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  have/gain access to可以获得

  gain/have an advantage over胜过,优于

  take advantage of利用,趁…之机

  d0/try one's best尽力,努力

  make the best of充分利用,妥善处理

  catch one's breath屏息,歇口气

  take care of照顾,照料(www.59wj.com!)

  take charge of担任,负责

  take a delight in以…为乐

  take…into account考虑

  pay the way for为...铺平道路

  pay attention to注意

  get the best of 胜过

  get the.better of打败,致胜

  take care小心.当心

  take a chance冒险一试

  keep company with与…交往

  make a/the difference有影响,很重要

  put into effect实行,生效

  take effect生效,起作用

  keep an eye on留意,照看

  find fault埋怨,挑剔

  come/go into force生效,实施

  be friends with对…友好,与…交上朋友

  keep one's head保持镇静

  carry/bring into effect使生效,使起作用

  come/go into effect生效,实施

  catch one eye引人注目

  make a face做鬼脸

  catch fire着火

  make friends交朋友,友好相处

  make fun of取笑,嘲弄

  lose heart丧失勇气,失去信心

  get hold of抓住,掌握

  throw/cast light on使明白,阐明

  have…in mind记住,考虑到,想到

  come/go into operation使投入生产,使运转

  keep/hold pace with跟上,与...同步

  take place发生,进行

  come to the point说到要点,扼要地说

  get/learn by heart记住,背诵

  keep house管理家务,做家务

  bear/keep in mind记住

  make up one's mind下决心

  put…in order整理,检修

  play a part in起作用

  take the place of代替

  bring/carry into practice实施,实行

  make progress进步,进展

  make sense讲得通,有意义

  keep in touch保持联系

  lose touch失去联系

  put…to use使用,利用

  lead the way带路,引路

  make way让路,开路

  give rise to引起,使发生

  catch the sight of发现,突然看见

  take one's time不急不忙,从容进行

  keep track通晓事态,注意动向

  make use of利用

  give way让路,让步

  make one's way前进,进行

  keep one's word遵守诺言

  attempt at企图,努力

  interference in干涉

  appeal to呼吁,要求

  attitude to/towards态度,看法

  influence 0n影响

  interference with妨碍,打扰

  introduction to介绍

  lots of大量,很多

  a matter of(关于...)的问题

  reply to回答,答复

  a lot(of)许多(的),大量(的)

  fall in love with相爱,爱上

  a number of若干,许多

  a series of一系列,一连串

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  credit card信用卡

  next door隔壁

  face to face面对面地

  a few有些,几个

  a little一点,稍微,一些,少许

  quite a little相当多,不少

  the moment(that)一……就


  no doubt无疑,必定

  out of doors在户外

  as a matter of fact实际情况,真相

  quite a few还不少,有相当数目的

  little by little逐渐地

  no matter无论

  no more不再

  fair play公平竞赛;公平对待

  rest room厕所,盥洗室

  side by side肩并肩,一个挨一个

  step by step逐步

  all the time一直,始终

  once in a while偶尔,有时

  word for word逐字地

  in demand有需要,销路好

  primary school小学

  heart and soul全心全意

  ahead 0ftime提前

  once upon a time从前

  no wonder难怪,怪不得

  decline with thanks婉言谢绝

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  account for说明(原因等)

  allow for考虑到

  arrive at达成,得出

  ask for请求,要求

  begin with从开始

  break off断绝,结束

  break up中止,结束;打碎,折断

  aim at瞄准,针对

  appeal to呼吁,要求

  ask after询问,问候

  attach to附属于,隶属于

  break into闯入

  break through突破

  bring about带来,造成

  bring down****,挫伤;降低



  bring up教育,培养,使成长

  call for邀请;要求,需求

  call off放弃,取消

  call on/upon访问,拜访;号召,呼吁

  care for照管,关心;喜欢,意欲

  early on继续下去;从事,经营

  come to总计,达到;苏醒,复原

  count up把…相加

  bring out使出现;公布;出版

  build up积累;堵塞;树立,逐步建立;增进;锻炼

  call forth唤起,引起;振作起,鼓起

  catch at抓住(东西)

