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  1. She found me very dull.

  A. dirty B sleepy C. lazy D. boring

  2. The President made a brief visit to Beijing.

  A short B working C formal D secret

  3. He was persuaded to give up the idea.

  A mention B accept C consider D drop

  4. Jack consumes a pound of cheese a day.

  A eats B drink C buys D produces

  5. Mary just told US a very fascinating story.

  A strange B frightening C difficult D interesting

  6. It's a gorgeous day anyway.

  A lovely B cold C normal D rainy

  7. Her life is becoming more diverse.

  A generous B humorous C varied D romantic

  8. Foreign military aid was prolonging the war

  A broadening B worsening C extending D accelerating

  9. She was unwilling to go but she had no choice

  A unable B indecisive C ready D reluctant

  l0. She is slender, with delicate wrists and ankles

  A .sick B weak C slim D pale

  11. With immense relief, I stopped running.

  A .some B enormous C little D extensive

  12. The scientists began to accumulate data.

  A . collect B handle C analyze D investigate

  13. Jack eventually overtook the last truck

  A. hit B passed C reached D led

  14. Sometimes it is advisable to book hotels in advance

  A. possible B profitable C easy D wise

  15. The reason for their unusual behavior remains a puzzle

  A. fact B mystery C statement D game( ) 转贴于:职称英语考试_【责编:lq 纠错】 2008年职称英语真题之综合类B级概括大意:




  A New Citizenship Test

  1 Last week,a sample of the new US citizenship(公民身份)exam was released by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services(US-cist).It will be tried out in 10 cities early next year to replace the current test in 2008.Instead of asking how many stripes the US flag has,as the current test does,the new one asks why there are 13 stripes.Instead of having to name the branches of government,an applicant is asked to explain why there are three.

  2 "The goal is to make it more meaningful."explains Emilio Gonzalez,director of the US.CIS.Immigrants who pass it are expected to have a better” understanding and respect” for US civic(公民的)values,Gonzalez says.

  3.The us sin’t the only country dealing with citizenship)tests that aim to get a” shared

  commitment” from immigrants for their adopted country’s” values".1n recent years,in addition to the usual requirement of language/work skills and economic status,several European countries have adopted citizenship tests.Britain introduced a new citizenship test Last November.1n March.a new butch law--took effect requiring all would-be immigrants to take a citizenship test.It involved watching a video showing nude(****的)women bathing at beaches and gay(同性恋的)men kissing in public.The aim was to ensure that” newcomers will be comfortable with the country’s liberal social mores

  4 Europe has been known for welcoming immigrants for decades.But,today,the fact is that some immigrants are kept apart from Inca citizens by culture and they become hostile to each other.Promoting integration has become a major concern for European countries,after the rioting in Muslim ghettoes(少数民族聚居区)in France and the killing Of Dutch public figures by religious extremists.

  5 Officials believe that a person’s attachment to a country can be tested by his or her knowledge of the country.However, some critics say that the changes can do little to help people assimilate(同化)themselves."Immigration is a culture war today.Is giving a new test the right way to lessen the accusations in that fight?” says Ali Noonan,of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition(难民辩护联盟).

  23. Paragraph 2_____________

  24. Paragraph 3_____________

  25. Paragraph 4_____________

  26. Paragraph 5_____________

  A Preparation for taking a citizenship test

  B citizenship tests in European countries

  C importance of promoting integration

  D Necessity to know the branches of government

  E Different views on the new citizenship test

  F goal of the new citizenship test()

  27. The questions in the new citizenship test are more difficult

  28. Would-be immigrants to the US are expected

  29. In the Dutch citizenship test, all would-be immigrants are required

  30. Some people fear that changes in the citizenship test will do little

  A to know a lot more about the country

  B to watch a video()

  C to help immigrants accept the new culture

  D to marry American citizens

  E to do low-skill jobs

  F to answer( )





  第一篇 Political Spins

  Last week,US White House spokesman Tony Snow sent journalists digging for their dictionaries.He called recent criticism by the former President Bill Clinton” chutzpah"(大胆放肆).With just one sentence,Snow managed to make headlines,a joke and a defense of President George W.Bush.Interestingly, this is how battles are fought and won in US politics-with carefully-worded one-liners(一行字幕新闻)made for TV which often lack substance and clarity(清晰度).

  "The amount of information that candidates attempt to communicate to people is actually getting smaller and smaller,” said Mark Smith,a political science professor at Cedarville University.This has been accompanied by a changing media environment, Smith said.In 1 968,the average TV or radio sound bite(演讲中的句子或短语)was 48 seconds,according to Smith.In 1996。the average sound bite had shrunk to 8 seconds. Thus,politicians wanting publicity try to make their public communication as quotable as possible.

  Campaigning politicians also use 30-'second"I V ads and clever campaign slogans to boost their messages.Republican presidential candidate John McCain rides to campaign stops in a bus named the” Straight-Talk Express".Mocking hopes the name will convince voters he plans to tell people the truth—whether it’s in fashion or not.Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,on the other hand,has chosen the campaign slogan” Let the conversation begin".She hopes it will help her appear open—minded and friendly.

  But one—liners,TV ads and campaign slogans all have a single key ingredient: something commonly called political” spin".Brooks Jackson,a former journalist and the current director of the non—partisan(无党派的)website Fact Check.org,calls spin” just a polite word for deception(欺骗)."

  "I do believe that very often politicians believe their own spin."said Jackson.

  "Strong partisans suffer from a universal human tendency:They ignore the evidence that would force them into the uncomfortable position of having to change their minds and admit that they were wrong."

  31. Which statement is NOT true of one-liners?

  AThey are unclear.

