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  1.I have been trying to smoking.

  A.give up B.pick up C.build up D.take up

  2.Relief workers were by what they saw.

  A.moved B.touched C.surprised D.worried

  3.The weather is a constant of conversation in Britain.

  A.question B.problem C.title D.topic

  4.This is not of English,but is a feature of the Chinese language.

  A.particular B.characteristic C.remarkable D.idiomatic

  5.It is impossible to persuade him to apply for the job.

  A.simply B.almost C.totally D.completely

  6.These are defensive behavior patterns which from our fears.

  A.stem B.rely C.develop D.grow

  7.Only a small minority of the mentally ill are to harm themselves or others.

  A.easy B.possible C.likely D.difficult

  8.They have the to destroy the enemy in a few days.

  A.possibility B.necessity C.ability D.probability

  9.We have never seen such hills.

  A.beautiful B.stretching C.spreading D.rolling

  10.The leaves have been swept into huge .

  A.loads B.layers C.pyramids D.piles

  11.The news will everyone.

  A.attract B.terrify C.tempt D.excite

  12.The article the major events of the decade.

  A.described B.offered C.outlined D.presented

  13.I won't that kind of behavior.

  A.bear B.receive C.admit D.take

  14.Their style of playing football is different.

  A.barely B.scarcely C.hardly D.totally

  15.Her sister her to apply for the job.

  A.advised B.caused C.forced D.promised


  一、1.A 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.C 9.A 10.D 11.B 12.C 13.A 14.D 15.A



  TV Game Shows

  One of the most fascinating things about television is the size of the audience. A novel can be on the "best seller" lists with a sale of fewer than 100,000 copies, but a popular TV show might have 70 million TV viewers. TV can make anything or anyone well-known overnight.

  This is the principle behind "quiz" or "game" shows, which put ordinary people on TV to play a game for prizes and money. A quiz show can make anyone a star, and it can give away thousands of dollars in the U.S. and almost everyone watched them. Charles Van Doren, an English instructor, became rich and famous after winning money on several shows. He even had a career as a television personality. But one of the losers proved that Charles Van Doren was cheating. It turned out that the show's producers who were pulling the strings, gave the answers to the most popular contestants beforehand. Why? Because if the audience didn't like the person who won the game, they turned the show off. The result of this cheating was a huge scandal. Based on his story, a movie under the title "Quiz Show" is on 40 years later.

  Charles Van Doren is no longer involved with TV. But game shows are still here, though they aren't taken as seriously. In fact, some of them try to be as ridiculous as possible. There are shows that send strangers on vacation trips together, or that try to cause newly-married couples to fight on TV, or that punish losers by humiliation them. The entertainment now is to see what people will do just to be on TV. People still win money, but the real prize is to be in front of an audience of millions.

  1. TV can make a beggar world-famous overnight.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  2. The principle behind "quiz" and "game" shows is to put ordinary people on TV to play a game for prizes and money.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  3. Prizes and money are usually provided by TV stars and large companies for winners.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  4. One of the TV personalities, Charles Van Doren was proved to be cheating by persuading the Show's producers to give him the answers beforehand.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  5. The huge scandal of cheating in TV game shows was not exposed until 40 years later in the movie "Quiz Show".

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  6. Nowadays game shows are not treated as seriously as they used to be.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned

  7. Winners of present-day TV game shows no longer get money from the shows.

  A. Right

  B. Wrong

  C. Not mentioned




  Successful Language Learners

  Some people seem to have a knack for learning languages. They can pick up new vocabulary, master rules or grammar, and learn to write in the new language more quickly than others. They do not seem to be any more intelligent than others, so what makes language learning so much easier for them? Perhaps if we take a close look at these successful language learners, we may discover a few of the techniques which make language learning easier for them.

  First of all, successful language learners are independent learners. They do not depend on the book or the teacher; they discover their own way to learn the language. Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain, they try to find the patterns and the rules for themselves. They are good guessers who look for clues and form their own conclusions. When they guess wrong, they guess again. They try to learn from mistakes.

