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1.The old concerns lose importance and some of them vanish altogether.
A. develop B. disappear
C . linger D. renew

2. In the United States educational system, intermediate school is the transitional phase between the primary grades and high school.
A. stage B. notion
C . pattern D. alternative

3.Fluoride deters tooth decay by reducing the growth of bacteria that destroy tooth enamel.
A. facilitates B. overwhelms
C . inhibits D. loosens

4. The firm of Bonnin and Morris in Philadelphia was probably the first American company to manufacture porcelain.
A. silverware B. crystal
C .china D. linen

5.Gunpowder was used extensively in firearms prior to 1890.
A. in B. around
C . from D. before

6.We packed up the things I had accumulated over the last years and left for good.
A. close B. near
C . past D. final

7.The chemical is lethal to rats but safe to cattle.
A. toxic B. harmful
C . deadly D. contagious

8.She is very conscientious about her work.
A. worried B. careful
C . anxious D. nervous

9. She has consolidated her power.
A. strengthened B. won
C . hardened D. united

10.The drinking water is contaminated with impurities.
A. blackened B. polluted
C . darkened D. mixed

11.Her novel depicts a futuristic America.
A. writes B. sketches
C . describes D. indicates

12. He expressed concern that the ship might be in distress.
A. despair B. difficulties
C. need D. danger

13.They are endeavoring to change society as a whole.
A. trying B. working
C . doing D. making

14.Your eternal boasting annoys everyone.
A. unchangeable B. everlasting
C . boring D. monotonous

15. The other women seemed contented and they even exhibited their bellies with pride.
A. demonstrated B. uncovered
C . spread D. showed



1. Loud noises can be annoying.
A) hateful
B) painful
C) horrifying
D) irritating

2. Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree to which they can be deliberately controlled and modified.
A) sufficiently
B) noticeably
C) intentionally
D) absolutely

3. The Constitution s vague nature has given it the flexibility to be adapted when circumstances change.
A) imprecise
B) concise
C) unpolished
D) elementary

4. The expedition reached the summit at 10:30 that morning.
A) top of the mountain
B) bottom of the mountain
C) starting point
D) site

5. The latest census is encouraging.
A) count
B) statement
C) agreement
D) estimate

6. Academic records from other institutions often become part of a university s official file and can neither be returned to a student nor duplicated.
A) borrowed
B) purchased
C) copied
D) rewritten

7. While serving in the Senate in the early 1970 s, Barbara Jordan supported legislation to ban discrimination and to deal with environmental problems.
A) list
B) forbid
C) handle
D) investigate

8. Gambling is lawful in Nevada.
A) legal
B) irresistible
C) enjoyable
D) profitable

9. They always mock me because I am ugly.
A) smile at
B) look down on
C) belittle
D) laugh at

10. These are our motives for doing it.
A) reasons
B) arguments
C) targets
D) stimuli

11. It was a question of making sure that certain needs were addressed, notably in the pensions area.
A) noticeably
B) remarkably
C) particularly
D) significantly

12. His new girlfriend had omitted to tell him that she was married.
A) forgotten
B) failed
C) deleted
D) left out

13. Many of their ideas are being incorporated into orthodox medical treatment.
A) acceptable
B) conservative
C) western
D) conventional

14. Charges for local telephone calls are outrageous.
A) unheard of
B) unacceptable
C) unbelievable
D) ridiculous

15. Guests were scared when the bomb exploded.
A) frightened
B) killed
C) endangered
D) rescued



1. Philip Roth was hailed as a major new author in 1960.
A) published
B) challenged
C) acclaimed
D) guided

2. He was one of the principal organizers of the association.
A) planners
B) employees
C) actors
D) recipients

3. It is postulated that population trends have an effect on economic fluctuations.
A) challenged
B) assumed
C) deducted
D) decreed

4. This kind of animals are on the verge of extinction, because so many are being killed for their fur.
A) drying up
B) dying out
C) being exported
D) being transplanted

5. The train came to an abrupt stop, making us wonder where we were.
A) slow
B) noisy
C) sudden
D) jumpy

6. During the Second World War, all important resources in the U.S. were allocated by the federal government.
A) nationalized
B) commandeered
C) taxed
D) distributed

7. The little boy was so fascinated by the mighty river that he would spend hours sitting on its bank and gazing at the passing boats and rafts.
A) very strong
B) very long
C) very great
D) very fast

8. The stories of Sarah Orne Jewett are considered by many to be more authentically regional than those of Bret Harte.
A) elegantly
B) genuinely
C) intentionally
D) thoroughly

