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  1.At midnight,we were (aroused )by a knock at the door. ( )





  2.She was( awarded) a prize for the film.( )





  3.Smoking will be (banned )in all public places here.( )





  4.That guy is i(ntelligeng )but a bit dull.( )





  5.She is a (highly) successful teacher.( )





  6.We should not sacrifice environmental protections to( foster) economic growth.( )





  7.There is a growing (gap) between the rich and the poor.( )





  8.I am very (grateful) to you for your assistance.( )






  9.You will be meeting her (presently).( )





  10.Attitudes to mental illness have (shifted )in recent years.( )





  11.I have been trying to (guit )smoking.( )

  A.give up

  B.pick up

  C.build up

  D.take up

  12.Relief workers were (shocked )by what they saw.( )





  13.The weather is a constant (subject )of conversation in Britain.( )





  14.This is not (typical )of English,but is a feature of the Chinese language.( )





  15.It is (virtually) impossible to persuade him to apply for the job.( )






  1.B 2.A 3.A 4.D 5.C 6.B 7.C 8.D 9.A 10.C 11.A 12.C 13.D 14.B 15.B



  Will Hillary Be the Next American President?

  Back in 1969, US President Richard Nixon confidently predicted: “In the next 50 years, we shall see a woman president, perhaps sooner than you think.”

  Today, not too far off Nixon’s deadline, America is looking at that possibility. Over the weekend, Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton, announced her run for 2008 presidency.

  US polls indicate that Americans feel comfortable with a female president. A New York Times survey found nearly all Americans saying they would vote for president if she were qualified.

  However, accepting the theoretical notion of a female leader is quite different from voting an actual woman. In fact, there is still widespread distrust of a woman in the top position.

  This is partly due to the biased thinking that women are weak on national security, though they might be strong on education and health care. This damages their prospects as a presidential contender.

  “There’s still an inherent nervousness on the part of voters putting a woman in as the ultimate decision-maker. Control of the army and border security are sorts of traditionally male jobs,”commented Amy Walter,an American campaign analyst.“That’s where I think voters consciously or unconsciously have difficulties with women candidates.”

  Women have held the top job in other major Western countries. In 1979, Britain elected Margaret Thatcher prime minister. Last year, Germany made Angela Merkel its first female chancellor.

  In the US, no woman has succeeded in being nominated as a presidential candidate.One woman did make the attempt: Elizabeth Dole. In 1999,she tried to get the Republican Party nomination. But Dole could only raise $ 5 million for her bid-compared with the $ 56 million George W.Bush raised.

  So Barriers lie ahead for Hillary if she wants to make history by becoming the first female US president. With the Iraqi war underway, she’ll find it even harder.

  “I don’t feel that our society is ready for a woman president. The enemy we face does not respect females the same way we have come to see them as equals. If we were not in this war,I would support a woman president,”said Chris Dildy, a computer engineering student.

  1.Up to the present, no woman has been elected president in the US.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  2.Bill Clinton will strongly support Hillary to run for the 2008 presidency.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  3.American people will elect a woman president of the United States in 2008.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  4.One of Hillary’s campaign promises is to reform the nation’s health care system.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  5.Germans elected a woman chancellor last year.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  6.Hillary has already raised a large anount of campaign fund.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  7.Chris Dildy will vote for Hillary.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned


  1.分析文章标题:Will Hillary(希拉里) Be the Next(下一个的) American President(总统)?


  1.Up to the present(至今) , no woman has been elected(曾经被选为)president(总统) in the US.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned


  1.A. 问题句说“迄今为止在美国没有一个女人曾经被选举为总统”。关注文章开头部分的句子,利用问题句中的细节信息词women(女人)和up to the present作为答案线索,在文章中找到答案相关句:(第1段)Back(向后地) in 1969, US President Richard Nixon confidently(充满自信地) predicted(预言): “In the next(下一个)50 years, we shall see (看见)a woman president(总统), perhaps(可能) sooner than you think. ”该句说“1969年, 美国总统Richard Nixon 很有信心地预测: ‘在下一个50年里, 我们将会看见一个女总统,这或许比你想象的更快些’” 。根据该句内容可以推断出在1969年以前美国没有出现过女总统, 而人们期望从1969年到2019年期间美国会出现女总统。 但根据该句内容无法判断出从1969年到2019年期间美国是否出现了女总统, 因此接着关注答案相关句周边的句子。 文章接下来的句子(第2段)说“Today,not too far (太远)off(离开,距离) Nixon’s deadline(最终期限), America is looking at (正在关注)that possibility(可能性). ”该句说“今天距离Nixon总统给出的最终期限已经不远了,美国人现在正关注这可能性”。相邻语句句意相关, 显然, 定冠词结构“the possibility”指答案相关句中提到的“可能出现美国女总统”。从该句中可以推断出“从1969年到现在为止, 美国还没有出现女总统”。因此问题句提供了正确信息。

