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第l部分:词汇选项  (第1~15题,每题1分,共15分)

1 The dentist has decided to extract her bad tooth.
  A take out      B break off
  C push in       D dig up

2 The economy continued to exhibit signs of decline in September.
  A play    B show
  C send    D tell
3 This table is strong and durable.
  A long-lasting    B extensive
  C far-reaching    D eternal
4 He endured great pain before he finally expired
    A fired    B resigned
    C died     D retreated
5 The girl is gazing at herself in the mirror.
  A smiling    B laughing
  C shouting    D staring
6 The index is the government’s chief.gauge of future economic activity
A measure    B opinion
C method     D decision
7 It’s sensible to start any exercise program gradually at first.
A workable    B reasonable
C possible     D available
8 A lot of people could fall ill after drinking contaminated water.
A boiled    B polluted
C mixed    D sweetened
9 You have to be patient if you want to sustain your position
  A maintain    B better
  C acquire    D support
10 She stood there,trembling with fear.
  A jumping    B crying
  C moving     D shaking
11 Medical facilities are being upgraded.
  A expanded    B repaired
  C improved    D transferred
12 Rock climbing is hazardous
  A interesting    B dangerous
  C attractive      D useful
13 John is eligible for this job.
A accepted    B recommended
C rejected   D recommended
14 In order to improve our standard of living,we have to accelerate production.
A involve    B decrease
C speed up   D give up
15  Mary looked pale and weary.
  A worried    B ugly
  C silly       D exhausted


第2部分:阅读判断  (第16~22题,每题1分,共7分)

Mother Nature Shows Her Strength
    Tornadoes(龙卷风)and heavy thunderstorms moved across the Great Lakes and into
Trumbull County on Saturday evening.The storms were dramatic and dangerous.
    George Snyder was driving the fire truck down Route 88 when he first noticed that a funnel
(漏斗状的)cloud was behind him.“I stopped the truck and watched the funnel cloud.It was
about 100 feet off the ground and I saw it go up and down for a while.It was moving toward
Bradley Road and then suddenly it disappeared.”Snyder said.
    Snyder only saw one of the funnel clouds that passed through northeastern 0hio on
Saturday.In Trumbull County,a tornado turned trees onto their sides.Some trees fell onto
houses and cars.Other trees fell into telephone and electrical wires as they went down.
    Amanda Sym check was having a party when the storm began.“I knew something was
wrong, ”he said.“I saw the sky go green and pink(粉红色).Then it sounded like a train
rushing toward the house.I started crying and told everyone to go to the basement for
    The tornado caused a 10t of damage to cars and houses in the area.It will take a long time
and much money to repair everything.There was also serious water damage from the
thunderstorms.The heavy rains and high wind caused the power to go out in many homes.
    The storms caused serious flooding in areas near the river.More than four inches of rain fell
in parts of Trumbull County.The river was so high that the water ran into streets and houses.
Many streets had to be closed to Cars and trucks because of the high water.This made it difficult
for fire trucks,police Cars,and other rescue vehicles to help people who were in trouble.
    Many people who live near the river had to leave their homes for their own safety.Some
people reported five feet of water in their homes.Local and state officials opened emergency
shelters for the people who were evacuated(撤走).’The Red Cross served meals to them.
    “This was a really intense storm,”said Snyder.“People were afraid.Mother Nature can be
fierce.We were lucky this time.No one was killed”

16 The weather was nice in Trumbull County on Saturday evening.
  A Right    B Wrong    C Not mentioned
17 George Snyder was a firefighter.
  A Right    B Wrong    C Not mentioned
18 Amanda Sym check was having a party in the basement when the storm began.
  A Right    B Wrong     C Not mentioned
19 Power supply system was not damaged during the storm.
  A Right    B Wrong    C Not mentioned
20 There had not been such a severe storm in Trumbull County for a hundred years.
  A Right    B Wrong    C Not mentioned
21 Rescue vehicles had a hard time getting to people.
  A Right    B Wrong    C Not mentioned
22 Several people were missing during the storm.
  A Right    B Wrong    C Not mentioned


