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1. We should not complain about taxes.
A) feel unhappy
B) say bad things
C) care
D) praise
2. What were the effects of the decision she made?
A) reasons
B) results
C) causes
D) bases

3.People don t realize how serious this recession has actually been.
A) know
B) think

C) doubt
D) remember

4.First editions of certain popular books cannot be obtained for love or money.
A) at any place
B) at any price
C) in any language
D) in any country

5. About a quarter of the workers in the United States are employed in factories.
A) third
B) fourth
C) tenth
D) fifteenth

6. In a bullfight, it is movement, not the color, of subjects that arouses the bull.
A) confuses
B) excites
C) scares
D) diverts

7.Passenger ships and planes are often equipped with ship-to-shore or air-to-land radio telephones.
A) highways
B) railroads
C) sailboats
D) aircraft

8. The firemen acted quickly because lives were at stake
A) in danger
B) in despair
C) out of condition
D) out of danger

9.Mary called me up very late last night.
A) shouted at me
B) visited me
C) telephoned me
D) waked me

10. Mary gets up at the same time every morning.
A) arises
B) raises
C) arrives
D) stands up

11. Helen will leave immediately.
A) far away
B) right away
C) right here
D) soon

12.Susan is looking for the dictionary, which she lost yesterday.
A) finding
B) looking up
C) looking at
D) trying to find

13.John talked over the new job offer with his wife.
A) discussed
B) mentioned
C) accepted
D) rejected

14. While I sympathize, I can t really do very much to help.
A) when
B) but
C) although
D) where

15.A beautiful woman attended to me in that store yesterday.
A) waited on
B) talked to
C) spoke to
D) stayed with



1. America s emphasis on the importance of education for everyone has spurred scientific research.
 A) encouraged B) endangered C) endorsed D) enlarged
2. Photojournalist Margaret White became famous for her coverage of significant events during the Second World War.
 A) baggage B )orphanage C)reportage D ) usage
3. Below 600 feet ocean waters range from dimly lit to completely dark.
 A) inadequately B ) hardly C) faintly D) sufficiently
4. "I m not meddling ". Mary said mildly. "I m just curious".

 A) gently B )shyly C) weakly D) sweetly
5. In 1861 it seemed inevitable that the Southern states would break away from the Union.
 A) strange B) certain C) inconsistent D) proper
6. Many of novelist Carson McCullers characters are isolated, disappointed people.
 A) solitary B) gloomy C) feeble D) frugal
7. The workers finally called off the strike.
 A) put off B) ended C) cancelled D) participated in
8. John has made up his mind not to go to the meeting .
 A) wanted B) promised C) decided D) agreed
9. I catch cold now and then.
 A) always B) occasionally C ) constantly D) regularly
10. He often finds fault with my work.
 A) criticizes B) praises C) evaluates D) talks about
11. The little girl grasped her mother s arm as she across the street.
 A) understood B) had a hold over C) took hold of D) left hold of
12. In judging our work you should take into consideration the fact that we have been very busy recently.
 A) thought B) mind C) account D) memory
13. I can no longer tolerate his actions.
 A) put up with B) accept C) take D) suffer from
14. The doctors have abandoned the hope to rescue the old man.
 A) left B) given up C) turned down D) refused
15. Have you talked to her lately?
 A) lastly B) shortly C) recently D) immediately



1. Even in a highly modernized country, manual work is still needed.
 A) expressive B) physical C) exaggerated D) dubious
2. Techniques to harness the energy of the sun are being developed.
 A) convert B) store C) utilize D) receive
3. Many residents of apartment complexes object to noisy neighbors.
 A) managers B) occupants C) landlords D) caretakers
4. The steadily rising cost of labor on the waterfront has greatly increased the cost of shipping cargo by water.