  Successful language learning is active learning. Therefore, successful learners do not wait for a chance to use the language; they look for such a chance. They find people who speak the language and they ask these people to correct them when they make a mistake. They will try anything to communicate. They are not afraid to repeat what they hear or to say strange things; they are willing to make mistakes and try again. When communication is difficult, they can accept information that is inexact or incomplete. It is more important for them to learn to think in the language than to know the meaning of every word.

  Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose. They want to learn the language because they are interested in the language and the people who speak it. It is necessary for them to learn the language in order to communicate with these people and to learn from them. They find it easy to practice using the language regularly because they want to learn with it.

  What kind of language learner are you? If you are a successful language learner, you have probably been learning independently, actively, and purposefully. On the other hand, if your language learning has been less than successful, you might as well try some of the techniques outlined above.

  1. Paragraph 1__________

  2. Paragraph 2__________

  3. Paragraph 3__________

  4. Paragraph 4__________

  A. Ways to Learn a Language Successfully

  B. Learning a language Purposefully

  C. Learning a Language Actively

  D. Learning a Language Independently

  E. Learning from Mistakes

  F. Learning to Think in the Target Language

  5. Successful language learners derive conclusions___________

  6. Independent Language learners rely on themselves___________

  7. Active language learners seize every opportunity______________

  8. The author wrote this text_________________

  A. to discover sentence patterns and grammatical rules

  B. to expand vocabulary

  C. to use the target language

  D. to encourage unsuccessful language learners to learn independently, actively and purposefully

  E. from clues

  F. to say strange things




  Ford Abandons Electric Vehicles

  The Ford motor company’s abandonment of electric cars effectively signals the end of the road for the technology,analysts say.

  General Motors。and Honda’ceased production of battery.powered cars in 1 999, to focus on fuel cell and hybrid electric gasoline engines, which are more attractive to the consumer.Ford has now announced it will do the same.

  Three years ago.the company introduced the Think City two—seater car and a golf cart called the THINK, or Think Neighbor.It hoped to sell 5,000 cars each year and 10,000 carts.But a lack of demand means only about l,000 of the cars have been produced,and less than 1。700 carts have been sold so far in 2002.

  “The bottom line is we don’t believe that this is the future of environment transport for the mass market.”Tim Holmes of Ford Europe said on Friday.“We feel we have given electric our best shot”

  The Think City has a range of only about 53 miles and up to a six-hour battery recharge time.General Motors’EVI electric vehicle also had a limited range。of about 100 miles.

  The very expensive batteries also mean electric cars cost much more than petrol-powered alternatives.An electric Toyot~RAV4 EV vehicle costs over$42,000 in the US, compared with just $17,000 for the petrol version.Toyota and Nissan…are now the only major auto manufacturers to produce electric vehicles.

  “There is a feeling that battery electric has been given its chance.Ford now has to move on with its hybrid program“,and that is what we will be judging them on,”Roger Higman,a senior transport campaigner at UK Friends of the Earth,told the Environment News Service.

  Hybrid cars introduced by Toyota and Honda in the past few years have sold well.Hybrid engines Offer Greater mileage than petrol—only engines , and the batteries recharge themselves. Ford says it thinks such vehicles will help it meet planned new guidelines“on vehicle emissions” in the U.S.

  However,it is not yet clear exactly what those guidelines will permit.In June,General Motors and Daimler Chrysler won a court injunction,delaying by two years Californian legislation requiring car—makers to offer 100,000 zero-emission and other low—emission vehicles in the state by 2003.Car manufacturers hope the legislation will be rewritten to allow for more low--emission,rather than zero—emission,vehicles.

  1. What have the Ford motor company.General Motor’s and Honda done concerning electric cars?

  A)They have started to produce electric cars.

  B)They have done extensive research on electric Cars

  C)They have given up producing electric cars.

  D)They have produced thousands of electric Cars

  2. According to Tim Holmes of Ford Europe,battery-powered cars

  A)will be the main transportation vehicles in the future

  B)will not be the main transportation vehicles in the future.

  C)will be good to the environment in the future

  D)will replace petrol—powered vehicles in the future.