  考点:指示代词结构指代的内容(that possibility)+ 推断能力

  2.Bill Clinton will strongly(强有力地,坚固地) support(支持) Hillary to run for (竞选)the 2008 presidency(任期, 总统职位).

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  2.C. 问题句说“Bill Clinton将强力支持Hillary参加2008年总统选举”。 该题为细节题。利用问题句中的特征词Bill Clinton和2008 presidency 作为答案线索, 在文章中查找到答案相关句:(第2段第2句) Over(在...期间) the weekend(周末), Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife(妻子) of former(以前的) president Bill Clinton, announced(宣布) her run for (竞选)2008 presidency.该句只是提到Hillary是Bill Clinton的妻子, 而文章的其部分没有再提到Bill Clinton, 由此判断问题句的信息在文章中没有被提到。


  3.American(美国的) people will elect(选举,选择) a woman president of the United States in 2008.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  3.B. 问题句说“美国人民在2008年将选一位女总统”。 该题为细节题。利用问题句中的特征信息2008作为答案线索,在文章中找到答案相关句:(第2段第2句)Over the weekend, Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton, announced(宣布) her run for (竞选)2008 presidency.该句只是提到Hillary宣布她要竞选2008年的总统职位。显然该句内容与问题句内容不相关,因此接着关注答案相关句周边的句子。 文章接下来的句子(第4段)说:However(然而), accepting(接受, 认可) the theoretical(理论的) notion(概念, 观念) of a female(女性的) leader(领导者)is quite(十分, 完全) different from (与...不同)voting(投票选举) an actual(实际的, 真正的) woman. In fact(实事上), there is (有)still(仍然) widespread (普遍的)distrust(不信任) of a woman in the top (顶部的;最高的)position(职位,位置). 该句说“接受女总统这个概念不等同于同意投票选举出一位女总统。 事实上, 人们仍然普遍不相信女人能胜任领袖的职位”。 由此可见问题句提供的信息错误。


  4.One of (...之一)Hillary’s campaign (竞选运动)promises(承诺) is to reform(改革) the nation’s health care system(医疗保健制度).

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  4.C. 问题句说“Hillary的一个竞选承诺是改革国家的医疗制度。”该题为细节题。利用问题句中的细节信息health care system(医疗保健制度)作为答案线索, 在文章中找到答案相关句(第5段第1句):This is partly(部分地) due to (因为)the biased(偏见的) thinking(思想) that women are weak(软弱的, 虚弱的) on national security(国家安全), though(尽管) they might be strong(强大的) on education(教育) and health care(医疗保健).该句只是说“女人做教育和医疗方面的工作有优势”, 但没有说Hillary的一个竞选承诺式改革国家的医疗制度,因此问题句的信息在文章中没有被提到。


  5.Germans(德国人) elected(选择) a woman chancellor(总理, 大臣) last year(去年).

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  5.A.问题句说“德国去年选了一个女总理”,利用问题句中的特征词Germans和细节信息词woman chancellor作为答案线索, 在文章中找到答案相关句:Last years, Germany made(使成为) Angela Merkel its first female chancellor. 该句说“去年, 德国选举了Angela Merkel为德国第一位女总理”, 因此问题句提供了正确信息。


  6.Hillary has already raised(已经募集了) a large amount of (大量的)campaign fund(资金).

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  6.C. 问题句说“Hillary 已经筹集到了一大笔竞选款”, 利用问题句中的细节信息campaign fund(竞选款)作为答案线索, 结果发现该词以及与改词词义相近的词语均没有在文章中出现,因此判断问题句的信息在文章中没有被提到。



  7.Chris Dildy will vote for(投票支持) Hillary.

