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[NextPage第1部分:词汇选项(第1~15题,每题1分,共1 5分)

  第1部分:词汇选项(第1~15题,每题1分,共1 5分)


  1 We’ll give every teacher room for development

  A place B employment C house D space

  2 The policeman asked him to identify the thief

  A describe B name C capture D call

  3 We were all there when the accident occurred

  A broke B happened C spread D appeared

  4 t took me exactly a week to complete the work

  A start B achieve C finish D improve

  5 The herb medicine eventually cured her disease

  A nicely B apparently C naturally D finally

  6 This new policy has led to a dramatic increase in production.

  A striking B minor C fixed D modest

  7 Poor schooling was the root of the unemployment problem.

  A base B result C force D cause

  8 John survives on 100 pounds a month.

  A lives B puts C borrows D spends

  9 One’s economic condition often affects his or her way of life.

  A determines B shows C confines D influences

  10 If you want to keep healthy , you should vary the foods you eat.

  A reject B accept C choose D change

  11 She found me very dull.www.59wj.com论坛

  A dirty B sleepy C boring D lazy

  12 The President made a brief visit to Beijing.

  A working B short C formal D secret

  13 He was persuaded to give up the idea.

  A mention B accept C drop D consider

  14 Jack consumes a pound of cheese a day.

  A drinks B eats C buys D produces

  15 Mary just told US a very fascinating story.

  A strange B frightening C interesting D difficult



  Survey Finds Many Women Misinformed about Cancer

  Sixty—three percent of American women think that if there’s no family history of cancer,you’re not likely to develop the disease,a new survey found.

  In fact,most people who develop cancer have no family history of cancer,according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists(ACOG)(美国妇产科医师学会),which sponsored the survey.

  “Too many women are dying from cancer,”Dr.Douglas W.Laube ,ACOG’S immediate past president,said during a Friday teleconference.“An estimated 200,070 women will die in the U.S.this year,and over 600,078 women will be diagnosed with cancer.The results of this survey found a worrisome(令人担忧的)gap in women’s knowledge about cancer.”

  Based on the findings,ACOG is increasing its efforts to educate women about cancer and the need for regular screening tests.

  Although the survey found many misconceptions(错误观念)about cancer,76 percent of women surveyed did say they feel knowledgeable about how they can reduce their risk of the disease.

  However,only 52 percent said they were doing enough to reduce that risk.And 10 percent said they hadn’t done anything in the past year to lower their risk,Seventeen percent said they wouldn’t change their lifestyles,even if changes would lower their cancer risk.

  Many women said they were afraid to undergo screening out of fear of finding cancer. Twenty percent said they didn’t want to know if they had cancer.

  In response to these findings,ACOG will launch on Oct.29 a new website—Protect&Detect What Women Should Know about Cancer.The guide is designed to help women to take charge of their health and improve their understanding of their risk of cancer—and the lifestyle steps they can take to cut that risk.

  16. Many American women have a poor knowledge of cancer.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  17. People with no family history of cancer are unlikely to develop cancer

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  18. More women are dying from cancer than men in America.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  19. Most American women know too little about how to lower their cancer risk.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  20. Some American women are just unwilling to change their lifestyles.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  21. Some American women are too afraid of finding cancer to undergo screening.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  22. ACOG’s efforts to educate women about cancer will be greatly appreciated.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned




  Anti-Aging Secrets:Four Ways to Stay Young

  1 The aging process is not easy for anyone.While some people accept getting older and do everything within their power to keep the mind and body active,others adopt a negative attitude and give in to the effects of aging.However, the key to feeling young is maintaining a young mental state.Moreover, simple lifestyle changes can make you feel years younger.

  2 Keeping the mind active is the best medicine against aging. Studies have shown that persons who remain active following retirement live longer.Brainpower and physical fitness go hand—in.hand.When minds are sharpened or active,we are more likely to be physically active,Even if aging results in slight memory loss or a little confusion,brain exercises such as crossword puzzles(填字字谜)can、improve memory.

  3 Some persons are naturally introverted(内倾性格的)or shy,which can result in isolation.If you want to live a long life,avoid isolation.Maintaining healthy relationships has lasting benefits.Establishing strong relationships could lower blood pressure,promote relaxation,ease pain,and may even strengthen the immune system(免疫系统).

  4 Too much stress can quickly age people.Completely ridding(使摆脱)our lives of stress is impossible.On the other hand,we can adopt simple techniques for better coping with life’s problems,including reducing chaos,setting realistic goals,and relaxing.

