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  1 She was a .

  A girl B woman

  C mystery D problem

  2 Her is heart surgery.

  A region B site

  C platform D field

  3 France has kept links with its former African territories.

  A private B friendly

  C strong D secret

  4 You should have the butter with the sugar thoroughly.

  A mixed B spread

  C beaten D covered

  5 The industrial revolution the whole structure of English society.

  A destroyed B broke

  C changed D smashed

  6 Tickets are limited and will be allocated to those who first.

  A posted B sent

  C handed D given

  7 The change in that village was .

  A amazing B conservative

  C insignificant D unforgettable

  8 Customers often payment for as long as possible.

  A make B demand

  C obtain D postpone

  9 Canada will smoking in all offices later this year.

  A remove B ban

  C eliminate D expel

  10 She read a poem which the splendor of the sunset.

  A declares B asserts

  C announces D describes

  11 From my , this thing is just ridiculous.

  A point of view B field

  C knowledge D information

  12 The latest is encouraging.

  A statement B assessment

  C count D evaluation

  13 The curious looks from the strangers around her made her feel .

  A different B proud

  C unconscious D uncomfortable


  14 Reading the job ad, he wondered whether he was to apply for it.

  A able B fortunate

  C competent D qualified

  15 He was to the post of prime minister.

  A promoted B pulled

  C lifted D treated


  TV Game Shows

  One of the most fascinating things about television is the size of the audience. A novel can be on the "best seller" lists with a sale of fewer than 100,000 copies, but a popular TV show might have 70 million TV viewers. TV can make anything or anyone well-known overnight.

  This is the principle behind "quiz" or "game" shows, which put ordinary people on TV to play a game for prizes and money. A quiz show can make anyone a star, and it can give away thousands of dollars in the U.S. and almost everyone watched them. Charles Van Doren, an English instructor, became rich and famous after winning money on several shows. He even had a career as a television personality. But one of the losers proved that Charles Van Doren was cheating. It turned out that the show's producers who were pulling the strings, gave the answers to the most popular contestants beforehand. Why? Because if the audience didn't like the person who won the game, they turned the show off. The result of this cheating was a huge scandal. Based on his story, a movie under the title "Quiz Show" is on 40 years later.

  Charles Van Doren is no longer involved with TV. But game shows are still here, though they aren't taken as seriously. In fact, some of them try to be as ridiculous as possible. There are shows that send strangers on vacation trips together, or that try to cause newly-married couples to fight on TV, or that punish losers by humiliation them. The entertainment now is to see what people will do just to be on TV. People still win money, but the real prize is to be in front of an audience of millions.

  1. TV can make a beggar world-famous overnight.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  2. The principle behind "quiz" and "game" shows is to put ordinary people on TV to play a game for prizes and money.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  3. Prizes and money are usually provided by TV stars and large companies for winners.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  4. One of the TV personalities, Charles Van Doren was proved to be cheating by persuading the Show's producers to give him the answers beforehand.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  5. The huge scandal of cheating in TV game shows was not exposed until 40 years later in the movie "Quiz Show".

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned


  6. Nowadays game shows are not treated as seriously as they used to be.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  7. Winners of present-day TV game shows no longer get money from the shows.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned


  The making of a success story

  1.IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, and the man behind it is Ingvar Kamprad, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Born in Sweden in 1926, Kamprad was a natural business man. As a child, he enjoyed selling things and made small profits from selling matches, seeds and pencils in his community. When Kamprad was 17, his father gave him some money as a reward for his good grades. Naturally he used it to start up a business – IKEA.

  2.IKEA’s name comes from Kamprads’initials(I.K.)and the place where he grew up (E and A ). Today IKEA is known for its modern, minimalist furniture, but it was not a furniture company in the beginning. Rather, IKEA sold all kinds of miscellaneous goods. Kamprad’s wares included anything that he could sell for profits at discounted prices, including watches, pens and stockings.

  3.IKEA first began to sell furniture through a mail-order catalogue in 1947. the furniture was all designed and made by manufactures near Kamprad’s home. Initial sales were very encouraging, so Kamprad expanded the product line. Furniture was such a successful aspect of the business that IKEA became solely a furniture company in 1951.

  4.In 1953 IKEA opened its first showroom in Almhult, Sweden. IKEA is known today for its spacious stress with furniture in attractive settings, but in the early 1950s, people ordered from catalogues. Thus response to the first showroom was overwhelming: people loved being able to see and try the furniture before buying it. This led to increased sales and the company continued to thrive. By 1955, IKEA was designing all its own furniture.