9. The number of United States citizens who are eligible to vote continues to increase.
A) encouraged
B) enforced
C) expected
D) entitled

10. Formulated in 1823, the Monroe Doctrine asserted that the Americas were no longer open to European colonization.
A) stated firmly
B) argued light-mindedly
C) thought seriously
D) announced regrettably

11. Smoking is not permitted in the office.
A) probable
B) possible
C) admitted
D) allowed

12. The chairman proposed that we should stop the meeting.
A) stated
B) declared
C) suggested
D) announced

13. I feel regret about what s happened.
A) sorry
B) disappointed
C) shameful
D) disheartened

14. She has proved that she can be relied on in a crisis.
A) lived on
B) depended on
C) lived off
D) believed in

15. John removed his overcoat.
A) took away
B) left aside
C) took off
D) washed off



1. Although originally a German innovation, kindergarten got its real start in the United States as a movement to provide an improved learning environment for children.
A) an easy
B) a playful
C) an open
D) a better

2. There is always excitement at the Olympic Games when an athlete breaks a previous record of performance.
A) beats
B) matches
C) maintains
D) announces

3. The attack on Fort Sumter near Charleston provoked a sharp response from the North, which led to the American Civil War.
A) demanded
B) elicited
C) extracted
D) defied

4.Illinois has produced writers such as Carl Sandburg, gangsters such as A1 Capone, and architects such as Louis Sullivan.
A) violent criminals
B) politicians
C) musicians
D) industrialists

5. The towers of a suspension bridge serve as a rigid framework to which the cables are attached.
A) boundary
B) skeleton
C) enclosure
D) material

6. The use of the chemical may present a certain hazard to the laboratory workers.
A) protection
B) indication
C) immunity
D) danger

7. Many economists have given in to the fatal lure of mathematics.
A) error
B) function
C) attraction
D) miracle

8. The development of the transistor and integrated circuits revolutionized the electronics industry by allowing components to be packaged more densely.
A) compactly
B) inexpensively
C) quickly
D) carefully

9. The leading astronomers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were fascinated by comets.
A) intrigued
B) infected
C) inconvenienced
D) inclined

10. In their productions, choreographers of modern dance have introduced humor, protested social injustice, and probed psychological problems.
A) solved
B) explored
C) involved
D) disputed

11. They agreed to settle the dispute by peaceful means.
A) solve
B) determine
C) untie
D) complete

12. The children trembled with fear when they saw the policeman.
A) wept
B) cried
C) ran
D) shook

13. We were shocked to find that Mary didn t know her guest s name.
A) frustrated
B) disturbed
C) relieved
D) surprised

14. We have got to abide by the rules.
A) stick to
B) persist in
C) safeguard
D) apply

15. The river widens considerably as it begins to turn east.
A) extends
B) stretches
C) broadens
D) traverses



1. Most chemical reactions of an organic compound involve only a few of its numerous atoms and bonds; the remainder stay unchanged.
A) majority
B) distribution
C) rest
D) stability

2. The specific mechanisms by which cortisone and similar compounds function are poorly documented.
A) partially
B) occasionally
C) inadequately
D) rarely

3. Can you account for your absence from the class last Thursday?
A) explain
B) examine
C) excuse
D) expand

4. A limited number of books on this subject are in the library.
A) little
B) small
C) tiny
D) low

5. The company recommended that a new petrol station be built here.
A) ordered
B) insisted
C) suggested
D) demanded

6. Jim has gained so much weight that a lot of his clothes don t fit him any more.
A) put off
B) put down
C) put on
D) put up

7. Foreign money can be converted at this bank.
A) altered
B) changed
C) bought
D) sold

8. Government health campaigns have fostered an awareness of the dangers in certain social habits.
A) included
B) discovered
C) cultivated
D) discouraged

9. Evidence exists that hearing problems may be alleviated by changes in diet and exercise habits.
A) initiated
B) cured
C) complicated
D) lessened

10. The police contended that the difficulties they faced were too severe.
A) argued
B) predicted
C) said
D) suggested

11. The conclusion can be deduced from the premises.
A) allowed
B) derived
C) permitted
D) come

12. Fruits such as apples and oranges are very wholesome, and may be eaten at any time.
A) normal
B) healthy
C) appropriate
D) proper

13. There are only five minutes left, but the outcome of the match is still in doubt.
A) end
B) judgment
C) estimation
D) result

14. Long before the concert began, big crowds of pop fans had assembled in the stadium.
A) concentrated
B) resembled
C) gathered
D) dispersed

15. It is hard for the young people to imagine what severe conditions their parents once lived under.
A) sincere
B) hard
C) strict
D) tight


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