  A.Right B.Wrong C.Not mentioned

  7.B. 问题句说“Chris Dildy 要投Hillary的票”。 利用问题句中的特征词Chris Dildy作为答案线索, 在文章中找到答案相关句(文章最后一句):“If we were not in this war, I would support(支持) a woman president”, said Chris Dildy, a computer(计算机) engineering (工程)student. 该句说“如果我们没有在打这场战争,我会支持选一位女总统”,虚拟语气表示与事实相反, 或事先可能性较小的假设。 因此这句话得实际语义是“我们现在卷入了一场战争之中, 因此我是不会支持女总统的”。由此可见问题句的说法不正确。

  考点: 虚拟语气。


  Voluntary learning in organized courses by mature men and women is called adult education. Such education is offered to make people able to enlarge and interpret their experience as adults. Adults may want to study something which they missed in earlier schooling, get new skills or job training, find out about new technological developments, seek better self-understanding, or develop new talents and skills.

  This kind of education may be in the form of self-study with proper guidance through the use of libraries, correspondence course, or broadcasting. It may also be acquired collectively in schools and colleges, study groups, workshops, clubs, and professional associations.

  Modern adult education for large numbers of people started in the 18th and 19th centuries with the rise of the Industrial Revolution. Great economic and social changes were taking place: people were moving from rural areas to cities; new types of work were being created in an expanding factory system. These and other factors produced a need for further education and re-education of adults.

  The earliest programs of organized adult education arose in Great Britain in the 1790s, with the founding of an adult school in Nottingham and a mechanics institute in Glasgow. The earliest adult education institution in the United States was founded by Benjamin Franklin and some friends in Philadelphia in 1727.

  People recognize that continued learning is necessary for most forms of employment today. For example, parts of the adult population in many countries find it necessary to take part in retraining programs at work of even to learn completely new jobs. Adult education programs are springing up constantly to meet these and other needs.


  1. Paragraph 2__________.

  2. Paragraph 3__________.

  3. Paragraph 4__________.

  4. Paragraph 5__________.

  A Necessity for developing adult education

  B Early days of adult education

  C Ways of receiving adult education

  D Growth of adult education

  E Institutions of adult education

  F Definition of adult education

  5. Some adults want to learn _______________.

  6.There are various forms of adult education, including ____________.

  7. Adult education has been made necessary ___________.

  8. The earliest organized adult education _______________.

  A by social and economic changes

  B guided self-study and correspondence courses

  C by studying together with children

  D what they did not manage to learn earlier

  E dates back to the eighteenth century

  F mass production




  Education is all enormous and expensive part of American life.Its size is matched by its variety.

  Differences in American schools compared with those found in the majority of other countries lie in the fact that education here has long been intended for everyone — not just for a privileged elite.Schools are expected to meet the needs of every child,regardless of ability, and also the needs of society itself.This means that public schools offer more than academic subjects.It surprises many people when they come here to find high schools offering such courses as typing,sewing,radio repair, computer programming or driver training,along with traditional academic subjects such as mathematics,history, and languages.Students choose their curricula depending on their interests,future goals,and level of ability.The underlying goal of American education is to develop every child to the utmost of his or her own possibilities,and to give each one a sense of civic and community consciousness.

  Schools have traditionally played an important role in creating national unity and“Americanizing” the millions of immigrants who have poured into this country from many different backgrounds and origins.Schools still play a large role in the community, especially in the small towns.

  The approach to teaching may seem unfamiliar to many, not only because it is informal,but also because there is not much emphasis on learning facts.Instead,Americans try to teach their children to think for themselves and to develop their own intellectual and creative abilities. Students spend much time,learning how to use resource materials,libraries,statistics and computers.Americans believe that if children are taught to reason well and to research well, they will be able to find whatever facts they need throughout the rest of their lives.Knowing how to solve problems is considered more important than the accumulation of facts.

  This is America’s answer to the searching question that thoughtful parents all over the world are asking themselves in the fast-moving time:‘‘How Can one prepare today’s child for a tomorrow that one can neither predict nor understand?”

  privileged adj.享有特权的

  Elite n.精英,精华

  curricula n.课程

  reason v.推理

  1.Wmch of the following best states the goal of American education?

  A)To teach every learner some practical skills.

  B)To provide every learner with rich knowledge.

  C)To give every student the opportunity to fully develop his/her ability.

  D)To train every student to be a responsible citizen.

  2.It is implied in the passage that

  A)all high-school students take the same courses.

  B)every high-school student must take some practical ability training courses.

  C)every public school offers the same academic subjects.

  D)the subjects every student takes may vary.

  3.American schools place great emphasis on the learner’s

  A)enrichment of knowledge.

  B)accumulation of facts.