  3. Which auto manufacturers are still producing electric vehicles?

  A)Toyota and Nissan

  B)General Motor’s and Honda

  C)Ford and Toyota

  D)Honda and Toyota

  4. According to the eighth paragraph,hybrid cars

  A)offer fewer mileage than petrol driven cars

  B)run faster than petrol driven cars

  C)run more miles than petrol driven cars

  D)offer more batteries than petrol driven cars

  5. Which of the following is true about the hope of car manufacturers according to the last paragraph?

  A)Low-emission cars should be banned.

  B)Only zero-emission cars are allowed to run on motorways.

  C)The legislation will encourage car makers to produce more electric cars.

  D)The legislation will allow more 10w.emission to be produced.



  1.C 第一段第一个句子告诉我们福特汽车公司放弃了电动汽车,第二段说通用汽车公司和本田汽车公司停止生产电动汽车。

  2.B 第四段第一个句子是Tim Holmes对电动汽车未来的评价,他认为未来的交通运输的大众市场不可能是电动汽车。

  3.A 答案的依据是第六段最后一句。

  4.C 答案的依据是倒数第二段第二句.

  5. D 答案的依据是文章的最后一句:the legislation will be written to allow for low-emission, rather than zero-emission, vehicles.

  Find Yourself Packing It On Blame Friends

  Obesity can spread from person to person,much like a virus,researchers are reporting today.When one person gains weight,close friends tend to gain weight,too.

  Their study,published in The New England Journal of Medicine,involved a detailed analysis of a large social network of 12,067 people who had been closely followed for 32 years,from 1971 to 2003.

  The investigators knew who was friends with whom as well as who was a spouse or sibling or neighbor,and they knew how much each person weighed at various times over three decades.1 That let them reconstruct2 what happened over the years as individuals became obese.Did their friends also become obese?Did family members?Or neighbors?

  The answer,the researchers report,was that people were most likely to become obese when a friend became obese.That increased a person’s chances of becoming obese by 57 percent. 3 There was no effect when a neighbor gained or lost weight4,however,and family members had less influence than friends.

  It did not even matter if the friend was hundreds of miles away,the influence remained. 5And the greatest influence of all was between close mutual friends.There,if one became obese,the other had a 171 percent increased chance of becoming obese,too.

  The same effect seemed tO occur for weight loss,the investigators say.But since most people were gaining,not losing,over the 32 years,the result was,on average,that people grew fatter.

  Dr.Nicholas A.Christakis,a physician and professor of medical sociology at Harvard Medical School and a principal investigator in the new study,said one explanation was that friends affected each others’ perception of fatness6.When a close friend becomes obese,obesity may not look so bad.

  “You change your idea of what is an acceptable body type by looking at the people around you,”Dr.Christakis said.

  The investigators say their findings can help explain why Americans have become fatter in recent years—each person who became obese was likely to drag along some friends.

  Their analysis was unique,Dr.Christakis said,because it moved beyond a simple analysis of one person and his or her social contacts and instead examined an entire social network at once,looking at how a person’s friend’s friends,or a spouse’s sibling’s friends,could have an influence on a person’s weight.

  The effects,he said,“highlight the importance of a spreading process,a kind of social contagion8,that spreads through the network.”

  Of course,the investigators say,social networks are not the only factors that affect body weight.There is a strong genetic component at work,too.

  Science has shown that individuals have genetically determined ranges of weights,spanning perhaps 30 or so pounds for each person.But that leaves a large role for the environment in determining whether a person’s weight is near the top of his or her range or near the bottom.As people have gotten fatter,it appears that many are edging toward9 the top of their ranges.The question has been why.

  If the new research is correct,it may say that something in the environment seeded what some call an obesity epidemic,making a few people gain weight.Then social networks let the obesity spread rapidly.


  obesity n.肥胖,肥大

  virus n.病毒

  detailed adj.细的,逐条的i

  nvestigator n.调查人

  spouse n.配偶(指夫或妻)

  sibling n.兄弟,姐妹

  influence n.影响

  principal adj.主要的,首要的

  highlight v.使显著,强调

  epidemic adj.流行的,传染的,流行性的



  1.The investigators knew...over three decades.:调查人员了解被调查人的朋友以及夫妻、兄弟姐妹或者邻居,并且了解他们三十年来各个时期的体重。as well as表示“和”、“又”。