  B. They contain a lot of information

  CThey lack substance.

  DThey are carefully constructed.

  32 What changed from 1968 to 1996?

  A. Publicity. B. Information.

  C. Communication. D. The average sound bite.

  33. The campaign slogan "Straight-Talk Express" aims at convincing voters that the

  Presidential candidate is

  A. honest.

  B. friendly.

  C. open-minded.

  D. warm-hearted.

  34. According to Brooks Jackson, all campaign slogans are

  A. attractive.

  B. impressive.

  C. deceptive.

  D. informative.

  35. Which statement best describes strong partisans?

  A .They are very funny.

  B .They are very healthy.

  C .They are very aggressive.

  D .They are very stubborn (顽固的).





  Rising Tuition in the US

  Every Spring,US university administrators gather to discuss the next academic year’S budget.They consider faculty salaries,utility costs for dormitories,new building needs and repairs to old ones.They run the numbers and conclude-it seems,inevitably-that,yet again,the cost of tuition must go up.

  According to the US'S College Board,the price of attending a four-year private university in the US rose 81 percent between 1993 and 2004._______(46)In 2005 and 2006,the numbers continued to rise.

  According to university officials,college cost increases are simply the result of balancing university checkbooks."Tuition increases at Cedarville University are determined by our revenue needs for each year."said the university’s president,Dr Bill Brown."Student tuition pays for 78 percent of the university’s operating costs."Brown’s scholiast a private university that enrolls about 3.1 00 undergrads and is consistently recognized by annual college ranking guides like US News and World Report’s and The Princeton Review’s.________(47)

  Tuition at private universities is set by administration Follicles and then sent for approval to the school’s board of trustees(董事).________(48)This board oversees (监管)ail of a state’s public institutions.( )

  John Durham,assistant secretary to the board of trustees at East Carolina University(ECU),explains that state Law says that public institutions must make their services available whenever possible to the people of the state for free.Durham said that North Carolina residents only pay 22 percent of the cost of their education. ________(49)State residents attending ECU pay about US$10,000 for tuition room and board before financial aid.

  Amid the news about continued increases in college costs,however,there is some good news.Tuition increases have been accompanied by roughly equal increases in financial aid at almost every university.To receive financial aid,US students complete a formal application with the federal government.The federal government then decides whether an applicant is eligible(有资格的)for grants or loans_________(50)

  A The application is then sent to the student's university, where the school itself will decide whether free money will be given to the student and how much

  B At public universities, however, tuition increases must also be approved by a state education committee, sometimes called the board of governors

  C The school currently charges US$23,410 a year for tuition

  D Many American people are simply unable to pay the growing cost of food

  E That's more than double the rate of inflation

  F The state government covers the rest( )



  第6部分:完型填空(第51~65题,每题1分,共1 5分)


  How Two Great Conflicts Helped to Change Europe

  Ninety years ago on a sunny morning in Northern France,something happened that changed B.retain and Europe for even At half past seven on the morning of July 1,1916,whistles(哨子)blew and thousands of British soldiers left their positions to attack their German enemies.By the end of the day,20,000 of them were dead,and another 30,000 wounded or missing.The Battle of the Somme,_________(51)it is called,lasted for six months.When, it ended,125,000 British soldiers were dead. They had gained five kilometers of ground.( )

  This was one of a series of great battles during WWI.The attack on the Somme was staged to relieve_________(52)on the French,who were engaged in a great battle of their own at a place called Verdun.By the time the battle ended,over a million French and German troops had been killed.

  About 1 7 million people were killed in WWI.There have been wars with greater numbers of dead.But there has never been one in________(53)most of the dead were concentrated in such a small area.on the Somme battlefield,two men died for every meter of space.

  Local farmers working in the land sit________(54)the bodies of those who died in that battle.The dead of all nations were buried in a series of giant graveyards along the line of the border________(55)France and Belgium.Relatives and descendants (子孙)of those who died still visit these graveyards today.What the French call the "tourism of death"________(56)an important contribution to the Iowa economy.

  It took a second great conflict before Europe was to turn_________(57)war itself.Twenty—eight years after the Somme battle',a、liberating amyl of British,American and Canadian troops took back than 500,000 people were killed,New_______(58)from another German invasion.More_______(59)were built.

  Two great conflicts across two generations helped to change the European mind about war.Germany, once the most warlike country in Europe,is now probably more in (60)of peace than any other.One major cause of war in Europe was rivalry(竞争)between France and Germany.The European Union was specifically formed to end that ________(61).

  According to US commentator William Pfaff。"Europeans are interested in a slow development of civilized and tolerant international relations,——(62)on problems while avoiding catastrophes(灾难)along the way.They have themselves only recently________(63)from the catastrophes of VVWI and WWI I,when tens of millions of people were destroyed.They don’t want_______(64)."()

  The last British veteran of the Somme battle died in 2005,aged 108.And WWI is passing out of memory and into history.But for anyone who wants to understand how Europeans _________(65),it is still important to know a little about the terrible events of July 1,1916.

  51 A since B because C as D for

  52 A aggression B anxiety C pressure D resistance

  53 A where B which C why D that

  54 A find B look for C seek D look at

  55 A among B on C in D between

  56 A makes B brings C gives D adds

  57 A into B to C in D against

  58 A America B Britain Canada D France

  59 A monuments B graveyards C tablets D gravestones

  60 A hatred B suspicion C favor D fear

  61 A war B rivalry C battle D revenge

  62 A compromising B confronting C attacking D fighting

  63 A repeated B recovered C repaired D relaxed

  64 A much B many C more D less

  65 A behave B assume C know D think( )


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