  5.In 1956 Kamprad saw a man disassembling a table to make it easier to transport. Kamprad was inspired. The man had given him a great idea: flat packaging. Flat packaging would mean lower shipping costs for IKEA and lower prices for customers. IKEA tried it and sales soared. The problem was that people had to assemble furniture themselves, but over time, even this grew into an advantage for IKEA. Nowadays, IKEA is often seen as having connotations of self-sufficiency. This image has done wonders for the company, leading to better sales and continued expansion.

  6.Today there are over 200 stores in 32 countries. Amazingly, Ingvar Kamprad has managed to keep IKEA a privately-held company. In 2004 he was named the world’s richest man. He currently lives in Switzerland and is retired from the day-today operations of IKEA. IKEA itself, though, just keeps on growing.

  1. Paragraph 2 ____.

  2. Paragraph 3 ____.

  3. Paragraph 4 ____.

  4. Paragraph 5 ____.

  A. Ingvar Kamprad – a born businessman

  B. Success brought by the introduction of showrooms

  C. The origin of IKEA

  D. Specialization in selling furniture

  E. Flat packaging – a feature of IKEA

  F. World-wide expansion of IKEA

  5. Even when he was only a child, ____.


  6. ____, and years later became a big company specialized in manufacturing and selling of furniture.

  7. Customers liked the idea of IKEA’s showrooms because ____.

  8. As flat packaging saves money for both IKEA and the customers, ____.

  A. IKEA began as a small store selling all kinds of cheap things.

  B. it is highly welcomed by both

  C. Ingvar Kamprad showed interest in and talent for doing business.

  D. he lives happily in retirement

  E. here they can see and try the furniture they are going to buy.

  F. Ingvar successfully manages the company all by himself


  The beginning of American literature

  American has always been a land of beginnings. After Europeans “ discovered” America in the fifteenth century, the mysterious New World became for many people a genuine hope of a new life, an escape from poverty and persecution, a chance to start again. We can say that, as nation, America begins with that hope. When, however, does American literature begin?

  American literature begins with American experiences. Long before the first colonists arrived, before Christopher Columbus, before the Northmen who found America about year 1,000, Native Americans lived here. Each tribe's literature was tightly woven into the fabric of daily life and reflected the unmistakably American experience of lining with the land. Another kind of experience, one filled with fear and excitement, found its expression in the reports that Columbus and other explorers sent home in Spain, French and English. In addition, the journals of the people who lived and died in the New England wilderness' tell unforgettable tales of hard end sometimes heartbreaking experiences of those early years.

  Experience, then, is the key to early American literature. The New World provided a great variety of experiences, and experiences demanded a wide variety of expressions by an even wider variety of early American writers. These writers included John Smith, who spent only two-and-a-half year: on the American, continent. They included Jonathan Edwards and William Byrd,who thought of themselves as British subjects, never suspecting a revolution that would create a United States of America with a literature of its own. American Indians, explorers,Puritan ministers, frontier wives, plantation owner一they are all the creators of the first American literature.


  1) What does “that hope”in the first paragraph refer to?

  A)The hope that America would be discovered.

  B) The hope to start a life.

  C) The hope to see the mysteries of the New World.

  D) The hope to find poverty here.

  2. When did American literature begin?

  A) Before the American natives lived there.

  B) When Columbus and other explorers gent reports back home..

  C) When tire Northmen found America in about 1,000.

  D) Long before the year 1,000.

  3. What can we learn from the literature of the tribes of the native Americans?

  A) About the everyday fife of the native Americans.

  B) About the arrival of Columbus

  C) About the experience of the first European settlers

  D) About the experience of those who died in the New England wilderness.


  4. The main purpose of the last paragraph is to tell the readers that

  A) in the early days most American writers were from Great Britain.

  B) people with rich life experience became writers.

  C) there were many writers in the early days of American history

  D) early-day experience provided the foundation for American literature.

  5. According to the last paragraph, which of the following statements is true about America literature?

  A) Some British writers started American literature.,

  B) Early-day American literature is a reflection of the boring life then.

  C) Some British writers had doubts about the future of American literature.

  D) Some British writers had great confidence in the future of American literature.

  Feast On Turkey and Good Wishes at Thanksgiving

  Four weeks ago US children dressed as monsters and asked for sweets.That wasHalloween.‘In a few weeks American houses will be red and green and filled with presents.For Christmas.