  3.That increased a person’s chances of becoming obese by 57 percent.:这使得发胖的几率增加了57%。chance这里指机率、可能性。

  4.gained or lost weight:体重增加或减肥。

  5.It did not even matter if the friend was hundreds of miles away,the influence remained.:即使朋友远在千里之外,这种影响仍然存在。

  6.verception of fatness:对于肥胖的感知。

  7.The investigators say their findings can help explain why Americans have become fatter in recent years—each person who became obese was likely to drag along some friends:调查人员声称他们的发现可以帮助解释近年来美国人变得越来越胖的原因:每个发胖的人都可能带动朋友一起变胖。


  9.edge toward:向……缓慢或逐渐地前进。


  1. Who had the greatest influence on people who became obese?

  A) Their friends.

  B) Their neighbours.

  C) Their family members.

  D) Their colleagues.

  2. Which of the following statement about a friend's influence is false according to the report?

  A) Friends had more influence than family members on people who became obese.

  B) Even ifthe friend lives far away, the influence still remained.

  C) People were not likely to lose weight when they have skinny friends.

  D) The greatest influence of all was between close mutual friends.

  3. According to Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis, what is the explanation for friends being the

  greatest influence?

  A) Friends usually spend a lot of time together.

  B) Friends share similar eating habits.

  C) Friends are more important than family members.

  D) Friends affected each others' feelings of fatness.

  4. Which factor of becoming obese is not mentioned in this report?

  A) Social contact.

  B) Genetic information.

  C) Life style.

  D) Environmental influences.

  5. In what way is obesity contagious and epidemic?

  A) Social networks let the obesity spread rapidly.

  B) Individuals have genetically determined ranges of weights.

  C) Obesity can easily spread from one to another without any physical contact.

  D) Obesity can spread rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time.



  Feast On Turkey and Good Wishes at Thanksgiving

  Four weeks ago US children dressed as monsters and asked for sweets.That was Halloween.‘In a few weeks American houses will be red and green and filled with presents.For Christmas.

  As if all this isn’t enough,on Thursday this week,America will enjoy another festival—Thanksgiving.

  Children will have two days off school,shops will close and houses will be filled with families enjoying mountains of food.

  Every year, in Gainesville,Florida,all entire class celebrate Thanksgiving together.The class dresses up and puts on plays for their families.After the plays the families share a feast of traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey and pumpkin pie.

  Dean Foster, an 1 1-year-old boy will take part in this celebration.He said:‘I love Thanksgiving because it means time off school,lots of nice food and a happy family.’

  His brother Ben,nine,said:‘the best thing about Thanksgiving,is that when it is finished,it is time to start Christmas.’

  But behind the food and the large amount of money spent there is another message.On Thursday evening,Dean and Ben’s family will make a basket and put it on the table as they eat their evening meal.

  Each of them will write a 1ist of things that they are thankful for and place the paper in the basket.The family will read the pieces of paper and take time to thank God and each other for providing them with comfortable and happy lives.

  Thanksgiving is a traditional festival that started in 1621,when the first pilgrims arrived in the US to start a new life.After a hard year, they had a big autumn harvest.They held a feast and invited the native American Indians along to thank God for giving them enough food.

  Many countries celebrate Thanksgiving.They often fall after the fields have been harvested and the crops collected for winter.

  turkey n.火鸡

  pumpkin n.南瓜

  pilgrim n.朝圣者


  Halloween : 10月31日之夜(据传此时可见到鬼)

  Christmas: 圣诞节(12月25日)

  1. On Halloween, children in the United States often dress up as( ).





  2.When are turkey and pumpkin pie eaten?( )

  A)On Halloween.

  B)On Thursday.

  C)On Thanksgiving.

  D)On Christmas Day.

  3.Thanksgiving is the time for the American people to thank God for( ).

  A)looking after them.

  B)providing them with comfortable and happy lives•

  C)clothing them.

  D)protecting them

  4.Many children in the United States like Thanksgiving because( ).

  A)they call stay with their parents at home and eat a lot of nice food•

  B)they can dress up like monsters.

  C)they can put on plays.

  D)they call visit American Indians.


  5.The first pilgrims settled in the United States in( ).