  call up召集,动员;打电话

  carry off夺去

  carry out贯彻,执行;实现

  count on依靠;期待,指望

  cover up掩饰,掩盖

  deal with处理,对付,安排

  fill in/out填充,填定

  get into进入,陷入

  go into进入;研究,调查

  go through经历,经受;详细检查

  go without没有...也行

  keep to保持,坚持

  live up t0不辜负

  cut across走捷径,抄近路

  do without没有...也行

  get at得蓟,接近;意思是

  go after追求

  go for竭力想到得;喜爱;支持,拥护

  go with伴随,与…协调

  improve on改进

  lie in在于

  live 0n/by靠…生活,以…为食

  look after照管,照料

  look for寻找,寻求

  look over检查.查看,调查

  make for走向,驶向;有助于

  play with以...为消遣,玩弄

  run for竞选

  see to注意,负责,照料,修理

  live through度过,经受过

  look at看望,注视

  look into调查,观察,过问;窥视

  look through仔细查看,浏览,温习

  occur t0被想到,被想起

  refer to参考,查阅,涉及,提到

  run into撞上,偶然碰见

  send for派人去请,召唤;索取

  send in呈报,递交,送来

  set aside挑出,拨出,留出;拒绝

  stand by支持,帮助;袖手旁观

  stand against反抗,抵抗

  take after与…相像

  take in接受,吸收;了解,理解

  touch on关系到,涉及

  turn to变成;求助于,借助于

  serve as作为,用作

  sit for参加

  stand for代替,代表,意味着

  stick to坚持,忠于,信守

  take for把…认为是,把…看成是

  take to喜欢,亲近

  turn into变成

  turn 0ff关上:出产;解雇

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  break down损坏,分解,瓦解

  break in闯入;打断;插嘴

  break out光出;突然发生,爆发

  burn out烧掉

  catch on理解,明白

  check out结账后离开;检验,核查

  cheer up使高兴,使振奋

  clear up收拾;澄清;放晴

  come off实现,成功,奏效

  come out出版;出现,显露;结果是

  bring to使恢复知觉

  burn up烧起来,旺起来;烧完

  check in办理登记手续

  check up(on)校对,检查,检验

  clear away扫除,收拾

  make it clear that弄清楚

  come on来吧,快点;出场,上演

  come round(around)来访;苏醒,复原

  come up走近,上来;发生,被提出

  cut back削减,减少

  cut in(汽车)抢道;插嘴,打断

  cut out删除

  die down渐渐消失,平息

  draw in(火车、汽车)到站

  dress up穿上盛装,打扮得很漂亮

  dry out干透,使干

  come through经历,脱脸

  cross out删去,取消

  cut down削减,降低

  cut 0ff切断;删去;停止

  cut short突然停止

  die out消失,来绝

  draw up写上,画上;草拟;停住

  drop bv/in顺便来访

  dry up干涸,枯竭

  drop 0ff减弱,减少

  fall behind落后

  fall throug}l落空,失败

  find out查明

  get around/round走动,旅行;(消息)传开

  get by通过,经过

  get in进入;收获,收集

  get over克服;(从病中)恢复过来

  have got t0(d0)不得不,必须

  drop out退出,离队

  fall out争吵;结果是

  feed in输入

  get across解释清楚,使人了解

  get away逃脱,离开

  get down从...下来;写下

  get 0ff从…下来;离开,动身,开始

  get through结束,完成;接通电话

  get together集合,聚集

  give away泄露;分送

  give in交上,投降,屈服

  give out分发,放出

  go ahead开始,前进;领先

  go down下降,降低;被载人,传下去

  got out外出;熄灭

  go round/around足够分配

  go through通过,审查,完成

  get up起床;增加,增强

  give back送还,恢复

  give off放出,释放

  give up停止,放弃

  go by过去

  go off爆炸,发射;动身,离开

  go over检查,审查;复习,重温

  go under下沉,沉没;失败;破产

  g0 up上升,增加;建起

  hand in交上,递交

  hand out分发,散发,发给

  hang about闲荡,徘徊,逗留

  hand down流传下来,传给,往下传

  hand on传下来,依次传递

  hand over交出,移交,让与

  hang back犹豫,踌躇,畏缩

  hang on抓紧不放,继续下去

  have back要回,收回

  hold back踌躇,退缩;阻止,抑制

  hold out维持,支持;坚持,不屈服

  hang up挂断(电话)

