟弟的监护人。把D放在这里意思连贯,是最适合的选项。

2. B 本段介绍贝多芬成年后坎坷的遭遇,选B最合适。

3. A 句中的this handicap承接上段,指上段最后一句话提到的耳聋这一残疾,全句的意思是说贝多芬身残志坚,继续音乐创作。原文最后一句列举了贝多芬的音乐成就,此处选A与上下文衔接自然,意思连贯。

4. C 到此为止,作者介绍完了贝多芬的生平,需要做一个简要的概括。C说:他的一生是热切追求独立的一生。放在此处正合适。

5. E 本段第一句提到歌德对贝多芬性情的评价,说他狂躁易怒,性情不羁。E说尽管贝多芬的性情狂躁不羁,但他的音乐却很有章法,控制有度,这也是他最值得我们怀念的地方。

7.「正确答案」 1-5 ABCDA

6-10 BCDAB

11-15 CDABC

「答案解析」 完型填空解题思路:








1. A.分析:被选项是介词,注意搭配结构。in reality,“实际上,事实上”是固定搭配。

2. B.分析:借助被选项的特点:know = be aware,排除A和D,再借助搭配结构(……是天真的)判断B(想象)是答案。

3. C.分析:1et跟原形动词,go符合这一原则。

4. D.分析:根据搭配结构(……小瓶),判断D最合适(而且该句和前句中都没有出现比较的含义)。

5. A.分析:该句结构是“句子+短语结构”,因此空格处的连词必须能引导一个独立的句子,这样判断只有A合适(其他选项都只能引导从句结构)。

6. B.分析:借助被选项的特点B和C相关,用法不同,重点注意,再借助空格后是名词性结构这个特点判断B合适。

7. C.分析:借助被选项的特点A和C有关系:前者是“寻找”,后者是“找到”,重点注意。借助该句子主干结构大意:“现在美国研究者已经……,开启了……”,这样判断C(找到)合适。

8.D.分析:借助被选项的特点:method 的习惯搭配介词是of,因此排除A; B和C都是具体指代“街道”,而 way可以抽象和具体的指代“道路”,判断D合适。Open the way v.为……创造条件; Clear the way v.扫清道路, 让路;On the way to在……途中;Find one's way out 找到某人出去的路;寻找解决方法。

9. A.分析:该句的结构与标题的结构一致,因此借助标题内容直接判断A(保留/保存)是答案。

10. B.分析:借助搭配结构“in……判断A,B和D是答案”,再根据空格后是一个句子的特点判断B(in case conj.万一)是答案。

11. C. 分析:借助搭配“…… with”直接判断C是答案。Tackle vt 应付(难事等),处理, 解决。

12. D.分析:借助下文句子是在教人们怎样做(祈使句结构),因此判断D是答案。

13. A. 分析:被选项是介词,所以注意搭配结构:keep……in a …… laboratory; …… international auspices(赞助),根据介词的基本含义和用法判断A(under prep.在……之下, 在……领导下)是答案。

14. B. 分析:因为空格是作谓语,而句子主语是“非人”,所以A,C 和D都不行(这些词的主语往往是“人”)。

15. C.分析:首先借助后面主句中的代词it判断前面的the virus应该是单数,而且状语从句结构中只能用一般时态来表示将来,所以判断C是答案。

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