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  1. The old concerns lose importance and some of them vanish altogether.





  2.In the United States educational system, intermediate school is the transitional phase between the primary grades and high school.





  3.Fluoride deters tooth decay by reducing the growth of bacteria that destroy tooth enamel.





  4.The firm of Bonnin and Morris in Philadelphia was probably the first American Company to manufacture porcelain.





  5.Gunpowder was used extensively in firearms prior to 1990.





  6.We packed up the things I had accumulated over the last three years and left for good.





  7.The chemical is lethal to rats but safe to cattle.





  8.She is very conscientious about her work.





  9.She has consolidated her power.





  10.The drinking water is contaminated with impurities.





  11.Her novel depicts a futuristic America.





  12.He expressed concern that the ship might be in distress.





  13.They are endeavoring to change society as a whole.





  14.Your eternal boasting annoys everyone,





  15.The other women seemed contented and they even exhibited their bellies with pride.








  Mother Nature Shows Her Strength

  Tornadoes(龙卷风) and heavy thunderstorms moved across the Great Lakes and into Trumbull County on Saturday evening.The storms were dramatic and dangerous.George Snyder was driving the fire truck down Route 88 when he first noticed that a funnel(漏斗状的) cloud was behind him."I stopped the truck and watched the funnel cloud.It was about 100 feet off the ground and I saw it go up and down for a while.It was moving toward Bradley Road and then suddenly it disappeared."Snyder said.

  Snyder only saw one of the funnel clouds that passed through northeastern Ohio on Saturday.In Trumbull County, a tornado turned trees onto their sides.Some trees feel onto houses and Cars.Other trees fell into telephone and electrical wires as they went down.Amanda Symcheck was having a party when the storm began."I knew something was wrong,"she said."I saw the sky go green and pink(粉红色).Then it sounded like a train rushing toward the house.I started crying and told everyone to go to the basement for protection."

  The tornado caused a lot of damage to cars and houses in the area.It will take a long time and much money to repair everything.There was also serious water damage from me under storms.The heavy rains and high wind caused the power to go out in many homes. The storms caused serious flooding in areas near the river.More than four inches of rain fell in parts of Trumbull County.The river was so high that the water ran into streets and houses.Many streets had to be closed to Cars and trucks because of the high water.'This made it difficult for fire trucks.police cars,and other rescue vehicles to help people who were in trouble. Many people who live near the river had to leave their homes for their own safety.Some people reported five feet of water in their homes.Local and state officials opened emergency shelters for the people who were evacuated(撤走).The Red Cross served meals to them."This was a really intense storm。"said Snyder. 'People were afraid。Mother Nature call be fierce.We were lucky this time.No one was killed."

  16.The weather was nice in Trumbull County on Saturday evening.



  C.Not mentioned

  17.George Snyder was a firefighter.



  C.Not mentioned

  18.Amanda Symcheck was having a party in the basement when the storm began.



  C.Not mentioned

  19.Power supply system was not damaged during the stoma.



  C.Not mentioned

  20.There had not been such a severe storm in Trumbull County for a hundred years.



  C.Not mentioned

  21.Rescue vehicles had a hard time getting to people.



  C.Not mentioned

  22.Several people were missing during the storm.



  C.Not mentioned




  Cloning:Future Perfect?

  1 A clone is an exact copy of a plant or animal produced from any one cell. Since Scottish scientists reported that they had managed to clone a sheep named Dolly in 1997, research into cloning has grown rapidly. In May l998, scientists in Massachusetts managed to create two identical calves using cloning technology. A mouse has also been cloned successfully. But the debate over cloning humans really started when Chicago physicist Richard Seed made a surprising announcement: "We will have managed to clone a human being within the next two years," he told the world.

  2 Seed's announcement provoked a lot of media attention, most of it negative. In Europe, nineteen nations have already signed an agreement banning human cloning and in the US the President announced: "We will be introducing a law to ban all human cloning and many states in the US will have passed anti-cloning laws by the end of the year."

  3 Many researchers are not so negative about cloning. They are worried that laws banning human cloning will threaten important research. In March, the New England Journal of Medicine called any plan to ban research on cloning humans seriously mistaken. Many researchers also believe that in spite of attempts to ban it, human cloning will have become routine by 2010 because it is impossible to stop the progress of science.

  4 Is there reason to fear that cloning will lead to a nightmare world? The public has been bombarded with newspaper articles, television shows and films, as well as cartoons. Such information is often misleading, and makes people wonder what on earth the scientists will be doing next.

  5 Within the next five to ten years scientists will probably have found a way of cloning humans. It could be that pretty soon we will be able to choose the person that we want our child to look like. But how would it feel to be a clone among hundreds, the anti-cloners ask. Pretty cool, answer the pro-cloners.