  have 0n穿着,戴着

  hold 0n继续,握住不放

  hold up举起,阻挡,使停止;抢劫

  hurry up(使)赶快,迅速完成

  keep down控制,压制,镇压;压低

  keep up保持,维持;继续,坚持

  let in让...进入,放…进来

  let out放掉,放出,发出

  look back回顾,回头看

  look on旁观,观看;看待,视作

  look in顺便看望

  make out of用…做,从…得出

  keep back阻止,阻挡;隐瞒,保留

  keep off不接近,避开

  let down放下,降低;使失望

  let off放(烟,烟火),开(枪)

  line up排队,使排成一行

  look out留神,注意,提防,警惕

  look up查阅,查考;寻找(某人)

  make out辨认,区分;理解,了解

  make up构成,拼凑;赔偿;化装

  pass away去世,逝世

  pass to转到,讨论,传到

  pay back偿还,回报

  pay down即时交付,用现金支付

  mix up混淆,混合,搞糊涂

  pass 0ff中止,停止

  pass out失去知觉,昏倒

  pay 0ff还清(债)

  pay up全部付清

  pick out选出,挑出,拣出;辨认

  pick up拾起,(偶然)得到;(车船)中途搭(人),学会

  pull down拆毁.拉倒;拉下,降低

  pull in(车)停下,进站,船(到岸)

  pull on穿,戴

  pull together齐心协力

  put aCrOSS解释清楚,说明

  put away放好,收好;储存

  put forward提出

  put on穿上,戴上;上演;。

  put right改正(错误),整理

  pull 0ff脱(帽、衣)

  pull out拔出,抽出;(车、船)驶出

  pull up(使)停下

  put aside储存,保留

  put down记下,放下;镇压,平定

  put in驶进

  put out熄灭,关(灯);出版,发布;生产

  put up提起,举起,提(价);为…提供住宿,投宿

  nng off挂断电话

  rub down撞倒,撞沉;追捕,追查

  run over略读,略述;辗过,浏览,匆匆复习

  see through看穿,识破;干完,干到底

  set down卸下,放下,记下,记入

  set off出发,动身;引起,使发生

  set up创立,建立,树立;资助

  show off炫耀,卖弄

  rub out擦掉,拭去

  run 0ff复印,打印

  see 0ff给…送行

  set back推迟,延缓,阻碍

  set forth阐明,陈述

  set out陈列,显示;动身;制定

  show in领人

  show up使呈现,使醒目


  speed up使加速

  stand up站起来,耐用.

  step in插入,介入

  take away消除;消耗

  take off拿走,脱下;起飞

  take over接管,接办

  take up with和…交往,忍受,采用

  shut out排除

  sit up迟睡,熬夜

  stand out突出,显眼

  step up提高,加快,加紧

  stick out伸出;坚持到底,继续

  take down记下,写下

  take on呈现;接纳,承担,从事

  take up占据;开始;拿起,接收

  think over仔细考虑

  touch up润色,改进

  turn in交出,上缴;转身进入

  tam on接通,打开

  turn over翻过来;移交,转交

  use up用完,花完

  wear off逐渐消失

  while away消磨(时间)