  As if all this isn’t enough,on Thursday this week,America will enjoy another festival—Thanksgiving.

  Children will have two days off school,shops will close and houses will be filled with families enjoying mountains of food.

  Every year, in Gainesville,Florida,all entire class celebrate Thanksgiving together.The class dresses up and puts on plays for their families.After the plays the families share a feast of traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey and pumpkin pie.

  Dean Foster, an 1 1-year-old boy will take part in this celebration.He said:‘I love Thanksgiving because it means time off school,lots of nice food and a happy family.’’

  His brother Ben,nine,said:‘the best thing about Thanksgiving,is that when it is finished,it is time to start Christmas.’

  But behind the food and the large amount of money spent there is another message.On Thursday evening,Dean and Ben’s family will make a basket and put it on the table as they eat their evening meal.

  Each of them will write a 1ist of things that they are thankful for and place the paper in the basket.The family will read the pieces of paper and take time to thank God and each other for providing them with comfortable and happy lives.

  Thanksgiving is a traditional festival that started in 1621,when the first pilgrims arrived in the US to start a new life.After a hard year, they had a big autumn harvest.They held a feast and invited the native American Indians along to thank God for giving them enough food.

  Many countries celebrate Thanksgiving.They often fall after the fields have been harvested and the crops collected for winter.


  turkey n.火鸡

  pumpkin n.南瓜

  pilgrim n.朝圣者


  2.Halloween :10月3 1日之夜(据传此时可见到鬼)


  1. On Halloween, children in the United States often dress up as






  2.When are turkey and pumpkin pie eaten?

  A)On Halloween.

  B)On Thursday.

  C)On Thanksgiving.

  D)On Christmas Day.

  3.Thanksgiving is the time for the American people to thank God for

  A)looking after them.

  B)providing them with comfortable and happy lives•

  C)clothing them.

  D)protecting them

  4.Many children in the United States like Thanksgiving because

  A)they call stay with their parents at home and eat a lot of nice food•

  B)they can dress up like monsters.

  C)they can put on plays.

  D)they call visit American Indians.

  5.The first pilgrims settled in the United States in





  Goal of American education

  Education is all enormous and expensive part of American life.Its size is matched by its variety.

  Differences in American schools compared with those found in the majority of other countries lie in the fact that education here has long been intended for everyone — not just for a privileged elite.Schools are expected to meet the needs of every child,regardless of ability, and also the needs of society itself.This means that public schools offer more than academic subjects.It surprises many people when they come here to find high schools offering such courses as typing,sewing,radio repair, computer programming or driver training,along with traditional academic subjects such as mathematics,history, and languages.Students choose their curricula depending on their interests,future goals,and level of ability.The underlying goal of American education is to develop every child to the utmost of his or her own possibilities,and to give each one a sense of civic and community consciousness.

  Schools have traditionally played an important role in creating national unity and“Americanizing” the millions of immigrants who have poured into this country from many different backgrounds and origins.Schools still play a large role in the community, especially in the small towns.

  The approach to teaching may seem unfamiliar to many, not only because it is informal,but also because there is not much emphasis on learning facts.Instead,Americans try to teach their children to think for themselves and to develop their own intellectual and creative abilities. Students spend much time,learning how to use resource materials,libraries,statistics and computers.Americans believe that if children are taught to reason well and to research well, they will be able to find whatever facts they need throughout the rest of their lives.Knowing how to solve problems is considered more important than the accumulation of facts.

  This is America’s answer to the searching question that thoughtful parents all over the world are asking themselves in the fast-moving time:‘‘How Can one prepare today’s child for a tomorrow that one can neither predict nor understand?”

  privileged adj.享有特权的

  Elite n.精英,精华

  curricula n.课程

  reason v.推理


  1.Wmch of the following best states the goal of American education?

  A)To teach every learner some practical skills.

  B)To provide every learner with rich knowledge.

  C)To give every student the opportunity to fully develop his/her ability.

  D)To train every student to be a responsible citizen.

  2.It is implied in the passage that

  A)all high-school students take the same courses.

  B)every high-school student must take some practical ability training courses.

  C)every public school offers the same academic subjects.

  D)the subjects every student takes may vary.

  3.American schools place great emphasis on the learner’s

  A)enrichment of knowledge.

  B)accumulation of facts.

  C)acquisition of the ability to be creative.

  D)acquisition of the ability to work with his hands.

  4.According to the passage,American education meets the needs of all the following EXCEPT

  A)the brightest students.

  B)the slow students.

  C)the students from foreign countries.

