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职称英语词汇指导答案及难点详解(综合A级) .  .


  1 Mary has blended the ingredients.

  A mixed B made

  C cooked D eaten

  2 They agreed to modify their policy.

  A clarify B change

  C define D develop

  3 The economy continued to exhibit signs of decline in September.

  A play B send

  C show D tell

  4 A notably short man, he plays basketball with his staff several times a week.

  A extremely B considerably

  C remarkably D completely

  5 The dentist has decided to extract her bad tooth

  A take out B repair

  C pull D dig

  6 It is absurd to predict that the sun will not rise tomorrow.

  A ridiculous B funny

  C odd D foolish

  7 A lot of people could fall ill after drinking contaminated water.

  A muddled B polluted

  C mixed D troubled

  8 The room is dim and quiet.

  A tiny B pleasant

  C dark D agreeable


  9 The index is the government's chief gauge of future economic activity

  A measure B opinion

  C evaluation D decision

  10 It's prudent to start any exercise program gradually at first

  A workable B sensible

  C possible D feasible

  11 He is renowned for his skill.

  A remembered B recommended

  C praised D well-known

  12 You have to be patient if you want to sustain your position

  A maintain B establish

  C acquire D support

  13 She stood there, trembling with fear,

  A jumping B crying

  C swaying D shaking

  14 Medical facilities are being upgraded.

  A renewed B repaired

  C improved D increased

  15 Mary looked pale and weary.

  A gloomy B ugly

  C silly D exhausted



  01. A02. B03. C04. C05. A

  06. A07. B08. C09. A10. B

  11. D12. A13. D14. C15. D



  1. A

  blend: 混合;mix: 混合;make: 做,制作,如 She made a beautiful greeting card. 她做了一张漂亮的贺卡。Cook: 烹饪,做饭,如My mum was cooking. 我的妈妈在做饭。

  eat: 吃,如 He ate a lot this morning . 今天早上他吃了很多。

  2. B

  modify: 更改,修改。change: 更改,改变,又如:We changed our plan a little. 我们对计划稍稍做了修改。 clarify:

  澄清,阐明。His explanation clarified the mystery.他的说明解开了这个谜。define: 解释,给……下定义。Do you know who defined man as a rational animal? 你知道是谁将人说成是有理智的动物的? develop: 使成长;使发达;发展。Swimming develops the muscles. 游泳能使肌肉发达。

  3. C

  exhibit: 展示,显示。 show: 展示,显示。又如:They showed immense courage in the face of danger. 他们在面对危险时表现得非常勇敢。send: 寄,发送。She sent me a Christmas card. 她给我寄来一张圣诞贺卡。tell: 告诉;讲述,说。He told us how the accident happened. 他告诉我们那次事故是怎么发生的。

  4. C

  notably: 显著地,明显地。Remarkably: 引人注目地;明显地;非常地。又如:He has recovered from the accident remarkably well. 他事故之后恢复得非常好。extremely: 极端地;极其;非常。I am extremely sorry. 我非常抱歉。Considerably: 相当,非常,颇。That considerably added to our difficulties. 那事给我们增添了相当大的困难。Completely: 完整地;完全地;彻底地。I trust him completely. 我完全信任他。

  5. A

  extract: 使劲拔出,抽出。take out: 取出。又如:The doctor has taken my bad tooth out. 医生已拔掉了我的坏牙。Repair: 修理;修补。He had his car repaired yesterday. 昨天他把车子送去修好了。Pull: 拉,拖,牵,拽;搬走。She pulled his sleeve to get his attention.她拉他的袖子以引起他的注意。Dig: 掘(土);挖(洞,沟等)。They are digging a tunnel through the hill. 他们正在挖一条贯通这座山的隧道。

  6. A

  absurd: 不合理的,荒谬的;可笑的,愚蠢的。Ridiculous: 可笑的,荒谬的;滑稽的。It's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. 这是我一生中所听说过的最可笑的事情。Odd: 奇特的,古怪的。He's an odd old man.他是个古怪的老头儿。Foolish: 愚蠢的,傻的。a foolish person愚蠢的人


  7. B

  contaminated: 弄脏的;受污染的。Polluted: 受污染的。Muddled: 混乱的,糊涂的,头脑昏昏然的。Mixed: 混合的,掺杂的。the mixed liquid 混合液体。Troubled: 为难的,不安的,混乱的。a troubled situation 不安的局势。

  8. C

  dim: 微暗的;暗淡的。Dark: 暗;黑暗的。It's getting dark. 天快黑了。Tiny: 极小的;微小的。Fleas are tiny insects. 跳蚤是很小的昆虫。Agreeable: 令人愉快的,宜人的。an agreeable odor 好闻的气味

  9. A

  gauge: 标准尺寸,标准规格。Measure: 判断等的)基准,尺度。Opinion: 意见,见解;主张。Opinions differ on this matter. 对这件事各人看法不一。Evaluation: 估价,评价;估算。I attempted an honest evaluation of my own life. 我试图如实地评价我自己的一生。Decision:决定,决心;判断;结论。It was a sudden decision. 这是一个突然的决定。

  10. B

  prudent: 审慎的,小心的,精明的。Sensible:明智的;合情理的。又如:Be sensible and take your umbrella. 聪明些把伞带上。Workable: 切实可行的。Possible:可能的。Feasible:可行的。That is a feasible scheme. 那是一个可行的方案。

  11. D

  renowned: 有名的;有声誉的。well-known:出名的,众所周知的。Remembered:被记住的。Recommended:被推荐的。Praised:被赞扬的。

  12. A

  sustain: 支撑,维持。 Maintain:维持;保持;使继续。又如:Ann and Mary maintained their friendship for the next thirty years. 安妮和玛丽在此后的三十年中一直保持着她们之间的友谊。Establish:建立;设立;创办。Our hospital was established in 1950. 我们的医院建于1950年。Acquire:取得,获得。Gradually we acquired experience in how to do the work. 我们逐步获得了做这工作的经验。Support:支持,拥护,赞成;资助。They supported the Democratic Party. 他们支持民主党。

  13. D

  tremble: 颤抖,发抖,打颤。Shake: 震动,颤抖,发抖。又如:He was shaking with anger. 他气得浑身发抖。Jump: 跳;跳跃。The horse jumped over the ditch. 马跳过了那条沟。Cry:哭。He cried over his wife's death. 他为妻子的去世而哭泣。Sway:摇动,摇摆。The branches are swaying gently in the wind. 树枝在风中轻轻摇曳。

  14. C

  upgrade: 使升级;提高;提升。Improve: 改进,改善;增进。又如:He put forward a plan for improving the rate of production. 他提出了一个提高生产率的计划。Renew: 使更新;使复原;使恢复。I came back from my holiday with renewed strength. 我度假回来,体力得到恢复。Increase: 增大;增加;增强。 Travel increases one's knowledge of the world. 旅游增进人对世界的了解。

  15. D

  weary: 疲倦的,疲劳的。Exhausted: 精疲力竭的。All three men were hot, dirty, and exhausted. 三个人都是又热、又脏且精疲力竭。Gloomy: 阴暗的;阴沉的。He came to see me in a gloomy winter day. 他在一个阴沉的冬日来看我。Ugly: 丑的,难看的。What an ugly building! 多么难看的建筑物! Silly: 愚蠢的;糊涂的。It was silly of me to say such a thing. 我说这话真傻。

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