  work out解决,算出;弄懂,制定出

  work on从事于,努力做

  throw away扔掉,抛弃

  tum down拧小,调低;拒绝

  turn off关掉,断开;拐弯,叉开

  turn out制造,生产;结果是

  turn up开大;出现;来到;发生

  warnl up变热

  wear out用破;耗尽,使精疲力竭

  wipe out擦去,抹去;消灭,毁灭

  work up引起,激起;逐渐上升

  write 0ff报废,勾销,注销

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  aim at目的在于,旨在;瞄准

  depend on取决于

  engage in从事于,忙着;订婚

  g0 on继续;发生

  insist 0n坚持

  keep on继续不断,保持

  persist in坚持,持续

  put 0ff推迟,推延

  succeed in成功

  think of想起,想到;想一想


  devote to奉献,致力

  feel like欲,想要

  cannot/couldnt help禁不住;不得不

  keep from使...不(做)

  look forward to盼望,期待


  set about开始,着手

  thank for感谢

  add up to合计,总计

  break away(from)脱离,逃跑

  come true实现,达到

  come up with提出,提供

  do away with废除,去掉’

  have nothing to do with和…毫无关系

  make believe假装

  catch up with追上,赶上

  come up to达到,符合

  concern with关心,挂念;从事于

  have something to do with和…有点关系

  fall back on求助于,转而依靠

  fall in with符合,与…一致

  as follows如下(www.59wj.com!)

  get through到达,完成,及格

  be fed up with感到厌烦

  get along/0n with有进展,有进步

  get somewhere有些;结果

  get down to开始,着手

  get the better 0f占上风,胜过

  give onese away泄露,露马脚

  give way to给…让路,对…让步,被…代替

  go back on违背

  go before居前

  have to/have got t0不得不,必须

  help oneself自取所需(食物)

  keep out of躲开,置身…之外

  get out of逃避,改掉

  have get有

  give oneself up自首,投降,投案

  go along with陪同前往,随行

  g0 in for从事,致力于,追求

  hang on to紧握住,坚持下去

  have t0 do with与…有关

  hold on t0紧紧抓住,坚持

  keep up with向...看齐,跟上…

  let alone不干涉;更不用说

  let go放开,松手

  look down 0n看不起,轻视

  be made up of由…构成,由…组成

  never mind不要紧,没关系

  put up with容忍,忍受

  run out of用完,用尽,耗尽

  lend itself to适用于,对…有用

  let loose放开,放松,释放

  live up to做到,不负

  look up to尊敬,敬仰

  make up for补偿,弥补

  put in for申请

  refer t0...as把…称作,把...当做

  serve right活该,给应得的待遇

  set in来临,流行

  stand up for为...辩护;维护

  come to stay木已成舟


  think better 0f改变主意,重新考虑

  throw down推倒

  set out to打算,着手

  stand up t0面对,坚决抵抗;经得起

  stay by守在一边

  think 0f…as把…看做是,以为…是

  throw about乱丢(东西),乱花(钱)

  throw(a)light on照亮,阐明

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  be able to(do)能(做),会(做)

  be absent from缺勤,缺课

  be accustomed to习惯于

  be active in积极于

  be alive to发觉,感觉,对…敏感

  be angry with对...发怒

  be anxious for急切盼望,渴望

  be ashamed 0f为…感到害臊

  be about to(do)即将,正要

  be abundant in富于,富有

  be acquainted with与…相识,熟悉

  be afraid of恐怕,害怕,担忧

  be angry at因某事生气

  be anxious about担心,为…担忧

  be anxious t0(do)渴望(做)

  be aware of意识到

  be bad at拙于,不善于

  be based 0n根据,以…为基础

  be beside oneself忘乎所以

  be badly off生活穷困

  be bent on热恋于,一心想

  be better 0ff处境较好,情况好转

  be born in出生于...

  be bound to(do)一定会,不得不

  be burned out住所被烧光

  be busy with忙于…

  be careful 0f爱惜,注意

  be born 0f出生于…(家庭)

  be buried in沉思,陷入,专心于

  be busy(doing)忙着(做某事)

  be busy about忙于...