  C)acquisition of the ability to be creative.

  D)acquisition of the ability to work with his hands.

  4.According to the passage,American education meets the needs of all the following EXCEPT

  A)the brightest students.

  B)the slow students.

  C)the students from foreign countries.

  D)the immigrants.

  5.Which of the following best states the feature of American education that makes it different from education in other countries?

  A)The large number of its schools.

  B)The variety of the courses offered in its schools.

  C)Its special consideration given to immigrants

  D)Its underlying goal to develop every child’s abilities to the fullest extent.



  1. C。分析:问题问及美国教育的目的,该问题有关文章主题。利用被选项中的核心结构(practical skills,rich knowledge, fully develop his/her ability,responsible citizen )作为答案线索,在文章中查找答案相关句:

  (第2段)The underlying goal of American education is to develop every child to the utmost of his or her own possibilities, and to give each one a sense of civic(公民的) and community consciousness. 该句说“要培养孩子发挥他们最大的潜力, 并让他们具有公民意识和社会意识”,因此判断C是答案。

  2.D.分析:既然借助前面问题的解答知道美国教育的根本目标是在于学生能力的培养,因此推断D(学生学习的科目是变化的(因人而异))是答案。也可以借助原文,利用被选项中的核心词(same courses,practical ability training courses,same academic subjects, the subjects vary)作为答案线索:(第2段) This means that public schools offer more than academic subjects. It surprises many people when they come here to find high schools offering such courses as tying, sewing,… or driver training, along with traditional academic subjects such as mathematics, .. Students choose their curricula depending on their interests, future goals, and level of ability. 该划线句表明学生根据他们的兴趣,将来的目标和能力水平进行课程的选择,因此可以推断出D的含义—每个学生学习的课程可能是不同的。

  3.C.分析:由于前面的问题都涉及到学生能力的培养,因此推断C或D正确。利用这两个选项中的核心词creative和 work with his hands作为答案线索,这样找到答案相关句:(第4段)Instead, Americans try to teach their children to think for themselves and to develop their own intellectual and creative abilities. 根据该句句意判断C(获得创造力)是答案。

  4.C. 分析:借助第1题的了解:美国教育致力于培养每个学生的能力,因此判断A和B都应该是美国教育能满足的对象。利用被选项C和D中的核心词(from foreign countries, immigrants)作为答案线索,这样发现答案相关句:Schools have traditionally played an important role in creating national unity and Americanizing the millions of immigrants who have poured into this country from many different backgrounds and origins.


  5.D. 分析:问题问及“美国教育和其他国家的教育在什么方面不同”,注意文章中提到“比较”的句子,这样在文章第2段开头找到答案相关句:Differences in American schools compared with those found in the majority of other countries lie in the fact that education here has long been intended for everyone –not just for a privileged elite. 该句强调了“面向每个学生的教育”,对比被选项判D正确—D中提到了“培养每个学生的能力”与答案相关句最呼应。


  Public Relations

  Public relations is a broad set of planned communications about the company, including publicity releases, designed to promote goodwill and a favorable image.

  Publicity then is part of public relations when it is initiated by the firm, __(1)__. Since public relations involves communications with stockholders, financial analysts, government officials, and other noncustomer groups, it is usually placed outside the marketing department, perhaps as a staff department or outside consulting firm reporting to top management. This organizational placement can be a limitation because the public relations department or consultant will likely not be in tune with marketing efforts. Poor communication and no coordination may be the consequences. __(2)__, this influence generally may be less than that provided by the other components of the public image mix.

  Publicity may be in the form of news releases ___(3)___. Publicity on the other hand should not be divorced from the marketing department, as it can provide a useful adjunct to the regular advertising. Furthermore, __(4)__; some can result from an unfavorable press as a reaction to certain actions or lack of actions that are controversial or even downright ill-advised.

  The point we wish to emphasize is that a firm is deluding itself if it thinks its public relations function, whether within the company or an outside firm, can take care of public image problems and opportunities. Many factors impact on the public image. Many of these have to do with the way the firm does business, __ (5)__. Public relations and directed publicity may help highlight favorable newsworthy events, and may even succeed in toning down the worst of unfavorable publicity, but the other components of the public image mix create more lasting impressions.