  23.Paragraph 1 _______________

  24.Paragraph 2 _______________

  25.Paragraph 3 _______________

  26.Paragraph 4 _______________

  A.Strong Reactions

  B.Anxiety about the future of Cloning

  C.The Right Choose

  D.What Is Cloning?

  E.Arguments in Favor of Cloning

  F.A Common Sight

  27.Richard Seed claimed to be allele to clone _______________

  28.Richard Seed's announcement received _______________

  29.The United States will introduce _______________

  30.Within ten years scientists will probably have _______________

  A.the nucleus of a cell

  B.cloned human beings

  C.a human being in two years

  D.a law to ban human cloning

  E.a report on human cloning

  F.heavy media coverage





  Walking Robot Carries a Person

  The first walking robot capable of carrying a person unveiled on Friday in Tokyo, Japan. Its creators at Waseda University in Tokyo and the Japanese robotics company Tmsuk hope their two-legged creation will one day enable wheel-chair users to climb up and down stairs and assist the movement of heavy goods over uneven terrain.

  The battery-powered robot, code-named WL-16, is essentially an aluminum chair mounted on two sets of telescopic poles. The poles are bolted to flat plates which act as feet. WL-6 uses 12 actuators to move forwards, backwards and sideways while carrying an adult weighing up to 60 kilograms(130 pounds). The robot can adjust its posture and walk smoothly even if the person it is carrying shifts in the chair. At present it can only step up or down a few mil1imeters, but the team plans to make it capable of dea1ing with a normal flight of stairs.

  "I believe this bipedal robot, which I prefer to call a two-legged walking chair rather than a wheel-chair, will eventually enable people to go up and down the stairs," said Atsuo Takanishi, from Waseda University

  "We have had strong robots for some time but usually they have been manipulators, they have not been geared to carrying people around," says Ron Arkin, at the Georgia Institute of Technology and robotics consultant for Sony. "But I don't know how safe and how user-friendly WL- 16 is."

  Tmsuk chief executive Yoichi Takamoto argues that bipedal or multi-legged robots will be more useful than so-called "caterpillar models" for moving over uneven ground.

  WL- 16's normal walking stride measures 30 centimeters, but it can stretch its legs to 136 cm apart. The prototype is currently radio-controlled, but the research team plans to equip it with a stick-like controller for the user in future", Takanishi said, it wi1l take "at least two years" to develop the WL- 16 prototype into a working model.

  Smaller, ground-hugging robots have been developed to pass across tricky terrain. One maggot-like device uses a magnetic fluid to pulse its way along", while another snake-like robot uses smart software to devise new movement strategies if the landscape takes its toll on any one part. One ball-shaped robot even uses a leap-and-bounce approach to travel over bumpy territory.

  But none of these are big or strong enough to carry a person too.

  31.The robot that unveiled on Friday in Tokyo, Japan

  A.has two legs and is able to carry a person.

  B.surprised visitors from Waseda University.

  C.enables wheel-chair users to climb up and down stairs.

  D.can transport heavy goods over uneven terrain.

  32.Which of the following about how the robot works is NOT correct?

  A.The robot is battery-powered.

  B.The robot has two sets of poles mounted on flat plates.

  C.The robot uses actuators to move about.

  D.The robot can cap an adult of up to 60 kilograms.

  33.What does Ron Arkin think of WL-l6?

  A.He thinks the robot is user-friendly.

  B.He thinks it i8 another kind of manipulator.

  C.He is not sure if the robot can cap people safely

  D.He doubts if the robot is strong enough to climb stairs.

  34.Which of the following description about WL-l6 is true?

  A.It is a ground-hugging robot.

  B.It is a caterpillar model.

  C.It needs time to be developed into a working model.

  D.It is going to be radio-controlled.

  35.What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

  A.Different shapes of robots perform different functions.

  B.Many kinds of robots have been developed to walk over tricky terrain.

  C.Robots, big or small, perform almost the same function.

  D.None of the four kinds of robots are strong enough to carry people around.


  Night of the Living Ants

  When an ant dies, other ants move the dead insect out of the nest. This behavior is interesting to scientists, who wonder how ants know for sure - and so soon-that another ant is dead.

  Dong-Hwan Choe, a scientist at the University of California found that Argentine ants have a chemical on the outside of their bodies that signals to other ants, "I'm dead - take me away."

  But there's a twist to Choe's discovery. These ants are a little bit like zombies. Choe says that the living ants - not just the dead ones - have this death chemical. In other words, while an ant crawls around, perhaps in a picnic or home, it's telling other ants that it's dead.