  be careful t0(do)务必注意(做)

  be certain to(do)一定(做),必然(做)

  be confident in对…有信心

  be clever at擅长于

  be composed of由…组成

  be connected with与…有关

  be covered with被…覆盖

  be curious t0(do)很想(做)

  be derived from由…得到

  be capable of能够

  be characterized by以…为特征

  be combined with与…结合

  be concerned about关心,挂念

  be coupled with与...配合

  be crowded with挤满,拥塞

  be dependent on/upon取决于,依赖

  be determined to(do)决心(做)

  be different from与…不同

  be divided into被分成

  be eager to(do)急于要(做)

  be equal to等于

  be fed up厌烦

  be m for适合,胜任

  be free from没有...的,不受…影响的

  be frightened at受...惊吓

  be divided by被…除

  be eager for渴望

  be engaged in忙于,从事于

  be famous for以…著名

  be filled with充满

  be fond of喜欢,爱好

  be friendly to对…友好

  be glad to(do)乐于(做),对…感到高兴

  be good at(doing)善于,擅长

  be grateful to感谢,感激

  be independent 0f脱离…而独立,与...无关

  be interested in对...感兴趣

  be involved with涉及

  be known as被称作…,以…著称

  be late for迟到

  be mad about迷恋

  be good for适于,在…期间有效

  be identified as被认为是

  be indispensable for对...必不可少的

  be involved in包括…中,被卷入

  be kind enough to(do)承…好意,恳请

  be known to为...所熟知

  be likely to(d0)可能要,像是要

  be made from由…制成(化学变化)

  be made of由…制成(物理变化)

  be mixed up混杂,混在一起

  be obliged tm..for...因…而感激

  be pleased to(do)乐于

  be popular with得人心的,受…欢迎的

  be prepared for做…打算;对…做好准备

  be proud of以…自豪,因...感到满意

  be ready t0(d0)装备好(做);乐意(做)

  be made up of由…组成

  be obliged to(do)被迫(做某事)

  be well 0ff生活富裕

  be pleased with对…感到满意

  be possessed 0f具有,拥有

  be present at出席

  be provided with装备有

  be ready for为...准备好

  be regarded as被认为是,被当做是

  be rich in富于(www.59wj.com!)

  be rid of除去,摆脱

  be satisfied with对...满意,满足于

  be short for是…的缩写(简称)

  be sick for渴望

  be sick 0f对...感到厌倦

  be strict with对…要求严格

  be supposed to(do)应该,非…不可

  get rid of摆脱,除掉

  be second 0f次于

  be short of短缺

  be sick in bed病在床上

  be sorry for对…感到抱歉

  be suited t0适合于

  be sure of坚信,确信

  be sure to(do)一定,必定

  be taken aback吃惊

  be terrified at被…吓一跳

  be through with结束

  be tired of厌烦;对...厌倦

  be torn open被撕开

  be unconscious 0f不知道…

  be unfit for不适合,不胜任

  be surprised at对…感到惊奇

  be taken by surprise被突袭

  be lost in thought沉思

  be tired from因...而疲乏

  be tired out疲倦极了

  be true of适用于

  be unequal to无法胜任...的

  be united as one团结一致

  be used as被…用作

  get used to习惯于

  be well up in精通,熟悉

  be willing to(do)乐意…

  be worse off处境较坏,情况恶化

  be wrong with有点毛病,有些不舒服

  be used to习惯于

  be useful to对…有用

  be wild with joy欣喜

  be worried about为…而担心

  be worth(doing)值得(做)