  1. 答案选A。该题问:在‘10月31日之夜’,美国儿童常常打扮成什么样子? 首先利用问题中的特征词Halloween作为答案线索,这样很快在文章第二句中找到涉及到答案相关句: That was Halloween.代词That提示我们应该接着看前面的句子:Four weeks ago US children dressed as monsters and asked for sweets.这句话中出现了与问题句中的核心结构children in the United States呼应的结构,因此判断这个句子需要认真看, 这个句子说“四周前,美国儿童打扮成怪物,四处要糖吃。”“鬼”(ghosts)跟“怪物”(monsters)比较接近,A正确。

  2. 答案选C。该题问:火鸡和南瓜饼是什么时候吃的? 火鸡和南瓜饼是感恩节的传统食品。利用提干中的新信息词(也是标志词)turkey 和pumpkin 作为答案线索,这样在第4段的最后一个句子中找到答案相关句:After the plays the families share a feast of traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey and pumpkin pie. (演出过后这些家庭将分享传统的感恩节食物,如火鸡和南瓜馅饼) ,因此判断C(感恩节)是答案。

  3. 答案选B。该题问:感恩节是美国人因为什么而感谢上帝的日子? 这个句子中的新信息是“感谢上帝”, 所以利用“thank God”作为答案线索,这样在文章的倒数第三段中找到答案相关句:The family will read the pieces of paper and take time to thank God and each other for providing them with comfortable and happy lives (感谢上帝为他们提供了舒适、幸福生活的日子),因此判断B是答案。

  4.答案选A。该题问:许多美国儿童喜欢感恩节的原因是什么? 利用问题句中的核心结构“like Thanksgiving”作为答案线索,这样在第5段中找到答案相关句:Dean Foster, an 1 1-year-old boy will take part in this celebration.He said:‘I love Thanksgiving because it means time off school,lots of nice food and a happy family.’’(喜欢感恩节是因为它以为着学校放假,有很多好吃的食物, 而且能和家人在一起享受快乐),选项A(他们可以呆在家里,跟父母在一起,并且会吃到很多好吃的东西)与该句内容一致,答案是A。

  5. 答案选A。该题问:第一批朝圣者是什么时候到美国来定居的? 被选项都是年代,所以直接注意文章中表示年代的数字,这样栽倒数第二段的第1个句子中找到答案相关句:Thanksgiving is a traditional festival that started in 1621,when the first pilgrims arrived in the US to start a new life.该题考查考生对when引导的定语从句的理解。该句说“感恩节是源于1621年的美国传统节日,在这一年第一批朝圣者抵达美国开始新的生活。”因此答案是A。


  The first four minutes

  When do people decide whether or not they want to become friends? During their first four minutes together, according to a book by Dr. Leonard Zunin. In his book, "Contact: The first four minutes," he offers this advice to anyone interested in starting new friendships: __1__. A lot of people's whole lives would change if they did just that.

  You may have noticed that average person does not give his undivided attention to someone he as just met.__2__. If anyone has ever done this to you, you probably did not like him very much.

  When we are introduced to new people, the author suggests, we should try to appear friendly and self-confident. In general, he says, "People like people who like themselves."

  On the other hand, we should not make the other person think we are too sure of ourselves. It is important to appear interested and sympathetic, realizing that the other person has his won needs, fears, and hopes.

  Hearing such advice, one might say, "But I'm not a friendly, self-confident person. That's not my nature. It would be dishonest for me to at that way."

  __3__. We can become accustomed to any changes we choose to make in our personality. "It is like getting used to a new car. It may be unfamiliar at first, but it goes much better than the old one."

  But isn't it dishonest to give the appearance of friendly self-confidence when we don't actually feel that way? Perhaps, but according to Dr. Zunin, "total honest" is not always good for social relationships, especially during the first few minutes of contact. There is a time for everything, and a certain amount of play-acting may be best for the first few minutes of contact with a stranger. That is not the time to complain about one's health or to mention faults one finds in other people. It is not the time to tell the whole truth about one's opinions and impressions.

  __4__. For a husband and wife or a parent and child, problems often arise during their first four minutes together after they have been apart. Dr. Zunin suggests that these first few minutes together be treated with care. If there are unpleasant matters to be discussed, they should be dealt with later.