第3部分:概括大意与完成句子  (第23~30题,每题1分,共8分)

Earth Angels
1  Joying Brescia was 8 years old when she noticed that cigarette butts(烟头)were littering
her hometown beach in Isle of Palms,South Carolina.When she learned that it takes five years
for the remains of a cigarette to disintegrate,she decided to take action.Joying launched a“No
Butts on the Beach” campaign.She raised money and awareness about the need to keep the
beaches dean.With the help of others.Joying also bought or received donations of gallon-size
plastic ice.cream buckets.The buckets were filled with sand。and placed at a11 public-access
areas of the beach.The buckets allowed people to dispose of their cigarettes before hitting the
beach.Two years later。Joying says the buckets are fun and the beach is nearly free of cigarette
2  People who 1ive in or visit Steamboat Springs,Colorado.have Carter Dunham to thank for
a new state wildlife refuge that preserves 20 acres of marshland and many species of wildlife.
Carter and other students wrote a management plan for the area around the Yampa River.The
plan was part of a class project when Carter was a freshman at Steamboat Springs High Schoo1.
Working with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.Carter and his classmates mapped the area and
 species of animals living there.They also made decisions about.among other things。where
fences and parking areas should be built.
3  Barbara Brown and her friends collect oil.It started as a project for their 4H Club after one
of the girls noticed her father using motor oil to kill weeds on their farm in Victoria。Texas.They
did some research and discovered that oil can contaminate ground water--a real danger in rural
areas.where people live off the water on their 1and.The girls researched ways to recycle oil and
worked with a local oil-recycling company on the issue.Now.the“Don’t Be Crude”program
runs oil.collection sites--tanks that hold up to 460 gallons--where people in the community can
dispose of their oil.
4  Five years ago.11-year-old Ryan Hreljac was a little boy with a big dream:for all the
people in Africa to have clean drinking water.His dream began in the first grade when he
1earned that people were dying because they didn’t have clean water,and that as 1ittle as$70
 could build a well.“We really take water for granted,”says Ryan,of Kemptville,Ontario,in
 Canada.“In other countries.you have to plan for it.”Ryan earned the first$70 by doing extra
 chores(零工),but with the help of others,he has since raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.
His efforts led to the start of the Ryan’s Well Foundation,which raises money for clean water
 and health.related services for people in African countries and developing countries.
23 Paragraph 1           
24 Paragraph 2           
25 Paragraph 3            
26 Paragraph 4            
A Provide Clean Water
B Dig 0il Wells
C Save Clean Water
D Don’t Litter
E Don’t Be Crude
F Protect Wildlife
27 Joying placed the buckets at all public-access areas to             
28 People are grateful to Carter Dunham for his efforts to             
29 Disposed oil and many other items can be reused to                
30    Ryan,with the help of others,is fulfilling his dream of help African people to