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  above all首先,毕竟

  at a11完全,根本

  all over遍及,到处

  not at all一点也不

  leave alone听其自然,更不用说

  one after another一个接一个

  anything but除…以外任何事(物),根本不

  as for至于,就…方面说

  after all终于,毕竟;虽然这样

  all but几乎,差一点

  in all总共,总计

  aU out全力以赴,竭尽全力


  one another互相


  as if好像,仿佛

  as though好像,仿佛

  as well也,又

  not as/so...as不如…那样

  back of在…后部,在...背部

  had better最好还是,应该

  but for除...以外,倘没有,除非


  even if/though即使,虽然

  as to至于,关于

  as well as(除...之外)也,既...又

  back and forth往返,来来往往地

  because 0f由于,因为


  each other互相

  or else否则,要不然

  even then即使那样

  except for除…之外

  by far...得多,最

  so far迄今为止

  if only要是…就

  in itself本身

  at least至少,最低程度

  a little一点;一些,少许

  quite a little相当多,不少

  as/so far as远至,到...程度

  far from远非,远离

  first of aⅡ首先,第一

  by itself独自,单独

  at last最终,终于

  no less than决不少于,不亚(次)于

  little by little逐渐地

  as/so long as只要,如果

  no longer不再,已不

  many a许多的

  more 0r less或多或少

  no more than不过,仅仅;和...一样

  make the most of充分利用

  every now and then有时,时时,偶尔

  now and then时而,不时

  0ff and on断断续续,不时地

  a great/good many 0f许多,大量

  nlore and mole越来越

  no more不再



  just now刚才,一会儿以前

  now that既然,由于

  and so on等等

  all at once突然;同时,一起

  once(and)for all一劳永逸,限此一次

  by oneself独自地,单独地

  other than不同于

  all right好,行

  ever since从那时起,自那时以来

  ever so非常,极其

  so…as to结果是;如此...以至于

  at once立刻,马上

  once more再一次,又一次

  every other每隔一个地

  over and over(again)一再,再三

  all round周围,处处

  and so on/forth等等

  or so大约,左右


  s0 that以便,为的是;结果是

  such as像....

  that is(=i.e.)就是说,即

  up t0起来,从事于,忙于;直至

  what if如果……将会怎样,即使…又如何


  and yet可是,然而

  abide by坚持;遵守

  adapt to(使)适应,适合;改编



  as though好像

  what about(对于)…怎么样

  g0 wrong发生故障,出毛病

  as yet到目前(那时)为止

  accustom t0使习惯

  adhere t0粘附,胶着;坚持

  cling to粘住;依附;坚持

  compensate for补偿,赔偿

  conceive 0f设想,构思;以为

  consult with商量,商议

  apologize(一ise)to sb.for sth.道歉,认错

  collide with抵触

  comply with照做,遵照,应允

  conform to遵守,依照,符合,顺应

  cooperate with合作,协作,相配合

  cope with竞争,对抗;对付,应付;妥善处理

  derive from导出,由...来

  dispose 0f处理。处置

  deduce from演绎,推断

  deviate from背离,偏离

  dispose for布置,安排

  dwell on凝思;详述

  impose on把...强加给

  originate in/from起源,发生;首创,创造

  preside at/over主持

  reconcile t0/with使一致

  restrain from抑制,制止

  scrape through擦过,勉强通过

  hinder from阻止,妨碍

  intervene in干涉,干预;插入

  participate in参与,参加;分享

  prevait over/against取胜,占优势;流行,盛行

  reign over统治;盛行

  sacrifice for,to牺牲,献出j献祭

  specialize in专攻,专门研究,专业化

  testify t0证明,证实

  queue up排队,排队等待

  correspondence with通信

  dependence on依靠;依赖;信赖

  exposure t0受到

  objeetion to反对,异议

  proficiency in熟练,精通

  thirst for渴望,热望

  flare up突然燃烧起来;突然发怒

  acquaint sb.with使认识,使了解

  congratulation on祝贺

  dissatisfaction with/at不满,不平

  longing for渴望

  preference for,to偏爱,喜爱;优惠;优选

  requirement for需要,需要的东西,要求

  by comparison比较起来

  in sequence依次,逐一

  in accordance with与…一致

  be accustomed to习惯于

  be bound to必定,一定

  to and fr0来来回回

  on schedule按预定时间

  at stake在危险中,利害攸关

  on behalf 0f代表…,为了...

  on the sly偷偷地,冷不防地

  in excess 0f超过

  at random随机地,任意地

  on sight一见就…,立即

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