  The author says that interpersonal relations should be taught as a required course in every school, along with reading, writing, and mathematics. __5__ that is at least as important as how much we know.

  A. In reply, Dr. Zunin would claim that a little practice can help us feel comfortable about changing our social habits.

  B. Much of what has been said about strangers also applies to relationships with family members and friends.

  C. In his opinion, success in life depends mainly on how we get along with other people.

  D. Every time you meet someone in a social situation, give him your undivided attention for four minutes.

  E. He keeps looking over the other person's shoulder, as if hoping to find someone more interesting in another part of the room.

  F. He is eager to make friends with everyone.



  1. D. 分析:空格前后句中出现了代词的呼应-- this advice--- that, 结合空格后句意(如果他们那样做的话,很多人的整个生活都会发生改变)判断that指代的内容是前句中提到的“这条建议”,所以判断空格处出现表意为“建议”的句子可能性最大,结合被选项的内容和用词判断D是答案。


  3 A。分析:空格后句中出现了代词We,而被选项中只有A和C中有代词与We呼应。但A中还有changing our social habits与空格后句中的 become accustomed to any changes在语意上呼应,所以答案是A。

  4. B。分析:前文中出现了“关于如何‘对待陌生人’的描述”,而且在下文中提到了“家庭成员(husband and wife or a parent and child)”,因此判断B是答案。

  5 C。 分析:后句中的代词we在C中才有呼应的代词,而且在文章最后出现观点句是通常论述文的发展特点,因此判断C正确。


  Sending E-mails to Professors

  One student skipped class and then sent the professor an e-mail (51)for copies of her teaching notes. Another (52)that she was late for a Monday class because she was recovering from drinking too much at a wild weekend party. At colleges and universities in the US, e-mail has made professors more approachable(平易近人).But many say it has made them too accessible, (53)boundaries that traditionally kept students at a healthy distance.

  These days, professors say, students seem to view them as available (54)the clock, sending a steady stream of informal e-mails.

  “The tone that they take in e-mails is pretty astounding(令人吃惊的),”said Michael Kessler, an assistant dean at Georgetown University. “They’ll (55)you to help: ‘I need to know this.’”

  “There’s a fine (56)between meeting their needs and at the same time maintaining a level of legitimacy(正统性)as an (57)who is in charge.”

  Christopher Dede, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, said (58)show that students no longer defer to(听从)their professors, perhaps because they realize that professors’ (59)could rapidly become outdated.

  “The deference was driven by the (60)that professors were all-knowing sources of deep knowledge,” Dede said, and that notion has (61).

  For junior faculty members, e-mails bring new tension into their work, some say, as they struggle with how to(62).Their job prospects, they realize, may rest in part on student evaluations of their accessibility.

  College students say e-mail makes(63)easier to ask questions and helps them learn.

  But they seem unaware that what they write in e-mails could have negative effects (64)them, said Alexandra Lahav, an associate professor of Law at the University of Connecticut. She recalled an e-mail message from a student saying that he planned to miss class so he could play with his son. Professor Lahav did not respond.

  “Such e-mails can have consequences,” she said. “Students don’t understand that (65)they say in e-mail can make them seem unprofessional, and could result in a bad recommendation.”

  51. A. providing B. offering C. supplying D. asking

  52. A. complained B. argued C. explained D. believed

  53. A. removingB. moving C. putting D. placing

  54. A. about B. around C. at D. from

  55. A. control B. shout C. order D. make

  56. A. requirement B. contradiction C. tension D. balance

  57. A. teacher B. instructor C. lecturer D. professor

  58. A. e-mails B. passages C. texts D. books

  59. A. technologyB. expertise C. scienceD. imagination

  60. A. tradition B. sense C. notion D. meaning

  61. A. strengthened B. weakened C. reinforced D. consolidated

  62. A. ask B. question C. respondD. request

  63. A. him B. her C. you D. it

  64. A .on B. against C. in D. about

  65. A. this B. which C. that D. what


  51.D 52.C 53.A 54.B 55.C 56.D 57.B 58.A 59.B 60.C 61.B 62.C 63.D 64.A 65.D

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