Technology Transfer in Germany
    When it comes to translating basic research into industrial success.few nations can match
Germany.Since the 1 940s.the nation’s vast industrial base has been fed with a constant stream
of new ideas and expertise from science.And though German prosperity(繁荣)has faltered(衰
退1 over the past decade because of the huge cost of unifying east and west as well as the global
economic decline,it still has an enviable(令人羡慕的)record for turning ideas into profit.
    Much of the reason for that success is the Fraunhofer Society,a network of research
institutes that exists solely to solve industrial problems and create sought.after technologies.But
today the Fraunhofer institutes have competition.Universities are taking an ever larger role in
technology transfer,and technology parks are springing up all over.These efforts are being
complemented by the federal programmes for pumping money into start-up companies.
    Such a strategy may sound like a recipe for economic success.but it is not without its critics.
These people worry that favouring applied research will mean neglecting basic science,
eventually starving industry of flesh ideas.If every scientist starts thinking like an entrepreneur
(企业家),the argument goes,then the traditional principles of university research being
curiosity.driven,flee and widely available will Suffer.Others claim that many of the
programmes to promote technology transfer are a waste of money because half the small
businesses that are promoted are bound to go bankrupt within a few years.
    Ⅵmile this debate continues.new ideas flow at a steady rate from Germany’s research
networks,which bear famous names such as Helmholtz,Max Planck and Leibniz.Yet it is the
fourth network,the Fraunhofer Society,that plays the greatest role in technology transfer.
    Founded in 1949,the Fraunhofer Society is now Europe’s largest organisation for applied
technology, and has 59 institutes employing 1 2,000 people.It continues to grow.Last year, it
Swallowed up the Heinrich Hertz Institute for Communication Technology in Berlin.Today,
there are even Fraunhofers in the US and Asia.
31 What factor can be attributed to German prosperity?
  A Technology transfer.     
  B Good management
C Hard work.
D Fierce competition
32 Which of the following is NOT true of traditional university research?
    A  It is free.
    B  It is profit—driven.
    C  It is widely available.
    D  It is curiosity—driven.
33 The Fraunhofer Society is the largest organisation for applied technology in
    A  Asia.
    B  USA.
    C  Europe.
    D  Africa.
34 When was the Fraunhofer Society founded?
    A  In 1940.
    B  Last year.
    C  After the unification.
    D  In 1949.
35 The word “expertise’’ in line 3 could be best replaced by
  A  “experts”.
  B  “scientists”.  .
  C   “scholars”.
  D  “special knowledge”.


Superconductor Ceramic(陶瓷)
    An underground revolution begins this winter.with the flip(轻击)of a switch,30,000
homes in one part of Detroit will soon become the first in the country to receive electricity
transmitted by ice.cold high.performance cables.Other American cities are expected to follow
Detroit’s example in the years ahead.which could conserve enormous amounts of power.
    The new electrical cables at the Frisbie power station in Detroit are revolutionary because
they are made of superconductors.A superconductor is a material that transmits electricity with
little or no resistance.Resistance is the degree to which a substance resists electric current.All
common electrical conductors have a certain amount of electrical resistance.They convert at
least some of the electrical energy passing through them into waste heat.Superconductors don’t·
No one understands how superconductivity works.It just does.
    Making superconductors isn’t easy.A superconductor material has to be cooled to an
 extremely low temperature to 10se its resistance.The first superconductors,made more than 50
 years ago,had to be cooled to一263 degrees Celsius before they lost their resistance.Newer
superconducting materials 10se their resistance at一143 degrees Celsius.
    The superconductors cable installed at the Frisbie station is made of a ceramic material
that contains copper.oxygen.bismuth(铋)。strontium(锶).and calcium(钙).A ceramic is a
hard.strong compound made from clay or minerals.The superconducting ceramic has been
fashioned into a tape that is wrapped lengthwise around a long tube filled with liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen is supercold and lowers the temperature of the ceramic tape to the point where it
conveys electricity with zero resistance.
    The United States loses an enormous amount of electricity each year to resistance.
Because cooled superconductors have no resistance.they waste much less power.0ther cities
are watching the Frisbie experiment in the hope that they might switch to superconducting cable
and conserve power.too.


36 What is the benefit of the revolution mentioned in the first paragraph?
A  With a flip of swish.electricity can be transmitted.
B  Other American cities can benefit from the high·performance cables.
C  Great amounts of power can be conserved.
D Detroit will first receive electricity transmitted by the new electrical cables
37 Compared to common electrical conductors,superconductors
    A have little or no electrical resistance.
    B Can be used for along time.
    C are not energy-efficient.
    D can be made easily.
38 At what temperature does the superconducting ceramic lose its resistance?
  A-143 degree Celsius.
  B一263 degree Celsius.
  C As long as it is ice-cold.
  D  Absolute zero.
39 What element enables the ceramic tape to lower its temperature?
  A Copper.
  B Liquid nitrogen..
  C Clay.
  D  Calcium.
40 According to the last paragraph,which of the following statements is NOT true?
  A Other cities hope they Can also conserve power.
  B Other cities hope they Can use superconducting cables soon.
  C Superconductors waste less power because of their low resistance.
  D The Fribie experiment is not successful.