  D)the immigrants.

  5.Which of the following best states the feature of American education that makes it different from education in other countries?

  A)The large number of its schools.

  B)The variety of the courses offered in its schools.

  C)Its special consideration given to immigrants

  D)Its underlying goal to develop every child’s abilities to the fullest extent.


  What we take from and give to the sea

  As long as we have been on earth, we have used the sea around us. We take from the ocean, and we give to it.

  We take fishes from the ocean – millions of kilograms of fish, every year, to feed millions of people. __1__. We take minerals from the ocean. One way to get salt is to place seawater in a shallow basin and leave it until it evaporates. __2__. Much gold and silver drift dissolved in the waters of the sea, too. But the sea does not give them up by simple evaporation. Other gifts from the sea are pearls, sponges and seaweed. Pearls become jewelry. __3__. Seaweed becomes food of many kinds – even candy, and ice cream – as well as medicine. Believe it or not, fresh water is anther gift from the sea. We cannot drink ocean water. __4__. But ocean water becomes fresh water when the salts are removed. In the future, we will find ourselves depending more and more on fresh water from the sea.

  The sea gives us food, fertilizer, minerals, water, and other gifts. What do we give the sea? Garbage. __5__. Huge as it is, the ocean cannot hold all the water we pour into it, we may need the sea and its gifts more than ever.

  We are finally learning that if we destroy our seas, we might also destroy ourselves. Hopefully, it is not too late.

  A.Natural sponges become cleaning aids.

  B.We pollute the ocean when we use it as a garbage dump.

  C.The area of the sea is becoming smaller and smaller.

  D.Along with salt, other minerals are left after evaporation.

  E.We even use their bones for fertilizer.

  F.Some of its contents may cause illness.



  Sending E-mails to Professors

  One student skipped class and then sent the professor an e-mail (1)for copies of her teaching notes. Another (2)that she was late for a Monday class because she was recovering from drinking too much at a wild weekend party. At colleges and universities in the US, e-mail has made professors more approachable(平易近人).But many say it has made them too accessible, (3)boundaries that traditionally kept students at a healthy distance.

  These days, professors say, students seem to view them as available (4)the clock, sending a steady stream of informal e-mails.

  “The tone that they take in e-mails is pretty astounding(令人吃惊的),”said Michael Kessler, an assistant dean at Georgetown University. “They’ll (5)you to help: ‘I need to know this.’”

  “There’s a fine (6)between meeting their needs and at the same time maintaining a level of legitimacy(正统性)as an (7)who is in charge.”

  Christopher Dede, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, said (8)show that students no longer defer to(听从)their professors, perhaps because they realize that professors’ (9)could rapidly become outdated.

  “The deference was driven by the (10)that professors were all-knowing sources of deep knowledge,” Dede said, and that notion has (11).

  For junior faculty members, e-mails bring new tension into their work, some say, as they struggle with how to(12).Their job prospects, they realize, may rest in part on student evaluations of their accessibility.

  College students say e-mail makes(13)easier to ask questions and helps them learn.

  But they seem unaware that what they write in e-mails could have negative effects (14)them, said Alexandra Lahav, an associate professor of Law at the University of Connecticut. She recalled an e-mail message from a student saying that he planned to miss class so he could play with his son. Professor Lahav did not respond.

  “Such e-mails can have consequences,” she said. “Students don’t understand that (15)they say in e-mail can make them seem unprofessional, and could result in a bad recommendation.”

  1. A. providing B. offering C. supplying D. asking

  2. A. complained B. argued C. explained D. believed

  3. A. removingB. moving C. putting D. placing

  4. A. about B. around C. at D. from

  5. A. control B. shout C. order D. make

  6. A. requirement B. contradiction C. tension D. balance

  7. A. teacher B. instructor C. lecturer D. professor

  8. A. e-mails B. passages C. texts D. books

  9. A. technologyB. expertise C. scienceD. imagination

  10. A. tradition B. sense C. notion D. meaning

  11. A. strengthened B. weakened C. reinforced D. consolidated

  12. A. ask B. question C. respondD. request

  13. A. him B. her C. you D. it

  14. A .on B. against C. in D. about

  15. A. this B. which C. that D. what


  1 C   2 D   3 B   4 A   5 C

  6 D   7 A   8 D   9 B   10 D

  11 A   12 C   13 D   14 D   15 A





  C D B E C A E








  1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.D 7.B 8.A 9.B 10.C 11.B 12.C 13.D 14.A 15.D

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