  What keeps ants from hauling away the living dead? Choe found that Argentine ants have two additional chemicals on their bodies, and these tell nearby ants something like, "wait -I'm not dead yet. "So Choe's research turned up two sets of chemical signals in ants: one says, "I'm dead," the other set says, "I'm not dead yet."

  Other scientists have tried to figure out how ants know when another ant is dead. If an ant is knocked unconscious, other ants leave it alone until it wakes up. That means ants know that unmoving ants can still be alive.

  Choe suspects that when an Argentine ant dies, the chemical that says "Wait - I'm not dead yet" quickly goes away. Once that chemical is gone, only the one that says "I'm dead" is left." It's because the dead ant no longer smells like a living ant that it gets carded to the graveyard, not because its body releases new unique chemicals after death," said Choe. When other ants detect the "dead" chemical without the "not dead yet" chemical, they haul away the body. This was Choe's hypothesis.

  To test his hypothesis, Choe and his team put different chemicals on Argentine ant pupae. When the scientists used the "I'm dead" chemical, other ants quickly hauled the treated pupae7 away. When the scientists used the "Wait - I'm not dead yet" chemicals, other ants left the treated pupae alone. Choe believes this behavior shows that the "not dead yet" chemicals override the "dead" chemical when picked up by adult ants. And that when an ant dies, the "not dead yet" chemicals fade away. Other nearby ants then detect the remaining "dead" chemical and remove the body from the nest.


  36.What is meant by "death chemical" mentioned in paragraph 3?

  A.A chemical that contains poison.

  B.A chemical that causes death.

  C.A chemical that announces death.

  D.A chemical that prevents death.

  37.Which of the following is closest in meaning to the question "What keeps ants from hauling away the living dead? (paragraph 4)"?

  A.How do ants know what is to be hauled away from the dead ants?

  B.What prevents ants from removing the ants that are not yet dead?

  C.What do ants do to keep themselves away from the dying ants?

  D.What prevents ants from being carried away after they die.

  38.What is NOT true about Choe's finding?

  A.When an ant dies, it produces a "I am dead" signal.

  B.Living ants have the death chemical on their bodies.

  C.Ants have two sets of chemicals on theft bodies.

  D.Ants have the "I am not dead" chemical on their bodies.

  39.According to Choe's hypothesis,

  A.an ant still smells like a living when it dies.

  B.the "I am dead" chemical leaves the ant's body when it dies.

  C.the "I am not dead yet" chemical is left when an ant dies.

  D.the "I am not dead yet" chemical leaves the ant's body when it dies.

  40.What is the result of the test on Choe's hypothesis?

  A.It proves that his hypothesis is time.

  B.Not enough evidence has been found to support his hypothesis.

  C.It shows that his hypothesis is wrong.

  D.It indicates that his hypothesis needs revising.


  How to Interview People

  Interviewing(采访)is one of those skills that you can only get better at. You will never again feel so ill at ease as when you try it for the first time, and you’ll probably never feel entirely comfortable trying to get from another person answers that he or she may be too shy to reveal. But at least half of the skill is mechanical. The rest is instinct, which can all be learned with experience.

  The basic tool for an interview are paper and two or three well-sharpened pencils. But keep your notebook or paper out of sight until you need it. There’s nothing less likely to relax a person than the arrival of someone with a note-taking pad. Both sort of person you’re dealing with, getting him or her to trust you.

  Never go into an interview without doing whatever homework you can. If you are interviewing a town official, know his voting record. If it’s an actor, know what plays he has been in. You will not be liked if you inquire about facts that you could have learned in advance.

  Many beginning interviewers are afraid that they are forcing the other person to answer questions and have no right to inquire about his personal secrets. This fear is almost 100 percent unnecessary. Unless the person really hates being interviewed, he is delighted that somebody wants to interview him. Most men and women lead lives that are uninteresting, and they grasp any chance to talk to an outsider who seems eager to listen.

  This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will go well. In general you will be talking to people who have never been interviewed before, and they will get used to the process awkwardly, perhaps not giving you anything that you can use. Come back another day; it will go better. You will both even begin to enjoy it–proof that you aren’t forcing your victim to do something he doesn’t really want to.

  41.The word"reveal"(in line 4 of paragraph 1)could best be replaced by





  42.According to the passage, during an interview notebooks or paper should

  A.never be used

  B.be used only when necessary

  C.be kept at home

  D.be given to the interviewee

  43.The writer of the passage suggests that before interviewing a person, you should

  A.have a good rest

  B.visit a town official

  C.meet an actor

  D.make preparations

  44.It can be inferred from paragraph 4 that most men and women

  A.are afraid to meet interviewers

  B.hate being interviewed

  C.like being interviewed

  D.fear to speak to outsiders

  45.According to the passage, if a person being interviewed is too uneasy to give you anything useful, what should you do?