A) continuously B) quickly C) excessively D) exceptionally
5. Hundreds of years ago cloves were used to remedy headaches.
 A) disrupt B) diagnose C) evaporate D) cure
6. John Hanson helped draft instructions for Maryland s delegates to the Stamp Act Congress.
 A) clarify B) formulate C) revise D) contribute
7. Practically all species of animals communicate either through sounds or through a large repertory of soundless codes.
 A) Simultaneously B) Almost C) absolutely D) Basically
8. Sulphur has occasionally been found in the earth in an almost pure state.
 A) regularly B) accidentally C) sometimes D) successfully
9. When doves are about two weeks old, they are covered with grey feathers and are ready to try their wings.
 A) grow B) wrap C) hide D) test
10, I rarely wear a raincoat because I spend most of my time in a car.
 A) normally B) seldom C) continuously D) usually
11.When she was invited to the party, she readily accepted.
 A) willingly B) suddenly C) firmly D) quickly
12. The dentist has decided to extract her bad tooth.
 A) take out B) repair C) pull D) dig
13. You must shine your shoes.
 A) lighten B) clean C) wash D) polish
14. The majority of people around here are decent people.
24f  A) honest B) rich C) good-looking D) high-ranking
15. A deadly disease has affected these animals.
 A) contagious B) serious C) fatal D) worrying



1. Many fine cooks insist on ingredients of the highest quality.
A) demand
B) rely on
C) prepare for
D) create

2. Since the Great Depression, the United States government has protected farmers from damaging drops in grain prices.
A) slight
B) surprising
C) sudden
D) harmful

3. Cement was seldom used in building during the Middle Ages.
A) crudely
B) rarely
C) originally
D) symbolically

4. Nerve signals may travel through nerve or muscle fibers at speeds as high as two hundred miles per hour.
A) velocities

B) impulses
C) ratios
D) atrocities

5. The poet William Carols Williams was a New Jersey physician.
A) doctor
B) professor
C) physicist
D) resident

6. Medicine depends on other fields for basic information, particularly some of their specialized branches.
A) conventionally
B) obviously
C) especially
D) inevitably

7. We shall take the treasure away to a safe place.
A) clean
B) pretty
C) distant
D) secure

8. An important part of the national government is the Foreign Service, a branch of their specialized branches.
A) a unity
B) a division
C) an embassy
D) an invasion

9. The child s abnormal behavior puzzled the doctor.
A) bad
B) frightening
C) repeated
D) unusual

10.There is an abundant supply of cheap labor in this country.
A) a steady
B) a plentiful
C) an extra
D) a meager

11.In order to improve our standard of living, we have to accelerate production.
A) step up
B) decrease
C) stop
D) control

12.Gas does accumulate in the mines around here.
A) increase
B) spread
C) collect
D) grow

13. Our plan is to allocate one member of staff to handle appointments.
A) assign
B) persuaded
C) ask
D) order

14. Her behavior is extremely childish.
A) simple
B) immature
C) beautiful
D) foolish

15. We also want to use the water to irrigate barren desert land.
A) hairless
B) bare
C) empty
D) bald



1. All living organisms, regardless of their unique identity, have certain biological, chemical, and physical characteristics in common.
 A) as a result of B) considering C) on purpose D) whatever

2. The most pressing problem any economic system faces is how to use its scarce resources.
 A) puzzling B) difficult C)terrifying D) urgent

3. The Klondike was the scene of one of the biggest gold rushes the world has ever known.
 A) location B)view C) event D) landscape

4. Of the reptile groups, the snake group was the final one to appear.
 A) last B)best C) ugliest D)longest

5. Colleges and universities usually give diplomas or certificates to students who complete course requirements satisfactorily.
 A) responsibly B) acceptably C) patiently D)respectfully

6. A will is a document written to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are realized
 A) fulfilled B) affiliated C) advocated D) received

7. She has been the subject of massive media coverage.
 A) extensive B) negative C) responsive D) explosive

8. The conference explored the possibility pf closer trade links.
 A) rejected B) investigated C) proposed D) postponed

9. Experts generally agree that diet has an important bearing on one s health.
 A) result B) factor C) cause D) influence

10. I expect that she will be able to cater for your particular needs.
 A) meet B) reach C)provide D) fill

11. John is collaborating with Mary in writing a book.
 A) cooperating B) merging C) combining D) associating

12. Mary lost control of her car and collided with a tree.
 A) came across B) ran into C) met D) knocked

13. Mary was compelled to take in washing to help support her family.
 A) pleaded B) appealed C) forced D)instructed

14. The child couldn t comprehend the advanced textbook.
 A) interpret B) read C) understand D) translate

15. I warned him to keep the matter confidential.
 A) private B) safe C) personal D) secret


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