  5 If you think that you are old,you feel old.Try to be cheerful and avoid developing a negative attitude towards life。Sometimes,this involves changing our association,Surrounding yourself with complainers will start to influence your attitude to life.We all experience hardships.Rather than focusing on the unpleasant,reflect on the positive things about life

  23. Paragraph 2__________

  24. Paragraph 3__________

  25. Paragraph 4__________

  26. Paragraph 5__________

  A. Reduce Stress

  B. Avoid Isolation

  C. Adopt a Positive Attitude to Life

  D. Keep Your Mind Active

  E. Maintain Balance

  F. Accept Failurehttp://ks.59wj.com

  27. There is no better medicine against aging than__________.

  28. Isolation may keep a person from__________.

  29. Relaxation is one of the techniques for better__________.

  30. It is wise of US to avoid__________.

  A. focusing on the unpleasant

  B. dealing with life’s problems

  C. keeping the mind active

  D. changing our association

  E. living a long life

  F. setting realistic goals





  第二篇 Stop Eating Too Much

  “Clean your plate!” and “Be a member of the clean—plate club!” Just about every kid in the US has heard this from a parent or grandparent。Often,it's accompanied by an appeal:“Just think about those starving orphans(孤儿)in Africa T”Sure,we should be grateful for。every bite of food.Unfortunately, many people in the US take too many bites.Instead of staying“clean the.plate”,perhaps we should save some food for tomorrow.

  According to news reports,US restaurants are partly to blame for the growing bellies(肚子).A waiter puts a plate of food in front of each customer,with two to four times the amount recommended by the government,according to a USA Today story.Americans traditionally associate quantity with value and most restaurants try to give them that.They prefer to have customers complain about too much food rather than too little.

  Barbara Rolls,a nutrition(营养)professor at Pennsylvania State University, told USA Today that restaurant portion sizes began to grow in the 1 970s,the same time that the American waistline(腰围)began to expand.

  Health experts have tried to get many restaurants to serve smaller portions. Now,apparently,some customers are cal¨n白for‘this“too.The restaurant industry trade magazine QSR reported last month that 57 percent of more than 4,000 people surveyed believed restaurants served portions that were too large;23 percent had no opinion;20percent disagreed.But a closer look at the survey indicates that many Americans who can’t afford fine dining still prefer large portions.Seventy percent of those earning at least $1 50,000 per year prefer smaller portions;but only 45 percent of those earning less than$25,000 want smaller.

  It's not that working class Americans don’t want to eat healthy.It's just that,after long hours at low—paying jobs,getting less on their plate hardly seems like a good deal.They live from paycheck(薪金支票)to paycheck,happy to save a little money for next year’s Christmas presents.

  36. Parents in the United States tend to ask their children

  A. to save food for tomorrow.

  B. to wash the dishes

  C. not to eat too much.

  D. not to waste food.

  37. Why do American restaurants serve large portions?

  A Because Americans have big bellies.

  B Because Americans associate quantity with value。

  C Because Americans are good eaters.

  D Because Americans are too weak.

  38. What happened in the 1970s?

  A The US government called on its people to reduce their weight.

  B Health experts persuaded restaurants to serve smaller portions.

  C The American waistline started to expand.

  D The United States produced more grain than needed.

  39. What does the survey indicate?

  A Twenty percent of Americans want smaller portions.

  B Many low-income Americans want large portions.

  C Fifty--seven percent of Americans want large portions.

  D Forty--five percent of Americans want smaller portions.

  40. Which of the following is NOT true 0f working class Americans?

  A. They work long hours.http://ks.59wj.com

  B. They live from paycheck to paycheck.

  C. They want to save money for presents.

  D. They don’t want to be healthy eaters.

  第三篇 U.S. Life Expectancy Hits New High

  Life expectancy rates in the United States are at an all—time high,with people born in 2005 projected to live for nearly 78 years,a new federal study finds.

  The finding reflects a continuing trend of increasing life expectancy that began in1955.when the average American lived to be 59.6 years old.By 1995,life expectancy was 75.8 years,and by 2005,it had risen to 77.9 years,according to the report released Wednesday.

  “This is good news,”said report co—author Donna Hoyert,a health scientist at the National Center for Health Statistics.“It’s even better news that it is a continuation of trends,so it is a long period of continuing improvement.”

  Despite the upward trend,the United States still has a lower life expectancy than some 40 other countries,according to the U.S. Census(人口普查)Bureau.the country with the longest life expectancy is Andorra at 83.5 years,followed by Japan,Macau,San Marino and Singapore.

  Much of the increase owes to declining death rates from the three leading causes of death in the country—heart disease.6an'ceF arid stroke.

  In addition,in 2005,the U.S.death rate dropped to an all—time low of less than 800 deaths per 1 00,000.

  Dr.David Katz,director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine,said,“News that life expectancy is increasing is,of course,good. But the evidence we have suggests that there is more chronic disease than ever in the U.S.”

  Adding years to life is a good thing,Katz said.“But adding vital life to years is at least equally important. If we care about living well,and not just longer,we still have our work cut out for U.S.” he said.