The Science of the Future
Until recently,the“science of the future”was supposed to be electronics and artificial
intelligence.Today it seems more and more likely that the next great breakthroughs in
technology will be brought through a combination Of those two sciences with organic chemistry
and genetic engineering.This combination is the science of biotechnology.
    Organic chemistry enables us to produce marvelous synthetic(合成的)materials.However,
it is still difficult to manufacture anything that has the capacity of wool to conserve heat and also
tO absorb moisture.Nothing that we have been able to produce so far comes anywhere near the
combination of strength.1ightness and flexibility that we find in the bodies of ordinary insects.
    Nevertheless.scientists in the laboratory have already succeeded in“growing”a material
that has many of the characteristics of human skin.The next step may well be“biotech hearts and
eyes”which can replace diseased organs in human beings.These will not be rejected by the body,
as is the case with organs from humans.
  The application of biotechnology to energy production seems even more promising.In 1996
the famous science.fiction writer,Arthur C.Clarke,many of whose previous predictions have
come true。said that we may soon be able to develop remarkably cheap and renewable sources of
energy.Some of these power sources will be biological.Clarke and others have warned us
repeatedly that sooner or later we will have to give up our dependence on non-renewable power
sources.Coal,oil and gas are indeed convenient.However,using them also means creating
dangerously high levels of pollution.It will be impossible to meet the growing demand for
energy without increasing that pollution to catastrophic(灾难性的)levels unless we develop
power sources that are both cheaper and cleaner.
    It is attempting to think that biotechnology or some other “science of the future” can solve
 our problems.Before we surrender to that temptation we should remember nuclear power.Only a
few generations ago it seemed to promise limitless,cheap and safe energy.Today those promises
1ie buried in a concrete grave in a place called Chernobyl,in the Ukraine.Biotechnology is
 unlikely.however, to break its promises in quite the same or such a dangerous way.
41 According to the passage,the science of the future is likely to be
  A electronics.
  B biotechnology.
  C genetic engineering.
  D nuclear technology.
42 Organic chemistry helps to produce materials that are
  A as good as w001.
  B as good as an insect’s body.
  C not as good as natural materials.
  D better than natural materials.
43 According to the.passage,it may soon be possible
  A to make something as good as human skin.
  B to produce drugs without side effects.
  C to transplant human organs.
  D to make artificial hearts and eyes.
44 In 1996. Arthur C.Clarke predicted that
A biological power sources would be put into use soon.
B oil,gas and coal could be repeatedly used in the future.
C dependence on non—renewable power sources would be reduced soon
D the Chernobyl disaster would happen in two years.
45 What do we learn from the last paragraph?
  A  Biotechnology can solve all our future energy problems.
  B  Biological power is cheaper than nuclear power.
  C  Biological power may not be as dangerous as nuclear power
  D  Biological power will keep all its promises.


第5部分:补全短文  (第46—50题,每题2分,共10分)

Why Would They Falsely Confess?
  Why on earth would an innocent person falsely confess to committing a crime? To most
people,it just doesn’t seem logical.But it is logical,say experts。if you understand what call
happen in a police interrogation(审讯)room.
  Under the right conditions,people’s minds are susceptible(易受影响的)to influence,and