  A) that have favorable overtones for the company initiated by the public relations department

  B) not all publicity is initiated by the firm

  C) usually in the form of press releases or press conferences

  D) such as its product quality, the servicing and handling of complaints, and the tenor of the advertising

  E) what it means to the company is

  F) Although the basic purpose of public relations is to provide positive influence on the public image

  KEY: C F A B D



  One Good Reason to Let Smallpox Live

  It’s now a fair bet that we will never see the total extinction of the smallpox virus.The idea was to cap the glorious achievement of 1 980,when smallpox was eradicated in the wild,by destroying the killer virus in the last two labs that are supposed to have it -- one in the US and one in Russia?If smallpox had truly gone from the planet,what point Was there in keeping these reserves?

  __1__reality,of course,it was naive to __2 __ that everyone would let __3__ of

  such a potent potential weapon.‘Undoubtedly several nations still have__4__ vials. __5__ the last“official”stocks of live virus bred mistrust of the US and Russia,__6__ no obvious gain.

  Now American researchers have __7__ an animal model of the human disease,

  opening the __8__for tests on new treatments and vaccines.So once again there’s a good reason to__9__ the virus--just in __10__ the disease puts in a reappearance.

  How do we __11__ with the mistrust of the US and Russia? __12__.Keep the

  virus __13__ international auspices in a well-guarded UN laboratory that’s open to all countries.The US will object,of course,just as it rejects a multilateral approach to just about everything.But it doesn’t __14__the idea is wrong.If the virus __15__ useful,then let’s make it the servant of all humanity——not just a part of it.


  smallpox n.天花

  vial n.小瓶

  auspices n.赞助;支持

  cap vt.结束;覆盖

  potent adj.有效力的;强有力的

  mistrust n.不信任,怀疑


  1. A) In B) On C) At D)For

  2. A)know B) imagine C) realize D)be aware

  3. A)to go B) going C) go D) went

  4. A) much B) more C) most D) a few

  5. A)And B) While C) Whereas D) Although

  6. A)since B) for C) because D) of

  7. A)looked for B) sought

  C) found D) talked about

  8. A)method B) road C) street D) way

  9. A)keep B) put C) destroy D) eradicate

  10.A)need B) case C) necessity D) time

  11.A)handle B) tackle C)deal D) treat

  12.A) Difficult B) Hard C) Safe D) Simple

  13.A) under B) in C) on D) for

  14.A)say B) mean C) state D) declare

  15.A) will be B) would be C) is D) are



  1. A。分析:被选项是介词,注意搭配结构。in reality“实际上,事实上”是固定搭配使用的说法。

  2. B。 分析:借助被选项的特点: know = be aware,排除A和D,再借助搭配结构(..是天真的)判断B(想象)是答案。

  3. C。 分析:1et跟原形动词,go符合这一原则。

  4. D。分析:根据搭配结构--..小瓶,判断D最合适(而且该句和前句中都没有出现比较的含义)

  5. A。分析:该句结构是“句子+短语结构”,因此空格5处的连词必须能引导一个独立的句子,这样判断只有A合适(其他选项都只能引导从句结构)

  6. B。分析:借助被选项的特点B和C相关,用法不同,重点注意,再借助空格后是名词性结构这个特点判断B合适。


  8.D.分析:借助被选项的特点:method 的习惯搭配介词是of,因此排除A; B和C都是具体指代“街道”,而 way可以抽象和具体的指代“道路”,判断D合适。Open the way v.为...创造条件; Clear the way v.扫清道路, 让路;On the way to在...途中;Find one’s way out 找到某人出去的路;寻找解决方法

  9. A。分析:该句的结构与标题的结构一致,因此借助标题内容直接判断A(保留/保存)是答案。

  10.B.分析:借助搭配结构“in..判断A,B和D是答案”,再根据空格后是一个句子的特点判断B(in case conj.万一)是答案。

  11. C. 分析:借助搭配“.. with”直接判断C是答案。

  Tackle vt 应付(难事等), 处理, 解决

  12. D。分析:借助下文句子是在教人们怎样做(祈使句结构),因此判断D是答案。

  13. A。 分析:被选项是介词,所以注意搭配结构:keep...in a .. laboratory; .. international auspices(赞助),根据介词的基本含义和用法判断A(under prep.在...之下, 在...领导下)是答案。

  14. B。 分析:因为空格是作谓语,而句子主语是“非人”,所以A,C 和D都不行(这些词的主语往往都是是“人”)。

  15. C。分析:首先借助后面主句中的代词it判断前面的the virus应该是单数,而且状语从句结构中只能用一般时态来表示将来,所以判断C是答案。

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