  41. Since 1955,life expectancy rates in the U.S. have

  A. moved up and down.

  B. been declining.

  C. been on the rise.

  D. remained steady.

  42. Compared with the county with the longest life expectancy, the U.S. is

  A. nearly 3 years behind.

  B. nearly 4 years behind.

  C. nearly 8 years behind.www.59wj.com论坛

  D. nearly 6 years behind.

  43. The increase in the U.S. 1ife expectancy is mostly due to

  A. increasing life expectancy rates in some other countries.

  B. declining death rates from heart disease.cancer and stroke.

  C. a rise in the rate of chronic disease.

  D. a declining birth rate.

  44. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

  A. The U.S. 1ife expectancy is at an all—time high.

  B. The U.S. death rate was at an all—time IOW in 2005.

  C. The annual death rate in the U.S. is over 800 deaths per 1 00,000.

  D. Chronic disease appears to be at an all—time high in the U.S.

  45 The expression “adding vital life f0 years” in the last paragraph means.

  A living well.

  B living longer .

  C. living longer and well .

  D. living at any cost .




  Canada Ikea:What a Great Place for You to Shop

  There are many different stores that people go to in order to buy various household goods._________ (46)The Canada Ikea(宜家)is not confined to one city alone in that country.Instead you will find there are many different branches spread out in many different localities.

  As with all of the Ikea stores the Canada Ikea deals mainly with selling top quality Swedish furniture._________ (47)One facet(方面)of the Canada Ikea that its customers will like is that the store has tile ability of catering(迎合)to their English speaking customers as well as their French customers.

  To make shopping for furniture and.other goods easy the Ikea stores in every country,are all set out in the same manner._________ (48) As a result of this the Canada Ikea is one that its local and foreign customers enjoy visiting.

  To help make it easy for you to shop for the items that you want there are large blue and yellow bags or shopping carts available._________ (49)

  As you wander through the store you w…find many interesting items that you can use for your home or even office.With these products you will have a beautiful house that∞u can live comfortably In_________ (50) The Canada lkea is a great place for you to shop.

  A. The larger sized objects are displayed in the showrooms of the Canada Ikea stores.

  B. This furniture is designed to provide the home owner with stylish(时髦的)

  furniture that is also affordable and perfect for everyday use.

  C. With so many items to be found you are sure to want to buy everything that catches your fancy.

  D. These bags and carts are perfect for the many different lamp shades,cushions (垫子),bed linens(亚麻布),toys and other medium to small sized objects that you want.

  E. This makes it very easy for visitors from other countries to buy the items they need without wandering around the store trying to find their goods.

  F. One such store that you can find in many different countries including that of Canada is that of the Ikea chain of stores.




  Passive Smoking Is Workplace Killer

  Pressure mounted on Britain on Monday to take action on_______(51)smoking with new research showing second—hand smoke_______ (52)about one worker each week in the hospitality industry(服务行业).

  Professor Knorad Jamrozik,of Imperial(帝国的)College in London,told a conference on environmental tobacco that second—hand_______ (53)kills 49 employees in pubs,bars,restaurants and hotels each year and contributes to 700 deaths from lung cancer,heart_______ (54)and stroke across the total national work force.

  “Exposure in the hospitality_______ (55)at work outweighs(超过)the consequences of exposure of living_______ (56)a smoker for those staff,” jamrozik said in an interview.

  other_______ (57)have measured the levels of exposure to passive smoking but Jamrozik calculated how it would translate into avoidable deaths.

  His findings are_______ (58)on the number of people working in the hospitality industry in Britain,their exposure to second hand smoke and their_______ (59)of dying from it.

  Jamrozik said the findings would apply to_______ (60)countries in Europe because,to a greater or_______ (61)extent,levels of smoking in the community are similar.

  Professor Carol Black,president of the Royal College of Physicians,which sponsored the meeting.said the research is proof of the need for a ban on smoking In_______ (62)places.

  “Environmental tobacco smoke in pubs,bars,restaurants and other public places is _______ (63)damaging to the health of employees as well as the general public,”she said in a statement。

  “ Making these places smoke—free not only protects vulnerable(易受伤害的)staff and the public,it will_______(64)help over 300,000 people in Britain to stop smoking completely,”she added.

  Ireland recently became the first country to introduce a national ban on smoking in public_______ (65).New York and parts of Australia have taken similar measures.

  51. A natural B passive C extensive D whole

  52. A hurts B kills C wounds D injures

  53. A dealing B working C shopping D smoking

  54. A rate B motion C disease D system

  55. A industry B level C location D nature

  56. A with B close C for D next

  57. A patients B researchers C members D smokers

  58. A based B applied C called D hoped

  59. A habits B places C chances D ideas

  60. A most B no C few D much

  61. A small B larger C more D lesser

  62. A private B secret C public D open

  63. A strangely B seriously C nervously D personally

  64. A yet B still C just D also

  65. A places B sports C moves D actions


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