the pressure put on suspects during police questioning is enormous.         (46)“The
pressure is important to understand,because otherwise it's impossible to understand why
someone would say he did something he didn’t do.The answer is:to put all end to an
uncomfortable situation that will continue until he does confess.
  Developmental psychologist Mary Redlich recently conducted a laboratory study to
determine how likely people are to confess to things they didn’t do.         (47)the
researchers then intentionally crashed the computers and accused the participants of hitting
“alt” key to see if they would sign a statement falsely taking responsibility.
Redlich’s findings clearly demonstrate how easy it can be to get people to falsely
59 percent of the young adults in the experiment immediately confessed.          (48) Of
the 15-to 16-year-olds,72 percent signed confessions,as
  “There’s no question that young people are more at risk,”says Saul Kassin,a psychology
professor at Williams College,who has done similar studies with similar .          (49)
  Both Kassin and Redlich note that the entire ‘‘interrogation” in their experiments consisted
of a simple accusation-not hours of aggressive questioning--and still,most participants falsely
(50)“In some ways,”says Kassin,“false confession becomes a rational
A In her experiment,participants were seated at computers and told not to hit the“alt” key,
  because doing So would crash the systems.
B Because of the stress of a police interrogation,they conclude,suspects can become
convinced that falsely confessing is the easiest way out of a bad situation.
C “It’s a little like somebody’s working on them with a dental(牙齿) drill,” says Franklin
  Zimring,a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley.
D“But the baseline is that adults are highly vulnerable too.”
E  The court found him innocent and he was released.
F  Redlich also found that the younger the participant,the more likely a false confession.


第6部分:完形填空  (第51--~65题,每题1分,共15分)

The Greatest Mystery Of Whales
The whale is a warm-blooded,air-breathing animal,giving birth to its young alive,sucking
them--and,like all mammals,originated on land.There are many
front flippers(鳍状肢),used for steering and stability, are traces of feet.
(51)of this.Its
 Immense strength is——(52)into the great body of the big whales,and in fact most
of a whale’s body is one gigantic muscle.The blue whale’s pulling strength has been estimated
(53)400 horsepower.One specimen was reported to have towed(拖)a whaling
vessel for seven hours at the            (54) of eight knot (节).
An angry whale will             (55) A famous example of this was the fate of
Whaler Essex,          (56)was sunk off the coast of South America early in the last century.
More recently, steel ships have           (57)their plates buckled(使弯曲)in the same way.
Sperm whales(抹香鲸)were known to seize the old-time whaleboats in their jaws and crush
The greatest          (58)of whales is their diving ability.The sperm whale dives to the
Bottom for his          (59)food,the octopus(章鱼).In that search he is known to go as far
Down as 3,200 feet, where the.          (60)is 1,400 pounds,to a square inch.Doing so he
Will            (61)underwater long as one hour.Two special skills are involved in this
storing up enough            (62)(all whales are air—breathed)and tolerating the great change
in pressure.Just how he does it scientists have not           (63).It is believed that some of
the oxygen is stored in a special             (64)of blood vessels,rather than just held in the
lungs.And it is believed that a special kind of oil in his head is some sort of compensating
mechanism that            (65)adjusts the internal pressure of his body.But since you can’t
bring a live whale into the laboratory for study, no one knows just how these things work.
51 A aspects          B signs            C ways            D reasons
52 A worked          B divided          C built            D moved
53 A at               B in              C of              D with
54A number           B degree          C distance         D rate
55A abandon          B attack           C leave           D board
56A as               B  who           C which          D  t}1at
57A had              B  operated       C Seen           D caught
58A interest           B  job            C danger         D mystery
59A favorite           B fast             C new           D sufficient
60A depth             B pressure         C level          D  size
61A set               B become          C remain        D rest    .
62A heat              B energy           C food          D oxygen
63A witnessed         B determined        C applied        D  calculated
64A system           B place             C arrangement    D equipment
65A mentally          B artificially         C manually      D automatically



1.A  2.B  3.A  4.C  5.D  6.A   7.B  8.B   9.A   10.D    11.C  12.B  13.B  14.C  15.D   16.B    17.A    18.B    19.B    20.C    21.A    22.C  23.D    24.F  25.E  26.A    27.E  28.B    29.A   30.D   31.A   32.B  33.C    34.D  35.D  36.C   37.A   38.A   39.B    40.D     41.B  42.C 43.D    44.A  45.C  46.C   47.A   48.F   49.D    50.B   51.B    52.C  53.A   54.D   55.B  56.C   57.A  58.D   59.A    60.B  61.C  62.D  63.B  64.A  65.D