  A.Arrange another interview

  B.Give him or her a bad score

  C.Wait until he or she calms down

  D.Try to make him or her trust you




  Conservation or Wasted Effort?

  The black robin(旅鸫)is one of the world's rarest birds.It is a small,wild bird,and it lives only on the island of Little Mangere,off the coast of New Zealand.In 1967 there were about fifty black robins there;in 1977 there were fewer than ten.________(46).

  Energetic steps are being taken to preserve the black robin.________(47)The idea is to buy another island nearby as a special home,a "reserve",for threatened wild life,including black robins.The organizers say that Little Mangere should then be restocked(重新准备) with the robin's food.Thousands of the required plants are at present being cultivated in New Zealand.

  Is all this concern a waste of human effort? ________(48)Are we losing our sense of what is reasonable and what is unreasonable?

  In the earth's long,long past hundreds of kinds of creatures have evolved,risen to a degree of success and died out.In the long,long future there will be many new and different forms of life.Those creatures that adapt themselves successfully to what the earth offers will survive for a long time.________(49)This is nature's proven method of operation.

  The rule of selection--"the survival of the fittest"--is the one by which human beings have themselves arrived on the scene.We,being ode of the most adaptable creatures the earth has yet produced,may last longer than most.________(50).You may take it as another rule that when,at last.human beings show signs of dying out,no other creature will extend a paw(爪)to postpone our departure.On the contrary, we will be hurried out.

  Life seems to have grown too tough for black robins.I leave you to judge whether we should try to do anything about it.

  A. Some creatures,certain small animals,insects and birds,will almost certainly outlast (比……长久)man,for they seem even more adaptable.

  B. Those that fail to meet the challenges will disappear early.

  C. Detailed studies are going on,and a public appeal for money has been made.

  D. Both represent orders in the classification of life

  E. Is it any business of ours whether the black robin survives or dies out?

  F. These are the only black robins left in the world



  The Case of the Disappearing Fingerprints

  One useful anti-cancer drug can effectively erase the whorls and other characteristic marks that give people their distinctive fingerprints. Losing 51 become troublesome. A case released online in a letter by Annals of Oncology indicates how big a 52 of losing fingerprints is.

  Eng-Huat Tan, a Singapore-based medical doctor describes a 62-year old man who has used capecitabine to 53 his nasopharyngeal cancer. After three years on the 54 , the patient decided to visit U.S. relatives last December. But he was stopped by U.S. customs officials 55 4 hours after entering the country when those officials couldn't get fingerprints from the man. There were no distinctive swirly 56 appearing from his index finger.

  U.S. customs has been fingerprinting incoming foreign visitors for years, Tan says. Their index fingers are 57 and screened against digital files of the fingerprints of bad guys -- terrorists and potential criminals that our federal guardians have been tasked with keeping out of the country. Unfortunately, for the Singapore travelers, one potential 58 effect of his drug treatment is a smoothing of the tissue on the finger pads. 59 , no fingerprints.

  "It is uncertain when fingerprint loss will 60 to take place in patients who are taking capecitabine," Tan points out. So he cautions any physicians who 61 the drug to provide their patients with a doctor's note pointing out that their medicine may cause fingerprints to disappear.

  Eventually, the Singapore traveler made it into the United States. I guess the name on his passport didn't raise any red flags. But he's also now got the explanatory doctor's note – and won't leave home 62 it.

  By the way, maybe the Food and Drug Administration, 63 approved use of the drug 11 years ago, should consider 64 its list of side effects associated with this medicine. The current list does note that patients may experience vomiting, stomach pain and some other side effects. But no where 65 it mention the potential for loss of fingerprints.

  51. A.he B.them C.her D.him

  52. A.theme B.topic C.creation D.problem

  53. A.treat B.cut C.find D.smooth

  54. A.recovery B.diet C.drug D.diagnosis

  55. A.in B.at C.for D.on

  56. A.digits B.marks C.images D.pictures

  57. A.printed B.located C.cured D.placed

  58. A.normal B.good C.main D.side

  59. A.However B.Hence C.Moreover D.Furthermore

  60. A.begin B.like C.decide D.have

  61. A.prevent B.preserve C.presume D.prescribe

  62. A.off B.on C.without D.with

  63. A.who B.where C.when D.which

  64. A.updating B.using C.printing D.cancelling

  65. A.must B.does C.may D.should

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