1.  答案为A。extract a tooth是“拔牙”的意思,在四个选项中只有take out可以替代。
2.  答案为B。句子的意思是“九月份经济继续呈现衰退的迹象”,和exhibit  同义的只
3.  答案为A。durable:耐用的,long—lasting:持久的。画线词与选项A意思相同,可互
4.  答案为C。expire的意思是“断气”,即“死了”,与选项C意思相同,故C为答案。
5.  答案为D。gaze的意思是“长时间盯看……”,与选项D意思相同,所以D为答案。
6.  答案为A。gauge的意思是“估计,精确测量”。选项A(measure)的意思是“测量”,
7.  答案为B。sensible的意思是“明智的”,与选项B(reasonable)意思相同,所以选B。
8.  答案为B。contaminated在这里是形容词,意思是“被污染的,弄脏的”,选项B(polluted)
9.  答案为A。sustain在这里的意思是“继续保持”,与动词maintain意思相同。sustain one's
14.答案为c。accelerate的意思是“加速”,与speed up意思相同,故选C。
17.答案为A。本题的意思是:George Snyder是_位消防员。原文虽然没有直说他是干什
    么的,但提到他正开着消防车(fire truck),由此可以推断他是消防员。
18.答案为B。本题可译为:暴风雨来临时Amanda Symcheck与别人正在地下室里聚会。
21·答案为 A.。本题的意思是:救援车辆费了很大劲才把人救出来。此句的意思在倒数第
    三段最后一句提到了,故选A。    ’
    弓的行动来从事环保事业。第一段主要介绍Joying Brescia这个8岁的孩子是怎样从
    桶,放在海滩上,提醒人们把烟头扔进桶里。选项D(Don’t Litter)的意思是不要乱
24·答寨为F。第二段主要讲一名叫Carter Dunham的孩子和他的伙伴如何保护一片湿地
25·答案为E。第三段主要讲一个名叫Barbara Brow的女孩和她的朋友发现废弃的油污对
    土地污染严重,提醒人们不要随便丢弃油污。原文中的“Don”t Be Crude“就是这个意
26·答案为A。第四段主要介绍一名叫Ryan Hreljac的孩子通过打零工挣来的钱以及通过
    其他方式筹来的钱,成立的“水井基金”(Well Foundation),帮助非洲人喝上干净的
    水。选项A(Provide Clean Water)的意思是“提供清洁的水”,与本段主题一致,故选A。
28·弩塞为B。此句问的是人们感谢Carter Dunham所做的什么努力?第二段谈到的是他



31.正确答案为A。答案在第一段可以找到,该段的最后一句话it still has an enviable record
    for turning ideas into profit是该段的总结,明确指出了德国的繁荣归功于技术的转换。
32.正确答案为B。答案可以在第三段里找到,这里段里有这样一句话:打traditional principles
  of university research being curiosity.driven,free and widely available will suffer,传磊的
34.正确答案为D。答案在最后一段的第一句话里。    ,
    只有选项D的意思没提到,所以选D。    .
    属于生物科技,所以选B。    -
    的生物能源不像原子能那样危险,故选Co    .
    以考虑的B、C、F三个选项,  但从内容上考虑应该选c。
49.正确答案为.D。Saul Kassin同意Redlich的结果,她认为年轻人风险大(more at risk),
    方法,因此也是一种合理的决定。    ’
52.答案为c。something is built into…的意思是“把……装(建、插)入……”,这里指
56.答案为C。这里是一非限定性定语从句,关系代词作 主语,用which,故选C。
57.答案为A。have + something+过去分词是一固定结构,此处只能选A。

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